Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Arts and Crafts Studio

Slowly, over time, I have re-purposed my son's former bedroom
into an arts and crafts studio/guest room.

It started out as an office for The Mr. after the nest emptied out,
but because it is tucked away upstairs he never used it,
preferring to sit on the couch with his laptop while watching t.v. 

He is a true multi-tasker. *Ahem* 

So, with him out of the picture, I slowly took it over.

First, I repainted the walls. The 'Nascar" checkered border
 and bright blue and white sponge painting had to go.

I simply painted over the checkers with my favorite shade of blue and ragged over the sponge painting with the same color. It came out soft and muted on the rough plastered walls.

Then I stenciled celestial symbols in metallic gold. These glint softly in the morning and evening light.

 I found baskets to fit on the shelving unit for craft supplies and hung up a pretty curtain. 

It is actually a cloth shower curtain, but don't tell anyone. Shhhhhh! 

 I found some wire shelves and fitted them with crates and baskets to hold art supplies. 

Mountain scenes collected from flea markets and thrift stores provide art for the walls. 

I painted some of the frames.

My computer shelf holds office books, supplies and a few keepsakes. The giraffe is from my childhood, as is the frog, which I sewed myself from a pattern in Woman's Day Magazine, when I was 12. I made dozens of these frogs as Christmas gifts for my little sisters and cousins one year. 

I cut up my green velvet dress to make them. 

My Mother was not pleased. 

I always hated that dress.

But it made great frog skin :)

The Futon has pillows made using throw rugs from Ikea. 

The futon is covered with a feather bed to make it dreamy soft.

My folding Army surplus table works as a portable art desk. 

Painted Army surplus crates and a wooden art box I found for $7, with drawers full of paints and pencils are tucked underneath.

My sturdy woven bag and portable easel stand ready for painting and sketching 'plein air'.

Another bookshelf, painted to match the table and curtained cupboard ('Green Stone'), holds my art, botanical and wildlife books for reference. 

I am always on the lookout for these at thrift stores and used book sales. 

Many old books have wonderful hand painted illustrations. 

Excellent for reference. 

This room has wonderful light with windows on both sides. 

Normally, my little art table would fit right under the other window. 

But now that prime piece of real estate is taken over by this guy....Birdy Boy. 

He normally resides in front of the big window in my loft. 

But the loft is under renovation right now. 

Can you picture my art table right there in this beautiful light? 

But I have tried to make the best of things. 

  It gives me an opportunity to spend more time with my little buddy, 

Birdy Boy, the Cockatiel I have had for 13 years. 

Except he chews all of my erasers. 

Now that Autumn is here and the weather is changing, 

I intend to spend more time in my little arts and crafts studio. 

Raising 4 children and then helping to care for ageing parents, I never had time just for myself. 

Creativity is a subjective state of mind. 

It is like writer's block and when you lose it, sometimes it takes time to get it back. 

When life is busy and you are always in demand,
it is hard to get in touch with your creative side.

Now I have time. 

Time for little dreams. 

Dreams from my younger self. 

Before marriage, children and life took over. 

And now I have the perfect place to bring out some childlike creativity.

A beloved room, used and loved once more.


"Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."



Thank you my Dear Friends for your sweet visits. 

I treasure every one.


Small service is true service while it lasts;
Of friends however humble, scorn not one;
The daisy, by the shadow that it casts,
Protects the lingering dewdrop from the sun.

William Wordsworth


  1. Your craft room is so cozy! The view looks very inspirational too. Isn't it wonderful to have your own space? I love my craft room but I haven't had much time for it lately. It is also my goal to craft more in the late fall and winter. Have a happy day!

  2. A great and cozy place to work! Love it

  3. I can't think of a better way to repurpose a bedroom! This looks like the perfect place to spend some of those winter days getting lost in creativity. Enjoy!

  4. Karen, You did a great job on your son's old bedroom. It is just a lovely spot to work in and I can see that table flooded with light (once you sing Bye-Bye Birdy that is). I love the soft color of the room-it feels soft and gentle to me. It is wonderful- xoDiana

  5. I love all those wicker baskets in the pic with the printer. And what an awesome way to redo a bedroom! Have a beautiful Thursday :)

  6. Oh Karen a place of your own to create after raising your children and taking care of your parents it is now you time to let Karen blossom into the gifted person she had put on hold. You have created the perfect place to do that. I love it so much. I also love the frog you were a very clever girl and now a very clever woman. LOVE this room. Enjoy Hug B

  7. What a lovely and cozy place to do your art work! Boy, I wish I could draw like that!

  8. I love your art office and think you did an amazing job here on this! Your bird is so cute sitting in the window. I have an "art office" too, and just love having my little space all to myself. Good job, and know you are enjoying this space.

  9. what an awesome creative retreat. i like birdy boy, too. :) the frog story made me smile.

  10. You have transformed the bedroom into a wonderful arts and craft room. I would love to see more of your drawings and paintings! The frog story made me smile too.

  11. Karen, my computer crashed, but their home is a quiet place, I love being here. This idea of the shoe is sensational, I got mine 15 years ago and only used it already, I'll make this decoration in a special corner of the house! I'd like to know your workshop, all done with great care, and it's wonderful these details that remind us of our childhood, it is especially frog
    Loved know Birdy Boy
    A beautiful weekend for you and big kiss!

