Monday, July 15, 2013

Plant Love

I am seriously in love with plants. 

And all that goes with them. 

That would include beautiful containers and baskets. 

Recently when I attended Funky Junk Sisters Flea Market at the State Fairgrounds, I found some lovely Vintage Baskets. 

When I saw this one, I knew just where I would hang it. 

Of course I needed a little help from my Mr.! 

It didn't have a chain, so I bought a lamp chain. It came in bronze, so I gave it a matching vintage look by giving it a few little sprays with a light green that matched the original patina. (It was a lucky guess!)

I let the bronze show through here and there. 

Mr. Blue Eyes put a hanging hook in the beam and cut the chain to fit and voila'! 

The plant I chose is a philodendron, called 'Sweetheart'.  It can take low light, sitting back from the window so far, with the occasional beam of sunshine from the skylight above. 

I bought three baskets at the flea market and this is the second one. 

When I saw these baskets, my plant lovin' heart skipped a beat! 

The price was right and I loaded The Mr. down! 

He is living proof that the Rolling Stone's Song, 'Beast of Burden' doesn't apply here. 

He loves me and he loves everything I do. 

Ha ha - a little joke! 

But I do know he loves me. Or he wouldn't put up with me and my crazy schemes! 

Back to the planters.....

I planted this one with Redwood Sorrel, a shade loving ground cover native to the Northwest. It will stay compact, with tiny white flowers above the clover shaped leaves. 

I lined the basket with sphagnum moss first. 

It's perfect for my front entry. 

The small crate serves as a resting spot for packages, keys and other items when arriving home and also stores an emergency supply of kindling and small split logs for me when the wood box has run out and The Mr. is not around. 

The third basket hangs on the other side of the front door. 

This area has deep shade on the North side, so I planted it with this unusual coleus that seems to be thriving despite the darkness. It has many new sprouts. 

Right now it does look a little odd with its greenhouse induced larger leaves above the 'normal' sized sprouts. 

Once they grow a little taller, I will give it a trim.. 

I loved this basket's pretty scrolled design. 

Again, I lined it with sphagnum moss before planting. 

I like to use re purposed containers for gardening, too. 

This is my 'kitchen garden', using enamel pots and metal buckets as planters for pinwheel petunias and blue lobelia. 

Small enamel containers fill in the blanks. 

Old enamel canning pots with holes drilled in the bottom serve as roomy planters. 

The Mr. recently found the little blue truck while digging in the dirt. A sweet memento of raising two boys. 

It awaits a good cleaning. 

My 'kitchen garden' fittingly sits on an old baker's rack right outside my kitchen through the glass doors. 

My flower pot stand keeps it company. 

This little plant stand was another Funky Junk Sister's find from the previous show during the winter. 

I painted it and planted pots of blue lobelia and petunia. 

These will bloom all summer. 

I do love stepping out to colorful flowers every morning. 

For flowers, I mostly garden in pots. 

Only large, hardy plants or wildflowers can survive planting in the ground here. 

Small, tasty, tender flowers are kept in hanging baskets or pots on my deck and window boxes. 

Why tempt fate? 

It is also nice to have them up close to admire at eye level. 

These tuberous begonias just bloom their hearts out all summer under the canopy of an umbrella. 

Tiny roses get star treatment up close and personal. 

Pots of fuchsia provide nectar for hummingbirds close enough to be admired. 

Even foliage can provide beautiful color. 

It is a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures expected in the 80's, so I must get busy watering all these little beauties. 

Mt. Rainier takes on the heavenly blue hue of the summer sky. 

Not a cloud in sight. 

And look at who will be my helper's today! 

Weenie Baby and Peanut! 

I am pet-sitting for my daughter. 

They caught me taking a little bite of my morning toast (stocking feet and pajama clad).

Of course I shared! 

I hope you are enjoying these lovely summer days 
and I hope you enjoyed meeting my flowers and plants! 

Do you garden in pots? What is your favorite potted plant? 


  1. I just love all your flowers! It's so neat how you repurpose all those pots to make planters. I have some enamel pots I could do that with, so now I'm inspired! The baskets with flowers in them are really pretty as well. Your house is a wonderland! :)

  2. Oh Karen, I just love, love, LOVE your flowers and the re-purposed containers - so pretty! And your new hanging planter is just lovely! It's a perfect choice for your home :) Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Wow, Karen, you have a great eye for baskets!! They are beautiful! I might have to keep my eyes open for some enamel pots. I think that is a great idea!

  4. I adore your Funky Junk finds especially the one hanging in your house. I too have a sweetheart of a helping handy Mr- lucky us right Karen!
    Love your potting pots and lovely flowers, and greenery.

    We hang Orchids in our trees and have a few pots with seasonal flowers spread about the yard.

  5. just spectacular plantings and pottings from you. weenie baby and peanut made me smile!!!

  6. You have such a green thumb with your potted plants. Everything looks so healthy! I like to put plants in pots, but I forget to water them. My husband is much better at it than I am:)

  7. You obviously have a green thumb...Your plants are so pretty and add so much color to the various places you have arranged them...I especially like the hanging bird cage one...The shots with the light coming through are awesome....

  8. I love that hanging wire container with the plant. Might have to copy that idea!

  9. how pretty, karen! I love your hanging basket the best. what a clever idea. I don't have much of a green thumb... cactii barely survive under my keep. but your green space is so lush and lovely.

