Monday, February 24, 2014

Rainy Day Musings

It has been cold and wet, with a steady, drippy rain -
on the roof, flowing through gutters and woodland streams,
 pitter-pattering as I take my morning walk to feed the birds. 

The recent snow in the mountains is melting from the rain,
filling the creek below with the song of lonely water spirits. 

After a heavy rain, when the night is clear and cold,
we can hear them singing like lost souls, 
echoing in the canyon. 

The mist meets the sky, as I go about my morning chores. 

I stop and listen as I shake rugs over railings.
I hear the Steller Jays already staking out territories for nesting. 

Every year at this time,
 the peaceful co-existence of winter
gives way to the squawking, raucous cries of territorial rights in early spring. 

Birds of all species chase each other back and forth,
 clearing their throats for the announcement of property rights and heirs. 

Northern Flickers join the chorus with loud cries to one another. 

Always on the lookout for danger. 

I hear the hollow, reed tapping sound of the Bald Eagle, with his mimicking entourage of two Ravens. 

 A sound that immediately gets your full attention, so rich and vibrant, a sound meant to carry for very long distances. You can hear this sound in the music of our Native American Peoples.
 A rhythmic, hollow, musical percussion. 
Another territorial warning, perhaps?
A call to a mate? 
Or simply to announce its regal presence? 

Although I have lived in this forest for over 30 years, I still don't know all of its languages. 

Never-the-less, I keep the cats inside. 

Not that Miss Ling Ling would stay outside in that rain. 

She just likes to stand there in the open doorway while I wait for her to decide.

She rushes back inside until the next time.

Ten minutes from now :)

So we stay inside where it is cozy and warm 
and leave the birds to decide for themselves where home might be.

Over the weekend, The Mr. had a bit of plumbing work to do. 

My kitchen faucet suddenly lost pressure. 

 The trusty plumbing wrench was called into duty. 

This was a gift from my Dear Father when we built our home, 30 years ago. 

It was his for many long years before that, given to him by a cherished older brother. 

Sort of a bonding kind of gift......between men. 

Is it possible to dearly love an old wrench?

Afterwards the faucet made this strange, bird-like whistle whenever it was shut off,
which gave us immense pleasure watching the cats react.

They stalked around the kitchen in hunting mode with tails lashing.

The whistling soon stopped once all the air was forced out of the lines.

But we enjoyed it while it lasted.

While the water is once again flowing inside and out, we try to stay dry.

There are signs of spring everywhere, here in our temperate rain forest.

Already, the first harbinger of spring in the forest -
the Osso Berry tree, otherwise known as 'Indian Plum',
 has already sprouted leaves.

But while I wait for nature,
I provide some beauty and cheerfulness of my own
- with grocery store primroses!

For less than $20 I have my own happy garden.

It is warm enough to leave them out during the day, but I carry them inside at night, rack and all.

These dreary last few weeks of winter can drag on, can't they?

I am getting a serious case of cabin fever.

We stay cozy in front of the fire,
with two dogs and two cats
who refuse to go further than through the pet door onto the deck.

I have been trying to keep busy.

Cooking healthy meals,

Organizing - (does that ever end?)

Even doing a bit of sketching on my new kitchen 'desk'.

Something I haven't done since last fall.

Here I have my 'tools of the trade', #2 pencil, vinyl eraser,
 and a (mourning dove) feather to brush away mistakes.

My art chest full of supplies waits nearby.

While we wait for better days, I try to stay focused.

I am working on some sweet botanical crafts to share with you next time,
as I pass these wintry hours until spring returns.

I know someone who can't wait!

'Till then.....

A little poem I wrote -

Mist Floats

Rain drops

Regret Lingers

Wishing you no regrets.



  1. just a sense of peace and appreciation throughout this post. loved it all. thanks for taking us along. :)

  2. Your flowers look so pretty on that stand. I need to get to the garden shop and refill mine - I've lost a few through the winter.
    I just love to see your drawings! I love botanical drawings and prints. Can't wait to see what you have to show us.
    You are much closer to spring than we are. We are going to have below zero temps this week. I can't believe the winter we are having!

  3. Loved sharing your day with you, and your writing is so charming. Love the SONG OF THE LONELY WATER SPIRITS, and that is a very handsome wrench. beautiful even with the rain!

  4. Hello sweet Karen! You could write a book - your posts always mesmerize me with your words and photos :)

    Your flowers are so pretty especially with the water drops on them. And your drawing is simply beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing with us and have an extra special week! Hugs to you!

  5. Beautiful poem Karen! And my does your home contain so many languages like you said from all of those different birds! SO much life happening around you as the seasons begin to change! And how outstanding is that color from your mini primrose garden! I need some of that color right about now!! I think you should sketch more as your work is just fantastic! And I do so like your drawing drawers you have there for your materials...and how sweet that you have your fathers wrench...that is beyond special my friend!!! A lovely week to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  6. Just some information for you - the jays are called STELLER'S JAY - named after German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller, the first European to record them in 1741

    1. Sorry Sandy - a typo - I will fix that! I'm glad this is your first visit - we need a bird expert around here :) xo

  7. I love how your write, Karen! Always enjoy seeing the mist and fog over the mountain. You did a great job on the botanical drawing.

  8. It sounds like a pretty nice day even the coolness we are all a bit sick of the heat and looking forward to cooler Autumn weather that is just starting here now and you are all heading into Spring.

