Monday, February 4, 2019

Sharing my Heart(s)

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are keeping cozy 
as we begin this new month of February. 

It is always a challenging month for those of us
in the northern hemisphere as we impatiently 
wait for spring. 

It is also the month to share our hearts with 
those we love on Valentine's Day. 

As you can see, Old Man Winter has paid us a little visit
today! We woke up to this.....and it is still snowing. 

I've been having fun in the sewing room
while I wait for spring. 

Come along and I'll show you what I've been up to. 

I've sewn a whole, happy little pile of pillows to cozy up 
my daybed in the kitchen alcove. 

It all started with the print of Tuscan poppy fields 
to commemorate our trip to Italy last summer. 
(I haven't forgotten that I need to share that with you soon)

The rose pillow was made from a beautiful Irish linen 
tea towel that my sweet sis-in-law sent to me a couple of years ago. 

The colors are so absolutely perfect! I could 
never think of actually using it as a tea-towel. 

The red check pillow cases were also tea-towels that I added 
a bit of rick-rack to. They are so simple to make and 
fit a standard sized bed pillow. I simply sewed two together
after sewing on the rick-rack. 

The black and white gingham pillows were also simple to make. 
I sewed the rick-rack before sewing the front and back together. 
Then I sewed around the edges just outside the rick-rack to 
create a flange along the edge. 

I stuffed it and then sewed buttons front to back
to create an indentation. 

The bed-covering is a flannel sheet 
that I had on hand. 

My Ritz cracker tin picks up the gold in the poppy print. 

 The colors just make me so happy on these cold winter days! 

I've added some 'love' to my Kitchen Queen 
cupboard, too. 

Just a few happy little things. 

I found the itty-bitty mailbox at Target in the dollar bin!

Do you remember sharing Valentines with classmates in primary school?
I was always the shyest girl in the class and would only get a few.
That was before it was mandatory to share with everyone.
One year (5th grade), I received one from the cutest boy in the class.
(At least, I thought so :)
Even though I was shy, I managed to thank him.
He sent me a love-letter the next year, but I moved away
and our love was not to be.  
The faux cherries came from my local craft store. 

Sweet vintage hankies. 

My Susan Branch cookbook. 
I love hand-illustrated cookbooks. 

A vintage valentine. 

The post-date is 1909. 
Sent to Miss Mary Ware
Gov. Ave
Dover, Delaware
from Annie. 

It's so amazing that it has survived all this time. 
110 years old. 

I crocheted the little heart. It has an opening 
to put a scented cotton ball inside. 

I made two. 
I collect vintage crochet pot-holders. 

Some hand-decorated candy boxes. 
I made them a few years ago with scrapbook papers,
doilies and trims.

A velvet candy box from Ramblin' Man.
(He likes to help me empty my candy boxes
so I can use them for other things :)

I just found these enamelware canisters
at my local craft store.
I collect vintage enamelware, but
these new little darlings fit right in.

I use them to hold my herbal teas.

Some of my vintage enamelware on the shelf
my daughter made in a 7th grade woodworking class.
It was the one and only time she ever went near power tools.
It was a required class.

Sometimes life can force us to be brave.
To try new things.
To overcome fears.
To heal a broken heart.

I found this little tag on something that now I can't remember,
but it occurred to me that it perfectly describes
our hearts.
Crushable and Packable.
Fragile but resilient.
And portable enough to handle any situation.
Sometimes requiring lots of tape.

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I hope you will stay with me, Dear Friends!
I don't want to lose you!


  1. Beatrice, love the pictures and post. I just can't believe how much snow we had. Stay cozy.

    Hugs Diane

  2. I know what you mean about the colors making you happy -- they make me happy too. Especially when the days are either white or gloomy (or both!). You snow pix, though, are lovely and I love each and every one of the Valentine photos. They make me smile big!

  3. Karen, the rose pillow you made is so pretty. You know how much I love roses. And the black and white pillows are nice too. Black and white is just a good combination. The Ritz tin for the flowers is a creative idea. I always love to see your RED treasures in your cupboard. The Target dollar bins are the best, and I usually stop there first before shopping any further. The crocheted heart you made is sweet too. It's always a joy to see your lovely items around your home, and I thought that was the cutest story about your school days. I remember well the Valentine's that we sent out to classmates. Such fun times for sure, and I have good memories of it.

    I hope you have beautiful February days, Karen.


  4. As always a delightful showing of your lovely home and your wonderful collectibles.

    Happy Love month ~ FlowerLady

  5. Your home is heavenly!How cozy and pretty...I always admire your vintage crochet pot-holders collection!The snow pictures are gorgeous too!Keep warm!

  6. I always love taking a peek into your cozy home, Karen! Your new pillows and daybed cover make your room so cheerful and happy. It's so nice that you can change up the look whenever you get the urge. Your kitchen cupboard looks exceptionally pretty all decked out in my favorite color. Thanks for tour, my friend! xxoo

  7. I can see you are all ready for Vslentine's day and that you are cosy inside sewing while the snow piles up. Thanks for leaving me a message so I knew that you had popped on another post. Have fun x

  8. Hello sweet friend, your home is filled with beauty and indeed ready for Valentine's Day.
    You both make and find the most incredible, pretty items for decorating your home.
    Happy Valentine's Day! xx

  9. Hi Karen, I love how you decorated your house so pretty for Valentine’s Day. I love the sewing you did and all the little extras. Hope you stay warm and have a nice week. Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.

  10. Karen,
    I so enjoy seeing your Kitchen and all the wonderful pops of red!! As you know, Love red!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind and encouraging words!! I have decided that I need to worry about ME!! I have always been the major bread winner and therefore, I am the one who worries about health insurance ( since I carry it) and finances!! But luckily, I made financial decisions early in my career that will see us through until i can get my social security at 62 even though I stop working before that.

