Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Charms of September

Hello, Dear Friends - It's been awhile 
since I have checked in with you! 

I want to thank you for all of your sweet visits
and kind comments since I have been away. 

I've been so busy trying to finish all of my summer 
projects, help plan a baby shower, and spend time 
with Ramblin' Man who was off work on 'stay-cation'. 

Is there ever enough time? 

Here in the foothills of Washington State, 
the seasons are showing signs of change. 

Days are shorter, nights are noticeably cooler 
and the trees are starting to show some color. 

The pair of crows that nested here all summer
have now joined the larger flock with the two chicks
they devotedly raised. 

Every evening, just as the sun goes down, 
I hear them calling long before they appear, 
as they fly into the uninhabited wilderness 
to roost for the night. 

And every morning just as the sun rises, 
they journey back to spend the day 
in farmer's fields and small town parks. 

I feel a sense of privilege and awe
to witness this ancient ritual of 
their comings and goings -
unchanged since I've lived here,
over 30 years now. 

I've also watched the graceful 
blue-green swallows arrive every March
and leave every September - nature's 
parenthesis in time. 

 The forest is silent of bird song now, 
except for the shrill call of the Northern Flicker
and the chattering of squirrels as they gather 
seeds and nuts for the long winter ahead.

Soon the hoo-hoo-hoots of owls, the bugling of elk
and the eerie cackles of coyotes will fill 
the frosty nights as autumn closes in.  

Autumn's bounty fills the trees 
that will provide sustenance for winter birds
and animals. 

Here, fir cones are highlighted by the late 
afternoon sun. 

Rowen trees, filled with bright orange berries,
dot the countryside.

Mt. Rainier rises above the horizon. 

Of course, September also means apples
and my own little trees have given 
me a bumper crop this year. 

Some for me........

And the rest for the birds :)

The Northern Flicker is one such customer. 

September also means Dahlias.
My Dear Mother loved Dahlias and grew a large
garden full, sending me home with lovely bouquets
whenever I would walk down the lane to visit.

My Mother's birthday was in September.

We lived a stone's throw from one another for over 30 years.
I can't bring myself to walk there again........
With both of my parent's gone now,
the loss is still too painful.

I couldn't bear to see the Dahlia's blooming
without them.

 But a local Dahlia farm is a lovely sight.

Nasturtiums seem to glow brighter
with the cool September nights.

This one has been splashed with nature's paintbrush.

And who can deny the charms of a September rose?

Sedum blushes in the morning dew.

Wild sunflower catches a hitchhiker :)

Dry stalks of dock decorate the fields.

Rainbows are another September charm,
as the sun hangs low at the end of the day.

 Only when the sun moves past
a nearby hill do we see this treat
in spring and fall.

September also reminds us that it is not
just the squirrels that must put away
for winter, and Ramblin' Man has been working hard.

He also installed this drain in the front walkway.

The neighbor above us on the hillside
rerouted their drainage which was
causing our walkway to fill up with water
every time it rained.

I can tell you that it was no fun wading
through several inches of water to get to
the front door!

As for me, I have been staining the deck the last
few days.

All the plants and furniture have been moved,
the deck has been cleaned and prepped,
and I have been wielding a paint brush
for this annual job.

It's wonderful to have the deck, but with it
comes the yearly maintenance!

My back and knees are feeling the pain......
but it always looks so nice when I am done.

This will also give me a chance to edit the summer flowers......

In between I have been busy crafting some
very special gifts for a 'Rock-a-Bye' Baby Shower
for our future little 'Rock Star'.

This was held last weekend and I will share
the fun in my next post.

My two son's and son-in-law's birthdays are also in September,
and my wedding anniversary, too.

So I hope you will forgive me for neglecting
you, Dear Friends, but you are always in my thoughts!

As September moves along I hope you are
enjoying the charms of these last days of summer
and looking forward to the wonderful days of Fall.



  1. So many lovely things to share with us. Your Autumn sounds much further along than ours. Those nasturtiums are so beautiful. Love the descriptions of the sounds of squirrels gathering their winter goodies. Dahlias are beautiful aren't they and such a special memory of your mum. Looking forward to hearing about the baby shower. B xx

  2. Autumn is just staring to show its beautiful face here with the changing of leaves. I am trying to do some painting on fences and sheds but the rain and mist has stopped work this morning. The dahlias are beautiful this time of year and remind me of my sweet Grandad who used to grow them in his garden. I too am looking forward to hearing all about the baby shower. Take care.

  3. Hello, your September sounds like it will be both fun and busy! Happy Anniversary and happy birthday to all. Your place is just beautiful, gorgeous flowers and views. I love the flicker. Happy Thursday, enjoy your weekend ahead!

  4. Can you believe we are half way through September? I enjoyed your photos and thoughts on the fleeting days of summer (there are a few left!) and hearing what you've been up to. it sounds like a busy month of celebrating for you and I wish you and yours happy days ahead. It is definitely cooler here this morning but we've been having some gorgeous days this month. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

  5. Karen, Such beauty surrounds you! Since we live in the Midwest,seeing mountains is a real treat. Your apple harvest is wonderful! I am sure they will be delicious this winter. Have a wonderful day!

