Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Walk About

I am pet sitting for a few days for my daughter's two mini dachshunds, Peanut and Weenie Baby. 

They love nothing better than a good walk about, so I dressed them in their sweaters and with Champ and Whitey, we set off. 

Hurry up, Hurry up! We're waiting! 

Peanut hates her sweater. Can you tell? But she quickly forgets as we start our walk. 

Getting a photo of these two together when they are outside is near to impossible, but here I snapped a quick one of them in their little pom-poms, investigating a good scent. 

They love coming to 'Grandma's' house because there are so many interesting things to explore! 

Whitey and Champ love having company on their daily walk. Hey, Weenie Baby - wrong way! 
Champ is waiting patiently for me to throw his ball. 

Check out that intense stare. He is purebred Border Collie and his instinct is to 'stare down' his quarry and round them up. He spends most of the day rounding up the squirrels and trying to herd the rest of us! 

He uses that big nose to steer you in the proper direction. Sometimes it is hard to pass by without his constant nudging. (See the bald spot on his nose?) So we stop and tickle him until he comes out of 'herding' mode. 

It was a beautiful winter day and the warm sun made it comfortable enough to stay out for a while. Can you see Mt. Rainier on the horizon? 

First stop was the side yard where Peanut found the best view. When you live so close to the ground, it's always nice to have a good vantage point. 

Look what we found! Daffodils poking up out of the winter ground! This is a good sign! 

Purple 'Winter Berries' brighten up the raspberry patch. 

Some mossy pots of ivy drape a window shelf.

But wherever the sun doesn't shine, pockets of ice and snow linger, 
reminding us that spring is still a long way off. 

As we venture near The Mr.'s woodpile, Champ waits.

Tiny legs are not so quick. 

As we wander the trail behind the shed, great mossy trees welcome our company. 

Here we find a different view of hills beyond our own. 

And a curious tree, forming parenthesis around the view. 

We circle around beside the shed where potting supplies patiently wait for spring. 

Peanut finds another lofty perch on the steps in front. 

We wander towards the ancient Holly tree. 

There are still lots of berries waiting for returning song birds this spring. 

Weenie Baby investigates the twiggy underbrush beneath. 

Only to emerge naked! 

So now I must climb under the holly tree to find her missing sweater! There it is! 

Scratched and with my hair caught, I find a stick, only to have Champ try to take it from me. He wants to play! No, Champ! With one hand holding him back, I fish the sweater out with the other. 

That's quite enough for one day. 

Let's go home! 

I think I need some wine.

Thanks for coming along with us on our Winter Walk About! 



  1. How awesome is that!!! They are soon cute in theirs clothes ;) what a glorious day you had I love spending time with my dogs also. And I love to see when wait compile waiting behind the tree :) it makes me have lil laugh.

    Glorious daughters :D

  2. What a lovely walk - and the photos are outstanding. A view of Mt. Ranier - how lucky. I especially like the holly berries, and the purple ones and the mossy trees, and the parenthesis tree - oh shoot - I love them all. What a lovely place for a walk about. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Good evening, Karen,
    Such beautiful dogs. The "emerging naked" sequence is a hoot! Made me laugh. I'm glad my pic of Ray and Ollie taking a snooze made you laugh. They were both out for the count -slept right through the camera flash. I hope you have a lovely weekend. xxoo, m

  4. Dearest Karen,
    Oh my, lost my comment as I needed to log in again...
    Trying again to write it.
    You made me laugh out loud with those two mini-dachshunds; I had a black and tan one. They are cute but in their sweaters that is hilarious. Peanut doesn't like wearing hers but it was Weenie Baby who emerged naked. How in the world could she just 'strip' underneath such a mean tree as that holly! I got pricked so often by their leaves when pulling weeds, as they get blown all over the place and they are so leathery, they don't lose their mean spirit.
    Your daffodils are well on their way; looking very healthy.
    As for your husband, he's as active as my Dad (still) is with building a wood pile. Hard work but the bonus is you get warm TWICE!
    You had a very cute and lively group for walking and it is unbelievable how your Border Collie Champ has a bare spot on his nose. Over active I guess.
    Thanks again for that recipe of a delicious and perfectly velvety Butternut Squash Soup!

  5. Hi Karen,

    Have just discovered your blog via Mariette.
    Looks like you went on a wonderful walk and enjoyed seeing where you live.
    Your dogs are all so lovely and how darling the little matching sweaters are.

    Happy weekend

  6. What views. So enjoyed walking with you and the dogs. The little guys in their sweaters made me smile. Thanks for visiting Buttercup's.

  7. Peanut and Weenie Baby are adorable in their little sweaters. Whitey and Champ are beautiful dogs too. What a great walk you all had. And you got some wonderful pictures too.

  8. Very nice post. Great photo series and a lovely scenery! ;-)

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  9. Look at all those wonderful furry friends!!! Peanut is adorable!! If I had my way, I would have like 20 dogs :)

  10. Gorgeous photos - both landscape and furry friends. Loved your winter adventures!

  11. laughing at the shed sweater! adore the border collie! oh, so pretty and smart!

  12. I feel like I've went along with you - indeed.. for real!!!! I would love to have a photo taken next to tree that has grown (out of the norm)...
    beautiful grounds you have around you.. blessed!

  13. I really enjoyed our walk together it was so Beautiful, I must confess I did lol When wee weenie baby emerged naked....All the dogs are beautiful... I don't have a dog as I work full time.. But I hope to retire in 4 years time.. and then I would love to give a home to a dog.. I have a cat who I adore at present... Thank you for sharing your day!! Hugs May x x x

  14. I loved the walk about and the lovely scenery! So glad you had such great, energetic company!


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