Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweet Hearts

I have been busy stitching some Sweet Hearts for Valentine's Day.

I saw this idea in the Feb. 2007 issue of Country Home magazine and saved it for 'someday'.

Made from felt and embroidered with simple stitches,

these make charming gifts or decorations to hang

 on a cupboard door, clothes hanger or special package.


Cardstock or thin cardboard for patterns

6 pieces felt

Embroidery thread and needle
(I used DMC Pearl Cotton)

Twine or ribbon for hangers

Fiberfill for stuffing

Small charms or tags

Make 3 different patterns by folding thin cardboard in half
and drawing one half of a heart shape along the fold. Cut out and open.

I made mine in various sizes - all under 6 inches.

Trace around patterns on felt using a ball-point pen.

Cut out the double thickness felt, creating three hearts with a front and back.

 Using one side of each heart pair, embroider a simple design.

Here I used straight stitches to form 'fireworks' with french knots along perimeter.

To create a hanger, cut twine or ribbon approx. 8-10 inches and knot at both ends.

I used a doubled length.

Place knotted hanger over back of heart, like so.

Pin embroidered top over all, lining up front and back to match.

Sew around perimeter, leaving an opening along sides for stuffing.

The knots will keep the hanger from slipping through the stitches.

Here I have used a blanket stitch around the edges.

Stuff very lightly with fiberfill.

If desired, you can scent your heart by applying a small amount of your favorite cologne or perfume to a cotton ball and placing inside with stuffing.

Finish sewing edges.

I've added a tiny tag made from scrapbook paper and a small charm to the largest heart.

I used a daisy stitch to make the 'flower' with a french knot in the center.

The edging is done in chain stitch.

This chubby heart is edged with a simple back stitch.

The smallest heart is graced with cross stitches
 and french knots with a blanket stitch edge,
to form a hugs and kisses design.

I had fun arranging them on my cupboard knobs.

However they were arranged, they made a sweet statement.

The mind forgets but the heart always remembers.

I hope this inspires you to create your own Sweet Hearts!


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.

-Helen Keller-

The vintage book, 'The Heart Remembers', was published in 1941 by Faith Baldwin.

Faith Baldwin (1893 - 1978), was a very successful U.S. author of romance and fiction, publishing some 100 novels, often concentrating on women juggling career and family.
In 1935, she was described as the newest of the 'highly paid' women romance writers by Time Magazine. Her popularity was at its peak in the 1930's and in 1936 she earned over $300,000 (equivalent to $4 million). She continued writing novels until her death in 1978.
Many were made into films and in the early days of television, she hosted a weekly Saturday afternoon anthology series on ABC network entitled 'Faith Baldwin Romance Theater'. From 1958 - 1965 she wrote a column in Woman's Day Magazine called, 'The Open Door'.
When asked about her philosophy, she responded that her belief was simple: "It is God and His Spirit in mankind. It is in man and his struggle. It is in the Golden Rule and the valor of men, however ignoble their shortcomings."



  1. Hello Karen! You always post the sweetest tutorials and I feel like I could stitch up a few sweet hearts myself! These little hearts are just adorable!

  2. Hi Kare, I love these Valentine's Day hearts that you made, they are perfect! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Que lindos esos corazones amiga mía ¡,, muy buen trabajo

  4. Hi Karen,
    Sweet Hearts indeed!! Truly darling... and I really like it that you made a "someday" project!! I have those lists of "somedays" too, now I have hope :-)

  5. Mom, these are darling! I love the 'chubby' one! I hope that I'm one of your Valentine's. *wink*

  6. Mom, these are darling! I love the 'chubby' one! I hope that I'm one of your Valentine's. *wink*

  7. What pretty little hearts! You are on to something here! I am sure that your daughters will be recipients of these or something close.

  8. Your sweet hearts are darling, dear Karen :) Thanks for sharing with us...I may have to make some for my mom. Hugs to you, friend!