  6. You have been busy and we forgive you:) Your area looks so pretty with the mountains in the distance. I will be treating our deck soon too. It's in bad need of it! You are lucky to have apples from your trees. Ours didn't do to well. I am going to the orchard this weekend to buy some.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Karen!

  7. I can see that you have such a delightful September even though you're busy. :)
    I love the apples and everything in this picture you are such a blessing to people around. I hope that baby shower going well and I believe it will turn perfectly beautiful.

  8. Hello Karen, wow you and Mr. Ramblin Man have been so busy. It is a lot of work when you have a house a lot of property like you have. The fresh apples from your tree must taste amazing. Glad all is well with you. Take care and have a nice weekend.

  9. Hello dear Karen !! Ese arco iris es un verdadero espectáculo !! Linda llegada del otoño amiga

  10. Thank you for sharing the start of your autumn. You two have been busy getting ready for winter.

    Happy Anniversary ~ what would have been our 47th was on the 8th. I sure miss my man.

    Love & hugs for you both ~ Keep enjoying every day you are blessed with. ~ FlowerLady

  11. Oh, right now, how I envy you having cooler nights. Here it's still in the mid 80s at night. Ugh!! But time will come soon for us. At least I hope.

    I would be livid to have so much unnecessary water drainage come into the yard from a neighbor's handywork. Too bad it caused so much work to be done.

  12. September looks like such a wonderful month there in Washington...and I am sure will be for us in Oregon. Your beautiful fall flowers and birds and scenery. Loved the rainbow! Loved the nasturtiums! Glad Ramblin Man has put in that drain for your walkway. Hope October is a month full of color and brisk mornings...Have a great week!

  13. You have a beautiful, serene landscape surrounding your home. A blessing!

  14. It's so nice to see the changes in your beautiful area, Karen. You and your Ramblin' Man have been busy. I know the baby shower will be wonderful for your future Rock Star! I understand your reluctance to pass by where your parent's once lived...such a poignant memory.
    Happy birthday wishes to your two son in law's and Happy Anniversary wishes to you and your hubby.

  15. Lovely post to send Summer off and welcome in Fall! I loved getting an update on what you've been up to.

  16. Greetings my dear friend Karen. You have shared such lovely photos and memories with us today. I understand perfectly about your dear Mom and memories. I too have wonderful memories of my dear mother (& father) and it still saddens me today that they are no longer with us. Your garden/yard looks beautiful. And, Kai look so happy, too! I'm excited to hear more about your baby shower. We've had cooler temps here in southern California but still no rain :( Maybe one day. Take care dear one. Hugs, Pat

  17. Dear KAren,
    thank you for such a beautiful post, so many wodnerful pictrues from your landscape and your septemeber garden! Your Apples look so good, I hope, you got lots to eat and enjoy! Here, the apples are not really good in this year, a lot of them are "sick", and you have to throw them away ....
    Well, tha is nature ...
    You have been busy arround the house too, and you have been creating lovely things:O)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend,m
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  18. Hello dear Karen, September is indeed charming and yours seems to be particularly beautiful. Lovely photos and texts. Enjoy the special events of the month and the beauty of Autumn! xx

  19. Happy autumn, anniversary and thank you for leaving some of your apples for the little birds! We are having the same problem with water from our uphill neighbours, if you had left it you could have skated to your front door in a few months - that would be exotic! We also have decks to be tended, I must admit more and more are putting in the plastic decking which is quite realistic these days and minimal upkeep… but like the fake Christmas tree doesn't quite seem right! Look after your back and knees!
    Have a great weekend
    Wren x

  20. September is such a beautiful month. Especially where you are it seems. And you have written beautifully about it. Wonderful photos. I really feel the atmosphere and hear the birds. Lovely post!

  21. Your photos are always stunning. Your apples look so wonderful! How nice of the birds to share with you, ours don't, lol. My friend has 2 decks and also says it is a lot of work yearly, but your (and her) deck is so pretty and worth it. Glad your hardworking hubby solved your drainage problem, dry feet are nice. :)

  22. your capture of the flicker, off in the distance, is really pretty, he must have good balance!!

    you have been a busy bee, september is a big birthday month around here, with a lot of virgo's!!

    we leave our deck natural, and power wash it every few years. we never stained ours and i'm glad we didn't if it has to be done every year!!!

  23. That must be a sight to see the crows join the flock around this time of year. We still have the birds singing, they love Autumn here! Your apple tree is wonderful! Apples always remind me of Fall. How special that you have Dahlias just like your mother did. My mom's birthday was in September also. Your husband has done a great job and working so hard on your place. What a beautiful rainbow, and is that September Rose just for me? hahaha.

    Autumn is so lovely around your area, Karen.


  24. September is such a lovely month and your photo's are all so gorgeous, and what a lovely mix too.
    You certainly have lots to celebrate with birthdays and anniversaries ... and a time to remember to.

