Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last Days of Summer with Good Fences

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are enjoying
these last golden days of summer! 

Ramblin' Man was on 'vacation'
last week and we used that time
to catch up on some big
home maintenance projects
while the weather was still good.

We did take some time out to enjoy 
a beautiful drive in the countryside, 
so come along and I will
show you some late summer scenes
here along the foothills of the Cascade mountains
 of Washington State.

Beautiful Mt. Rainier glimmers in the
background as these lucky bovines
peacefully graze.

After our record breaking drought
this summer, we are finally getting
some much needed rain which is
greening up the fields.

This old, abandoned farm ages mournfully
below the dark spine of the nearby hills.

Lovely golden fields surround an old, rusting shed.

A sweet farmhouse with newly restored fencing.
Wouldn't you love having a bedroom
under the sloping eaves?

A beautiful, well maintained barn yard.

Another sweet farmhouse with sturdy fencing
and new metal roof.

This little farmhouse is well protected
at the base of a small hill.

This picturesque property dotted with
towering Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar
and Big Leaf Maple
has handsome fencing to
corral a small herd of Black Angus cattle.

This is the view.

A favorite yellow barn sits serenely
under puffy white clouds.

I saw a herd of elk here, just this past spring.

A newly constructed cedar home on
land that once belonged to the same farm.

This little red barn tucked on the side of a hill
is a favorite of mine -overlooking green
fields fringed by tall timber.

One incredibly old, tall Douglas Fir
reaches skyward, dwarfing the
surrounding tree-line.

Mt. Rainier peeks over the tree-tops.

A tall Ponderosa Pine stands sentinel over
a shady farmstead with a grazing sheep.

Ponderosa Pine is native to Washington, but
more numerous on the eastern side of the Cascade Crest.

Our beautiful stars and stripes flies
gracefully over our local equine
veterinarian's facility.

This line of Ornamental Plum
is beautiful in springtime
when covered in pink blossoms.

As we leave the valley behind before
turning towards our foothills home,
we see some early autumn color
behind a pretty white fence.

We close the gate behind us as
Whitey Bear (hidden on right)
 alerts us to a visitor.

Can you see her?

A Black-tail Doe stands motionless as we interrupt her
browsing on the neighbor's fallen apples.

No worries gentle one....we leave you in peace.

Home Sweet Home, as Kai
leads us through the gate.

It's good to be home <3

Time for a nap!

I hope you enjoyed coming along
on this late summer drive
Dear Friends!


"What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter
to give it sweetness"

- John Steinbeck -


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  1. Hello, gorgeous countryside and lovely images from your drive. The views of the Mountain are just stunning. I love the pretty farmhouses. Your Whitey bear, Kai and the deer are cute too. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. Thanks for taking me along on another beautiful scenic tour! I just love your "country" out there. From the quaint and sweet cottages and fences, to the absolute majestic mountain views.

    So nice to see your happy furry "babies" too. ;) Blessings to you Karen! xoxo

  3. A wonderful series of fence photos with stunning scenery, lovely buildings, and cute animals to bring a smile to one's face. Kai is a sweet little dog. Thank you for sharing the beauty in your part of the world and have a great weekend :)

  4. Thanks for another beautiful drive through your back roads Karen. Always enjoyable especially the views of Mt. Ranier.

  5. All the photos are wonderful, but those ones with the mountain behind the grasslands are fabulous!

  6. love your gate greeters. :) such beautiful homes, farms, ranches in your area! and what a VIEW they have! so glad you are getting some rains!

  7. What stunning views! I'm so glad you are finally getting rain! Beautiful countryside you live in.

  8. I always enjoy my drives through your beautiful countryside, Karen! Thanks for the awesome beauty.

  9. My those are some lovely fences and farms you've shown today. - I bet you never get tired of the view of Mt. Rainier. - So nice to see Whitey Bear and Kai, they are so cute.

  10. Hi Karen,
    I really enjoyed the tour of the beautiful fences, farms and the mountains. TFS and have wonderful weekend.

  11. You live in such a beautiful area. I can't image living where I could see those glorious mountains every single day. The ride was so refreshing and great to see all country sites on your drive. Your shots were so clear and crisp....

  12. Absolutely beautiful, Karen! I love seeing your photos!

  13. Dear Karen,
    thank you for this again so loevly post with good old fences! Wonderful last summer pictures, now autum will come with all the warm and wonderful colours!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, filled with joy, love and blessings!
    Hugs, Claudia xo

  14. Lovely ramble around your neck of the woods.

  15. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for your sweet visit.
    xoxo Su

  16. What a wonderful post very full of lovely vs adn fences.iews, barn

  17. Such a wonderful post, Karen! Gorgeous views and super cute dogs. :)
    Your header photos are lovely too!
    Have a beautiful weekend! xx

  18. Last days of summer here too!!
    Enjoy your weekend

  19. What a joy! You have chosen a wonderful place to live with Mount Rainier peeping out with the blue blue skies. Many thanks for the trip, no doubt it is going to look glorious as the leaves change colour. Have fun. Karen x

  20. Hello from Spain: You live in such a fabulous area. I like your pics. I just discovered your blog and I like the variety of topics that you write about slices of life. Fashion and beauty are my hobbies with my Barbie doll collection. Right now I have a blog dedicated to those dolls that I invite you to visit: If you want we keep in touch. I already made me a follower of your blog.

  21. I love the old barn. I have seen on TV where some people will take old barns, any old buildings, even churches, and make homes out of them. That barn could become a home for a creative and knowledgeable person!

  22. So lovely to have your husband home for a week and do things together. I enjoyed your country ride. The scenery is beautiful!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  23. Your drives are always so enjoyable, Karen.
    My, you certainly live in a gorgeous part of the world. No matter what time of year it is, your photos are always awesome!
    I can see why you were in need of a nap after that long and bright drive. :-)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Such a lovely drive that was, I do think my favorite home was the cedar home, just my style. How neat to have seen Elk, I was hoping to see some on our trip to Yellowstone but we didn't see any. How neat to have captured the deer on your return.

  25. Wonderful fences and scenery, Karen! I adore that small farmhouse! The mountain is always so gorgeous!

    We just returned from a cruise and I will be posting many photos from that trip! I am so far behind with everyone now though I will NEVER get caught up! :-) Doing my best, though. Did you post the book review. I hadn't checked yet. Have a great week!


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