Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Saturday Drive - Good Fences

Come along with me and we will go for a drive! 

We are meeting my future daughter in law, Jen, to do some fabric shopping 
for her and my son's upcoming August wedding. 

Off we go in my little gray Ford Ranger. 

Soon to be a classic as they don't make them anymore!

4 on the floor, 4 wheel drive - oh yea, I am a country gal! 

I love country roads and know every route the back way! 

We are traveling to the nearest small city, about 20 miles away. 

Can you see the top of Mt. Rainier behind the trees? 

We are leaving the mountain plateau behind. 

This beautiful cherry tree caught my eye in front of a pretty stone wall. 

Along with beautiful old farms, there are now residential housing developments going in everywhere. 

I am happy that they take great care to plant beautiful entrance gardens. 

There are also home association rules which keep these new developments lovely, 

No garish colors or junk cars..

Although I do love seeing old trucks rusting in the fields! 

I think this takes the prize for the most types of fencing in one place! 

The white rail fence is a long drive between two large fields. 

These tall privacy fences are very popular here. 

They rather look like prisons to me, 
but maybe we don't want to see the cluttered wood shed peeking out from the top. 
These fences can benefit both ways! 

An assortment of flowering trees bloom alongside a pretty farm 
with a lovely split rail pasture fence. 

We leave the quiet streets behind to enter the city where my favorite fabric store is. 

We meet sweet Jen for lunch and discuss our sewing projects. 

A beautiful tiered table covering for her wedding 
and fabric for a tea dress I hope to make from a 1910 pattern. 

But when we arrive at the fabric store, we find it is no longer there! 

In its place - a chain office store! 

I am so disappointed. 
This fabric store was so wonderful - stuffed full with every type of fabric you could imagine. 

So we travel down the road to the competition that sent it out of business, 

a major chain store - a glorified craft store. Again we are disappointed  and walk away empty handed. 

That's the way life is - constant change and we must ride along with it. 

So we part ways with plans to shop on-line. 

But there is something lost in doing so. 

The wonderful experience of seeing and touching. 

Of getting knowledgeable help. 

Of sharing the shopping experience with someone we care about. 

So many small privately owned businesses are forced out by large corporate stores. 

I've watched the family owned lumber stores close, one by one. 

And what ever happened to the neighborhood grocery store? 

Even the small Mom and Pop's are a rare thing indeed. 

Factory farms, corporate department stores, big box stores...

It makes me more determined to try and purchase as much as I can 
from those small, family owned businesses. 

But I suppose some on-line stores are just that! 

Etsy comes to mind! 

Well, that cheers me up! 

As I take the quiet country roads back to my mountain home, 

I think of how life is always moving forward, always changing. 

And how we must move forward along with it. 

As I drive along the sweet road to home, 

I make a vow. 

I will try my best to patronize small, family owned businesses. 

Farm stands, specialty shops, owner operated grocery and clothing stores. 

I might not be able to do all my shopping there, but I can try to make a small difference. 

Moving forward, but not too fast. 

Out of this modern civilization economic royalists carved new dynasties...
The royalists of the economic order have conceded that political freedom was the business of the Government, but they have maintained that economic slavery was nobody's business. 

- Franklin D. Roosevelt-
Speech accepting renomination
[June 27, 1936]

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  1. i love your area! the mountains and trees are beauty enough, but your rural homes, barns, fences, too - just wonderful.

    thanks for linking in, karen!

  2. You live in a very pretty area, I do like the long white fences.

  3. I feel for those good old small country towns business owners. While gigantic business moguls build their empire of massive supermarket chains. Miss the olden days when life was simpler and demand was slower.
    What a blessing to be living in your beautiful side of paradise.
    Hope you find the perfect fabric for Jen's wedding.
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend Karen.



  4. Wow, great series of fence shots and love all the new blossoms in your area!

  5. I'm so sorry about your favorite fabric store. We had a wonderful family owned fabric store in our town too. I spent so much time there in my teenage years, but they closed about twenty years ago and I still miss it!
    Your fence and blooming tree pics are so lovely. Thanks!

  6. What a beautiful drive, Karen! I love all those fences and all the flowering trees. I'm so sad that your little fabric shop has gone of out business. I hate seeing the big box stores pushing out the little locally owned ones. I hope you are able to find some great fabric online.