  9. Dearest Karen,
    What a fun way for spending some time in winter, creating lovely hearts!

  10. Very pretty hearts, perfect for Valentine's Day! Looks like they were fun to make. So creative, Karen! xx

  11. Very pretty hearts! They look so nice on your wooden cabinet. I have never heard of Faith Baldwin. I'll have to look her up at the library. (I have enjoyed my share of romances, but right now I'm into scary thrillers:)

  12. I need to check out that author as she sounds fascinating!!!! And your hearts are beautiful Karen!!!! Every one of them!!! I wish you lived closer so I could have you over for tea and you could teach me that chain stitch!!! You have inspired me to do a little something for the beans door knobs!!! A very happy week to you friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  13. These are just so cute! I am seeing this just in perfect timing. It is my youngest daughters birthday in a few days, and will make a few of these for her! just so cute, and perfect for Valentines day too! Love how you have them hanging in your house. Have a great week!

  14. Your hand made hearts looks very cute. Seems to be easy to do...

  15. Good morning, Karen! Those hearts are so darn cute, clever you. I used to make similar ones for the Christmas tree. However, I am not a good embroiderer. My stitches are never even no matter how hard I try. On the other hand, my mother's embroidery looked machine done, it was so perfect. She also had perfect Palmer Method penmanship -something I could never master, either! Sigh... <>

  16. How beautiful and creative! I have a friend who loves crafting I may send this post to her if that's ok? :)

  17. Beautiful work Karen. Oh Faith Baldwin sounds like an interesting read. Hug B

  18. They turned out great, Karen! So cute and I like how you have them arranged on the cupboard. What a great craft for Valentine's Day!

  19. Beautiful hearts Karen, Gorgeous stitching & designs... Thank you for the amazing tutorial..Love them... Hugs May x x x

  20. A wonderful idea! Your heart felt look magical. With essential rose scent I could imagine the heart as well. And especially nice, I think, if all are decorated together.
    Whole-hearted greetings

  21. Your handmade hearts are fantastic Karen! And your instructions with every detail! Thanks for sharing, they are so decorative and so special!

  22. Great great idea you shared today -- Homemake gifts are the best in my view -- lovely just lovely... Glad you shared this with me - I think I would like to make a few.. Thanks


  23. Charming. Hand made gifts are the best.

  24. Adorable! I have so many craft projects tucked away for "someday" - but never seem to get to them. I love that you found the time to make these pretty decorations!

  25. Me encantan esos corazones.
    Me hago tu seguidora para no perderme nada de lo que publiques.

  26. These are delightful! I love them all hanging together.

  27. Hi Karen, I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. Please have a look at my blog, you'll be mentioned there. Have a great day!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  28. Love your sweet hearts and the embroidery on them. Handmade things are the best!

  29. What perfectly lovely little Valentines! I like the American tradition of everyone celebrating and giving Valentines. In Britain, only sweethearts give each other valentines. (Except in my house - my friends are used to me now! And my valentines are always hand-made...)

    How interesting about Faith Baldwin. I've read about her, but never read her books. She was well-named! Thanks for that.

  30. Just lovely!!! A wonderful idea!

  31. Great idea, Karen - and thanks for the background on the book. I love discovering new "old" writers. <3

  32. Wonderful tutorial! The hearts are indeed so charming. I loved reading what you had to say about the romance writer. I scanned through your posts getting down to the last one I had seen and as I did, I read thoughts and descriptions of your harsh winter, and it reminded me of another book. It too is an older one, and it is set in Canada. The story is based on the life of a real young woman who comes to the wild north and marries a Mounty....called Mrs. Mike, by Benedict and Nancy Freedman. Have you ever heard of it? It is one my Mom & I shared when I was a young girl and has remained an all-time favorite for me. The book Desert Wife you find on my sidebar was also based on an actual couple in Four Corners, and I think you would like that one as well.

  33. Belo trabalho...Espectacular....

  34. I love the hearts and will make a few myself! I love any kind of needlework...Its funny but I never heard of Faith before but you and another blog mentioned her. So I researched her and was amazed I had not heard of her. Is the Heart Remembers one of your favorite's of her?

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you for your sweet visit! I had never heard of her before I found the book, either! Amazing how time can obscure even the most popular personalities! I have not come across any other of her books, but I always look. The Heart Remembers is a very sweet book. She seems a real progressive at a time when women had few opportunities. xxoo Karen


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