Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cozy Cottage

The weather has been unsettled with the forces of nature fighting between Winter and Spring. 

After a deep freeze with sunny,
but very cold temperatures brought down from Canada, 

Miss Spring has been trying to push Old Man Winter aside,

with warmer temperatures, but lots of rain,
straight from the Hawaiian Islands. 

The Old Man is not ready to concede just yet, 

and so he has turned Miss Spring's rain into icy hail. 

With a mighty roar of thunder in case she wasn't listening! 

So while our electricity blinked off and on,
 never going out completely, 

we watched nature's fury unfold. 

Cozy in front of the fire,
 but with two anxious dogs who decided long ago, 
they do not like the voice of thunder. 

Although, the cats - being wiser souls- thought the wet dogs
much more disturbing than any sound of thunder,
and stalked away disgusted with their canine, whimpering cowardice,
 seeking refuge in the quiet master bedroom. 

With the weather outside so frightful,
that left the Mr. an unwitting captive. 

It was the perfect time to corral him into hanging shelves. :) 

I had to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity. 

It just so happened that I went out shopping with daughter Heather, and cousin Shawnee, last weekend. 

We went to Historic, Sumner, WA, with its wonderful downtown of antique and gift shops. 

When I spied these little wire shelves, I couldn't resist.

I have been looking for the perfect shelves to hold my
Spices with Tea Dyed Tags.

It's so convenient to have them right where I can see them.

When I found the second wire shelf,
I knew they would make a great pair. 

This one holds my collection of striped diner cups.
My favorite cups for tea. 

My heart shaped tea infuser (a gift from my Sis-in-law),
 and heart shaped cutter, are ready for tea and cookies. 

It also holds my favorite cookie plate, tea tin, and a spice grater for nutmeg or cinnamon.

I also found this enameled work table. 

It makes the perfect little kitchen desk. 

Someplace to sit and sketch, or do the bills. 

Or hold extra serving dishes when I have the family over.

Having limited square footage requires creative thinking. 

So while Mother Nature's seasons battle outside,
 we stay cozy inside. 

Waiting for Miss Spring to assert herself. 

She self-assuredly smiles with a bit of sunshine,
 melting Old Man Winter's wrath. 

Sending in the singing birds to also melt his heart. 

While I say thanks to my hard working Mr. with a cup of tea and a heart shaped cookie. 

Wishing all of you a glimpse of Spring to warm your hearts, too.


Thank you, Dear Friends, for your visits.

I treasure each and every one of them.

'There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.'

- Linda Grayson -


  1. You found some great stuff on your shopping trip and they look so nice in your kitchen. I really like that table. It's a very cute size. It must be nice to see those bulbs coming up. We still have snow, but it's much warmer today. Hopefully the snow will be gone in a few days.

  2. your shelves are cute, but i really like that little desk and chair! so cute. and i have always managed to have at least one dog that is petrified of thunder and lightning. *sigh*

  3. just love your little shelves! and how convenient to have your husband coralled long enough to get them hung up. Aren't we so blessed to be so comfy and warm in this time of the battle of nature. Can not imagine how people who are homeless manage times like this. What beauty we have in our lives to be grateful for!

  4. I like the little desk, perfect for paying bills or doing crafts. My dog used to be afraid of thunder, too. I think all dogs are. It's been raining here, too, and now the snow is melting. Lovely pictures and post, Karen :)

  5. Some lovely finds there Karen, my favourite being the desk. The perfect place to work on your wonderful blog and stare out of the window on these winter days for inspiration! Enjoy the rest of the week... spring is coming! xx

  6. Well, I hope Old Man Winter makes his departure soon, in order that Miss Spring can share all her glory. Your wire shelves are a wonderful addition to your cozy kitchen, Karen. Your enamel desk is perfect as added space. I love your new purchases. xo

  7. Love those wire shelves and you have such a nice home.

  8. Oh my goodness that picture of the falling hail is unreal. That's an extraordinary capture.

  9. That weather is crazy!! We are getting blasted here tonight with thunderstorms all the way through tomorrow...everyone is so afraid of flooding because we do have so much snow on the ground and they are calling for over an inch of rain. Old man winter needs to exit soon here too! Your pretty spice rack is just perfect for your space as is that sweet desk! It looks like they were both made for the space! I love being able to see what I have in the way of spices and baking ingredients so this to me is just perfect! Beautiful home and such beautiful sprouts popping through! All the best sweet friend! Stay warm! Nicole xoxo

  10. I love your story of the battle between Mr. Winter and Miss Spring and so glad she got the upper hand in the end....Maybe she is coming to stay vey soon.. I love the wires shelves and that little desk is just perfect. You are right; it has so many uses.

  11. That first shot took my breath away! Your view is spectacular!
    LOVE that little desk!!!
    I would be jealous of your little spring sprouts if we hadn't finally had a sunshine day today. However, it was after thunder and lightning last night.

  12. Our winter season really does seem like a tug of war between winter and spring. That was quite a hail storm you had. It is rare to get thunderstorms here but I kind of like them. I'll keep Sumner on my list of places to visit for good shopping. I have visited La Conner and it was so cute! You found some fun and useful things for your home! The wire racks are perfect for spices. Have a good evening!

  13. Everything looks so beautiful and the snow outside is so wonderful.
    Have a nice day

  14. Beautiful photographs and I love the cosy corner of your home. Perfect for sitting having a cuppa and a blether (Scottish for chat)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely finds you came home with. That makes you still happy even when winter storms are raging. That cold time will pass too... In Georgia it seems to have been very warm yesterday as well as today and tomorrow. Hope that next week when we're home again the spring will set in.
    Sending you warm thoughts with love,

  16. Lovely shelves and easy to see things, I need some of these.
    Years ago my dogs hated thunder and lightning and fire crackers they would all try to sit on your lap and if you were the only one home it was very crowded as I had a huge German Shepherd and two Blue heelers.

