Friday, February 14, 2014

As Time Goes By

Every Valentine's Day I bake Sweet Heart Sugar Cookies

This is a recipe that was passed down from my Grandmother, Beatrice Euphemie. 

We called her 'Nana Bea'. 

'Bea' was her nickname. 

She passed this recipe down to my Mother, who passed it down to me. 

A recipe from 'The American Everyday Cookbook'

My Grandmother chose this recipe just for me

and I did inherit her original and well worn cookbook with the recipe inside. 

Every year since we have met (we were High School Sweethearts), 

I have made these sweet cookies for my Dear Blue Eyes. 

He has always remembered this special day. 

This is my very first Valentine from him. 

I was in 9th grade. 

He was in 10th. 

With Braces. :) 

We have endured through all of life's offerings. 

As time goes by...... 

He always brings me roses. 

This year with chocolates. 

And movie tickets for tonight. 

And the sweetest of cards.

I cook his favorite meal (Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice), 

and bake his favorite cookies. 

With coupons xo

I've set a special table for just the two of us. 

Using my Mother's Royal Albert bone china (Lady Carlyle)

for the very first time. 

I wanted  a very special occasion to unpack it for the first time. 

She loved this china and my Father bought her each piece, one at a time, on their own special occasions. 

I always brought my Mother roses on Valentine's Day. 

And a little treasure. 

A sachet, or a pretty dish. 

Or something handmade. 

She kept them all. 

I've added some precious porcelain heart boxes that I have collected over time. 

Some are sweet gifts. 

A tiny sentiment.

 A declaration. 

Waiting for a sweet toast.

(Pomegranate juice and ginger-ale, as we will be driving)

Cupid plays a love song. 

Sweets for the sweet. 

The tiered servers are precious gifts from my Sisters.

An enduring Love's celebration. 

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day

Sweet Friends. 

I hope you celebrate this special day with someone you love. 

Valentine's Day is for everyone- 

Friends, Mothers, Children, Grandmothers. 

A celebration of love.


Don't forget to eat something sweet. 

Hugs xoxo


  1. What a pretty table you've set for the two of you. We will be six plus one baby this evening - four generations at the table for a simple and quiet Valentine's dinner of ribs and salad. Of course there's a cake - my valentine card to the family.
    I loved reading a snippet of your love story!

  2. I knew you would do something special for Valentine's and I was not disappointed....You set a beautiful table with your Mother's china and delicious cookies along with a wonderful meal for your sweetheart....You and your hubby are certainly a love story......

  3. That table looks so pretty - love those dishes! it's so sweet that you guys have been together so long and still are so in love (I can tell:) I'm afraid I didn't do a very pretty table, though I did make steak and baked potatoes. And I got roses too!

  4. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely and romantic post with all the roses and the hearts... The recipe is a treasure for you and such a great tradition.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you both.
    I had a very special one with Mom during her dialysis and our foster daughter Anita on Video call via Skype; three generations in a way.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Karen! Ok, I am a true minimalist, but I nearly fainted with the beauty of your post! Oh. My. Goodness. What movie are you seeing tonight? Is something romantic playing near you?
    Speaking of generations, my niece and her husband and her two little girls came over two weekends ago. She wants me to show her the Hungarian recipes my mother used to make. We started with goulash. I hadn't made it in years. We stood in my vERy tiNy gaLLey kitchen for 3 hours cooking and testing until it tasted just like my mom's. And while we cooked, she told me of the sweet memories she had of her grand mom and the foods she made. And how she wants to hand them down to her girls. Wow. Her request and their visit was completely out of the blue. Doesn't it give the most amazing feeling?
    I added the follow gadget on my blog. Hope it works. Let me know if it doesn't, please.
    Blessings, to you and your sweetheart on this wonderful day. xxoo, m
    P.S. My sweetie and I are enjoying watching WWE Friday Night Smackdown (wrestling). He's been shoveling snow for two days and I was under the weather for a few days. But it's cozy by the fire and we gave each other sweet cards. He bought me roses a few days ago because he knew the storm was coming. A dozen lavender are sitting on the table in a silver Chef Boyardee spaghetti can!

