Monday, April 21, 2014

These Quiet Hours

The house is quiet now - sweetly melancholy. 

Just yesterday - full of life - joyful noise. 

All of us, together again. 

An Easter celebration, 

And a sweet daughter's birthday. 

As I go about the task of putting things away, 

Sweet memories float to the surface, like bubbles in champagne. 

A day of love and laughter, good food, happy faces. 

As I stack dishes and gather glasses, 

Scrub pans and tidy up, 

I think of how this once bustling kitchen

comes to life less often these days. 

But that just makes it all the more memorable when it does. 

The time we do spend together seems much more precious. 

With all the preparations and hard work behind me, 

And sweet memories of family filling my mind, 

I gather the fruits of my labor.

The delicious remains of the day. 

A rare sunny morning - to savor. 

A sweet reward in these quiet hours. 

A special toast (with leftover champagne!) with a flute that says,

'May the warmth of our affections survive the frost of age.' 

A humorous nod to this time of our lives. 

(And our name)

A quiet day of rest and reflection. 

With delicious sweetness left behind. 

Heather's 'from scratch' decadent chocolate birthday cupcakes. 

With memories of another special birthday celebration,

Jen's dipped strawberry 'carrots in dirt cups', mint chocolate mousse.

And a blessed Easter together. 

The loves of my life
From left to right:
Jen and son Dustin, daughter Heather and husband Eric,
My Mr.,
daughter Jennie (birthday girl), Erica and son Gabe. 


Thank you, Dear Friends for all of your Easter Blessings. 

I hope your Easter was filled with many lovely Blessings, too. 



  1. so glad you had a great family day - and a nice quiet day following for your own reflection. :)

  2. This was such a beautiful post..and I must say..I read it with a lump in my throat. My once bustling kitchen doesn't bustle everyday anymore either. Time has worked it's fingers into my life and propelled me forward whether I am ready to go or not. Your post is really bittersweet, I think, filled with happy "today" memories woven into the tapestry of yesterday's memories. Wonderful words and images! xo Diana

  3. What a lovely family you have, Karen! We are lucky, even though the kids are gone, they still come home for special times.

  4. I so enjoyed your post and love the shot of all of your loved ones! What a wonderful family you have, and I also love that you have taken the time to reflect on the joys of this day, and using those morning quiet hours to their fullest in enjoying that beautiful day in a way that honors yourself and the beauty that is surrounding you! A bit of sadness and nostalagia too, and I totally understand that! Have a wonderful week. Only 8 days and I will be up in your "neck of the woods". Beginning to watch the weather. Still looks a bit cool!

  5. Life is so bittersweet. I can actually feel time slipping from me as I hold my youngest. There are those rare moments when time stops but right now all I can see is that 2 out of my 3 beans will be in school next year and like you it tugs at the heart. Such a beautiful post Karen. I am so happy that you were surrounded by your loves yesterday. And a very happy birthday to your daughter!!! The desserts that they made look amazing and that shot of them all is awesome!! Glad you were able to take in the sunshine! Have a great week friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  6. Dearest Karen,
    Oh how well I know the sudden quiet home when guests have left and their echo long got still... too still and it is hard to pick up and go on.
    But those are memories and sweet memories of which the fabric of life is woven.
    One more of such blessed times you all could gather together in good health, or at least in very reasonable health.
    May you all be blessed and enjoy several more like this.

    We had a lovely quiet day, after Church we called Mom & Dad and we also did chat for a long time with daughter Liz and she did send us old photos, things from Pieter's Dad that he'd never had seen before. Such a warm treasure to share and to receive. We had a long and happy walk in the sunshine.

  7. Beautiful heartfelt post so glad you all shared Easter together..Happy belated Birthday to Jennie.. the food looked so yummy & A Gorgeous photo of the day....Hugs May x x

  8. What a lovely family! I am so happy you had a lovely day together. Your morning on the deck looks so beautiful and relaxing. I hope you have a lovely week.

  9. Kochana moja, jak u Ciebie pięknie!!! A te widoki za oknem...las..górki... Przeeeepięknie!! Masz wspaniałe cztery kąty, takie przytulne.. Och, chyba Ciebie kiedyś odwiedzę;))) Fajna rodzinka, życzę Wam miłego wtorku!!

