Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All Creatures Great and Small

We've had a lovely stretch of warm weather the last few days,
 and I have been taking advantage
 of the mild temperatures and clear skies
to work outside. 

Of course I am never alone - all creatures great and small keep me company! 

There are doves cooing, and wild pigeons...
There is a pair of pileated woodpeckers that love to tap, tap, tap on the hollow trees. 

A single pair of crows always nests nearby, keeping watch for eagles and hawks. 

And the swallows are back, gliding gracefully through the skies! 

Of course my domestic companions always keep me company, too! 

A comfort while I am working alone outside. 

Sunshine illuminates even the lowliest plants, bringing forth their beauty. 

This little fellow was making his way across the walkway. 

When I garden, I try to grow plants that are not tasty to the wild things. 

Native plants are greatly encouraged. 

I learned long ago that it was too expensive
 and too time consuming to try and grow anything that needed pampering. 

I reserve those for pots on the deck. But even these are not entirely safe! 

But I never use harmful chemicals. 

I have too many wild things to take a chance. 

I have learned to work with nature. 

I have my own natural insecticides! 

This little tree frog lives on my deck. 

As I work tidying up gardens, 
pulling weeds and spreading mulch, (last year's fallen leaves) 
I think about  plant societies and how closely they mimic our own. 

Some like to live in the bright lime-light, with showy blossoms, but with a high maintenance attitude. 

Some prefer the quiet edges away from others, with only a few friends to keep them company, 

Others like a crowd and form large colonies of like minded companions. 

There are the prickly hedges that nobody wants to mess with, and the proud, stately trees that oversee all. 

Some are generous with many fruits to offer, and others are sweet and shy, hiding in the shadows.

There are bullies that take over...

and some are rare specimens, intriguing and enchanting to know. 

And then there is the rose....angels incarnate. 

Some even have distinct personalities and a sense of humor! 

My favorite society! 

 Others have sweet little curious faces! 

And some stand out in a crowd.

All unique and special in their own way. 

Here's another sweet face!

As I work among the plants, 
I feel such gratitude for these small creatures that share my world. 

And the great ones, too! 

Always a smile....

or a quiet presence waiting nearby. 

Someone to watch over me...

And make me laugh! 

Sweet loving friends to comfort me when I'm sad. 

So as the day comes to a close, and the hummingbirds roost for the night,

And Mount Rainier reflects the evening glow,

I count the many blessings that led me here to live....

among all creatures great and small.


All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

-Cecil Frances Alexander-


  1. What a beautiful post!!!
    I love your garden and all the little creatures living in.
    Have a lovely day

  2. Hola Beatrice querida ,, efectivamente todas las criaturas creadas por dios son una belleza ,, sobretodo en ese hermoso jardín primaveral,,,Que tengas una linda Semana Santa

  3. Oh Karen I LOVE your world with its creatures big and small it is so beautiful. I am sure the happiness takes over for the sad days as soon as you look out that window and see your view. HUGS B

  4. Very beautiful post! Love your flowers and the descriptions:)

  5. How I wish I could pop by and help you in your beautiful garden, Karen. Everything here is still covered with snow!
    I too try to grow plants that are not tasty to the wild things, but what is on the deer/rabbit resistant list still tastes might fine to them.
    Enjoy all that beautiful sunshine!

  6. Karen , I love coming here and reading his texts remembering their families , I feel connected to do the same , is such a magical connection !
    Spring Decorating More Beautiful - Vintage Cottage style , all so cute ! I also like the detail of the stained glass window ....
    My friend , still with the flu sore , but much better !
    Their animals keeping him company , my here beside me , and I'm glad they're with me , even me with this allergy they are my responsibility . The power of the blessing of the animals look that is well captured in your photos make us stronger every day.
    I love your garden and all the little creatures living in.
    A big kiss and a happy preparation for Easter ! Happy Easter to all of us !...

  7. thanks for sharing your beautiful community. :)

  8. Your posts are always so charming and full of beauty! The picture of your cat is too precious and your Pansies are simply lovely!

    You area a blessing, Karen :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a beautiful garden you have created Karen! I love your descriptions of the different flowers ... they do seem to have different personalities :) I am now following your blog as well, and have enjoyed reading back through yours. Have a wonderful Easter. Wendy x

  10. Who doesnt love your house? :)
    I thought only me that sometimes sharing my sad with my dog hehe. You have beautiful soul Mrs. Karen,
    Happy Easter.

  11. Lovely, ...and now we are back to rain. : )

  12. It is so lovely to see all your different flowers coming to life, I really like your pansies, they are so pretty aren't they! xx

  13. Dearest Karen,
    Indeed we are surrounded by so many creatures; small and bigger. We too have given up on a lot of perennials as the competition is fierce or the soil is not rich enough and the temperatures too harsh in summer. There still is plenty left to enjoy and even some of the weed's blossoms look precious!
    Our felines always accompany us when we're outdoors, they're so happy when they find us in nature with them. It is healthy for body and mind.
    You sure got a lovely place to tend.

  14. That was lovely, sounds like a perfect day.

  15. Hello Karen
    What a delightful post!
    It's so lovely to read and I feel as though I've just been on a walk through your garden with you!
    Your human/plant comparisons are so true!!!
    you have a lovely collection of critters to accompany you in the garden - such special friends.

    Wishing you a very happy Easter
    Shane x

  16. This looks so wonderful, well I woke up to snow yesterday. This is starting to make me mad. Glad I didn't set my new plants out. Home Depot in Maine did not roll the plants in and they all froze. That's really a don't care attitude isn't it. Loved the post it cheered me up.

  17. Sweet post- and you are s right- plant society does mimic human society..but the important take away is that every single one has a unique role. Have a great weekend!

  18. Hi Karen, this is such a lovely post. I have enjoyed all your photos, and those of your sweet companions. I also wanted to tell you that I think your grandmother's name is really beautiful. Euphemie I have never heard before, so pretty, but Beatrice is dear to my heart as it was my mother-in-law's name, though she went by Bea. Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by.

  19. Your garden is beautiful and you took wonderful pictures of it and of its inhabitants... I think we've had the same activities and the same companions lately!

  20. what a lovely post Karen! You live in a beautiful area, your deck and yard are so pretty. Love all the creatures you showed, esp the happy little dog at the end. And how true about the variety of flowers and personalities! so glad we have the variety. I think you have different hummingbirds than we do; I'm looking forward to welcoming ours back. Happy Easter to you!

  21. Amen -- beautifully put.. favorite photo today is number 20.. wow wee shot...

  22. Hi Karen,
    WE really did have an amazing streak of weather didn't we!! It is lovely to see your friends big and small, but the very best is your smiling companion, what a big beautiful smile, precious:-)
    Hugs & Happy Easter..

  23. Hi I love how beautiful your garden looks. It is so pretty the mountain. It looks like a painting!


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