Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Wedding Anniversary

Hello, Dear Friends, 
I hope you had a lovely weekend! 

My Ramblin' Man and I celebrated 
our 43rd wedding anniversary! 

Here we are all those years ago, 
looking bright-eyed and innocent.

Well, maybe I looked innocent! 

Ramblin' Man always had a little gleam
in his eye! 

One of the reasons why I fell in love with
him was his fun-loving nature. 

And his beautiful, sincere, blue eyes. 

He always brings me roses. 

We exchange heartfelt cards. 
And tell each other all the reasons
why we love each other. 

It's nice to be reminded <3

We celebrated with a favorite treat....
Chinese take-out
and then watched a movie. 


We had never seen it. 
(It was a long movie and hard to follow,
but the scenery and clothes were wonderful.)

My Dear Mother and Father's 
wedding anniversary was also in September. 
They were married 58 years
and are now together in eternity. 

Here are my Grandparents, 
Beatrice Euphemie and John Leo
on their wedding day. 

They survived the Great Depression, 
WW11, and raised 8 children. 

My paternal Grandparents, Edith and Daniel,
 also experienced the same, raising
8 children during the depression. 
Sadly, I don't have a photo of their wedding day. 
My Grandfather died when I was an infant, 
at only 50 years old. 

Through these examples, we have 
learned what it takes to keep an enduring marriage. 

It's not always easy, 
but I have the perfect recipe! 

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Take 2 heaping cups of patience, 
1 heartful of love,
2 handsful of generosity,
a dash of laughter,
1 headful of understanding.

Sprinkle generously with kindness,

add plenty of faith and mix well. 

Spread over a period of a lifetime
and serve with love <3


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  1. What a lovely photo of you and your husband. "Happy Anniversary to you both." It is quite an accomplishment to be married for many years. You both seem to be very happy and content. Love the roses ( can smell them from here. :) Enjoy your evening. Hugs, Deb

  2. Happy anniversary, you guys! You both look very much like you did then! I married my high school sweetheart right after graduating, but sadly it didn't last very long. (No kids, thank goodness). But a few years later I met Rick, so I've only been married for 34 years. You have me beat by a few years! Have a great week!

  3. Wow...43 years really?? You must have been a child bride! I love your recipe for a happy marriage, 'tis very sweet. Love those beautiful roses, so romantic. Happy anniversary, Gina!!

  4. Happy 43 wonderful years together, Karen! That's how long my late beloved and I were married. Enjoy every minute together!!! I loved seeing your sweet pics. Hugs and blessings are sent to you.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! That's so great! Ours is next month. Great heritage you have. Yes, marriage isn't easy but neither is life. We work at it and it all is good, whatever we have together, it binds us together and love on. May God bless you with many more wonderful years of love together! Hugs!

  6. Happy anniversary and congrats on 43 years together! Loved seeing your wedding picture along with the wedding pictures of your parents and grandparents! And the Chinese takeout + a movie sounds like a wonderful way to spend your anniversary.

    Visiting from the Roses of Inspiration linkup.

  7. Hello, dear Karen!
    43 years, wow ... such a long time, this is wonderful ! Happy Anniversary to you and Ramblin' Man :O))))
    Thank you for the so lovely pictures ! Your recipe for a happy marriage os wonderful and so true!
    Wishing you many, many more happy and wonderful years together!
    Sending love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  8. Congratulations. Looking at your black and white photos takes away the years between the generations, just the happy couples remain. Sounds like you had a great time. :-)

  9. Many congratulations on your 43rd anniversary! Wow, your recipe for success is certainly a winner! Much love to you and Ramblin Man xx

  10. In primis Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Flowers are beautiful and the picture of you is lovely too.

  11. Happy Anniversary, I wish you many more happy years. It seems your recipe is working. Congrats! Have a happy new week ahead!

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and your Ramblin' man Karen. Oh to see the photos of your parents and grandparents is so special.Strong marriages do take a lot of bumps in the road but they pull together the pieces and move on.The twinkle in the eye is what keeps us going I think:):). Oh this is a very special post. HUGS B

  13. The two of you looked so cute in your wedding shots ( and now too). Best to you on such a special day! It is really an accomplishment in this world to make a marriage work, but what joy it brings to have this most important relationship thrive! Also love the shots of your grandparents and mom and dad. Treasures!

  14. Oh mrs. Karen,
    Congratulation and how beautiful the marriage of you and from generation to generation.
    Thank you for beautiful post and wonderful recipe it will help in my next adventure.
    Love your wedding picture. Just delightul.
    Have a wonderful day.

  15. How wonderful! Congratulations! Lovely wedding pictures of the special people in your life! Have a beautiful week! Lynn

  16. Hello from Spain: many congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Many years of happiness. I liked seeing your wedding photos. Great moments and fabulous tips. I wish you many years of happiness and love. Keep in touch

  17. Hello Karen,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband and wishing you many more years of happiness!
    I love the photo of when you were both first married and the recent photo.
    Have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  18. Happy anniversary! 43 years is really something to be proud of. I love all the photos you shared, and your recipe is so true. Congratulations!

