Sunday, February 17, 2019

Cabin Fever

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you all had a 
Happy Valentine's Day and that you 
managed to treat yourself to something sweet :) 

I use any excuse to beg for chocolate. 

(Sorry, Lovey, chocolate is lethal for dogs)

My wish was granted.......
Ramblin' Man managed to get down off this 
little mountain, after our big snow started melting, 
just in time :)

Meanwhile, the rest of us had a very bad case of 
cabin fever! 

The floors were littered with chewed up doggie bones, 
and all the pillows were askew, 
as we waited and waited for the snow to melt. 

We had to shovel snow off the deck twice, 
after the snow reached over 8 inches deep each time. 
That was a lot of work and we were full of aches 
and pains for days. 

These guys just got to play......
We still have our little house guest, Lovey 
the dachshund, for another week. 

Whitey Bear and Kai are enjoying 
the company. 

I fed the birds during our snow, inside the dog pen
to protect them from predators as much as possible. 

They made a huge mess. 
I had so many birds.......
They stripped all the branches of moss 
above my walkway, looking for bugs, 
and there was moss and twigs and branches 

It didn't take long for the predators to come. 

There he is.......
perched right on the flight path,
early in the morning.

A Rough-legged Hawk.

These are common winter residents, 
here in Washington state, 
nesting in Canada's Northwest Territories
and Alaska. They are much smaller with weaker talons
than other birds of prey, which means they must 
hunt for smaller prey. 

Luckily, these little sweeties are too fast to be on the menu. 
This is a female Anna's Hummingbird. 
The male has a dark head that shines a 
deep rose red in direct sunlight. 
Both have iridescent green bodies. 
They are partial, to non-migrator's, 
which eat insects, nectar and sap from holes drilled 
by sap-suckers. 

She sits on my Rugosa rose, surveying her kingdom. 

Soon, the Anna's will be joined by the smaller Rufous 
Hummingbirds which migrate all the way to 
Central and South America! 

The snow has melted, for the most part, leaving 
us with fog and mist to start the day.

Gradually dissipating.....

Leaving just a necklace of coral
around Mt. Rainier to end the day. 

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  1. oh karen, the snow is so beautiful, but i surely understand the work involved in removing it. you don't have a snow blower?? i wonder if that would be a good investment!!

    i have a hawk hanging around my yard too. it is elusive for pictures but loves to feast on my little song birds who are still hiding out. i am so happy that they are so smart but i miss them terribly!!

    gorgeous pictures today, your view there is stunning!!

  2. Hello Karen,
    your life sounds always interesting, even when the snow covers everything. :)
    Your bird photos are lovely. Oh, I so wish we had hummingbirds here!
    We have about 60 cm of snow now, but the days are becoming brighter all the time. :)
    Have a lovely week ahead! Big hugs!

  3. Hello Karen, I love your sweet dogs. You do see some pretty birds there, the Varied Thrush is lovely and the hummers are beautiful. Even the Hawk is a beautiful bird. Gorgeous views and photos! Thank you for linking up. Have a happy day and new week ahead. PS, I appreciate the comment too.

  4. Hello Karen, oh the snow looks beautiful but yes shoveling that much snow is a lot of work. We have been very lucky here so far this winter without a lot of snow but cold weather. The dogs look so cute and must of had fun in the snow. I love looking at that mountain, so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for the visit to my blog.
    Julie xo

  5. Better you than me having to shovel snow. Hopefully you won't have too much more of it to deal with. It is pretty, but I would get tired of it really fast I'm afraid and would definitely be having cabin fever.

    I looked at our weather for the week earlier, and it will be in the 80's all week. Right now it is 83 and with the humidity, the real feel is 93. Say WHAT!!! This is miserable for February. I worked outside for 2 hours until I couldn't stand to be out there any longer. The a.c. feels mighty good. I'm trying to get things done before this kind of weather is here to stay for the next 6 months or so. I better get out earlier in the mornings to get more done.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Your dogs are delightful! I get the cabin fever thing. What a grim February this has been (though in Michigan it started in late January.) No matter -- when there is snow and ice and bad weather it doesn't matter the month. But what wonderful hawk sightings and the beautiful mountain. I'll give it pretty, to be sure! Thanks for stopping by, too!

  7. Stunning pictures,dear Karen!It is always a pleasure stopping by!Hugs!

  8. wowie! You sure got a lot of snow! Your pup brigade is so cute. That baby is the prettiest color. Milo has cabin fever too. He just dragged me out into the snow, walked a mile, pooped, played with a dog, checked pee-mail, came home ate lunch with chips on it, and is lying by the back door watching snow. He needs those pups to come here for a visit!

  9. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos.
    It starts in the warmth of your home and after, you shows us these wonderful landscapes. I especially loved the photos of Mt. Rainier.
    Your dogs are so beautiful.
    Warm hugs
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  10. Such a lovely view and wonderful feathery visitors. I would not like all that snow though.

  11. I know all that snow was quite some work for the two of you, but oh my did it give you a lovely winter wonderland look. We always had to shovel our deck for our little dachshund peanut, she wouldn't go outside if she had to walk through snow on the deck. I will say after all the snow and ice we have had this year I don't miss having to deal with all that with her. Beautiful pictures and glad things got better so hubby could make it to get the important stuff.... Chocolate :)

  12. Goodness me … so much snow, no wonder you had aching muscles!

    Lovely to see your wonderful selection of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  13. Oh Karen, that sounds like a lot of snow! I hope it melts away soon and spring arrives to your beautiful mountain! The puppies look like they are enjoying life! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  14. So much snow almost seem surreal to me. The white dogs in the snow looks like they belong here. Beautiful!

  15. Karen, looks like you had your fair share of snow. It all looks so beautiful. Our dogs don't like the rain but seem to really enjoy the snow. Little Robin's feet are so tiny that it scares me when she gets so cold, but she doesn't seem to mind it. We had another snow "storm" last night and it was a duzzie! Sun is shining brightly today and it is melting fast..Happy Thursday..Judy

  16. Thank you, Karen for the beautiful card/letter. I am so glad you like the little treasure box! I hope you have a restful weekend. xo

  17. have Anna's hummingbirds! How exciting! I've always hoped that we would have them here, but I think our winters are a bit too much for them here. I enjoyed seeing your picture of your rather handsome but unwelcome predator, hoping that the birds and other critters will see him first. Nature is so cruel in some ways. I watch our turkeys that gather here in the winter, and it is sad to see how mean they are to each other, and how sickly many of them are. But if I feed them, we will be overrun. It's hard. It looks like you've had your fair share of snow this year, and your dogs certainly are enjoying it! Glad you got some chocolate on Valentine's Day :) Always enjoy a visit with you Karen, blessings!

  18. all photos are great thatv make me happy


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