    May the remaining days of September fill your heart with happiness.

    All the best Jan

  25. What a pleasant post. Lots of beautiful photos. The Dahlia's are gorgeous. I'm glad they remind you of your parents, memories are important. Sounds like you have lots going on & I hope the remainder of this month (it's going by quickly) is pleasant.

  26. Hi Karen, The start of fall is gorgeous in your area. Love all your beautiful photos. Sept. sounds like a busy time for you. Have fun and enjoy the process.
    Have a great weekend sweet friend. xo

  27. Wow! September is a busy month for you dear Lady! ;)

    I love your "sights of the season" and continue to marvel over where you live and the beauty all around. And holy apples Batman - you did get a great crop this season!! They look so good. I see baking in someones future. ;)

    I love your sweetness over memories and dahlias. Such a beautiful flower. I think now when I see them I will think of you. I wonder if maybe it would be fun to start a new tradition with dahlias and that path with your grandkids? Help ease some of the pain and make joyful new memories around them. Time marches on so swiftly, doesn't it? ::sigh::

    I love that bunting you were working on. How clever and cute and can't wait to hear more!
    Blessings on your busy but beautiful September Karen!! xoxo

  28. What a lovely collection of September's charms. It is indeed a beautiful month! Dahlias are such lovely flowers and I can understand your hesitancy to walk in down that lane full of memories. Have a good weekend.

  29. So lovely to see the starting of the Autumn changes in your area. So sad when the birds leave us, soon our hummingbirds will be gone but they are still visiting. So good that you were able to get some work done around the house, I need to paint our front porch and back deck. I am just thankful we have siding on the house and all we have to do is wash it. Enjoy all the celebrating you have this month!

  30. Beautiful photos as always!! I love Autumn and I can't wait until the leaves on the trees start to change colors....
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  31. You and your husband have been busy in different ways recently. House maintenance is important especially with decking and solving the problem of water accumulation. I enjoyed hearing about what the creatures are up to in the surrounding wood, seeing the flowers, birds and the rainbow in the sky. September continues to be a busy month for you, but I trust an enjoyable one with special family celebrations.

  32. Gorgeous photos! I love your apple trees, such beauty and bounty in your gardens. Glad to see you're staying busy and creative as always. Thank you for your sweet visit! xx

  33. the days are speeding by. september skies are always the best. the apples look so good! still waiting for cooler temps in texas, though. hitting high 90s, still.

  34. Life does get a little hectic at times with not enough hours in the day.
    Gorgeous images and yes you do have a great crop of apples!
    Have a truly wonderful weekend Karen :)x

  35. Your garden looks wonderful, as usual. The desk staining must be a huge job, but that deck must also be so nice to spend some time on!

  36. I love the way you appreciate all that surrounds you Karen. It's a gift few possess.

    A few years ago we installed a tree deck. Best investment ever!

    That's too bad about the neighbor's changes causing you issues. We had something similar but the solution wasn't as extensive as yours. Your hubby did a wonderful job! It's so nice to have handy hubbies :).

  37. Autumn looks glorious in your neck of the woods, Karen. Those apple trees look a treat. The photo of them reminds me of a scene from Anne of Green Gables. Your photos and lyrical words are magic!

  38. What wonderful images for the beginning of autumn, so peaceful to see. And your words so match the pics and add to the magic.


  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. You have a special treasure, the forest. It have given you precious presents.
    You have got a lot of apples. Congratulations!

  41. Dearest Karen,
    Such a happy sight to see all your September Charms being photographed here!
    Except the heavy work for diverting the water from pestering you ever again. It is never easy to guide the water away from one's home.
    Love your apple crop and both, critters and humans will enjoy that.
    Now you can more and more create for the coming and for the existing grand baby.
    Sending you hugs and love,

  42. Wonderful post Mariette..... amazing live in a beautiful place.
    Love your cute little dog!

    Happy Autumn to you!

  43. September is indeed a magical month and it has gone by so very quickly so far. Enjoy your Autumn days :)

  44. Hard to believe that it is fall already! I am in illinois right now for a visit, and can definitely tell that fall is not too far away here either. Interesting to think of hearing the Elk bugling... I have never heard that before, but am looking forward to going to Arkansas to hear their elk herd next month, and hopefully will be able to hear them and see them in Rut. Loved the photo of your apples and they do look good!

  45. You have shared such beautiful images and thoughts here Karen. Such a gorgeous place on earth, and living within the wild areas it's wonderful that you are witness to such natural changes to the seasons. The crows were interesting, I wouldn't have thought they would leave the wooded areas to visit town. I understand your feelings of walking past your mother's gardens. I drove through my old village last weekend, and it just about did me in. So sad. So many changes to our country road and the old homes I knew so well. My parents' place is completely overrun with vines and scrubby trees, and I can't even see the house from the road now. My heart just ached to see our old woods ... still home in my heart. My birthday and wedding anniversary are in September too :) Best month of the year ha ha! Well, take care Karen, I love reading these lengthy posts because you share so much. Hugs!
    Wendy xox


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