  19. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 43 years together!
    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and your husband as well as your parents and grandparents. Family trees and family history has aways interested me. I do have one question, though, you just celebrated your 43 anniversary and your parents just celebrated their 58 anniversary, how is this possible? Were you really 15 when you got married!

    1. Hello, Sister, sorry that I am just replying to your sweet comment - I was away visiting my daughter :) I guess that it is confusing to put the numbers together....I am sorry, I should have explained that my Parents are now with the Lord, and that they were married 58 years before my Mother passed, and then my Father followed a year later. I do wish they were still with me every day. Thank you for your sweet visit. xo Karen

    2. Karen,
      I am so sorry to hear that your parents are no longer living (here on earth). :,(
      Thank you for answering my question. :)

    3. Karen,
      I am so sorry to hear that your parents are no longer living (here on earth). :,(
      Thank you for answering my question. :)

  20. Happy Anniversary. Your recipe for a happy marriage is certainly on target and with so many long happy marriages in your background, it certainly works. I loved seeing the photos of the past generation's wedding day. You two are such a cute couple and I can see the love you have for each other...

  21. Happy 43d anniversary and may you be blessed with many more!

    Love the photos, especially of you two, then and now.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  22. Karen, I saw your red roses this morning, and had to come right over and see. Happy Anniversary - 43 years, that's wonderful and so very special. What a sweet picture of you and your husband. And can I just say that your Grandfather was sooooo dashingly handsome. It's nice to finally see your Grandmother, the woman whose name is behind your blog.

    love, ~Sheri

  23. Happy anniversary Karen! 43 years is quite an accomplishment, especially in today's world. But it sounds like you have the perfect recipe ;) Loved seeing the pictures of your parents and grandparents, especially the beautiful inspiration for your blog name. Take-out dinner at home with a movie sounds very cozy and romantic.

  24. Happy Happy Day ... 43rd wedding anniversary WOW wonderful ... and more wonderful because of the amount of years.. It's the best thing to be still in deep love for one another after all these YEARS... You both are handsome and beautiful couple indeed! I married my sweetheart for his blue blue eye too - wink (not totally).. your dinner is my favorite take out food too!

  25. Congratulations! Treasure every moment you have together and create memories. My husband and I would have celebrated our 39th in May had he lived, but he died 2 years ago at age 56. Those memories are golden to me.

  26. Happy Aniversary! What sweet pictures! 43 years - that's wonderful. You and your husband look so happy. :-)

  27. Happy anniversary.
    43 years us too maybe it was a good year to marry 1972.

  28. Congrats and best wishes for many more years together!

  29. Such a sweet post with wonderful pictures! I love that you stayed in for Chinese and a movie! So romantic and perfect!

  30. Congratulations!!! Beautiful pictures of you and family. You and your Hubby look so happy then, and now!!!

  31. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

  32. Such lovely photos you shared. You were such a beautiful bride (and still are). I wish you a happy anniversary and many more. My best to you, Pat xx

  33. Happy Anniversary!! Here's to many more great years of marriage! I love your recipe for a happy marriage, it sounds as though you have a great history of happy marriages in your family to draw on too! xx

  34. Happy Anniversary, so neat to see the wedding pictures of you all. It is amazing what our parents and grandparents went through during the depression. May God bless you both with many more!

  35. Happy Anniversary to you both!!

    You guys are so darn adorable! I think how you celebrate is sweet...and perfect! That photo of you both is precious. And I can't get over how much your kiddos look like both of you! ;)

    I love the vintage wedding photos too. Such a history of love and dedication - touches my heart.

    Love your recipe too...sounds perfect. ;)

  36. Happy Anniversary - You were a lovely bride and a handsome groom.
    Looks like you had great examples of happy marriages.
    Wishing you many more celebrations together.

  37. Hola amiga querida ,,, feliz aniversario y lindas fotos con su marido,,espero que tengas un feliz día

  38. Hey congratulations lovely photos - happy that you were watching Australia. How about for your 44th Anniversary you come and visit, we have take-away here too :)
    Wren x

  39. Hi Karen, happy anniversary to both of you. You both look so sweet and innocent in your wedding photo. Your parents and grandparents are such lovely couples. Your grandma looked stunning in her wedding day. Thank you for sharing your recipe for happy marriage.
    Have a good week

  40. Dearest Karen,
    Happy belated 43rd Wedding anniversary to you both!
    Lovely photos, you married about the same time as I did for the 1st time with my late husband. Fond memories and we sure can admire Parents and Grandparents that lived through such tough times and yet raised many children.
    Love the recipe and it is so true.

  41. A very happy belated anniversary to you both! Wishing you many more years of happiness together. I think you look so much like your grandmother Beatrice Euphemie, by the way.

  42. I'm sorry to be late to wish you two a happy anniversary!


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