  6. How beautiful that you were high school sweethearts and you still have that gift from him!!! That is just folks were highschool sweethearts too and I think there is something so special about that! Your table is stunning Karen! And those cookies! Oh my!! All of your pieces that have been passed down to you are such treasures! A wonderful day to you and yours friend!! Nicole xoxo

  7. I don't even know where to begin! Your mom's china is so beautiful - it is so sweet that your father bought it piece by piece. Your husband did good with the roses and chocolates! It looks like you had a wonderful day planned with each other. I hope you have a happy birthday!

  8. Oh Karen no wonder the romance is still alive in your marriage you both know how to love each other and put the effort into every little detail. Wonderful wonderful post. Hug B

  9. Enjoy your special time together, Karen, and treasure every minute. My beloved and I were 14 when we met in high school and it's the first Valentine's Day in fifty years that he's not here. xo

  10. So so sweet Karen! What a lovely scene you set for you two. And those cookies look amazing :)

  11. Oh wow... the bracelet is priceless! He could not have given you a better gift all those years ago... just love that!

  12. Hola Beatrice querida adore esa hermosa vajilla China y ese brazalete ., linda mesa yFeliz fin de semana

  13. Hi Karen, I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day with blue eyes! You set such a beautiful table and I love the chocolates and flowers. It is so nice that you and blue eyes met so young and love to do such nice things together! I remember those bracelets that everyone wore back then! Take care and have a nice weekend.

  14. Hi Karen I hope you both had a wonderful valentine's dinner & you both enjoyed the yummy cookies..I'm sure your evening out was a great success.. your post is beautiful as always.. Thank you for the recipe for these cookies... Hugs May x x x

  15. Such a sweet, sweet post from those beautiful sugar cookies down to the conversation heart in the tea cup. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day.

  16. Love the china! I have the china my mother collected as well. : )

  17. Lovely - pure loveliness -- I get a kick out of seeing what others do for each other during Valentines... you have shown the perfect way and sharing your valentine's gift from 9th grade what a SPECIAL gift gee whiz you still have it's 'wow'...Love it!
    Oh one more thing - mom's china is to die for - wink!

  18. What I love about this is the details that you put into everything, right down to the little hearts in the tea cups. Blue eyes is a very lucky man! xx

  19. Dear Karen,

    Such a beautiful Valentine post! It's beautiful to hear how much you and your husband love each other and care for each other. It was that way with my husband as well. The table set with your mother's china looks enchanting! Lady Carlyle is such a very pretty pattern!

    Have a lovely week,

    Madelief x

  20. Hi Karen, thanks so much for the visit to my blog and for your sweet comment on the scared I made! Hi had a nice Valentine's Day and weekend. I love the way your blog is coming along and it looks nice. Have a wonderful week.

  21. What a beautiful setting you have created for your sweetheart, Karen. Your mother's china is fabulous! <3

  22. Delicious looking cookies and a wonderful setting for your valentine dinner with husband. I have the same cookbook. It used to be my mom's. The spine is broken on it. My sister has a couple other cookbooks of hers as well. I will look for the recipe. Looks like you had a nice valentine's day! Have a good week!

  23. Wow these pics look wonderful.
    Hope you had a lovely St Valentine Day

  24. What a beautiful table setting! All your dishes are so pretty and romantic. Those cookies are beautiful and look so yummy! How special that you use a recipe passed down to you. I love that tradition!

  25. I loved that last sentence and do not forget to eat something sweet ..... My day was very lovely valentine, did something special!
    Gorgeous their dishes and the affection that comes from it! What a precious post
    Kiss cuddle and a beautiful fourth for you two!

  26. This was a sweet, sweet post and just too pretty as well! Your table setting, and your special celebration, with the Valentine's gifts were delightful to share! I LOVE your Mom's dishes. How gorgeous they are! I hope we get to meet someday also, by the way!

  27. Oh Karen, I don't think I have the words to convey the absolute beauty of this post, there is so much Love in this post, so much you hare, I don't have the words, but may you have it forever !!!


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