Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Favorite Place

Now that the weather has warmed up, we have set out the umbrella's on the deck. 

And I have created my own special place to escape to when I want to take a little break. 

With gifts of beautiful hanging baskets and flowers for Mother's Day, I have my own little 'flower shop' to relax and have a morning cup of coffee. 

I've added my own personal touches. 

This little plant stand was purchased over the winter at the Funky Junk flea market. 

Can you believe it was only $10? 

This is what it looked like! 

But I saw the potential and with a little steel wool and some Rustoleum spray paint, 

it is as good as new. 

I had so much fun potting up the little flowers for my 'new' plant stand. 

The sweet polka dot pot of daisies was a gift from my dear daughter in law's Mom, Jayne. 

Here we are on Mother's Day at Gabe and Erica's (my son and daughter in law's) house where we were the honorees. 

I didn't lose a son, I gained another sweet family! 

The 'Herb' sign was a gift from my sweet sister in law, Donna. 

I love how it is made from a piece of vintage garden fencing with the ends curled up into hanging hooks. 

The wreath was made by me in about 10 minutes from a grapevine wreath wrapped with faux cherry blossom branches. I simply wired them in place using floral wire. 

My poor flowers suffered from heavy rainfall the day before and are a little droopy! 

I planted petunias and lobelia in each pot. 

The chippy white folding chair was something The Mr. had in his tool shed that I borrowed to place my wooden planter, a thrift shop find. I want to paint this chair and make a sweet cushion. But that will have to wait for another day. 

The birdhouse on the stand was a gift from my Dear Father. He loved tinkering in his workshop and his 5 daughters were the lucky recipients of his creativity. 

He wrapped it with woodland vines and used shingles that once graced the roof of his hand built home. 

From where I sit, I can see the blue ceramic bird bath that we put out every summer. 

A sweet gift from my youngest son, Dustin on a previous Mother's Day. 

I love coming out here in the morning with my coffee, surrounded by sweet tokens from my loved ones. 

The pansies that I planted earlier this Spring are putting on quite a show now. 

I also planted this white Clematis vine. 

My pansies look on curiously. 

Angels keep watch. 

These Monkey Face pansies are re blooming from last year's plants. 

I under planted them with miniature Iris bulbs yet to bloom. 

Pansies, pansies everywhere! You can't have too many! 

But very soon they will be fading and going to seed, so I have stocked up on flats of summer flowers. 

Petunias, Lobelia, Impatiens, Coleus. 

All waiting patiently in their flats for me to pot them up. 

Next weekend The Mr. will put up the canopy gazebo on the far end of the deck. Then I can put flowers down that end. It is very shady there from the Big Leaf Maple, so I will pot up Impatiens and Coleus, as they thrive in shade. 

Now that it is warmer, strange insects appear. 

Here a stick bug rests on the screen by the porch light. 

More Iris await bloom time. 

As Mt. Rainier peeks above the clouds. 


Do you have a special place of your own to relax? 

What kinds of flowers are you planting this spring? 


  1. you do have your very own, personal garden center. really nice - full of color and comfy, too. and the most impressive view. :)

  2. Hi Karen! I am deathly afraid of stick bugs. Had one fall on my little self when I was three. I screamed as I ran inside to my mother. It was the startle factor that got me, I think. I thought it was one thing, when, really, it was another. I just knew that Real Sticks Don't Walk! Lovely post, though -as usual! xxoo, m

  3. Your garden is so pretty. What a lovely space you created. I love all the varieties of flowers you have.

  4. Oh my good, your porch is absolutely amazing. I love all the iron and the blue and the pastel flowers. The plant stand is so pretty. I´m always looking on fleamarkets after an old oron plant stand. Last week I was lucky and found an old enamelware sink for the garden - will put flowers in it. Enjoy your beautiful porch and have a nice weekend,

    Tanja from germany

  5. What a beautiful area to relax in...I would never get any work done I would be to busy enjoying all this beauty....I like to relax in the Garden in the evening when I return from work with a nice cup of tea.. Hugs May x x x

  6. That is a great little spot to sit and dream and enjoy a cup of coffee, very pretty, it makes me long for spring it's a bit stark around here.

  7. Your deck is so cute - such lovely things out there to enjoy, plus a view of your very own mountain.

  8. I am just getting around to putting out flowers and planting a few seeds. The weather has not been cooperative! Your flowers look so wonderful!

  9. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely flowers on your deck and it makes for a great retreat during the day for escaping the hustle of life!
    You arranged all things so nicely in blue; makes for quite a show all together. Blue and tokens of love...
    Have a great remainder of yet another way too short week!

  10. Your patio is a sanctuary!!! The colors and all of your vintage pieces make that space amazing! I want to come over just to hang out there! What a wonderful place to gather with family and friends!!

  11. I love this area
    Karen, it must be wonderful to be outdoors in this time of year with all these amazing pots and flowers around and the view of the snowy tops of mountains in front... So beautiful and peaceful !

  12. I love all your planters and plants. I have pansies growing as well,I love them and the slugs don't eat them like they do the primroses. If the weather is nice on Sat. I hope to put up my little greenhouse shelf I got from hardware store. I want to put plants in there as well, maybe start get a couple tomatoes as well in there. I've wanted one of these little houses for awhile and got it while on sale where I work. Phil mowed the blackberries down in my flower bed 2 weeks ago, just a day after I got home from my trip. I asked him to. Now we wait til the leaves back back out then spray them. We've been fighting them every year! Have a great weekend!

  13. Your garden is wonderful with all those flowers and the most impressive view.

  14. Hello Karen
    Great image series you show. Can see that you love flowers and enjoy. Wishing you and your a good day / good weekend :) Hugs!

  15. Hi Karen I am sure I would surely enjoy visiting and enjoying a cup of coffee in your little piece of heaven that you have created with love. Amazing photos. I can almost hear the soft quiet sounds while surrounded by that peaceful feeling enjoying my coffee and getting to know you in between. B

  16. What a lovely patio. That plant stand looks amazing!!

  17. Wow, what a beautiful oasis you've created. Your bargain plant stand was such a good find and so perfect for showing off all your pretty blooms. Beautiful pictures!!

  18. I just love everything about this! That plant stand is so cute and what a steal at $10! I'm glad you saw the potential because it is perfect in your space. All your flowers are so beautiful - you must really have a green thumb! I bet it is so nice to be surrounded by gifts from your loved ones :)

  19. such a pretty space! a breath of fresh air, for sure. love that Angels keep watch. such a blessing. thank you for sharing!

  20. Oh my what a place to relax surrounded with homemade loving items and your special touches -- and to top it off with all those flowers I can see why you enjoy this space - I would too! I don't have a special place to relax that's outside and I am not able to plant any flowers yet that the deer don't eat.. That awesome find and then paint it blue perfect O.. Cool Stick bug nice to see it because it's been a long time since I've seen one -- All the flowers are stunning around the deck wow wee so many..

  21. What a beautiful post, Karen! I love all of your pansies, and that plant stand is perfect. Lucky you to get it at such a good price. Your deck looks so inviting, I would want to stay there all day:)

  22. Oh my goodness . . .Favorite place. . . I guess so!!!
    Your deck is gorgeous, your plants and flowers are amazing and the view can not be beat. You are blessed . . . enjoy :)
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Connie :)

  23. I've always thought your deck was lovely but it is absolutely gorgeous with all your sweet additions!
    A purely inviting space!

  24. Your deck looks so inviting - a reflection of your warm heart and the love of your family.

    My favorite place is on my front porch swing. I still haven't decided how to spruce up the porch to make it my own. But it will come in time. <3


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