Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hummingbird Dreams

Last evening I stepped out onto the deck to take some photos of the beautiful sky. 

As I tried to find the best angle, I was distracted by a visitor. 

This beautiful male Anna's Hummingbird. 

His feeder was empty! 

As if he was trying to get my attention to this fact, he flew straight up and hovered. 

Back and forth he flew, from feeder to mid-air, right before my eyes. 

Stopping to take a rest and have a look around. 

His black chin flashing iridescent ruby as he turned towards the late afternoon light. 

Looking at me as if to say, 'Hey lady, fill my feeder!'

And then hovering for emphasis. 

Sometimes life can be so magical when we least expect it. 

We had a lovely day of sunshine, but it was very cool. 

I should have been out planting these flats of pansies, but I have been lazy. 

Isn't that right, Champ? Champ has been lazy, too. Check out those penetrating eyes. 

He is trying to hypnotize me into playing ball with him. 

Sorry, Champ, not today, let's go take a nap. 

We have visitors staying with us - Weenie Baby and Peanut, the 'Grandpups'. 

Here, Peanut is checking out the fall color on the Japanese Maple. 

Weenie Baby is cuddled up inside. 

She wrapped herself!

Waiting for nap time. 

Isn't she sweet? 

But before we go in, I want to show you my sunflower! 

Planted by some small creature saving bird seed. 
The notches in the leaves are from a small wood wren who flies up and takes little bites every day. 

The Mr.'s tall ladder lies on the ground from chimney cleaning over the weekend. 

It's time to start up the woodstove again. 

The field spiders are busy this time of year getting fat for the winter. 

I have to be careful where I walk these days so I don't run into one of their webs. Face first. 

That's always fun. 

Wishing you magic and cozy naps this week. 

And don't forget to feed the birds! 



  1. Mrs. Karen

    You have been in my mind and prayers. it's been hard for me to catching up with friends on the blog. been busy lately. I just love the photographs of the bird :) oh well, all just beautiful as always.
    Sounds that you have beautiful day.
    Have a great day!

  2. love your sweet little buzzer and all your critters. :)

  3. What lovely photos, Karen...the bird and your beautiful views...

  4. The hummingbird and setting sun make for a magical scene! How beautiful!

  5. Wow - great photos of the hummingbird - maybe he is a Hollywood hummingbird and wants to be famous. Lovely flowers - mine are done except for the pansies.

  6. Wow, what amazing pictures of the sweet hummingbird. I hope you were able to fill its feeder, don't want angry birds around. Love your pansies!

  7. That is amazing! It must be the time of year for animal encounters, as Tina of the Quiet Home was face to face with a roe deer the other day - but without her camera. Incredible photos!

  8. That hummingbird is so cute! You got some nice shots of him. The hummingbirds around here always fly away right when I try to snap photos haha!

  9. You really got some wonderful photos of the hummingbird! I always love seeing your view of the mountain too!

  10. Amazing photos Karen... the humming bird looks fabulous...simply Beautiful... Hugs May x x x

  11. Great pictures and I like the story to go with therm.

  12. What amazing captures of the hummingbirds!! My favorite birds. The spider pics give me the heebie geebies though :)

  13. WOW wee what a capture -- number 3 photo is my favorite today - but Champ's eyes melted my heart.. sweet look!!

  14. sweet that the hummingbird was hanging around! Love that!

  15. Beautiful photos and thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  16. You really got some amazing shots of that humming bird...He was serious about wanting you to fill his feeder....

  17. Amazing post, Karen. Really Amazing!


  18. Beautiful picture series shows you Karen. I smile of pictures of your dog, which is wrapped in a blanket.
    Tilde is also on the couch wrapped in a blanket and enjoy themselves. Wishing you and your loved ones a good Friday / good weekend :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  19. Gorgeous lighting and scenery behind the hummingbird - plus good shots of the bird to boot! My feeder is still partially full as I suspect the hummingbirds have moved elsewhere to avoid the colder temps.
    My cat likes to crawl up under the blanket for nap time - funny animals.

  20. Hello sweet Karen! I have missed visiting you, friend. I truly appreciate your lovely visits to my blog - you are a blessing. These photos are utterly captivating, especially the first one. The hummingbird is so beautiful and the brilliant sky is the perfect background for taking photos. Thank you for sharing with us :)

    Many hugs to you!

  21. What an amazing conversation you had with that fella!!! It's like he knew you!!! Beautiful shots!!!! And how sweet is that pup wrapped up in the blanket!!!! Pure magic in the air where you are....and no I would not like to run into one of those webs!!!! Have a lovely weekend!!!

  22. Karen,
    The post below is awesome. I remember my childhood seeing your apron vintage . Your kitchen has a beautiful decoration and special food. I would like eat with you, tell my stories and listen yours stories. It would be a magnificent encounter!

    Your current post touch my heart because I love hummingbirds. They are my passion.
    They seem rather that talking with you my friend. How are gorgeous when they stopped in the air. I'm feel so good when I look at these photographs. It's nice for the soul! A beautiful weekend for you and a big kiss!

  23. What a gorgeous set of pictures Karen. The movement in the bird's wings is amazing!

    Big hug from the Netherlands,

  24. Wow Karen, how amazing was that encounter with your local wildlife. They're clever little fellows aren't they? In the heat like ours, lots of birds are usually affected and they try to find food and water in their surroundings. I have 4 bird baths and 2 ponds where birds are free to soak and bath in the middle of intense heat. We do need need to look after our feathered friends. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

    Enjoys those little naps


  25. wonderful capture, Karen! love that hummingbird. all of you pictures are so enchanting! i feel as though i've just taken a breath of fresh air when I visit. and I love the picture of Weenie Baby all snuggled up in her blanket. too cute!

  26. Those are great pictures of that hummingbird! We put one up on our porch, but one lady bird refuses to share. She perches on a camellia bush beside the feeder and dive-bombs anyone who tries to take her nectar. Ha! <3

  27. Your little hummingbird friend is stunning. I would love to sit out and see these but we don't get them here. Your guests are also so cute, it must be lovely to snuggle up with them on these colder evenings. Take care my lovely xx

  28. Beautiful captures of the hummingbird! Dreamy! And I love your new Autumn header, so festive and seasonal :) xx

  29. That hummingbird was definitely telling you he was a hungry bird!! They are nutso when their feeders are empty!! I love the photos of your pansies!

  30. These pictures were wonderful. That was a beautiful little hummingbird. It does feel magical when the little hummingbirds come near and hover, trying to communicate with us. Cute pictures of your pup and grandpups, too. Especially Champ hypnotizing you. He is a pretty dog. My little Fuzzy pom tries to do the hypnotizing thing a lot. especially for his nightly cottage cheese snack. He doesn't have a whole lot of patience for mind-melding hypnotization when it comes to his cottage cheese. He likes to emphasize by stamping his feet and huffing at me while staring.
    My hummingbirds disappeared before their migration time. It was a mystery to me as to why, until the other day when I realized my hummingbird's zinnia bed was infested with stinkbugs. I am thinking that the stinkbugs drove away my hummingbirds.

  31. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely hummingbirds; hope you DID fill their feeder again!
    Nature is lovely in all its stages.
    Have been out in the garden for a brief walk, in morning robe... but fresh air feels so good after being bed ridden.
    Your other post with the succulents had me think at first, how is she going to water these with musty smelling, soaked leather. But really they looked REAL! That way they are great additions and a very smart gift for your daughter.


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