Monday, September 19, 2016

Rock-A-Bye Baby Shower

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you have 
enjoyed this last weekend of summer, 
or autumn, if you live 'down under'. 

We celebrated my youngest son Dustin's birthday
with a 'Seahawk's Sunday' football party at his home
this weekend, and I will share that with you soon. 

Today I would like to share the 'Rock-A-Bye' 
baby shower held for my daughter, Heather, last weekend. 

Come inside and we'll take a peek
before the guests arrive! 

The entry table.....

The invitation and 
envelopes to address for thank-you cards. 

Heather and Eric are decorating their 
baby boy's nursery in a musical theme. 

Eric is an accomplished musician 
and their's is a musical home. 

One of the baby shower games - 
'Guess Heather's Age' in each photo :) 

She was my first child. 
Where does the time go? 

The shower was hosted by Daughter-in-law, Erica
in her lovely home. 

The chair for the guest of honor. 

Pillows I made for the nursery. 

I also made this musical mobile
for our new little 'Rock Star'. <3

The nursery colors are green and blue
with French gray furniture. 

I sewed this mobile in felt, strung 
 from a painted embroidery hoop.

I saw the idea on Pinterest
and made the patterns myself. 

We hung it from my vintage bird cage stand 
just for the shower. 

Sister, Jennie styled the 'Rock Star' table
with baby tee's and diaper cake. 

Of course - Rock Candy! 

Later we set out the cake 
lovingly made by Heather's 
friend, Cheri. 

Father to be, Eric's guitar and case on the gift table. 

Jennie made the banner. 

'45' records with the baby's name, displayed on the mantel. 

Waiting for the guests to arrive.......

Some yummy nibbles. 

Chocolate drizzled popcorn
and veggie cups with buttermilk dressing. 

I made the banner in the nursery colors. 

Sis-in-law, Jen made these delicious skewers - 
cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil
drizzled with balsamic vinegar. 

So good.......


Sister, Jennie rushing around. 

This girl knows how to visualize and organize a party! 

Erica's newly remodeled kitchen is so lovely. 
She and my son, Gabe just celebrated their 5th anniversary. 
They completely remodeled their dated 80's style home
and gave us our first grandchild during that time. 

We have had some lovely holidays and celebrations here. 

She shares a laugh while setting out the main 
course, delicious chicken fettuccine. 

The lovely dining area. 

The guest of honor arrives.....

looking at baby photos. 

Opening gifts.....

Baby Gavin is due in early November.

Beautiful rays of late afternoon light. 
It was a lovely, sunny day. 

Cake-maker Cheri also made the baby name blocks
in guitar shapes (on the mantel). 

Loving friends and family :)


It was a wonderful day of love and laughter, 
gathered together to celebrate the beginning of 
a precious new life. 

Thank you for sharing this special time 
with us, Dear Friends! 



  1. What a special day...and such an original theme for the shower! Everything is so lovely and creative!

  2. How lovely to walk through your daughter's home and have a look at all the lovely accents. Love the theme of your special day. Those cushions are lovely and the mobile is so very sweet. How exciting to have a new little baby in your midst very soon.

  3. I love that you all hand made so many of the gifts for the new Mom! Looks like a special day.

  4. Karen, what an inspired theme for the Shower! I love it! Especially the 'AB/CD' shirt. Very clever indeed. I hope all goes well for Heather and that baby Gavin arrives in a timely fashion. Much love, Mimi xxx

  5. Looks like a great party for your daughter, Karen. Oh, these special moments in life. They make for wonderful memories. Your daughter-in-law's home is gorgeous. That kitchen sink and those huge!Love the group picture. Wishing your daughter a healthy and happy pregnancy. Deb

  6. Karen, I love the musical theme for the baby shower! Your musical mobile is simple adorable! Your daughter looks delighted! Erica's home looks so spacious. :-)

  7. This looks like a wonderful gathering and beautifully decorated!

  8. LOVE it all Karen!! Such a perfect theme. And I absolutely adore the colors they've chosen too. So pretty and so cool!

    Such clever and yummy ideas for the shower too. Blessings to the new Mama-to-be and prayers said for her to have a nice easy and healthy rest of her pregnancy.

    Thanks for sharing!!! xoxo

  9. Karen, thanks so much for including us in the celebration and sharing so many creative ideas also! May the Lord continue to bless you and yours in the exciting days ahead. xx

  10. Dear Karen,

    Lovely to see all your beautiful photos of the baby shower - the theme is so much fun and love all the decorations and creativity and all the lovely things you made.
    Happy belated birthday to Dustin. Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

  11. It is so nice of you to share the party with us, Karen! I love the theme, the babies room will be so sweet with the musical decor. What a great time for all; your daughter is lovely, your daughter in law is so kind in having her home as the party spot, and it's gorgeous! This is such a special time. I pray all is well when your precious Gavin enters our world! :)


  12. What a wonderful celebration, an amazing theme and such a special time. Hope all goes well with the arrival of the new young Prince.