  10. Oh Karen I can only imagine the joy and memories now locked up tight in your heart, as a Mom with children who live away I understand the feeling it warms our hearts and souls and we can pull them out when we need them.
    You have a lovely family and I can see the love. Happy belated Birthday to your daughter.
    The smiles on those faces says it all. Cheers and enjoy those sunny days and memories. Great job Mom. Hug B

  11. What a beautiful family you have, and you obviously enjoy being together, which is such a blessing. As I read your post and looked at your beautiful photos, I thought, 'Karen's house is still full of life when it's only her - it's just full of a different pace, rhythm, energy. But it is definitely full of life!'

  12. Gorgeous family you have, and I totally love the saying on the flute! I must remember that! xox

  13. What a sweet post full of the good times and memories. Loved it. You words and pictures are excellent. MB

  14. It looks like you had some lovely family time! What a blessing.

  15. I am late with my Easter greetings but it looks like you had a wonderful one with your sweet family. I also love the look of your home and you have it beautifully decorated, full of warmth and love.

  16. It does look peaceful and quiet in your pictures, but it also looks like your cottage is full of wonderful memories.

  17. Hi Karen, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter and so nice that you were able to spend it with your children! You live in such a beautiful area and I always love the tours you bring us all on with you. Have a wonderful Earth Day.

  18. Oooooo... I so enjoyed your posting today. A little before and after musing, love it!

    A beautiful family. And I loved seeing your doggie having a rest after all the festivities.

    Many bloggerly hugs and blisses,

  19. Karen, happy birthday to your daughter!
    What a beautiful family photo and beautiful reflection is painful when they go away. And once again we return to routine and until the next visit .... Your home is cozy, and get an idea of the joy of having them together.
    What a delicious dessert, I like it sweet
    Big kiss my sweet friend and a beautiful week for you ...

  20. Such a beautiful warm home! I've never done much in our house....always at my mother-in-law's or more recently, at my youngest sister's. This particular Easter with two of her three daughters and their children, my husband, MIL and I enjoyed a family meal after church. The young ones hunted Easter eggs and the elder ones thought of the daughter who was the hospital just two days before she comes home to hospice. She'll be 38 on May 1. I know the extended family gatherings in that spacious house will never be the same again. I'm happy you had a wonderful get-together. (I notice the Mom isn't in the photo...isn't that the way it goes?) And your view! Oh my!

  21. I so enjoyed your post and reflections of a beautiful Easter with loved ones.
    It is amazing how our homes can once be filled with noise, love and sweet fellowship, then quietness.
    Cleaning up can be a sad time as we reflect alone. But oooh, such beautiful memories that linger on.
    Lovely photos you shared with us.
    Joy! Debbie

  22. It looks like you had a blessed Easter, Karen, surrounded by your loved ones. Happy birthday to your daughter! xo

  23. Such a beautiful family, Karen!

    This is what I miss most of all. My children and grandbabies all live far away, and Hubby and I are getting "frostier" every day. My hope is that one day we can get together for a reunion like yours.

    Sending hugs,

  24. What a special Easter blessing it was to have your beautiful family gathered at your home. Thank you for sharing your special celebration!!

  25. Karen you are truly blessed to have family and wonderful memories of birthdays and holiday celebrations. Happy Birthday to her!

  26. Karen, you have a beautiful family and what wonderful memories and times you have had and will continue to have in your beautiful wooded home. Times with family is always special!!

  27. Karen, you have a lovely family..happy belated Birthday to your daughter Jennie! I just love the view from your deck! Happy Easter Memories! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  28. Dear Karen,

    The whole family is sailing on a sea of ​​happiness.
    You are all adorable.
    Your family is an authentic model of happiness.

    Warm greetings from Volos.
    Yannis Politopoulos

  29. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Oh, your family is such a good-looking bunch! I know you had a wonderful and blessed time. Love the tablescapes and your photos are wonderful!

  30. Que casa más bonita tienes!! Es preciosa y muy acogedora.
    Besos desde Madrid.

  31. Our house bustles less often, too, now, but we had a blissfully full house this Easter. Blessings to you and your family, Karen. <3


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