Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moving into Fall

Hello, Dear Friends! 

We are now entered into 
another beautiful season - Autumn! 

With the days growing shorter
and the nights getting colder, 
I have been busy with some 
major projects that have taken
most of my time. 

The biggest project has been 
staining the deck. 

This is a yearly job, as the sun, 
wind and rain take its toll. 

You can see the wear and tear.....

Then Ramblin' Man had to replace
any boards showing signs of rot
or weakness. This year he replaced
about a dozen. 

With pets always under foot, 
we devised a temporary fence
using these rigid panels held
together with zip ties as barriers. 

I caught some raindrops clinging
to this one.......

Always an audience.....:)

Maggie and Ling Ling. 

Finally, after two weeks of 
work (dodging a few raindrops in between)
everything is back in place. 

I can't tell you how achy and sore I am! 
Mostly my shoulders and back. 

My knees were protected by using
a soft garden kneeling pad. 

The umbrellas are put away for the winter now. 

The planters are all put back into place. 

My sis-in-law made the 'hydrangea' plaque <3

This hydrangea blooms white....

Then the blossoms age. 
Aren't they pretty? 

This hydrangea and the white one
were gifts at Mother's Day. 

The red begonias will bloom
until frost - hopefully until November. 

My dirty angels stand watch. 

I can see this vignette from my bedroom :)

I've replaced a summer hanging basket
with pansies. They smell heavenly! 

Kai looks on. 


I've replaced my salad garden in the galvanized tubs
with flowers. 

This is how they looked in July. 

The petunias and sweet peas 
are now fizzling out, 
but the purple alyssum 
is enjoying the cooler weather. 

I will replace the petunias and sweet peas with pansies 
and cabbage, under-planted with bulbs this week. 

My little potting bench will soon be 
put to use once again to pot up 
spring bulbs. 

I planted scotch moss in the vintage 
tool caddy and enamel cup. 

The truth! 

A little friend. 

The bird cage from my kitchen door.
Whitey Bear takes a break:) 

I planted creeping Jenny and was surprised
when it bloomed! 

It is still blooming....

I will replace it with ivy for winter. 

I never made a fairy garden this year, 
but the fairies settled in to this 
strawberry plant that I potted 
in a vintage enamel chamber pot! 

I hung this sign :)

Shhhhh! She is very shy.....

She has gathered some marbles
that my children left behind
many years ago. 

She's made herself at home...

And added her own potted garden :)

Soon summer's flowers will be just a memory. 

So for a few more precious weeks, 
I will savor every bloom. 

The days will grow shorter. 

And we'll make peace with the moon. 



  1. You have a beautiful outdoor space. All that hard work pays off when you have a space like this to enjoy the autumn season. Your flowers are gorgeous!

  2. A beautiful day at your beautiful place...the autumn is here and this is my favourite time of year! Love the colours, the air, the calmness...
    Have a happy week, take care!

  3. Hello, your deck is looking beautiful. And I love all your pretty plants, the fairy garden and sign. The view of the mountain and the moon are lovely. Gorgeous post, have a happy weekend!

  4. Hi Karen,
    Wow you and your husband have been busy. I love the deck and fairy garden. It's just the cutest. I would love to make one someday. I just love that mountain and it would make a beautiful painting.
    Thanks for sharing the pretty photos.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Julie xo

  5. What a beautiful, charming and whimsical porch. I could spend hours there. Your cats are so pretty. We had a lovely Siamese, Mr. Ed, who passed on in 2013. He has us so in love with the breed. We miss his wonderful personality. Your photos are lovely and we, too, are hanging on to the last of the summer flowers. I have added mums around the old well and enjoy their beautiful colours. Fall is surely here and I'm loving it, Deb

  6. All of your hard work on the deck certainly paid off as it looks absolutely beautiful with all your flowers. I love the bird nest filled with flowers. I think I would stay out there all day if I could and I am sure it's hard for you to go inside these days....I hope you have a great weekend..

  7. Your patio always looks beautiful. What a chore it is getting everything winterized, but now you're all set and you can enjoy your blooms for a bit longer. Thank you for sharing your outdoor space at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  8. It's beautiful on your deck, Karen. I am seeing more and more of our gardens ready to be cleaned up, and many leaves are down, as well. Seasons come and seasons go...all too quickly, I think.

  9. Your outdoor space is serene and beautiful! I love how the deck turned out and the photos of the moon are gorgeous. We had a Samoyed for many years and seeing yours brought back so many happy memories. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

  10. Your deck is the most glorious place. Such a lovely spot to sit awhile and just be. I can understand perfectly why the angels and fairies seek your little spot in which to gather. Love all the pretty pots and flowers. Hydrangeas are truly the most gorgeous of plants aren't they. They last forever and do age in the most colourful and graceful fashion. I must say I love the vignette from your bedroom!

  11. I love your deck. Everything looks so pretty. My deck is a mess right now while I get rid of spent flowers:( And I need to stain it. Would you like to come to Indiana to help me? LOL!

  12. Dear Karen, it looks so wonederful in your autumn garden! I love this time of the year with all the beautiful and warm colours!
    You decorated your deck with yo much love! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures!
    Happy autumn, my dear friend!
    Love and hugs for a blessed and joyful weekend,
    Claudia xo

  13. Dearest Karen,
    That looks like a lot of work for staining your deck! Being sore is also because of the damp and rainy weather... Hope you soon feel better.
    Lovely settings and there is still lots to enjoy before it really is fall and winter.
    Sending you hugs and wishing a happy weekend.

