Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Winter Day

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are staying warm and cozy 
while we count the days to spring. 

We are in the full throes of winter, here in Washington State;
 in between storms that have left us with 
deep snow and some very hungry birds. 

I don't feed the birds any longer, 
due to rodents and predators, but when 
the snow is deep, I help them along for a while. 

Here we have one of our most colorful birds, 
a Varied Thrush. They are one of my favorites 
with their chubby bodies, black masks and reedy calls. 

Typically, we only see these in fall and winter, as they prefer 
the higher altitudes for nesting. 

We also have sizable flocks of smaller birds, including Dark-eyed Juncos. 
They are very sweet, but have a rigid pecking order. 

My American Eskimo dogs, Whitey Bear and Kai,
 love the snow and happily romp and play. 

We also have a special guest for 2 weeks. 

This is my daughter's new Dachshund pup, 'Lovey'. 

She is very sweet, but not fully potty-trained, 
so we are taking lots of walks in the snow. 

It's nice to come inside and warm up by the fire
with a hot cup of coffee or tea. 
Ramblin' Man keeps the woodbox full. 

It's amazing how fast we get used to colder 
temperatures and can quickly feel overheated! 

Even though it is very cold, it is quite pretty. 

We get one or two snow events every winter, 
but it normally melts quickly, as our weather patterns come
from the south Pacific. (California and Hawaii)
Every now and then, the patterns change,
and we get a cold blast from Alaska and Canada
that hangs around.

It virtually shuts everything down. 

Our Anna's Hummingbirds reside here year round and 
it is a challenge to keep them fed in the cold. 
 I take in their feeders at night,
to keep them from freezing, then get up at first light to set them back out. 
If it is very cold, I have to bring them inside every 2 hours 
 to defrost them in warm water. 

I am like a mother hen, worrying and fussing over them. 
They fly around my head as I hang the feeders, 
as they have become quite tame.

Or.....they are trying to attack me. 
I can't tell which! haha! 
So far I haven't lost an eye.....

It was only 2 weeks ago that I was outside 
working in the gardens......

There are still plenty of berries on the holly trees 
to feed the robins, and I can hear them gossiping as they feed. 

Winter will be over before we know it, 
so I am trying to enjoy it while I can.

I know that on some future long, hot summer day, 
I will think of these cool, frosty times
with wistful longing.  

"A gardener must not feel sorry for himself, even in winter, 
and no matter how great the cause."
-Henry Mitchell-
The Essential Earthman (1981)

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Beatrice, gosh we have had a lot of snow in such a short time. Right now there is over 9" on the ground with more to come. I have been filling the bird feeder and also the peanut feeder for the Stellar Jays and then thawing out the hummingbird feeder. I am so looking for the a nice warm Spring.

    Hugs Diane

  2. Karen, Oh such gorgeous bird photos. We do feed the birds. I don't think we have the predator or rodent problem. We did have to fix the bird feeders to the stands because the squirrels and raccoons would otherwise knock them down. Love seeing the pups. And a new dachshund puppy to play with! So sweet. XO

  3. Your garden does look beautiful but you can't help feeling sorry for the poor little birds. Luckily they have you to help defrost their food and water. Come on Spring. x

  4. Hello, I am so happy to see you linking up your post. Your birds are so pretty. I love the colorful Varied Thrush and your sweet hummingbird. All the dogs are adorable, cute photos. The snow looks so cold, I am glad to see the birds have you taking care of them. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week. PS, thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.

  5. The Varied Thrush is quite fabulous. One made its way here a few winters ago and it was a star attraction for about two months.

  6. Karen, your photos are gorgeous. Your home and surroundings look like a beautiful Christmas card. Whitney and your Kai are both in a perfect setting and the little grand is just the cutest little guy. The birds must just adore you. I don't think we get hummers here in the winter. All so pretty and just stay warm around your cozy fire..Happy Weekend..Judy

  7. Such lovely photos, Karen! Your storms have tracked across to us, and we are buried under snow, too! At least it is pretty and that way-below-zero stuff is GONE. I love seeing the bird photos, we have a lot of juncos here, too, but I have never seen a thrush like beautiful! Happy Sunday to you!

