Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Fairy Tale

Of course I stayed awake all night to see the Royal Wedding. I simply couldn't miss it. There it was, a real life Fairy Tale, and in living color! I started thinking about why so many people love a good Fairy Tale Wedding. Here it was, the beautiful commoner, marrying her handsome Prince. I think I have come to some conclusions about that. First of all, the pageantry was spectacular; the castles, the uniforms, the horse and carriage! And there she was, the beautiful princess in her diamond tiara, entering the spectacular Abbey to marry her Prince. And then it came to me why we love the Fairy Tale wedding so much. We all want to marry our handsome Prince, the one man that cherishes us out of all the damsels in the kingdom. It comes down to that one word, Cherish. And no matter whether we get married in a spectacular ceremony, or under a cherry tree in a field, it is knowing that there is one person in the whole kingdom who loves and cherishes us above everyone else that keeps the Fairy Tale alive. So, even if we can't be Princess of Camelot we can be Queen of 'Quite a Lot'

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