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  15. Whoops I pressed the publish button before I finished my comment, so I've started again! It all looks marvellous after your hard work, all set for another year. You can sit back and relax and enjoy. :-)

  16. I love all your goodies on your deck! I could just sit there for hours on end. I need a potting bench now! lol
    our deck is almost identical to yours but without all the cuteness! And this year we've put in a hammock which I'm in love with, but it takes up so much space.

  17. Thanks for this great share. Your deck is gorgeous, so much eye candy! Know how much work that is also. Your fur babies are all adorable. :)

  18. Dear Karen ~ You did a lovely job with your deck! That's hard work, especially on your knees. I wouldn't be able to do it. I have to sit on a low seat, then still have to have something to push myself back up with. Sheesh!

    All of your blooms are so pretty and I love your little fairy, her garden and the sign. :-)

    Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  19. Oh Karen, there are so many things I liked about this post I don't know where to start! Oh Yes I do.........the hummingbird! Such a beautiful small bird fluttering about on your porch, how delightful. The red begonias caught my eye, as there is something about red flowers that get to me every time. And I've always loved your sweet angel statue. It is truly special. Your deck turned out nice, and your husband did a wonderful job on it! Your flowers are blooming with beauty, and I noticed precious Kai in the background.

    Yes, the Autumn season has arrived, and it all looks so wonderful around your home.


  20. Oh how fun Karen! Just gets me in the mood to keep savoring every moment of this lovely transition into Fall.

    Your deck looks just gorgeous! Great job you hard working folks!!

    And the fairy corner just goes straight to my fairy lovin heart. I absolutely love the charm of that whole shelf - and that sign is perfection! Lol!!

    I'm ready - bring on this season in all its splendor Mother Nature! Happy weekend my Dear.

  21. hola amiga querida !!!que linda terraza con esas bellas plantas,, espero que tengas un lindo fin de semana junto a los tuyos

  22. Ooh that mountain view, Karen, it makes me sigh every time!! Your deck looks wonderful and I liked seeing all your plants and your dear fairy in the chamber pot. Enjoy that moon and view and think of me....
    Happy weekend!

  23. I am having the same done to my patio deck. I had a scroll saw that I am trading for the work to be done! Love to barter!

  24. The deck is looking good .
    I love the fairy garden.

  25. You capture such beautiful pictures of the mountain. We so need to do our deck too, our poor little dachshund has a hard time with steps anymore, I know when she isn't feeling good because she just goes potty on the deck, needless to say I have been doing a bit of cleaning, but it needs a good power wash and repainting, hoping to get to that before winter hits. I can imagine how sore you are but when you sit back on that lovely deck I can imagine you smile and say this is worth it. Like your plaque about sunshine and showers, so true. Great pic of the humming bird, my hubby has tried to get pics but hasn't been happy of his of the ones that visit ours. Our feeder is leaking like crazy too and the bees have been hanging out, we have tried everything, I think we should invest in a new one for next year.

  26. First of all of your furry friends stole my heart!!!

    Your deck looks did a great job and it was worth the sore body! Everything looks so beautiful and it must be so relaxing to sit and enjoy nature from your deck!!!

  27. I have to agree that it is a LOT of work staining those decks. Our cabin has a deck all the way around it, and I can empathize. Your work though is great and all of your flowers and little fairy "spots " are just amazing. Hard to believe that Fall is here already.

  28. Hi Karen, your deck looks so nice with the new stain on it. We (Murray) had to do ours in August too and it's a big job! I love that your flowers are still blooming so beautifully with so much colour. It really looks very pretty there still. We came home to find some of my potted plants on the deck were drastically dry....picture New Guinea Impatiens and fuchsia all limp and looking very dead....but I watered them the next morning and they both perked up. :) The fuchsia has a lot of blooms on it yet so if I can only keep it from freezing at night I'll be happy. We'll be watching the lunar eclipse tomorrow night at our neighbours who have a telescope!! Have a great evening. Pam

  29. I love that first picture you posted!!! And your deck is looking lovely now all freshly stained and all your flower all back in place!!! Your hard work payed off!!


  30. So, so beautiful Karen. I love the tours you do of your home, it's gorgeous. I had to smile at your shot of the moon, it doesn't matter how many miles separate us, the moon is exactly the same for you as it is here (I posted practically the same shot last Wednesday :-D ). Have a wonderful week and rest that back and shoulders. xx

  31. love your deck, your view, and all your 'helpers'. :)

  32. We're just about to do our deck as well, yours is beautiful, what a gorgeous outlook from your bedroom. Have a happy week - hope you can put your feet up?!
    Wren x

  33. Your deck is gorgeous, you definitely have a green thumb, all your plants are just fabulous!
    What a lush and tranquil spot, no wonder the fairies moved in!

  34. Your deck is such a great place, I know you'll be happy you made all the work to restain it!

  35. Very nice shot of the moon. You guys did a fine job of staining your deck, and your flowers look lovely!

  36. Oh Karen you have a lovely space! It looks so warm and inviting! Love the shot of the moon. Have a great weekend, Lynn

  37. Karen,
    I have been looking through some of your posts and I love what i saw and want to see more!! I am your newest follower!!



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