Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vintage Treasures

I popped in to my favorite vintage store recently and found some little treasures. 

Sometimes a girl needs some shopping therapy. 

Especially when the price is right!

Everything I found was under $10, most were just a couple of dollars. 

The first thing I found was this lovely milk glass vase. 

I do love pretty vases! 

I also found the sweet embroidered table runner. 

These pottery pieces caught my eye. 

The hand painted mug is from Greece. 

I thought it was just right for a nice cup of tea. 

The pottery crock has beautiful fish designs, each one different. 

It will be very useful to serve shrimp cocktail or display flowers for a seafood dinner. 

The blue glass fish compote with lid and spoon was my Dear Mother's. 

This sweet little basket stole my heart. 

Here it is with pansies on a pansy pot holder, also once my Mother's. 

I now have two! 

The start of a new collection? 

With dried lavender wands and potpourri. 

The scent is heavenly! 

I found these three glass bowls, the bottom one with a lovely blue tint and scalloped edges. 

I have a weakness for blue. 

With the addition of some ice cream glasses.......

I created a tiered serving dish. 

Perfect for strawberries! 

I also found this hand made pillow slip in perfect condition. 

I love the crocheted inserts. 

It is an unusual size and I will need to make a custom pillow, but it will look just right on a summer bed. 

Of course I had to buy some books! 

You can never have too many, I say!

Especially when they are as lovely as these. 

This one is from 1963. 

With hand painted illustrations on each page. 

This beautiful book has instructions for water color painting. 

Published in 1983, it has wonderful tablescapes. 

I also found two lovely books on Friendship.

Both published in the 1960's, they have sweet quotes and verses and pretty illustrations. 

Here is an example. 

Beautifully frame worthy. 

And of course, something to hold all those books! 

This will be a project, as it needs some updating. 

I am thinking cream or robin's egg blue with decoupaged roses on each end. 

A project for a rainy day! 

I found some sweet 'Little Golden Books' to add to my collection. 

Someday I hope to have grandchildren and it doesn't hurt to be ready! 

I just love the detailed illustrations in these beloved little books. 

I know there were days when I felt like 'The Little Red Hen' when I was raising a family! 

And how magical are these illustrations from 'Thumbelina' ? 


I hope you have enjoyed my vintage treasures and are inspired to find some of your own. 

In this throwaway world it is always nice to rescue a few precious finds. 

Simple little pleasures for very little money. 


I will leave you with a little verse from one of my books. 

'We cannot change yesterday, 

that is quite clear

Nor begin on tomorrow until it is here -

So all that is left for you and for me

Is to make today as sweet as can be.' 


I hope your day is as sweet as you are! 


  1. Dearest Karen,
    You really did quite some treasures again.
    What a lovely pansies you used in these photos!
    Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Pentecost.

  2. Love your finds for sure. I got a frame at craft warehouse for my lighthouse map painting I bought in Mar. Frame was $5, sale, for a painting that was $3. Enjoy and always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving comments..much appreciated. Hugs!

  3. Hope your day is sweet to Karen! Oh wow did you find lots of goodies!! I am so loving the tiered dishes you used for the strawberries! And those Golden books are awesome! I can't wait for you to become a grandma! You will have so much fun making hot coco for them in those wonderful mugs as you read those fun stories!!! Loved all of your finds...and what a score...all were under 10 dollars!!! Have a great Sunday!!!

  4. I always enjoy coming to visit you Karen. A bit like having a plate of food and saving your favourite until last. You were so lucky with your finds. I love the way you have stacked the bowls to serve strawberries, and the crocheted pillow...I'm going to have to study that one to see if I can do the same thing. Always a pleasure to read your posts! Take care. Chel x

  5. All things in your house are lovely because it's all the atmosphere and the human touch and feeling which animates all and make places and items beautiful.Enjoy a lovely relaxing Sunday Karen !
    Love, Olympia

  6. I love all your vintage treasures, Karen, but especially the illustrated books and those glass bowls! How clever and creative of you to make a tiered serving dish for strawberries! Lovely! Don't miss out my tulip note cards giveaway. It was the post below the one you just visited. Thanks for your support and friendship xx

  7. You really found some great treasures. This must have been a fun outing! I really love that pillowcase - love love love the crochet!

  8. Muy buenas imágenes...un abrazo desde Murcia

  9. Oh you certainly found some lovely treasures. When you brought these all home it must have felt like Christmas, unwrapping each one. You have the vases displayed so beautifully!! Next time, take me along!!

  10. the children's books' illustrations warmed my heart. i love your little pansy bouquet and doily under it. so cute!

  11. Wow, you found wonderful things! Love the books!!

  12. I really enjoyed all your treasures!
    I used to go to thrift stores but when Hubby and I retired we downsized so we don't buy anymore we just look.
    Although, I'd buy those children's books! :)
    Hope you have a sweet day too!

  13. I am DYING over your vintage seltzer bottle!!! SO pretty! Those illustrations in the children's books are so precious!

  14. Oh such lovely finds - the white vases are my favorites - although everything else is close behind. The books are fabulous - I rarely stop to look at books, my time is limited in thrift stores, and the children's books - so sweet. I began preparing for our grandchildren 10 years before we had any - I think it is a great idea. Oh the bowls - the pretty pretty bowls - and love them with the strawberries - yumm. Looks like you have the most fabulous thrift shopping day.

  15. WOW...What lovely treasures you have found Karen, I am getting into milk glass only got a few pieces, hard to find in the UK... I like to display my bling & pearls in them in my crafty space... Love your vase, & That pillow case is divine... the bowls look wonderful full with lovely strawberries.... Love all your finds... Hugs May x x x

  16. You have some really great glassware pieces! LOVE that old flower book!

  17. Oh my, what great finds! I love those old books and especially the Little Golden books. I have a collection of those too. The glassware is also very pretty. I'm sure you will find many uses for them.
    Have a great week!

  18. Wow Karen, you came across a gold mine :) LOVE all of your new finds - the dishes are so beautiful and the pillowcase is gorgeous. And I agree, sometimes a girl just needs some shopping therapy :)

    Have a beautiful week, sweet friend!

    Love and hugs!

  19. Very nice. Your creativity is amazing! :-)

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  20. Wonderful finds! I especially love all the vintage books. And the milk glass, too. I love milk glass!

  21. I need a day of vintage shopping therapy myself - summer is here, so I think it's time. Maybe I'll be as lucky as you seem to have been in your latest escapade! <3


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