Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend - Birthday Celebration

Over the weekend we celebrated my daughter, Heather's birthday. 

We had the traditional Labor Day BBQ (ka-bobs, pasta salad, etc.)
but also included cake, cupcakes, and candles. 

And a few festive touches...
A cupcake liner and doily banner,

And home-made cupcakes, of course! 

White cake and cream cheese frosting,

Sprinkled with edible pink pearls 
and a sprig of hydrangea. 

Served inside matching blue cupcake liners.

The table was decorated with a simple arrangement of garden hydrangeas. 

This time of year, Nikko Blue turns green! 

A happy celebration!

A birthday cake for candles, too. 

Make a wish......

Oh-oh! Trick candles that won't go out! 

But wishes still come true....

We all contribute to a gift certificate for a Kate Spade handbag. 

A happy birthday girl. 

Sometimes it's nice to have a big family....

And everyone goes home with a cupcake! 


Hope you had a lovely, relaxing labor day weekend, 

Dear Friends. 

Tomorrow it's back to work and school once more,
but hopefully with wonderful summer memories. 



  1. Hi Karen! Wow, a Kate Spade handbag. I'd be interested to see the one the Birthday Girl picks!

    We spent the weekend on our best friend's farm at the New Jersey shore. It was my goddaughter's bridal Shower. We are going back in three weeks for her wedding.

    Karen, you are a marvel. xxoo, m & jb

  2. Hi Karen,

    Looks like you are all having a happy weekend and I enjoyed seeing the photos.
    The cupcakes look delicious and love the hydrangeas.
    Happy birthday to Heather

  3. looks like a great family celebration! the cupcakes look yummy!

  4. Happy Birthday to the girl that will be toting a new Kate Spade purse soon. Looks like it was a lovely party and delicious as well!!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! We have used those trick candles a few times and the boys still love them:)

  6. Hi dear friend! Happy birthday to rp your daugfter , is a good and beautiful celebratio. ,,

  7. Dearest Karen,
    Wow, what lovely cupcakes you baked and garnished. But what did speak volumes is the almost contagious happy face from your birthday girl Heather! Wish her a happy belated birthday. You have had quite some celebrations lately and yes, a big family is fun.

  8. My dear Karen,
    what a lovely decoration for your daughter's Birthday! Belated best Birthday wishes for her :O)
    The cupcakes look so yummi!
    Also i love your home, it looks so warm and cosy :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful new week,

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter. How gorgeous is she! Lovely the deco and the beautiful cupcakes adorned with pearls and flowers!

  10. Happy birthday to Heather!!! Those cupcakes look awesome :-) yummy!!!

  11. Oooh -- lucky girl to get a Kate Spade handbag! She is beautiful Karen. And those cupcakes are gorgeous!! Love the doily banner too.

  12. Happy Birthday to Heather! Everything is so pretty, dear Karen :) Hugs to you!

  13. Happy Birthday to Heather...enjoy your new handbag x x x Such wonderful cupcakes...Love the doily banner (great idea)... Hugs May x x

  14. Karen!!! Those cupcakes are gorgeous!!! And a very happy birthday to your daughter....she is a doll!!! And that centerpiece.....does it get prettier than that!!?!! Love those hydrangeas!! Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend!! Such a sweet family you have!! Still drooling over those cupcakes by the way!! Nicole xoxo

  15. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! It looks as though you all had a great party. xx

  16. Lovely, just lovely! Happy Birthday to Heather. She is beautiful.
    Yes, we had a beautiful, relaxing week end.
    Joy to you! Debbie

  17. You have such wonderful family celebrations, with sweet personal touches! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  18. Happy Birthday! What a lovely celebration for your daughter. Love the cupcakes!

  19. Sweet photos of her birthday. She's lovely and those cupcakes looked so delicious.

  20. Your daughter is darling! Love your gift. What an awesome idea! Love those cupcakes. I have a pinterest page and I am always adding cupcakes to my Crazy for Cupcakes board. When my kids were small I was always asked to bake cupcakes for school parties. They loved them more than the store bought variety. Too much sweet frosting! HaHa! Sounds like your weekend was terrific. We enjoyed phamiyl time too. Loved it! Hugs, Anne

  21. Happy birthday to your daughter! What lovely photos of her and the party! xoxox

  22. What a beautiful family and home you have, Karen. My daughter has looked through your post with me and says, "I love her house!" The hydrangea blossoms on the cupcakes are a beautiful touch, I'll remember that. X


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