  9. Your words so often fill the senses and provide such wonderful imagery.
    LOVELY post!

  10. Hi Karen, this is a very lovely post. I love the sound of the rain tinkering down the roof. Soothing and relaxing. We are so desperate of rain down under. I love your photos especially the gate and the bird bath. Hope spring will come soon for you.

    Take and have a good week.

  11. What an amazing series of photos and words, as always. Wow. And I love Flickas!! Haven't seen one for years actually. Looks like everything is starting to turn a rich green again there.

  12. I love your nature photos, Karen, and I picture the sounds of the forest when you write about them. I do think it's possible to love a wrench, especially a treasured one! The meal,looks wonderful, as does your sketch. I look forward to seeing more. xo

  13. A wonderful post Karen as always... & your lovely photos bring your fabulous words to life...Your sketch is Beautiful....Hugs May x x x

  14. What a beautiful view to have outside your window !.. thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos and your days.

  15. Looks like our snow was your rain, Karen. We had an unusual amount the past three days but it should start warming up.

  16. I can't wait til spring either! Looks like you are seeing some early signs of spring at your place which is awesome. You are so in tune with nature and the seasons. I am getting to be that way, living in the woods for 2 1/2 years. I enjoy watching the seasons change and all that it brings!

  17. Karen, who missed her space, my computer was at the concert. How do you draw well, your work is just amazing! And I struggle but I need a teacher, I would love to paint lavenders. As enjoyed reading your post, I like the indigenous American music,'ve watched many films about the Lakota and the singing of the bird should remember much their sound. Your garden is beautiful and you find the best position for your flowers.
    You could write a book - your posts always cheer me.
    Beautiful poem, vc is to be congratulated!
    My dear, it's cold but beautiful!
    A big kiss and a beautiful week for you!

  18. Flowers in the winter beautiful -- those Flowers in the plots look so bright and colorful against a wet deck - love that..
    My favorite photos today are #1 and #12 -- love how you captured the rain drops... And the food dish is very appetizing -- yumm - great shot!


  19. Your sketch is beautiful! I'd love to feed our birds here but I have two cats who would be after them. So I might just stick with feeding hummingbirds this spring.

  20. Hola Beatrice pareciera que por allá esta llegando la primavera ,,,, lindas imágenes amiga ,, que tenga un óptimo miércoles

  21. Good evening, Karen. Such a lovely post. A beautiful sketch. A dog snoot photo. (I have plenty of cat snoot photos!) Wistful poem. Pretty flowers! I suddenly NEED flowers! Thank you for your twist comment. Older brother is now 71 and he still has the moves! Blessings to you, dear.

  22. OMG your pics are always so beautiful...
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hi Karen, what beautiful photos of the mountains! It's so nice that you are decorating with such pretty flowering plants and drawing. I love visiting and looking at how peaceful and pretty it is where you live. Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week.

  24. Dearest Karen,
    Winter is not that easy to be chased off for good. We too had rain upon returning home from The Netherlands last night. All night and morning it rained. We had to hurry outside for taking photos from our lovely blooming Japanese magnolias as we have frost tonight and tomorrow... Feat they will turn brown after that.
    It's not as easu as up taking your spring garden inside; rack and all.
    Lovely sight though during the day and evening indoors.
    In The Netherlands spring was a lot more advanced and they have not had winter at all; very strange weather behavior!
    Hugs and good luck with your project.

  25. Beautiful drawing, Karen! And I always learn so much about nature from your blog. Thank you!

  26. Dear Karen,

    When I read your post, it is like you take us by the hand and walk with us through your enchanting forest! While I read this, from my second floor apartment, I feel I am actually there with you.

    Your drawing looks absolutely beautiful! So delicate. I enjoyed seeing the colourful primulas on your terrace too.

    Hope the rain will stop soon Karen and the sun will appear, with it the first spring flowers and animals.

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  27. What a beautiful poem and a beautiful post. Your photos and words are always so inspiring, you have such a talent for writing.

  28. Enjoyed the glimpse into your world. Blessings and happy weekend!

  29. Living in harmony with the nature ... Thatøs the feeling I get when admiring your beautiful captures of the mountains, the trees, the fog and the sunlight! And your sketch looks so pretty ... the whose setting drawing by the table, together with the descriptions of the bird song, makes me relax al ready! Thank you for sharing the richness of nature and your creativity!

  30. your primroses are lovely. We are still in bitter cold here. I am all wrapped up in blankets as I type. It's less than 0 outside and absolutely no one is thinking that spring is here yet. I enjoyed reading about your spring though...we still have another well....few weeks and it should warm up

  31. Glad you were able to sit and sketch...that's something I don't do often either. I keep thinking about doing a new painting, but I have so much organizing to do, so many quilts to get caught up with, and well, there just never seems enough time! It is raining here today for the first time in months. This is the day the yard crew were coming to get rid of the over-winter weeds and make the yard look better, and alas, they are working away in the rain! :-) Loved your pictures as always!

  32. So nice to have some time to sketch - I love it! Your home looks so warm and cozy in spite of the rain!

  33. I enjoyed a look at your world on a rainy late winter day, Karen. Thank you for sharing what you do and think, hear and see. Thanks for visiting me as well. I wish you a blessed week and perhaps some sunshine. Pam

  34. Your appetite for creation is the best answer to winter.

    Yannis Politopoulos


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