Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vintage Treasures

Today I promised to show you the sweet treasures
I found at the antique shop we stopped at 
in my last post. 

I couldn't resist this embroidered tablecloth. 

Charming bonnet-ed lassies with baskets of posies,

frolic on heavy cotton with a dainty crocheted edge. 

How could I resist? 

Perhaps better suited to spring, but with a bouquet of 
iris, you can almost believe it is spring once again.  

Another fun find - refrigerator dishes in my favorite color blue. 

Useful and beautiful - they fit the criteria...

Well, maybe this is not exactly useful,
 but I have a weakness for interesting vintage photos. 

Especially wedding photos. 

Here the happy couple is getting a sweet send-off for their honeymoon. 

I love her lady-like dress and the little girl's bonnets. 

I'm thinking this would look lovely decoupaged to this tray! 

Of course my Mr. picked out a couple of things he liked, too. 

He collects wooden boxes. 

They do come in handy.....

The perfect place to store scrabble letters! 

The photo is my son and his sweetheart on their wedding day
3 years ago. 

My Mr. also chose this little bird house for me. 
I grew up in a log cabin during the elementary school years, 
and we also had the privilege of vacations at my Dad's boss'
log cabin in the mountains of New Hampshire. 

Log cabins are very special to me. 
I have a small collection I decorate with at the holidays. 

My final treasure is this darling milk glass jar.

I have a growing collection of milk glass
and this jar has such pretty detail - I couldn't pass it by. 

I have to be careful that my collections don't take over, 
so I am very choosy about pieces to add.

Most reside in the bathroom, 
but maybe I'll keep this one on my vanity. 

So here are my vintage 'treasures', 
but the real treasure was spending the day
with my Ramblin' Man. 

We did have fun! 
'A friendship will be young after the lapse of half a century;
 a passion is old at the end of three months.'
-Madame Swetchine-

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  1. I love the way you put your finds to such wonderful use. I'm afraid I have very little talent for that. These all add nice charming touches to your home!

  2. I really love that vintage wedding photo and also the scrabble board :) oh and I had to Google "decoupaged" lol!

  3. Oh my goodness. You are woman after my own heart. Seriously love the things you bought...and I'm liking that plate behind the scrabble letters too. It looks like Copeland - Spode? And you are blessed to have a sweetie that thrifts too. Mine? Not so much a thrifter.

    1. Hi Rebecca - wish we could go thrifting together! I peeked behind the plate and it says, Mikasa - Whole Wheat Jardiniere - Japan. Not sure it is truly vintage - maybe the 70's? Thank you for your sweet visit. xo Karen

  4. Hi Karen,
    wonderful pictures! I love this old embroidery tablecloth, I love this old weeding picture ...I love your wonderful dishes :O)
    Hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  5. Such lovely treasures! I love the wooden box and the sweet little milk glass jar.

  6. I knew you'd get some neat stuff! I love that embroidered cloth. The edging is so pretty. I also like that milk glass jar. It's great that your husband likes to hunt for treasures with you. Mine does too and we have the best time finding new places to explore.

  7. Oh Karen, what lovely finds that you and your sweet Mr. found on your outing. I also read your previous post and loved seeing the pic of you and your dear son. I'm thankful that your greatest joy was sharing the treasured day of eating out and antique shopping with your Rambling Man.
    Love that!

  8. A day away with your Love is a treasure indeed! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    The first photo, of your room, is just lovely. It gives a sense of peace. The embroidered cloth is the twin of one that I have from my mother. She embroidered it for her hope chest - it must have been a popular pattern at one time.

  9. really cute tablecloth. i love wooden boxes, too.

  10. You do find the best treasures Karen. The tablecloth is so sweet and I love that vintage picture too. It would be perfect on the tray. Thank you so much for linking up with Vintage Inspiration Party.

  11. Oh, that wedding photo is a treasure, indeed. Do you know that black and white photos are so beautiful to me? I took a black and white photography class many years ago, and developed my own pictures. The photo of your son and his bride is so lovely. And that little cabin bird house caught my eye. I love cabin homes too, and enjoy visiting the cabin -mountain home of my husband's parents. That looks like such a sweet bird house - not sure if it even needs to be painted.

