Friday, January 4, 2013

Sweet Tokens of Love and Friendship

Don't you love sweet tokens of love and friendship? 

If they are handmade or sentimental, that makes it all the more endearing. 

During the holidays, our family drew names to exchange gifts. 

My name was picked by my son's sweetheart, Jen. 

These were some of the lovely gifts she gave to me. A handmade bouquet of roses in a sweet jeweled jar, a decoupaged ornament and two darling handmade journals in a shadow box for display. 

Lovely as can be. 

A Dear friend from Scotland, Christine sent me these exquisite hand knitted wearables. 

Look at the loving workmanship. 

You can see more of her loving stitches: here.

She also sent me some wonderful books and a writing pad. Don't you just love the cover papers? 

And a sweet vintage porcelain heart box to add to my collection. 

My Dear 'Sis in Law' sent me this vintage embroidered silver holder and some of her delicious homemade relish. 


Her son and his darling wife just had a new baby boy. 

So I crocheted a tiny sweater. 

Only my second attempt at crocheting a sweater, after not crocheting in years! 

It did take me longer than I thought, two months! 

But I enjoyed every stitch. 

We haven't had a baby in the family for quite a while. 

This sweet new Mother lost her own Dear Mother just weeks before her little son was born. 

My son's sweetheart works at Children's Hospital with critically ill children. 

Christine's own daughter is suffering a debilitating illness. 

My Dear Sister in Law and her Husband just lost their other son two year's ago. 

All of these wonderful women are so loving and giving, despite the hardship in their lives. 

These sweet Handmade Gifts and Precious Tokens of Love Mean So Much. 

The gift of precious time infused with love. 

Have you received a handmade gift from someone you love? 



  1. Such wonderful gifts! Handmade gifts are so thoughtful. I really love them.

    Your crocheted sweater is so cute! Great job!

  2. My sister give me two crocheted dishrags such gifts are always welcome.I enjoyed seeing all your homemade gifts -- those roses in the jar are beautiful - that's my favorite from your gifts..
    Hugs.. have a super weekend

  3. All the gifts are so pretty and unique! Your baby sweater is adorable! How wonderful to give and receive special gifts from loved ones :)

  4. You received some lovely gifts! Your baby sweater is so cute. I love the soft blue and I'm sure the parents will appreciate it.

  5. Beautiful Handmade gifts each made with love, your crocheted baby jacket is adorable! those roses are amazing.. Happy New Year to you & your lovely family.. Hugs May x x x

  6. Dearest Karen,
    My guess is that there is nothing as therapeutic as creating something with your hands. It keeps your mind busy in a pleasant way, distracting from grief and it yields satisfaction for creating something beautiful. Your own work is also very pretty; well done after such a lapse of time.
    Hugs to you,

  7. There are few things as nice as receiving a lovely handmade gift that so much thought has gone into.

  8. Thank you for visiting me the other day...your gifts you received are so lovely and thoughtful. I am thinking your baby sweater is just are one step ahead of me...wish I could create something that special.
    Sending you oodles of blessing for a wonderful start to your New Year! xoxoxo

  9. Karen you are so sweet, thank you for your kind words. Your baby sweater is adorable! I would love to be able to crochet more than just the roses I learned how to do before Christmas. Someday! As you say, there's something about the fact that while the person is making something for you, they are thinking of you - it's an investment of thought and good energy and maybe prayers, as well as of time and wool. "Time infused with love" is a great way of putting it. x

  10. You got some lovely gifts, those ornaments are so cute, I love handmade flowers!
    Xx Vicky

  11. Love your crochet little sweater in blue and white!

    And your received gifts were beautiful also..

  12. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It is much appreciated!! You received some lovely gifts. The cardigan looks very sweet too. Like you I only started crocheting last year and I enjoy it very much!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  13. that´s great gifts all of them. :)

  14. The gifts your received were so sweet and thoughtful. I love the sweater you crocheted as well. So sorry for the loss of their loved ones...

  15. Wow the gifts were so beautiful....and what a great job you did with your crocheting. I haven't done it in years just gets too hot here in Florida to have 'yarn' sitting in your is supposed to be 80 degrees later this week. As always, thank you for your sweet comments over at my place. Your visits are deeply appreciated.

  16. Precious gifts! I love the things people are doing for others. I think that is the best way to heal broken hearts.

  17. You are surrounded by such creativity! What a beautiful Christmas you will remember every time you use your gifts. <3

  18. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts - so full of the things that make family and friends so dear. And the crocheting for new baby boy - what a delight, there is nothing to spark up our lives like a brand new, fresh baby.

  19. Hand made gifts are so precious as someone took time, put their heart in making the gift and thought of you while making it. To me more dear than diamonds and gold.
    A belated Happy New Year, Karen to you and your family.


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