Thursday, May 9, 2013

Story Book Cottage

Yesterday I went to visit my Dear Friend, Ginger at her Story Book Cottage in the big woods. 

Ginger grew up on this very land, married her teenage sweetheart, built this lovely cottage and raised two daughters here. 

Her love for her home, family and gardens shows in every beautiful square inch! 

And did I mention her love for her precious pets? 

Here are two special friends waiting patiently on the front porch for us to join them. 

This little guy, named 'Moochie' is just as cute as can be. 

He is a miniature Pomeranian.

He is waiting for 'Daddy' to get home! 

Can you see the real 'bear' in this photo? 

This sweet little pup is her daughter's miniature Pomeranian. 

She pet sits for her every day and this is her 'favorite spot' outside where she loves to dig holes. 

You can see the evidence on her front 'bib'. 

Another favorite spot, inside, on the back of the chair! 

Isn't she precious? 

Ginger served a delicious lunch of a chicken enchilada wrap. 

It was as tasty as it looked! 

 I confess to having 3 helpings! 

Don't you just love her dishes? 

Her beautiful home is decorated in true log cabin style, with brown leather furniture, mission oak, and beautiful cathedral ceilings. 

Natural materials are used through-out and there are special touches everywhere. 

I fell in love with these gorgeous etched windows that were custom made, both depicting eagles in flight. 

The sunshine was shining through, causing some blurring, sorry about that! 

The beautiful grandfather clock chimed while I was there with a lovely melody. 

The stairs lead up to two rooms in the loft, one a guest bedroom with old fashioned quilts on the bed, and the other an office. 

These were once her daughter's rooms. 

After lunch she took me on a tour of her gardens. 

She has a Himalayan cat that likes to sleep in the hammock! 

She gardens in dappled shade and everywhere there were flowers blooming. 

Can you see her blonde friend under the Rhododendron? 

She has incorporated the native ferns into her plantings. 

Nearly every tree had a lovely garden surrounding it. 

Bird baths, garden statues and bird houses were tucked everywhere. 

A garden swing....

Hand crafted bird house, 

and garden bench add rustic touches. 

And the gardens....!!!

Coral Bells, Fairy Bells, and Sweet Woodruff, 

Hosta, Trillium, Bleeding Heart...

Primroses, Azaleas, and groundcovers of every kind. 

Lilly of the Valley, Candelabra Primroses, Phlox, 

and huge, rosy Camellia blossoms! 

And sweet Wood Violets that Ginger generously shared with me! 

She brought out some boxes and a little shovel and she sent me home with divisions and starts of all her wonderful flowers!

I will be planting a 'Ginger Garden' and will share that with you soon.

Thank you so much, Dear Friend! 

What respectable Story Book Cottage would be without bears?

I half expected to see 'Goldilocks' ! 

When this magnificent tree fell in a recent storm, what else to do but have a bear carved into the remaining stump? 

Set in the very back corner of the little forest, you can almost believe it is real! 

After the garden tour we settled into the comfortable wicker chairs on the back porch and visited a while. 

From there we had a lovely view of Ginger's garden shed. 

Here is another view. Isn't it darling? 

With one last look at her sweet Story Book Cottage, 

And with her generous gift of sweet garden treasures, 

I reluctantly say goodbye! 

Thank you, Dear Ginger for sharing your beautiful home and gardens.

They are truly special and so are you!



  1. she has an amazing place! one most folks dream about! so sweet that she sent you home with starter plants! and i love her pups!

  2. What a beautiful home and inspirational surroundings! I would have trouble leaving there too! Sweet pets also. :)

  3. She really does have a storybook cottage! So beautiful!

  4. What a magical place! You just don't get a chance to see homes like that around here! I love every inch of it! And her gardens are stunning nestled beneath the trees! It is like a fairytale!!! I so enjoyed this post Karen! Happy Mother's day to you!!

  5. Enchanting - what a very special place. The house and gardens are wonderful!!!

  6. I agree with JoAnn - enchanting! What a delightful place and calling it the 'Storybook Cottage' is perfect.

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

    Love and hugs!

  7. Looks like a fun place to visit. I love all the carved bears. At least Ginger doesn't have to feed them or worry about them eating people....hahaha! Have a great Mother's day as well! Hugs!

  8. What a wonderfully cozy home! And that hammock is calling to me!

  9. Well that is a delightful cottage, it does look like it should be in a children's storybook, I too like the eagles on the windows and all the carved bears.

  10. Hello Karen! First of all I want to thank Ginger the generosity of showing us her home, not everybody would do it. It' a wonderful place surrounded by nature. I love the opportunity of seeing how people, in the other side of the world, live. Thanks a lot Karen.

    Hugs from Jerez


  11. Hello Karen - Nice pictures you show, with some beautiful dog / cat. Thanks for a wonderful tour of her home / garden. Wishing you and your loved ones a good weekend :) Hanne Bente

  12. Ginger has the most amazing place I've ever seen! I would never ever want to leave there :)

  13. Visiting with good friends is the best! Thank you for sharing her beautiful house and gardens. I am such a snoop, I love to see inside people's houses!

  14. Ohh, thanks for the tour! Gave me lots of inspiration for my yard - maybe do some more work in my flower beds ;)

  15. WOW Ginger has an AmAzing home...What a wonderful tour... I loved every second..That lunch looked good too... glad you both had some catch up time!!Thank you so much for sharing... Hugs May x x x

  16. Ginger's home is very beautiful and reveals so much love and creativity. I'm so happy you have her for a friend! (And her you.)

  17. Wow, that really is a storybook cottage! Such a lovely place and beautiful scenery. All her animals are so cute! It was really sweet of her to give you some starts of her plants. That's my favorite way to garden! Can't wait to see your "Ginger garden" :)

  18. Your friend has a most beautiful home and a perfect setting. Thank you (and her) for sharing.

  19. Dearest Karen,
    My, what a story and great photos! Earlier I had no Internet and couldn't visit blogs but I'm glad I made it to this one. Makes a lovely bedside story! Love such log houses and all the love that is shown for nature, pets and humans. You are lucky for being able to call Ginger your friend.
    Hugs to you,

  20. How beautiful, Karen! And such unique features ... the etched windows, carved bears ... amazing! Lovely gardens, too. Thanks for the tour!


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