Monday, May 20, 2013

A Quiet Weekend

The weather has been unsettled lately. 

One minute sunshine, 

The next minute rain. 

Everything is wet! 

Ling Ling walks the rail to keep her little feet dry. 

But the flowers are very happy! 

In between rain showers I go out and feed the birds. 

The beautiful Grosbeaks are back to nest and they love the black oil sunflower seeds I provide. 

The gnarly old tree where the bird feeder hangs is sprouting new growth along it's many burls. 

As I walk further on, I hear the buzzing of many bees 

 from my ancient Holly tree, which is just now blooming. 

You can see last season's berries still clinging to the branches. 

These will soon be eaten by robins and waxwings as they raise their young. 

My Ramblin' Man has been gone most of the weekend, traveling on business, so Champ and Whitey keep me company as I trim and sweep the walkway. 

Don't you love how Champ is sitting? 

His floppy ears and big feet make me smile. 

He is waiting patiently for me to finish so I can play fetch. 

He loves nothing better and carries his ball wherever he goes. 

After a rousing game, he is finally worn out. 

Whitey does not understand why anyone would want to fetch a ball, so he steals it and won't give it back. 

 I always need a spare! 

Go ahead, try and get it back! 

Watch out for your fingers!

The day proves to be cool and showery so I use the time to start organizing the closets. 

Winter clothes are put away and summer clothes hung in their place. 

Leaving a few sweaters for cool days like these. 

As the afternoon wears on, I take a break, along with Ling Ling. This is her favorite place to perch. 

Surveyor of her domain! 

From this vantage point she can see the deck, the backyard and inside the house through the glass doors. 

I love how she tucks her little paws. 

Soon the sun drops below the cloud cover and shines its light across the valley. 

At first a small patch of light,

But soon the hills turn gold, 

Lighting the trees on fire. 

Highlighting the landscape with a golden wand. 

Illuminating secret groves of patriarchs. 

Hidden homes of the truly wild. 

I stand transfixed as I watch nature's light show unveil hidden wonders. 

But soon the magical light starts to fade,

Technicolor turns to black and white. 

Until final curtain call once more. 


My prayers go out to all those in the midwest and Oklahoma who are victims of the recent tornadoes.

May the Angels be with you.



  1. your pups and your beautiful cat had me smiling. your view is one of the best in all of blogland...

  2. I love that photo of Champ sitting on the steps. He is too cute! And it's funny how Ling Ling walks on the rail to keep her paws dry. Smart kitty! At least with all the rain it's making the flowers happy :) That gnarly old tree is so neat!

  3. Champ is so sweet sitting on those steps... & Wee Ling Ling knows the best place to sit for a view of her world...Your outdoor space is Beautiful... Hugs May x x x

  4. More beautiful pictures of your beautiful scenery and your sweet furry friends.

  5. A wonderful quiet weekend - the doggies sure look like they are enjoying themselves - and Miss Ling Ling can survey her kingdom. I the light and shadows of the photos.

  6. unsettled here too... same same indeed - sun out then behind the cloudy!! wow your photos are beautiful..

  7. Your photos are stunning Karen! I really like the one with the pink flower...GORGEOUS!!! It must be so inspiring to have a view like that! I can't even imagine! Love those pups!

  8. It's so wild around you! Are there other homes in your area ? Anyway, it's amazing, a very different landscape from here.
    Sending you sweet thoughts...

    1. Dear Olympia, thank you for your sweet thoughts! We do have several families nearby, but we are at the edge of the forest lands leading into Mt. Rainier National Forest, so no homes further on, only wilderness. Yes, very different from your home, but both beautiful. Lovely Earth! Hugs, xoxo

  9. Wonderful pets, beautiful landscape. You are surrounded by nature everywhere. And I notice that you appreciate it. I happy for you.

    I'm also worried by people from Oklahoma.


  10. Ling Ling is beautiful!! What kind of bird is that on the feeder??

    1. Hi Keith, Ling Ling was my Dear Mother's cat and yes, she is quite a girl! The bird is a Black Headed Grosbeak. They come every year and raise their families and sing me beautiful songs. xoxo

  11. We have had the same sort of weather Karen. We had rain all week and it still hasn't stopped. I hope sunny spring weather will arrive soon. But....when I think of the people in Oklahoma, our weather has been just fine. They are in my thoughts as well.

    Madelief x

  12. Every time I come on to your blog I feel calm settling down over me. Thank you so much for including us in your fantastic view and the world of your forest home.

  13. Your cat is stunning, I like your dogs too good company when the other half is away.

  14. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely place and that walk you were sweeping; how pretty it looks. The way Champ sits and looks at you; begging with his eyes for quitting sweeping and play fetch.
    Your view is breathtaking and ever changing.

  15. The view from your deck is beautiful no matter the season! I love how soothing that first shot is. I think I could just sit there and stare for hours. :)
    Love Champs feet!
    Hope your Hubby has a safe trip.

  16. Hello Karen
    Great image series you show. Beautiful mountains, trees with "fire" and especially your lovely animals.
    We have seen on TV and read in newspapers about the horrible tornade that has raged in the United States ..... terrible!
    Wish you a nice day :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  17. Your views can just change so quickly and equally look just as beautiful. I love the way Champ sits, it must be comfortable.

    I saw the news this morning and my heart sank when I heard about the school and the aftermath. xx

  18. I really like the way Champ is sitting on the steps. I need a quiet weekend - things have been so busy here - but I always enjoy a visit to your blog when I take a breather! <3


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