  10. The flowers are all so lovely - and the pots are adorable. I love the way you did up the baskets and the hanging cage. I do garden in pots - but they are not the fancy ones - they are terra cotta colored plastic - but when filled with flowers they are pretty as can be. I just spend a pleasant hour or so, deadheading the many petunias in the railing planters. As I deadheaded them I pinched off a few end-of-the-stem buds so they will make new sprouts and get bushier. I do a few each time I deadhead and my petunias are beginning to get very bushy and pretty. It slows down the blooms a bit, but then they sprout out the new ones and are full of blooms. Aren't we just having the most wonderful weather?

  11. Dearest Karen,
    Wow, I feel like having read an entire magazine... What a plant feast and you did find lovely plant baskets. The one hanging from that beam leaves such a lovely shadow...
    What a climate for having endless potting plants that thrive so well. My favorites are of course my variety of Jasmines and rosebud geraniums and the Kona Hibiscus from Hawaii.
    Enjoy your summer while it lasts.

  12. Wow Karen. I love your flowers and your hanging basket!!!

  13. You do have some lovely plants and containers, yes I too have a few plants in pots. I like to move things around a fair bit.

  14. Ah, yes, I have many pots but they do take a lot of watering with the dry hot weather we are having.

  15. Your plants and flowers are so beautiful! I really love the hanging bird cage - such a charming way to hang a plant!

  16. That hanging beam is amazing! And I love the windchimes on the porch with the bear above them :)

  17. Hi Karen, I totally garden in pots! I love baskets and all kinds of containers, especially terracotta. I love indoor green plants as well. Yours are beautiful, what a great variety of pretty blooms and creative pots! And the mountain looks divine in blue! xx

  18. Oh I do love those new planters you that your hubby hangs them so quickly. My sweetie was just like soon as I would bring something home that needed hanging, he would immediately begin the task. Your garden and porch/patio are so inviting. I bet you love sitting there and enjoying your surroundings.

  19. I love the hanging basket over the couch! And all of your flowers are gorgeous. I confess I don't like plants in my house because I find they take up too much space...and my husband waters them and lets the water leak over things. ;)

  20. I love your plants, Karen! And you have got beautiful pictures. I love plants with flowers like jazmin but I also have green ones (I don't know how you call them). I've got plants inside and outside too. It's a hard work. Don't you think so?

    Hugs from the south of Spain

  21. Oh Karen,

    They are lovely and so adorable :)
    I love your home ( sorry I say this again) :D


  22. Your first photo was just perfect! The way you have positioned the basket so that the sun casts shadows on the wall is beautiful. I have so many pot plants both inside and out but my favourite has to be a small bird cage that sits on my living room table with jasmine twisting and turning through the bars. Mt Rainier looks as beautiful as ever. Have a wonderful week. Chel x

  23. You inspire me! I linked to you in my post on decorations (July 10) - I know you're busy doing fun summer stuff and didn't know if you saw that one. Thanks to you, I've been doing a lot of refurbishing and painting of late to keep my hands occupied and my mind free. I'm sorry I don't comment as often as I used to, but I still read everything you write and hang on to your every word, especially now. I'll be taking a blogging break - need some time to mourn (see my July 16 post).

    I value your friendship, Karen. Thanks for writing. I will always be reading, even if I'm hiding from the world. <3

  24. I love the foliage in your containers! I love the third basket for its rustic charm! And I love every single shot of your patio with its pretty blooms!!!! Such beauty here friend! Wonderful finds! Smiles to you!!!

  25. Hello Karen,

    I'm miss you visiting my blog and I have giveaway :)come and join it :)
    I'm hoping you win it too.


  26. containers -- great ideas and I like them all.. My favorite photo today is number..12 it's colorful... keep them coming -- by the way did your mom use containers like this the way you do or your grandparents.. just wondering -- what about your daughters..

    1. Thank you for being sweet, Kristeen! Both my Mom and Grandmother's gardened in pots. My Grandmother Beatrice always had red geraniums along her white farmhouse's front porch railing. My other Grandmother was a shade gardener, as her little cottage was in the woods. She grew ferns and wild orchids in pots. My Mom always grew nasturtiums and marigolds on her deck. So yes, lots of inspiration! And of course my daughter's do, too! xo

  27. Everything is beautiful in your wonderful terrace Karen!And your hanging baskets and all kind of containers.Plants grow so well by you because you love them and you speak their language...

  28. Such a lovely view of the mountain! And your flowers are so beautiful! I love the colors. Oh it's so hard to keep things going in our climate! And I'm not that good at it either. But you did find some wonderful containers.

  29. Beautiful post Karen, Your beautiful containers & plants are Perfect...Gorgeous pic of the mountains it is such a pleasure to share your surroundings with you...Have a fabulous day with your two furry guests... Hugs May x x x

  30. Trees jolies endoits !! ;0) Les chiens ils sot MIGNONS!! ;0)

    Bonne journee !!

    Maria xxx

  31. This is very interesting to me indeed! I don't really garden in pots because my garden isn't easily accessible to me, being a floor down, and as I don't have a garden hose, I'm not always very good about making the trip, filling up the watering can, and watering.

    However, I have been thinking about doing more container gardening once I'm in my own wee house and can get outside a bit more easily. You've got me thinking!

    You have a real magic touch, Karen. The plants must love you!

  32. Hello Mrs. Karen :)

    I showed your blog to my mom this evening when we have tea time. and I told her that I love your blog because of your pretty house and garden and someday I want to have one like your :)

    She loved your garden and the sun flowers also daisies.

    Have a great day and thank you for joining the giveaway!

    Love and hugs to you.



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