  11. Karen, you certainly have been busy with your sewing. Love all your pillows and hearts. Your hutch is so adorably vintage and I can imagine enjoying a chilly evening in your sweet kitchen or living room! xo

  12. Red is a HAPPY color and it's just what we all need during the winter doldrums... OMG ... What a fabulous job you did of accenting your warm and cosy kitchen...I just wanted to cuddle up on that daybed and hug the rose pillow... It looks so inviting. Your Valentine decorations are just everything that I love about home, your crocheted heart is delightful as are the pot holders( sweet) ... and I remember making Valentines boxes in school..Oh how I enjoyed decorating them.. I too didn't get as many as other more popular kids... but always there's a sweet ending like your charming little love story. What does Rambling Man think of that ( ha Ha) It's so heart warming to see, a home filled with hand made items and memories like your daughter little spice boxes...That's what life is about Family and Love...Happy Valentines Day Sweet Lady.

  13. your home is always decorated so beautifully, warm and cozy, i love what you have done with the day bed. i have an unhealthy obsession with pillows, among other things!!

    the cabinet looks lovely, red is a pretty color for your kitchen!!

    and don't you just love target, i could spend all day going through the dollar bins!!

  14. I always love seeing your pretty home and what you've been up to, Karen! Do you know I actually have my tomato pin cushions in a wood berry box, too!? It looks just like yours! Kindred spirits!

  15. Greetings dear Karen. Wow, I loved seeing beautiful winter wonderland with all the snow you received. And, I love your dear black/white/red/white decor. You are so talented in everything you do so that your home always looked so well coordinated. I love it! Also, thank you for the kind message you left on my blog; I left a reply for you on my blog. It always a joy to hear from you. I hope you and your dear family are all doing well. Keep warm! Pat xx

  16. Hello, I love all the pretty hearts and the pillows. Your home looks so comfy and inviting, very pretty. I love the cabinet and all the happy items. I think we may still have a month and more of winter. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend ahead.

  17. You have such a wonderful collection of Valentine goodies. Your new pillows look fantastic, I love the black and red together. I like how your hubby helps you eat up the chocolates so you can use the hearts for your decorating :) Wow that was a lot of snow, looks like our last snow fall. We would have a lot more but it had warmed up, so now we have been getting rain the past two days.

  18. Karen, how cheery your beautiful home is. Your valentine collection is wonderful and I love that you kept that little piece of tag. All the pillows are gorgeous, just the right touch in your home, and you certainly have a talent for sewing. I put my name down to receive you in my in-box. I thought I had already done that but just to make sure. Why do they keep messing with our blogging. Someday, I will not be able to figure it all out then that will be the end. I am not good with technology..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  19. what is your storage secret, for your off season items??? It's all so very pretty. You should be decorating for a living!

    1. Thanks for stopping in, my dear! Oh, storage....yes, it is challenging. I broke down and rented a storage unit. Too many pillows, too little space! haha! Plus, I don't have a garage....Thank you for your sweet visit xoxo

    2. How wonderful it all looks Karen! I love how you are able to decorate with the seasons and all other things .....I'm afraid that storage is my problem ( where to put things out of season?)...... I'm working on a plan lol. I also collect vintage enamel ....... it looks like your kitchen cupboard has different coloured enamel at various times? Do you change it as well? I'm in the process of making some new cushions here - I hadn't thought of using tea towels so might look at that option as I have some here somewhere. Take care xo

    3. Hi Sharmayne, yes, I do have different colors for the seasons. I like to change things up that way with thrifty and hand-made finds to keep it affordable. I just get bored with the same old thing..... :) Thank you for stopping by, my dear. Sure wish we could share a cup of tea. xx Karen

  20. Wow your sharing made my day dear Karen!

    what a an absolute JOY to visit your cozy delightful home filled with LOVE WARMTH and PASSION !!!

    you are a wonderful lady with such an amazing soul ,delicately filled with love of life ,family and creativity!

    can not tell how much i LOVED your daybed cushions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and the cupboard beauties!

    i mean WOW! you are so inspiring !

    LOts of love to you my friend! hugs!

  21. Hi Beatrice,
    How much color and charm in your home to brighten up the less colorful winter days.
    I Loved your pillows and hearts, they are so beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend
    All the best for you and a warm hug.
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  22. You have a cozy home and the colors match exactly.
    Best regards Irma

  23. I just love this. Your stove is adorable. All your vintage accessories are just perfect. We're headed to Italy and Tuscany this September. I can't wait now thanks to your darling pillow inspiration. Crushable and Packable. Perfect to remember for our hurts. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.

  24. You make your home look so welcoming and I do like the Valentine items.

    All the best Jan

  25. Beautiful snow scenes! Your home looks so inviting. Nice work!

  26. Sweet friend, your post was a feast for my eyes! Oh, how charming and beautiful your home is. And I just love the pillows you made...too cute!

    I hope you have a most wonderful Valentine's Day! Love and hugs to you!

  27. Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Winter is far from over here as we have gotten some of our largest snow storms in March.... I am afraid we will not see Spring here until at least April if we are lucky!!

  28. Thank you for sharing such valuable information. Loved the art! :)
    Beauty write for us

  29. Hi Karen, you've got some sweet things in your pretty home. I was really impressed with the shelf your daughter made - such a lot of work has gone into it.
    I do love all your cushions... great idea to utilise the tea towels in that way :D)

  30. Love the pillows and hearts, and the old postcard-- so much color, texture and beauty!

  31. I love how you change your decor with each holiday. Your hearts are wonderful as are the pinks! (I never did like Google Plus)


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