Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Come along with me and we will visit my flowers.

With summer winding down, 

I would like to take you to meet 

them before they are gone. 

I just planted this rose, 'Joseph's Coat'

this spring. A friend has it growing in 

her garden and I was smitten with the variegated

colors of each bloom. 

I had to have one of my own. 

Each bloom a work of art. 

It was slow to establish and for a while I was worried....

But she has pleasantly surprised me with this 

late flush of blooms. 

'Nearly Wild' blooms at her feet. 

Nearby a hardy fuchsia dances in the breeze. 

This fuchsia is over 20 years old! 

Next to the fuchsia, I have a new hydrangea

grown from a cutting. 

The original plant started to decline, so I took several cuttings. 

I have 3 more in pots, waiting to plant. 

We are painting this side of the house right now, 

so they will have to wait a little longer. 

Only one bloom this year....
This is Nikko Blue - my favorite hydrangea. 
They bloom on two year old wood. 
Next year I hope to have more blooms. 

They are so easy to propagate - 

Simply take some 12 in. cuttings in late spring, 
trim back the leaves to just two on top, 
and bury the stem a few inches in well-draining potting soil. 
(make sure there is at least one set of leaf nodes buried, 
as that is where the roots will sprout)

Keep well watered in a shady spot. 
Plant out in fall or early next spring in partial shade. 

Soon the petunias will be done blooming 
and I will replace them with pansies, 
and chrysanthemums for fall. 

It is getting cooler at night, but still warm enough
 during the day to keep them blooming. 

Their fragrance is intoxicating, 
especially in the early morning and evening.
I keep them right outside the kitchen door.

I have red ones, too, which the hummingbirds love, 
but it is the purple petunia's that have the sweetest fragrance. 

 I have many varieties of fuchsia,
 as I have more than my fair share of shade. 

They are hummingbird magnets. 

Each blossom like a tiny dancer...

In ruffled skirts. 

Or like tiny flying fairies. 

Pots of bright red geraniums....

keep company with coral begonia. 

Begonia is a favorite of mine - another shade lover, 
with their blossoms that rival the rose. 

And who cannot help but smile when seeing the vibrantly 
colored impatiens? 

But it is the sweet, sweet rose that I shall miss the most 
when summer days are gone. 

So 'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may'. 

Robert Herrick  1591-1674

Thank you, Dear Friends for visiting me 
and my flowers. 

Soon the flowers will fade away, 
but your friendship will remain. 

Together we will brave the wind and cold
of another winter
to share the beauty of spring once more. 


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  1. Hello Karen,

    This tour of your garden has brightened our morning. We too are holding on to the last of summer and these last flowers of the season are so precious. But, there is still so much colour and interest in your garden. You must feel pleased with it all.

    It is good to put scented flowers where one walks past them frequently. One catches the scent as one passes by and it really does lift the spirits.

  2. These flowers are wonderful, I love hydrangea most of all

  3. A good reminder to make the most of our time! xx

  4. What a beautiful garden you have. And hummingbirds !!!! How magical is that? I've never seen a live hummingbird.

  5. I love that the rose rewarded your patience with so many beautiful blooms. The fuchsia is stunning, so amazing that it is still producing so many flowers even though it is 20 years old. Happy Weekend!

  6. Your deck flowers still look so nice! Mine look more than a little "done"! I also have a Joseph's Coat and Nearly Wild. Love them both.
    Have a great weekend, Karen. I am hoping for some cooler weather to work in the yard:)

  7. Karen, those are just gorgeous! So nice to have that great place to sit and enjoy the beauty of those flowers.

  8. Dearest Karen,
    You are so blessed for being able to grow such roses and also my favorite fuchsias. In the deep south we cannot keep them alive... Sad as they were my dear Grandmother's (and Godmother) favorite. Those flowers look like beautiful tutus.
    Enjoy yours while they last and wishing you a happy weekend.

  9. my connection's running slow this morning so i didn't get them all, but what i saw was lovely! great fuschia! wow!

  10. Dear KAren,
    thank you for those wonderful flowers! Your Roses are georgeous!
    HAve a lovely weekend,

  11. Thanks for this lovely tour through your beautiful garden Karen! Enjoy them while you still can knowing that this beauty will return you again next spring :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. Oh my. Not only are your flowers gorgeous, but your dialogue is pure poetry! Thank you for sharing. I want to come visit and sit among the flowers, enjoying the scents and the beautiful view :)

  13. Karen, your blog hopped all over my house before I could pin it down to read it! ;)

  14. Beautiful colors still at your house! i just love the shots of your 20 year old fuscia! Awesome

  15. Wow, such beauty you've share, Karen. In enjoyed my stroll around your yard very much. Thanks for the tip on propagating hydrangeas.