  8. really stunning snow photos... laughed at the eskimos who disappear in the snow! And the pup is so pretty and delicate. Milo would go out, pee three times, come in and pee on the rug. Oy. The bird prints in snow is a precious picture, worthy of framing!

  9. Your Winter Wonderland is beautiful. So many postcard photos to be seen here. Your fire looks inviting and cosy. How lucky Lovey is to sit on that lovely couch of yours. I would mind sitting there myself and drinking in all the loveliness of your delightful home. Those birds are very sweet. Love the first pretty he is. Soon your Winter will disappear and head on down here.....pity really....but I am most happy to share Spring and Summer with you. =)

  10. I'm glad to have found a way to keep in touch with you and get your updates by bookmarking and reading from my bookmark bar. Such heavy falls of snow that settle must be challenging although I'm sure you get used to these weather patterns. I'm expect your wood stove throws out a good heat to keep you warm at such times. The birds are pretty creatures and thanks to your dedication the humming birds especially get some sweet nourishment. Wishing you a good new week.

  11. It looks so pretty your neck of the world to me, living in our Sweaty Betty Bangkok! Our Aussie Crazy Poodle would not know what to do in the snow and quite possibly find a snowy widdle quite impossible! Your daughters puppy is adorable! Keep feeding those little birds, that is an impressive commitment thawing out the feeder every 2 hours!
    Wren x

  12. Hello I am still alive! I c an not get the post off my side bar . I just was thinking of you Dear Bea.. Hope you are warm and safe . Maine is expecting more snow over all this ice. I take my himming bird feeders in in Oct I can't believe you have humming birds in the snow. Be safe Hugs yvonne and Mr. Bennie My wonderful dog

  13. Thank you for your beautiful winter photos.

    I need to get a hummingbird feeder so that I can get some photos of them. They sip nectar from different flowers that I have, but flit away too fast for me to capture them with my camera.

    Keep warm and safe in your lovely home with Ramblin' Man and your critters ~ FlowerLady

  14. Hi Karen,

    Your winter world is lovely! Oh, those birds. I don't see colorful ones in the winter other than maybe a cardinal or jay. Glorious! And I love your sweet dogs.

    Thanks for popping over to Marmelade Gypsy a day or two ago! Always good to see you!

  15. That yellowish orange bird sure is pretty. Don't see them around here. The hummingbirds are enjoying the feed that you put out for them. Your white dogs blend in with all that white snow! They're precious, Karen. Your fire looks so warm and cozy. I haven't had to use the fireplace, as it doesn't get terribly cold here during the Winter, but it's colder now that we've had all that rain. That is one of the prettiest spider webs I've seen. They fascinate me so much.

    It's so lovely around your neck of the woods, and I really enjoy seeing what's happening in your life, Karen. I especially love those sweet birds and like to see the different species in all the states.


  16. Your winter wonderland looks so pretty, such lovely birds you have visiting your home. I can only imagine the hummingbirds are letting you know how thankful they are for you going to such lengths to keep them fed. Your grand dachshund is way too cute. I can only imagine all the work to get it potty trained in the winter time.

  17. Such beautiful warms my heart! Small birds are surreal when you think how tiny their bodies are and they survive the outdoors temps. The dogs are adoooorable!! Super cute! Your house warm and cozy with the fire going in the fireplace. Have a great week.

  18. Once again a wonderful selection of photographs.
    So nice to see all the dogs including your daughter's new Dachshund pup …

    Hope you are having a good week.

    All the best Jan

  19. your birds are so beautiful, it is amazing to me to see hummingbirds during the winter!!

    i am "snow envy", we have only gotten a very little!!!

    1. is that your couch?? i really liked it the way it was!!!

  20. Karen, your photos make the snow look inviting! And you two dogs look so at home in the snow. It's so sweet the way you take care of the birds. I think few people would go to those lengths. Stay cozy!

  21. Wonderful pictures,dear Karen!Such beauty!Your pets and birds are so cute!Hugs!


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