Monday, April 14, 2014

More Spring Decorating - Vintage Cottage Style

The sun has been shining inside and out, 
which has inspired me to do a bit of re-decorating for Spring. 

A little lighter and brighter, adding some spring colors and small touches for Easter. 

Some fragrant sprigs from the garden (Sarcoccoca - Sweet Box),
 and small keepsakes for Easter. 

The sweet Easter card was one I gave to my Mom years ago. 

She saved it and I found it in her things. 

She loved pretty cards. 

My 'Blue Eyes' bought me the vintage vase - with roses - one birthday. 

These glass daffodils were a gift from a sweet sister. 

The embossed tile was a classroom art project of my son's when he was young. 

The mid-century modern art piece was a recent lucky find. 

I was drawn to the unusual shape and colors.

Mourice - Calif.

These pieces are still relatively inexpensive and come in bright glazed colors. 

Another glazed Mourice piece - this one an urn, holds a nest of chalk eggs. 

The footed glazed pot was also made by my son when he was young. 

I've added sprigs of pussy willow and dogwood to 'Big Blue', my 5 gallon water bottle. 

A copper pot filled with lavender buds, with a small scoop for stirring, keeps things fresh. 

The plant stand is updated with pots of pansies. 

Sweet Peter Rabbit and Flopsy guard a basket of painted wooden eggs on the settee'. 

A vintage style jelly bean tin ( a gift from my sis ) and nested basket. 

Another sister gift, this tin basket holds weeping cherry sprigs on the front door...

With a sweet vintage message. 

The entry table holds some flocked rabbits and basket of eggs. 

A tray I decoupaged with a pretty napkin of violets waits for keys and mail. 

Even the wine rack gets a nod to the season with a blue glass nested rabbit. 

I love colored glass, especially in front of a window. 

I've transferred my collection of green glass to this blue cupboard in the hallway. 

Blue and green are my favorite colors. 

The Seaside Tray was decoupaged using a copy of a watercolor painting of my Mother's.

A pretty custard cup holds a nest with a glass egg
 and glittered bird, a gift from daughter, Heather.

I do love to decorate for the holidays with sentimental keepsakes
which bring to mind loved ones, some now gone, and some far away.

In this busy world we don't get to see the ones we love as often as we like.

These small tokens of love keep me connected to those that I love as I go about my day.

Holidays and special occasions are time for bringing together families, past and present.

Thank you for coming along on my sentimental decorating journey.

I hope this inspires you to do some sentimental decorating of your own.

My grandmother, Beatrice Euphemie would approve.

'Vintage Cottage Style'.


I left you in the morning,
And in the morning glow
You walked a way beside me
To make me sad to go.
Do you know me in the gloaming,
Gaunt and dusty gray with roaming?
Are you dumb because you know me not,
Or dumb because you know?

All for me? And not a question
For the faded flowers gay
That could take me from beside you
For the ages of a day?
They are yours, and be the measure
Of their worth for you to treasure,
The measure of the little while
That I've been long away.

-Robert Frost-


  1. love the pussy willows and the blooming sprigs. the vintage jelly bean tin is cute. you have good sisters. :)

  2. I enjoyed this lovely post tremendously! Beautiful decorations! Happy Easter! :)

  3. Great collection of things from your past, they all look pretty together and hold many memories of people you have known.

  4. What a beautiful post of things that have meanings attached to them. How wonderful to find the card you gave your mom and to know that she saved it. Great decorations. xo Diana

  5. I love the photos of the colored glass with the light passing through. Very beautiful.

  6. Beautiful Karen!! You won't believe it, but your blue glass bunny, I have the same one, but in yellow!! If you look at my crochet flower garland you can see a photo of it!! I also have a chick that is the same colour blue as your bunny! How funny is that, we are miles apart and have the same things! That is the fun of blogging isn't it. xx

  7. Hi Karen, I love the way you decorated for Easter. Everything is so pretty as usual and it's nice that you have everything decorated with sentimental meaning. I hope you have a wonderful week and a nice Easter.

  8. Dearest Karen,
    You sure show some very appropriate gifts from your sisters and your glass collection is always right for the season. You know how to present it against the glass window.
    Lovely tour and let's hope it will stay sunny during the Easter weekend.

  9. Everything looks so pretty, especially with the sun shining. I also love to decorate with mementos rather than all store bought holiday items.

  10. Breathtaking! I love the sunshine that spills forth into your home - so lovely! And the basket of flowers on top of the hutch immediately caught my eye. You are such a natural when it comes to decorating your home. You make it so homey and inviting.

    Hugs to you, friend!

  11. You are a lady who can transform any reality to a myth of your perfect imagination.
    Because there is always a living legend into the look of your heart.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  12. LOVE that Robert Frost poem. I also want to tell you that you always inspire me with your decorating you do it so well, everything is always beautiful. Hug B

  13. I loved taking a sentimental journey through your house with you, Karen. It is so sweet to see how you value your special treasures. Thank you for sharing Robert Frost's poem with us. Enjoy your Easter week with those near and dear and those forever in your heart. xo

  14. Beautiful post Karen, it is lovely to join you on your sentimental journey throughout your beautiful home...such lovely memories...the poem is beautiful....Happy Easter yo you & your wonderful family... Hugs May x x

  15. A sweet and sad post. I too love to have things given to me by my dear ones, all around me. Many of them are gone now, and their memories live on through these treasures. The way you have decorated for spring is just lovely. I love your home so much! And I have to tell you, I showed my daughter the recent pin with the blue pieces that I knew she'd love, and she really did. In this post you have a green glassware! Well, since her favorite color is green, she started collecting some green depression glass years ago (mostly with help from my Mom) and the house they rented before this one had the most amazing green and white vintage kitchen tiles. This one has no apparent kitchen color, and I know she would love to have decorated with the green. But at Christmas I tried to buy her some Le Crusette pieces in that wonderful vintage green, and they had discontinued it! So I went for the next best choice, the Caribbean Blue which is brighter, but looks a lot like your vintage blue pieces. As I showed her your post we discussed finding some vintage blue pieces to go with the Le Crusette, and she is going to use red accents. The turquiosy blue with the red is going to look great! But, I bet she eventually goes back to her favorite green. And that's what makes life fun! :-)

    Thanks so much for your friendship. I appreciate your blog and all your wonderful comments on my posts so much!

  16. You bring such warmth to your home. And, what a wonderful collection of meaningful items in your home.

  17. Karen!!!! It is all so stunning!!! You have done such a fantastic job decorating for spring! All of your pieces have such beautiful meaning! That is what I love about your home! That jelly bean tin is awesome!! And those wooden eggs and the card that you gave your mom years ago are just so special! What a pretty place for all of your kids to come home to! Oh and I too love how that light shines through the glass!!! Happy week to you friend! Nicole xoxo

  18. I really like your cottage. The blue glass rabbit in front of your window is my favourite picture.

  19. Lovely decorations! I especially love the view out your patio door- I would love to see that every day- just gorgeous! Your mom's Easter card is too precious for words...what a wonderful keepsake!

  20. Mrs Karen,
    I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email tonight, please take your time to take a look.


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