  7. I so enjoyed my drive with you and your soon to be daughter-in-law Jen! You sure do live in a beautiful place. Those fences... lovely.
    My husband and I were just talking about the lumber yards that we once had in our area, and now we are down to one. The big chain stores have moved in and we would have never thought that would happen here.
    Thank you for coming by to visit my place and touching my heart with your words. You are a blessing to my heart.
    Have a beautiful blessed Easter with your loved ones.

  8. Karen, I do think the same part, we try to make a difference, congratulations for your thoughts. Its area is beautiful, I love making these trips with you ... Big kiss and a beautiful weekend!

  9. Dearest Karen,
    You surely can share some very lovely fences in your area!
    What a drive; it is always a pleasure to be taken for a ride with you...

  10. I enjoyed the ride. And I sure understand how you feel. I try as luch as possible to buy local thigns rather than from chain store... That's partly why it took so long to find my kitchen cabinets! I wanted them to be made in Brittany!

  11. HI Karen Many thanks for taking us along with you on this drive to see your lovely countryside and numerous different fences. I enjoyed it all and also seeing the lovely blossoms.

  12. Beautiful pics, as always :-)
    Happy Easter, Karen

  13. I enjoyed the ride. The same thing happened to my fav fabric store too. I no longer even sew. Love each and every fence. I do like wood fences and split rail have a certain style about them.

  14. dearest Karen
    This was a wonderful tour with great views. A beautiful area as where you live. Too bad you did not find the fabric. I also buy better even though the online shops already seduced in very small shops. Here in Germany, close to the small towns many shops. Not a good time for the retailers. I wish you and your family a beautiful Easter.
    Kind regards Rita

  15. Hello sweet friend -- hope you made a note of my email changed - if not here it is again - miss hearing from you..
    My favorite photo today is number 8...sweet inviting scene..


  16. What lovely photos... like the one with cows eating grass... such a peaceful, pastoral scene.

    Rats about not finding the lovely fabric store when you got there. How disappointing indeed.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...sending sprigs of joy and peace!

  17. Beautiful photos as always Karen, Sorry to hear the fabric store had gone it's so disappointing when that happens, we had a lovely one in our town but sadly pushed out to the bigger company that moved in & more expensive too may I add... so I now buy fabric on-line... But it's not the same!! Happy Easter to you & your lovely family... Hugs May x x

  18. ✿⊱°•
    Belas fotos, belas paisagens.


    P░Á░S░C░O░A !!!

  19. Que vecindario más bello , lindo paseo amiga querida,,,Que tengas una linda Semana Santa

  20. Oh so very true about supporting the ma and pop shops! It is so important to think about what you are consuming and where the things you buy come from. I love those flowering trees with the fence in the foreground! So beautiful! And how exciting that your family has a wedding this August! Are you making her wedding dress???? How wonderful to be contributing to their special day like this! Wishing you a blessed Easter with your family....your brunch will be beautiful! Nicole xo

  21. I absolutely agree Karen, there is nothing like going into a shop that is full to bursting with all sorts of items that you can touch and move. The corporate stores are so 'perfect' that you just don't want to touch them and also the items are mass produced and there is no individuality anymore. I tend to go to street markets and support the market traders, or seek out an old shop where the assistant has the knowledge to talk you through your ideas. Have a wonderful Easter to you and yours. xx

  22. Hi Karen,

    It's the same in The Netherlands. Big chain stores take over and it's hard for little stores to keep their heads above the water. Luckily our municipality does their utmost to promote special stores, so lately new tea rooms, baking and flowers shop keep popping up!

    So sorry to hear you couldn't find the fabric you were looking for. Hope you will find it online.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  23. I swear I already commented, but I can't find it- so if I did this twice- sorry! These are all lovely snapshots of your world. I love the wood line fences and the flowering trees. Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  24. Your photos are gorgeous! when our son's college room mate spent Spring break with us last year he was commenting how many chain stores and restaurants we have. He said Ireland is filled with mom n pop places. I feel so out of touch in those big super stores. Sigh!

  25. I love going on driving trips with you, Karen. I'm so sorry about your favorite fabric store going out of business. Yes, we should all do our own small part in keeping them afloat.
    Hope you had a Happy Easter. xo

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  27. Hi Karen I loved that drive through the country with you. So sorry to hear about the fabric store! Good luck with finding nice fabric.


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