  12. I especially like all the storage solutions - it is a wonderful room and I could sit right down and create something. Great new header too - now that it has stopped bouncing back and forth. Hee Hee

  13. Gorgeous relaxing craft room...your drawing is wonderful... Loved the frog story.... Hugs May x x x

  14. A beautiful blog, with a great love for nature.
    I like very much. Here I will definitely drop by more often.

  15. It looks so cozy! And a great place to get creative on a project. I love it!

  16. What a great place you should produce many creative things here will be looking forward to seeing them in the future, nice to have a little bird for company.

  17. This is just the sweetest room! Every girl/woman should have her own private get-away in her home filled with things she loves that inspire her... That couch is awesome!

  18. You certainly have created the perfect creative space; you have all your supplies and can just create till your heart's content. I love it that you have your bird in your room and I know he loves your company...Maybe he can give you some ideas..hahaha

  19. What a wonderful way to refurbish a once-loved room, Karen. You have the memories of your sons' laughter while you create new things. How perfect! <3

  20. A dream!!! Your space has inspired me for my upcoming bedroom makeover! Though mine will contain 3 beans and craziness but the idea is that one day I will have time to sit again! I just love how your supplies look with the containers and bowls and vintage art! It is beautiful Karen! As is your drawing! Enjoy every second of your deserve it!!!!

  21. It looks beautiful. I love your drawing of the tansy flowers as well.

  22. Such a lovely room you have to create in. I kid with my daughter and tell her as soon as she moves out, I'm doing the same to her's!!

  23. Beautiful / creative pictures you show Karen. Wishing you and your a good Sunday :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  24. I love your little spot!!!
    I have to agree that sometimes the creative spark gets lost. I know mine has but with fall coming I hope mine comes back. I did purchase some vintage looking Halloween stickers for incentive last week. :)
    Would love to see some of your completed work.

    So you know, I didn't kiss that little frog to see if he would turn into a prince. I'm quite happy with the prince I have. ;)

  25. There are so many things I love about this room - your giraffe and frog, the army surplus table, the light, and yes that will be a great spot for your table. To get the creativity back it just requires going some creative work and it will slowly come back.

  26. I adore your room! So cozy and creative. And your frog is so cute! Enjoy Karen. :)


  27. I LOVE your room.. I'm working on mine a bit at a time...

  28. What a beautiful place you have created. You're so talented with the painting and stencilling! The thing I like the very best about it is the spirit you have, the permission to explore and create and take time just to see what happens. You've worked so hard for others in your life - I'm so glad you are giving a bit back to yourself now! You're very talented, Karen. x

  29. Dearest Karen,
    You are very well prepared for the long winter for creating things you always wanted to. Each stage of life has its own charm and you are very apt at making the most of it!

  30. Hi Karen, what memories and mementos you have. At the age of 12, you know exactly what you wanted to do. So very sweet. Bird boy is such a lovely companion. Thank you for sharing your little cozy corner. In saying that, I will be re-decorating our spare room soon like: sewing/ craft/ reading nook. I might be able to share it with everyone.

    Have a good week

  31. What a cozy room you've created for yourself, I don't think I'd get any work done with a view like that. Birdy Boy is a lucky bird! I haven't thought about those frogs in years. I made a load of them and stuffed them with beans.

  32. Oh I'm so glad you have a room of your own! SO nice of you to take a roommate. Haha. You do wonderful work! What goods things you have ahead of you in this room!

  33. It is wonderful to have a space like this! Love all of your creative storage ideas! I have been working hard on my own space lately, and you encourage me to keep going!

  34. Good Morning Karen, Your room is heavenly. The way you decided to paint and decorate your walls, just gives it a dreamy feel and inspires your imagination to soar. Much better than Nascar and checkers, right:) I love that fabric on your curtain and the mixture of soft blue prints and stripes on your little sofa. The other thing that I thought was wonderful, was that it is upstairs away for all the busy-ness of the rest of your home. It is a lovely retreat,
    I am so happy that you have this quite place to create and thank you for sharing it with us.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  35. Hello Mrs. Karen,
    How are you? you've been my mind. Finally I am back. It was hard for me to catching up with friends in blogland.
    As always I am happy to visit your blog with deligful pictures of your life. The craft room is lovely primitive. I would be stay for hours to crafting in your craft room. Your imagination is great also.
    Thanks for always make me happy with your pictures.
    Anyway, thanks for always come to me and say hi. It means a lot to me.
    Have a wonderful day with your family.

  36. Such a beautiful area to work in, and you have amazing company until your loft is finished! Your storage solutions are amazing. Have a wonderful week Karen. xx

  37. Looks like a perfectly wonderful space.

  38. hi dear friends -- been off enjoying our beautiful free of storms... off on walks and hikes etc.
    I use to have a room to do my art and I loved it .. And I really like how you personalized your space.. all the hide away storage etc.. Oh, how I like how comfy it looks with that cough to sit while you do your lovely art work... Hope you find many days enjoying your special place!

  39. Oh, Karen! I love your arts and crafts room...what a perfect place to while away a rainy or sunny afternoon and create to your heart's content!


  40. You have craft space.Wou!I have craft corner."Be creative everywhere."Kiss


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