Monday, November 26, 2018

Hanging Garlands on a Beautiful Day

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you had a lovely weekend
and a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Today is a rainy, stormy day, but yesterday was mild 
and sunny, so I took the opportunity to hang 
Christmas garlands along the deck rails. 

As you can see, I had a little help. 

Whitey Bear keeps me company and is always on alert. 

Along with Kai. I don't think I could live here, 
on the edge of the wilderness, without 
my two loyal guardians and defenders of their kingdom. 
Ramblin' Man is not always around.......
although he wishes he could be.

It was such a beautiful, late autumn day, with long, 
golden rays of sunlight shining through the trees. 
The sun stays low this time of year, even at 'high noon', 
here in the Pacific Northwest. 

The dappled sunlight brought back sweet memories 
of lovely summer days, 
but every little breeze reminds me
 that Old Man Winter is not too far away. 

I stay warm in my late Father's wool flannel, 
with gloves and a thermos of hot, steaming coffee. 
Starbucks breakfast blend. 
My fave. 

Flocks of little birds twitter in the trees ..... 
Chickadees, finches, towhees and nuthatches, 
with sparrows that break into song every so often, 
just because.

 Hummingbirds buzz me in my red plaid shirt,
and scold each other with strange, scratchy voices.

I can hear distant crows and the affectionate calls 
of a pair of ravens that have decided to winter here this year. 

They have several vocalizations, including a 
deep croak and a peculiar 'clucking' call that 
sounds like tapping on a hollow reed.

Curiously, bald eagles have the same call. 

I've read that ravens are known to follow predators,
such as coyotes and eagles to feed on their kills. 
Are the ravens 'calling' for eagles this way? 

Nature works in mysterious ways.

I'm in love with these tiny 'Christmas' trees, 
and have been bringing them home 
to replace summer flowers. 

They live happily in pots. 

I just transplant them into larger pots as they grow. 
You can see one that has grown quite large, 
against the house to the right. 

My 'Glacier Pansies' are blooming, still, 
and I've filled every available container with them,
while they were still for sale at the market. 

These will continue to bloom sporadically all winter, 
and then put on a show this spring. 

Don't you just love those sweet little faces?

My fairy garden stood empty when the fairies 
flew south for the winter :), 
but this little elf had to stay behind. 

Maybe he will set up housekeeping here.......
and decorate for Christmas! 
I'll let you know. 

It's hard to believe that I still have so many blooms 
at the end of November! 

I know that some of you already have snow. 
We are getting snow in the higher elevations, 
and it is only a matter of time before we get some here, too. 
We are at 1200 ft. 

For now, I am enjoying this reprieve! 

A view below.

All the leaves have fallen off the large maple tree
and I no longer have to sweep the deck, 
but now I need to do some raking.
Not too much....only where necessary. 
I love the natural look. 

The garland is finally hung, as the sun gets low. 
 I can hear a far-away chain saw
  and catch the sweet-pungent scent of wood-smoke. 

The flock of crows noisily fly overhead on their way to roost 
in some quiet, secret place, high in the darkening hills. 

There is a definite change in atmosphere as the sun finally sets.
A damp, earthy stillness sets in as temperatures rapidly drop
and dark shadows fill the forest.  
A tree frog croaks, and a robin impatiently lectures his 
friends as they all settle in for the night. 

Another day is left behind, as I gather my things 
and head back inside. 

The days are short and I am glad for my 
 cozy woodland cottage as I turn on the lamps 
 and light a fire to warm my cold fingers and toes. 

I think I will make a beef stew tonight, with fat little dumplings. 
Comfort food to warm the insides and soothe the soul. 

I hope that you are finding comfort in this world tonight, Dear Friends.



