Friday, November 2, 2018

This Golden Season

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are enjoying
the golden light of autumn, as we run 
full gallop on our journey through time. 

I try to pull up the reins
to slow life down as often as I can, to enjoy
 every amazing moment along the way. 

As if to console us for the long, cold nights ahead, 
this beautiful season puts on a show.

A favorite little farm nearby

The road to home

Almost home

Morning mist rises. 
Afternoon sun casts a golden glow.  

These beautiful colors are so inspiring.
I imagine crocheting a scarf with these colors,
or creating a watercolor sketch......

I want to capture the warmth and harmony. 


The table-runner and flowers from each of my daughters,
bring in some of that wonderful warmth. 

Did you notice the balloon garland above?

I had some orange balloons (from a pack of multi-colors)
 and a permanent marker........
It was one of those 'spur of the moment' ideas.
Aren't they fun?
They would look cute with green curling ribbon for 'stems'. 

I found this embroidery in a local shop, years ago. 
Sorry for the glare on the glass.
You can see part of my kitchen reflected
 in the glass - the trash cans, stove and dog gate
leading into the living room. 
If you look on the left of the frame at the reflection in the glass,
you can see the balloon garland. 

Now look to the left of the balloon.......

Do you see the creepy face?!
It looks like a Chinese Dragon! 

This scared the wits out of me until 
I realized that it was just the reflection of the antique plant hanger!
o   o
(You can see the hanger in the previous photo)

Is that the creepiest thing ever?
Now I'm convinced that picture is haunted......
Ramblin' Man keeps teasing me by pointing
out weird reflections everywhere.
He's a brat.

It was All Hallow's Eve, and the Kitchen Witch was baking.......

In hopes of luring some chubby little children to her 
gingerbread house.......

She hung some of her favorite art......
(including a landscape featuring her 'gingerbread' house)

And put out her favorite book.

Filled with beautiful and haunting poems and illustrations.

She fluffed the feathers of her favorite pet owl perched on the mantel.....

 And lit her spookiest candles.

Then the Kitchen Witch set out treats in the hopes of luring her victims. .....

She even swept the front entry with her magical broom!

Ooooooo! What do we have here?

A chubby little child!
Or is it a big doggy?

The Kitchen Witch captures this little morsel before he gets away.....

And recruits The Warlock to help capture two more :)
So deliciously chubby!

The witch was very happy.....

It was a successful Halloween!


Thank-you, Dear Friends for your sweet birthday wishes
and for your wonderful friendship over these happy years of blogging.
I hope I have the privilege of many more with all of you.


"One's friends are that part of the human race with
which one can be human"
- George Santayana -

" Friendship is one of the sweetest joys of life. Many
might have failed beneath the bitterness of
their trial had they not found a friend"
- Charles Spurgeon -

"A friend is someone who knows you well
and still likes you"


  1. karen, oh such sweet little children to just gobble up! Your baking just as too tempting for them! xo

  2. What a happy post!

    I always enjoy seeing your beautiful countryside, in any season.

    Love seeing your lovely home also and how you decorate.

    The pic of you and Ramblin Man and your grandlittles is adorable.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  3. Golden indeed! It is simply beautiful!

    And so, too, are your fabulous Halloween cookies. I can never frost them like that and am envious (in a good way) of anyone who can!

  4. Karen you always capture the beauty of Washington and love all the Halloween and foods pictures.

    Hugs diane

  5. Looks like you had some very cute visitors for Halloween, such fun and special moments, I am sure they were happy to sample the baking! I loved your pictures, the road with the trees hanging over near your home is the best.
    That is funny what you saw in the reflection of the mirror, we put a scarecrow in our yard and hubby and I both get caught off guard thinking someone is in our yard, LOL!

  6. Stunning Fall pictures and an adorable kitchen witch with her cute little victims!I also love your cozy and beautiful home and those delicious treats!Hugs,dear Karen!

  7. Lovely landscapes! I do like the colors of autumn!

  8. Such beautiful photographs.
    Lovely seeing you, your husband and your grandchildren.

    All the best Jan

  9. Your part of the world looks so beautiful at this time of year. The colours are wonderful and it's so nice to find them again in your home decor. The children are so cute all dressed up.

  10. What gorgeous pictures of all the Fall colors and love the fun Halloween cookies and grand kids.

    Hugs Diane

  11. Oh the kids looks so adorable!!! What fun it must be for you to have them over for Halloween! Your house looks great with all the decorations. That little owl with the feathers looks very special!! I love it! The book has marvelous illustrations. Well done Karen!

  12. Hello Karen, what a simply delightful post - oh all that baking and brewing in your kitchen is just magical. I love the sweet little darlings you caught too!
    You really create and happy and welcome atmosphere and I loved that last photo of you and your dear ones! :D)

  13. Beautiful Autumn colours....and....look at those cuties all dressed for Halloween!🥰
    Cool weather here...early Winter, after a hot sticky Summer...
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  14. Oh these foggy photos are gorgeous! This is exactly what I love about the Autumn.
    And Halloween themed photos! It's fun for me to watch all these creative Halloween themed things you've made :) Cookies are super spooky :P


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