Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage Finds and Flowers

It was a beautiful sunny morning today, so I headed out to do a little shopping. 

Of course I stopped at my favorite vintage store! 

I also bought some fresh flowers to add some cheer to this cold winter day. 

Don't they make you smile? 

I placed them in my Dear Mother's 14 karat gold banded Lenox vase. 

The silver candlestick is my latest vintage find. 

I also found this sweet vintage platter from Bavaria. 

Perfect for Valentine's treats. 

I do like to decorate inexpensively with thrift store finds. I like to change things frequently, to have a new look and thrifting allows me to do this without hurting the budget. I do love decorating with flowers and I've put together a winter bouquet of lifelike silk chrysanthemums, berries and pheasant feathers in a thrift store urn.  The brass tray is also vintage. 

Another arrangement of faux berries hangs from my kitchen door. 

This thrift store 'painting' is in a repainted frame. Sometimes all it takes is a new coat of paint to turn an ugly frame into something of beauty. This one has a new coat of  silvery green. My pantry was an old tool cupboard that I painted with shades of yellow and blue to look like a distressed antique. I stenciled the olive branch to give it some interest. 

Inside a sweet stenciled reminder whenever I open the door. 

I added the gold scrolled frame when I repainted the door and the colors didn't quite match. Rather than paint over the stencil, I created this 'frame'. 

Vintage cookbooks are always on my list and I found this little treasure which I keep on my 'Kitchen Queen' cupboard door. 

Some cookbooks are too pretty to hide away. I really love hand illustrated ones. 

This is another hand illustrated cookbook I keep on display. 

This little plate stays on the other Kitchen Queen door. I love the soft colors, they go so well with my kitchen. 

I do hope you enjoyed my vintage finds. Now I must find a recipe to fill my new plate! 

Do you collect vintage? 

What do you like to find? 

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  1. I have never collected vintage, but have always wanted to. Everything is lovely, the flowers and photos made me smile. There is such a warm feeling to all your finds. You must be so proud of them.:-)


  2. Oh everything is wonderful - daffodils - my favorite and your little pocket with the white berries is divine. I see these snowberries in the wild but they wilt so fast and are poison - so I should get some artificial ones. I do collect vintage - love dishes,and I have a lot. Right now I seem to be finding pedestal cake plates. I have several milkglass (aonther passion) and today I found a darling 6" clear pedestal dish at an estate sale for 1.00. And I found some vintage birthday cake candle holders - lots and lots of them, not sure what I'll do with them, but there must be something cute to do - or just display them with my other vintage birthday stuff. Also got a shoe box full of old clothespins - the kind you can make dolls out of - for 2.00 - must be 50 or 60 in the box. Fun stuff.

  3. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely collection of interesting things with a story to tell! You do know how to give your home a SOUL as in all you do, you put a personal touch to it. Love your daffodils, they look so cheerful. Can't wait to fill our vases again with early blooming daffodils from our garden!
    Right now I have a vase with white roses from Costco. One I used with the Butternut Squash Soup photos...
    Talking about collecting. In Sydney we did find a charming little pin dish (4" diameter) with roses that we brought home. Funny is that over the years I found via eBay more pieces and mainly from Australia, Tasmania or Canada; not the USA. Another favorite cake platter we found while doing consulting in Calgary and we went on a Saturday together with the manager and his wife to an antique shop. For that one I found many more companion pieces over a few decades; also with roses. So romantic and so soft.
    Lately I've not been adding more; guess our shelves are filled and what we have we use when we can. Hope we will remain fit for doing this for many more years. Enjoying nice things with our friends.
    Hugs to you,

  4. What a lovely post! Karen. I also like collecting vintage items and my family too so when I find someone who does it I love because Not everybody understand it. So congratulations for your great collection.


  5. Another Beautiful post Karen, Love your vintage finds, the flowers did bring a smile to my face.. Simply Perfect!! Hugs May x x x

  6. Hi Karen, I adore your vintage cottage style- touching tribute to your grandmother and dedication to your family.

    The beautiful yellow Daffodils (smile:) among your vintage plates add a delightful touch of spring on a winters day.

    My thanks for stopping by-
    Have a happy day ~:)

  7. My favorite is the blue set on the table...I have a pitcher from my grandmother's home that looks like it may belong to that set...I love the soft blues...they go so well with the cheerful daffodils!!! I could just cozy up in your home and never leave ;)

  8. I love all of your finds! My favorite thrift store closed awhile ago, so now I have to go to an antique mall to get my fix of vintage. The prices aren't as good, but they have some incredible stuff.
    Have a great day, Cindy

  9. You have a beautiful home. The flowers really do cheer me up. I have some family vintage items such as tea cups and an old sewing machine. Thanks for the visit!

  10. We are a lot alike. :) I switch stuff around frequently, too- which makes thrifting the ideal answer. Also, I'm always on the lookout for silver and vintage cookbooks! Lovely finds and the flowers are beautiful!!!

  11. I admire your energy and creativity.
    I wish you a very nice week.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  12. oh I love your house and your collection! They are just so stunning!

    Happy Sunday and have a glorious day!


  13. I love how you've decorated you home with vintage finds. It's beautiful. Love fresh flowers too.

  14. I do love thrift store items, and I love all your finds! I'd much rather have something antique over something brand new. Those flowers do make me smile :) Nothing like bright, fresh flowers to pick you up.

  15. Each little treasure is sweeter than the next. I do like vintage, but I have very limited space, so I don't collect very much. Love your kitchen door berry decoration.

  16. I love your house, everything is lovely!!!

  17. treasures treasures!!! good for you! and daffodils already! beautiful!

  18. What a pretty tablescape, the daffodils do brighten it up! Love your new vintage plate, so delicate. We have some vintage pieces though our place is mostly contemporary style. Our latest find was an antique silverware set for a steal at an estate sale. Hubby has been polishing it. Thanks for the lovely tour of your beautiful home! :)

  19. You certainly have an eye for beautiful things. It was a fun "walk through." Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  20. The art work on the wall of the photo with the chrysanthemums, berries and pheasant feathers - I had this same art work in my house years ago.We have a lot of the same taste in decor... love it! You are giving me tons of ideas as I visit your blog..Thanks and no I don't have any such item that I collect.. but I may start...

  21. It's all SO pretty!! Love the daffodils! You have some beautiful things!

  22. It's late and I'm "supposed" to be headed back to bed, but I'm enjoying catching up on your lovely posts! I love to collect and decorate with vintage finds. Unfortunately, there isn't as much room in this apartment so I will have to move things around often. Lovely photos as always!


  23. So liking that candlestick and that painting is wonderful! You have so many beautiful pieces!! Thank you for the kind words at my blog! Your blog is so lovely and your profile about your family touched my heart! All the best! Nicole

  24. Now that I'm back in the States, I'm finally getting to look around for great finds. I recently found a bed for my Jillian's room (she has my old iron bed at her condo now) - it's so beautiful - shipped up the river from New Orleans in the 1920's. I feel as though it was meant for me! <3


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