  16. Hi Karen,

    Your garden is so beautiful and I enjoyed coming to visit today. So many gorgeous flowers and plants - The Josephs coat is beautiful and isn't it great to be able to propagate hydrangeas - I do it over here and they take well.
    Happy weekend

  17. Hola amiga querida ! Me gustan muchas las flores de tu jardín , Deseo que tengas un lindo fin de semana

  18. You have alot of lovely flowers. I can't keep my fuschias coming back. I like them though. I garden in pots becuz of the clay in our ground. I bought a pot last night, for a good price. But I don't have a plant for it. Don't know what to get but may need to wait til spring. Will see. Have a good weekend!

  19. Dear Karen,

    I say to my students that if they want to learn what family is, they must visit your blog.
    Because with your imagination and creativity you can teach everyone.

    My best wishes to your family from my family.
    Yannis Politopoulos

  20. Your garden is gorgeous ! I am delighted with your flowers especially love fuchsias, begonias and petunias. The combination of wonderful flowers and decoration creates an amazing atmosphere of the garden !
    Have a nice weekend :)

  21. Dear Beatrice, it's always so charming in your garden! Thank you for the nice walk!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  22. So lovely to see more of your beautiful garden this time Karen.

    Your quote is perfect especially as you are going in to Autumn!

    All your roses are lovely and Jacobs Coat is well named with the variety of blooms.
    I had Mutabilis in my old garden, a wonderful multi coloured single China rose, she flowered virtually all year, you can't ask more than that!
    I love the fuschias with roses, they compliment each other so well.

    I'm hoping to plant a few new roses but we have had so much rain, the ground is hard and sodden. It needs forking over and I will add compost and dolomite to get a friable structure.
    I am looking at David Austen roses as they do well in Auckland.

    Lovely to see you join in at Floral Friday!
    Shane x

  23. Tried commenting but didn't see it...I'll try again! Good morning, Karen! I loved seeing your beautiful flowers this morning. I always think Fuchsia looks like velvet. There are several photos you should mat & frame and have up all year round! ;-) Hope all is well.


  24. Your garden is amazingly prolific! I'm sure your plants sense how much you love them. I particularly enjoyed the different fuschias. Here in Scotland the leaves are turning and falling, and I am wondering how much longer until I need to have a bit of a clear-out and begin planting bulbs for the spring...

  25. Hi, Karen! It's always nice to sit on my porch while gazing at the beauty of your deck - it's like existing in two places at once. (Ah, modern technology!)

    We are in the dog days of summer here - everything is struggling against the infernal heat. But it's September now, so fall is soon coming. We all need a break from the heat down here - nice to sit with you in your more temperate climate.

    After visiting with you, I think I need to get some of these fuchsias. xo

  26. Hi Karen, wow what gorgeous flowers you have growing! I love the roses and hydrangeas! You always educate us on something each time I visit and so glad to find out how to propagate hydrangeas. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  27. Oh man Karen! How beautiful is that "Joseph's Coat"! What a stunner!! The color is amazing!!! And those fuchsias!!! They take my breath away! I'm telling you that I am going to get myself some of those Niko blue hydrangeas!!! I have heard so much about them but still have yet to plant have inspired me to get those in!! Loved coming along on a garden walk with you sweet friend! Enjoy those blooms!!! And happy gardening! Nicole xo

  28. Your garden is very cozy, full of flowers of vibrant colors!!
    Happy sunday, hugs Vicky

  29. This is a lovely time of year for a garden, as yours shows so beautifully! I like how roses get their second wind.


  30. I have one rose remaining so to see yours has brightened my day! The trees are showing an orange tinge and the nights are already drawing in. Time to 'autumnise' the home :-) Have a lovely week my lovely xx

  31. Hi Karen, I have loved this trip through your beautiful garden...It's all so wonderful...Enjoy!! Hugs May x x

  32. Wow what a pleasant visit in your gorgeous garden. You have some beautiful flowers for sure. Also the view of the mountain is wonderful. What mountain is that?

  33. Your flowers are incredibly beautiful, Karen! Each one, as you say, a work of art! I love the fuscia...fell in love with them in Ireland! I can't wait to get one for a hanging basket on my back porch! They may not make it through the hot summer, though unless I bring it inside.


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