  17. it looks so pretty. I love your little wire shelves. They look as if they have been there all along. We are covered in snow still even though it did rain some yesterday. It was mixed with snow so....we still have some waiting to do before spring shows up here.

  18. Hi Karen, I adore the little desk/table...What a find... the shelves are so beautiful too...great photos... Hugs May x x x

  19. Brrrr...that's a lot of very cold icy rain! I wish we had some rain right now, but I would opt for the warmer kind! Sooo cold and wet there, and so warm and dry here! Love your home, though, and always enjoy seeing every little artistic touch. That new shelf is marvelous! I too have a shelf for my spices, etc but it isn't ANYTHING like's a modern manufactured variety metal covered with white rubbery stuff shelf that I set on top of the microwave so I could house the spices, extra salt & baking soda, cocoa, honey etc, and from it on one corner is hanging an antique gourd water dipper which looks very out of place! I'd much rather have something like you found! So great! My hubby and I are high school sweethearts too, by the way...though we went to different schools. We have been married almost 45 years! About the garden--I don't have any critter problems. I know that can sometimes be a real issue. I don't know how to deal with that. I did have a HUGE ant problem and they totally infected my corn. The heat is my biggest issue. I plant in February or early March for June harvests and so far have had little luck with anything but squash, pumpkins, okra and a few other things. Corn, forget it! Tomatoes, nope! :-) I replant in late summer and hope for fall harvests and you saw my latest post! Oh well.

  20. Hi Karen, thanks so much for your sweet compliments and visit yesterday to my blog! I love this post and all of your beautiful photos of everything. It is so pretty and peaceful looking where you live! Have a wonderful day.

  21. That is some crazy weather! You got neat shots of the rain as it fell from the sky. Looks like it was a perfect time to work on some indoor projects. Everything in your cottage looks so cozy and inviting!

  22. The shelves look lovely Karen. Such a beautiful find. It looks perfect in your kitchen!

    Hope miss spring will arrive soon! I can't wait either :-)

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  23. Oh , I love your home Karen, it reflects the beauty of its owners but it's also located in a fabulous place. You have an amazing view at nature and your living room is a beautiful observatory from where you contemplate the whole world!

  24. Both shelves are perfect for your those needs - indeed! The bottom wire shelf - I've been looking for a wire shelf like that for Shasta Girl studio...for my paint jags to set in... great idea to use them for spice jars... I love you desk -- clever idea - seems I need to go shopping with you - you are sure to give me idea as we go along... Beautiful view and I agree with the thunder -- don't like the sounds either..

  25. Beautiful photographs, and such lovely finds! Do you have curtains that you pull across that huge wall of windows, to keep the heat in?

    1. Thanks Christine! I do have reed blinds to stop the sun's glare, but otherwise, we don't. The windows are double insulated 'low e', which means they can stand up to whatever is thrown at them, including driving rain and hail. We did choose these carefully to take advantage of the passive solar design and gain maximum light. They are also tinted to cut the sun's glare and filter out some harmful rays. On a sunny day I don't need to use heat, even when it is quite cold. The company that manufactured these has gone out of business, 'Northwest Glass', but we are so far pleased with them - many years now. xo Karen

  26. You certainly do have some dramatic views! I love your charming kitchen corner in soothing white. You found some perfect little shelves for it. I adore that little table too. It's all so welcoming together. What a story the weather is telling this year! Good that you're so beautifully tucked in!

  27. Love your new shelves and the little enamel top table! Your view is so pretty after the sun came out and melted the snow. If only it would happen that fast here. I should have explained in my post that the fireplace is not mine. It was at a restaurant on the lake where my daughter, granddaughter and I had lunch and I took the photos of the fish houses and the snowmobilers.

  28. Hi Karen, hopefully winter will be over soon for you. You must have enough of the snow, rain and the debilitating cold. The wire rack was perfect for your little spice bottles and other tiny essentials. Your home looks cosy and warm.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  29. There is always a light of life in your blog, because your photos, your words and your fantasy can feed our imagination.
    Because always I can feel so warm in your electronic home.

    Many greetings from my family.
    Yannis Politopoulos

  30. I love watching a good storm from inside the comfort of home! Cats disdain for dogs always cracks me up! Your home looks so warm and cozy - I love all your little creative touches that make your place so special!

  31. It's been such a wild winter! But your home looks so cozy in the cold, Karen, and I love the new racks. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments about my kitchen re-do!

  32. Really like your hanging racks! Winter is not over here, as we are back into snow today.

  33. I love your newest treasures..especially that adorable little desk...I want one! We had a border collie once who was petrified of thunder and lightening. She never overcame that, and would always take off running whenever a storm came up

  34. Your home always looks so comfortable and cozy. Your wire shelves are adorable and I love your new little table, especially that top. We've had beautiful spring weather down here, but rain is on the way...we sure need it.

  35. Ah! I just missed every single thing on this blog. Esp for pictures, I really love you creativity to make these lovely cards. I've tried once when I was so young, but seeing yours just make me want to make it again.
    I was thinking of you during not in this blog. I hope you're doin well Mrs. Karen.
    Love and hugs to you.


  36. What a thoughtful gift those cards would make - I wouldn't mind framing them to decorate the house for spring. I love your new kitchen desk! <3


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