Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at G&E's

Yesterday we had a lovely Easter Brunch at my oldest son G and fiance E's chic townhouse. I always love to visit them as they are excellent hosts. My son is the chef of the family, and a very creative one at that! He served a delicious meal of savory quiche on a salad with his own dressing of oil, vinegar, fresh orange juice and honey! We also had black forest Ham. I baked a coffee cake, and there were Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's to help us along.

My future in-laws were also there and now I know where E
gets her sweet personality. It is always a joy for me to have my whole family together and now the family is expanding soon to include these wonderful people.
I made up some tiny Easter Baskets and little pots of purple flowers to hand out. I can't quite give up my Easter Basket tradition, even though there are no little ones yet!

We also celebrated my youngest daughter J's birthday. I found these delightful little cakes at the bakery instead of a birthday cake.

It is always exciting for me to come around the corner and get the first glimpse of 'The Emerald City'; Seattle! Although, yesterday was very gray and rainy, so it was more like a city in the mist. G&E live in a posh little community of townhomes. They remind me of something you might find in Amsterdam! I love the way each one is painted a different color.

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