  1. Your tiny Christmas trees are adorable. I hope the little elf doesn't get too lonely due to the absence of the fairies. ;)

  2. You always have the best pictures and post. I love seeing all the beautiful pictures.

    Hugs diane

  3. Hello, lovely post and photos. Your Whitey Bear is so cute, I am glad you have the dogs for protection. Your pansies are so pretty and I like the little Christmas trees. Gorgeous view of the mountain. You are lucky to still see hummingbirds there. You have a beautiful yard and deck. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  4. Your post is pure cozy comfort to me, Karen. So much loveliness, I feel like I spent the day with you. A bowl of that stew sounds good, too! It's funny...I always know when an eagle or hawk is in our trees...the crows are so noisy.

  5. such beauty. your dogs are so handsome.... and I never saw such tiny Christmas trees now I want some.

  6. I wish I had blooms like yours still. Alas, all under snow! But I've been decking the halls and such and I have a little helper too -- only she's feline not canine! I could put her in solitary but she's too much fun! Love your cozy evening plans. Beef stew sounds delish!

  7. I'm glad that you have Whitey Bear and Kai as your loyal companions and protectors, Karen. I just planted some pansies in a window box, and put a rosemary tree on my front porch. Your deck is looking so pretty and you know how I love your mountain view...sigh. Hugs to you!

  8. I must say I am a little envious of your blooming November! we have brown crunchy sticks in the ground here! I love your little trees. I have been looking at them and wondering if I can replace the big one with a bunch of littles :-)

  9. How wonderful that you can still enjoy the flowers so late in the season, yes we have already had snow which is uncommon for us, I have a feeling it is going to be a rough winter around here. I love that you have all sizes of Christmas trees all over and your garland is so pretty, so glad you have the dogs there for company :) Love the photos of the mountains, just beautiful!

  10. A lovely post, and I always enjoy seeing your photographs.
    Love the little elf … so sweet :)

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  11. Hi Karen, it looks like you had the perfect day to decorate outside. I loved seeing your sun filled photos of your beautiful home. And, it's always a joy to see your furry family friends. We are having a real, windy, rainy day here in SoCal and it feels glorious. Sending you and your dear family my best wishes, Pat xx

  12. Those tiny Christmas trees are so cute, and they look wonderful in the silver pots. Your pansies are still blooming - the yellow ones are so pretty. The little gnome in the fairy garden made me smile, and I look forward to making one someday for the grandchildren. Your deck is so charming, Karen, and the garland looks great. What a sight it must be to see the hummingbirds flutter about and all the other birds around your area. They really do sing a sweet song for us, don't they? Thank you for always sharing your photos of your home. It's nice to see the changes in each season. : ) It's getting colder here too, and I can just see you in your father's wool flannel. Such special memories for you. Yes, we have to have our Starbucks!


  13. Your post is always inspiring!Gorgeous pictures!Hugs!

  14. What a lovely day that must have been...
    Linda :o)

  15. Such a beautiful post Karen. The pansies are gorgeous and the tiny Christmas trees are so nice in their container. Your words are lovely as you wind down your day. Such magnificent views of the mountain from your balcony, I love that last shaft of light on them. Warm regards :D)

  16. Absolutely beautiful!! Love that dog! Nature is surely lovely around there and what a gorgeous view you got! Whau! I have been slow to decorate this year. We had company from Canada who just left so now we started decorating. Beautiful post! Sending a big friend hug!!

  17. Such a wonderful post, Karen! I can only co-sign everything said above. :) This post is soothing and cheerful at the same time, from the lovely pansies to the majestic mountain tops and from your little helpers (canine and elvish) to your beautiful deck.
    Happy December! xx

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  19. You live is such a stunning part of the world, it must be amazing to have a view of that snowy mountain. Sounds like you had a lovely day and the weather played nice.

  20. A lovely post about your day. Surrounded by nature with the timeless view of the mountains is a blessing. It's a comfort to have the company of your sweet dogs. I hope that as the December weather sets in it's not too cold for you and yours. Wishing you a blessed December.

  21. How peaceful and glorious your photos look with dear pink Mount Ranier shining out. x

  22. Oh God, your photos are amazing! I love Autumn so much! It's my favorite season. Everything is so colorful, days are foggy and with this specific climate. I love Autumn mornings the most - during the sunrise :)


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