    I loved seeing all your vintage finds, Karen. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  12. Wonderful treasures Karen! I really like the vintage wedding photo! That is so neat to have and it would look sweet on the old tray too. It's fun to find vintage treasures and I really have to make decisions as to weather I need more. :) Have a great day.

  13. Karen, that embroidered tablecloth brought me memories of my dear mother. She was a master seamstress and her embroidery stitches were second to none. I inherited neither skill. Oh well, I have others. But she sure was good!
    Love, m & jb

  14. What a nice collection of treasures you got! I, too, love to rescue vintage, embroidered linens, and love to imagine who spent hours working on them. How great that you grew up in a log cabin! And that picture of your son and his bride is gorgeous.

  15. Hi Karen, Beautiful finds, Love the dishes & fabulous wedding photo...I adore the vintage linen...Have a happy rest of the week... Hugs May x x

  16. HOLA karen ! realmente tu encontraste unos verdaderos tesoros! que tenga un optimo viernes

  17. You picked some really nice things out. The Vintage wedding photo was so fun. I adore the linen you picked out. Also that sweet birdhouse and the Milk Glass.

  18. You did well lots of lovely finds.

  19. Dearest Karen,
    You did bring home some remarkable treasure finds. Knowing that you cheer by any blue finds, this is practical and just of your liking as well.
    It always breaks my heart to see such lovely vintage photos ending up for sale... Was there no loved one, relative or friend that would keep on to them?!...
    It speeks volumes like a book and yet, nobody wanted it I guess.
    Your iris vase looks lovely on the embroidered table topper!
    Sending you hugs,

  20. Hello Karen,
    It had been awhile since I have done any visiting in my blogging community, and I so enjoyed catching up on a couple of your posts.
    Your treasures Ste quite beautiful. I especially loved the embroidered table cloth, as that pattern is one of my favorites. Then your log canon bird house, very nice.
    The picture of you and your son is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing you, so pretty.
    I can relate to you as the oldest daughter,I too have looked after siblings, and it seems I still do even though they are grown married and have children of their own. Always the"big sister" I guess. :-)
    I had a cleaning business years ago myself. Hard work, that's for sure.
    I sure enjoyed my visit here tonight.
    Sweet blessings to you, dear friend.

  21. Oh my goodness!! Sorry for all the typo errors. Good grief. :-)

  22. That's the best kind of day! Love all of your wonderful favorite is the whimsical wedding photo...

  23. Hello, sweet Karen!

    Your treasures are simply beautiful! LOVE that tablecloth and the vintage photo is just too precious :)

    Also, thank you, thank you, thank you for your heart-felt comments on both of my blogs - you always bless me, dear friend.

    Have a delightful day! Hugs to you!

  24. I meant to tell you that I just love that you guys built your house! So much hard work, and such a treasure in itself. I know you are proud of your husband and son!

    These treasures are wonderful! Love the embroidered tablecloth, the baking dishes and the milk glass jar! I love old photos too, and wonder about the people...but it makes me sad that their family memories are for sale now in a shop. I guess I am more sensitive to that because my husband's Mom had a cerebral hemmorage right after we were married. She lost so much of her memory, she didn't know who the people were in her family photos, so she pressed them on kids in the neighborhood. She was a very giving person, literally giving away almost everything she had at one time or another. We were very young marrieds and lived away during a lot of that time (though my hubby got a hardship discharge from the Army to help take care of her after he got back from Nam) and we were pretty un-worldly and unwise, and didn't know how to deal with a lot of that. So, many of my husband's childhood photos are just gone. He regrets horribly a picture of him on a pony, one of those pics that people used to take by going around to neighborhoods in the 50s, and another one of him as a baby, smiling and pointing his finger. I figure they are probably in a stranger's home somewhere in a box of other photos of people they don't know. I always look in photo collections when I go in antique stores...wouldn't it be amazing to find some of their pictures this many years later, somewhere like that!

  25. Your posts are always so pleasant and attentive!

    Many warm greetings


  26. Such great finds Karen!! I have a weakness for old photos as well and that one is stunning!!! I like the idea of adding it to the tray!! And that photo of your son and his wife is outstanding!! Loving everything you found especially that tablecloth!! Hope you are is cold here today! Take care friend! Wishing you a glorious weekend! Nicole xo


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