  13. The pillows you made for the nursery are so cute ♥

  14. You really did so much work, You are a great Mother. It's all these little memories we will have forever. Lovely home and beautiful Kitchen.
    Happy Shower day and hope it won't rain. yvonne

  15. Hello, looks like a wonderful baby shower. I like the rock star theme and all the pretty decorations and cake. Best wishes to the family. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  16. wishing you happy days to come dear ,thanks for sharing your special joyful day everything is so neat and classy loved it

  17. You are so talented! I love the pillows and the mobile you made for the nursery. Gavin is also the name of my 3rd grandson! He is a sweetheart as I am sure your Gavin will be also! You all did a marvelous job with the decorations. What fun! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Dearest Karen, what a lovely party :O) I love the things, you all made, it looks beautiful!
    Best wishes to the family and best wishes to you, my dear friend, for a lovely week!
    Love, hugs and blessings, Claudia xo

  19. I loved seeing all these lovely photos from this special day. You have such a beautiful family. Congrats! Pat xx

  20. What a happy and special celebration. Love the music theme.

    Lovely family and friends ~ FlowerLady

  21. Oh how exciting! Not long now. Your party looks spectacular although I don't like the sound of diaper cake, but perhaps it's not a real cake at all! x

    1. Haha! No, not a real cake - made of diapers and little clothes rolled into a 'cake'! xx

  22. Great post. What a fantastic Baby Shower. So much talent to see in every thing from the beautiful cake to all of the beautiful crafts you so lovingly made for the nursery!
    Your Daughter's home is truly gorgeous.
    Loved the last image of all of those beautiful smiling faces.
    Have a wonderful week dear Karen :)
    Just read that it wasn't an edible cake LOL!!

  23. Cute idea! I have not been to a baby shower in a few years!

  24. Belated good wishes to Dustin ...

    What a wonderful baby shower,I really felt I was there with you all enjoying the occasion especially when I saw those wonderful skewers filled with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil - drizzled with balsamic vinegar too! Perfect!

    My good wishes to you and all your lovely family as you look forward to the new baby's birth in November. It was great to see all the smiling faces in the group photograph.

    All the best Jan

  25. Hi Karen....
    What a lovely party that was!
    I attended a bridal shower, for my future DIL... We also played that game! Such fun!
    I wish I had taken more pictures of the decor and food....
    Your DIL and Son have a beautiful home....and....the nursery looks so cool!
    Love the pillows and mobile you made.... Is there nothing you can' t do?
    Enjoy the rest of your week...beautiful weather here!
    Linda :o)

  26. Karen, what a wonderful baby shower! Everything looks so nice. The baby room in the musical theme is so creative, what a cute idea. The "guess Heather's age" game sounds like a fun one. I'll have to remember that if I have a baby shower for the girls. The musical mobile you made is darling. And the cakes are so creative. Cool Rock Candy! It sounds like Heather had a terrific time, and she looks radiant at this stage in her pregnancy. This will be a day to remember for Heather, and she will look back and recall her loved ones making this a special day for her.


  27. How exciting Karen, you did a great job with the mobile, so talented!! Such cute pillows too! Such fun decorating for the day. November will be here before you know it and to have a brand new baby for Christmas time will be so sweet!

  28. What a wonderful shower with a great theme and creative ideas! So exciting to have another baby in the family!

  29. Looks like fun, a musical baby shower now that is different.

  30. Love the theme....and all the fun had.
    Enjoyed this so shared a part of life...a happy part!!!

  31. Hello Karen, how exciting and fun! I love the theme and colors of the baby shower. Thanks for sharing the fun with us! :)
    Enjoy the week and happy fall.

  32. There never was a more original baby shower! Love your adorable mobile. So clever.

  33. Oh Karen,
    You really rock on the baby shower! I adore your creative to for decorating :)
    Your children must be blessed to have you.

  34. What a sweet and fun baby shower theme. I love the name Gavin. Their home is really lovely and I like the kitchen with its big windows. Now the waiting begins. Have a blessed day. Pam

  35. This looks as if it was a wonderful shower and i love the musical theme and all that was done for it. I especially love the mobile that you made and think you did a great job doing the patterns. Know this is going to be an exciting time for all of you!

  36. What a happy time for your family. I love the decorations and the photo of her opening gifts. The group photo is wonderful too! Happy happy! Hugs!

  37. I love the theme for the baby's room! And little onesies in rocker themes!! How cool is that. It must have been fun getting these wonderful items together. I had no idea what a diaper cake was, but read your reply to another comment ... what a great idea. Obviously I haven't been to many baby showers in a while. I like the colour scheme for the nursery. Your daughter looks so much like you! Great group shot! Your daughter/son's home is beautiful too. I have an outdated 80s house too (but without any updates) ;)

  38. I love this post and how everything turned out!! So adorable and creative, I bet it was an amazing day!!


  39. The pillows are so cute! Looks like a nice event ♥

  40. What a wonderful baby shower, Karen, organised with so much love and attention! Baby Gavin will be musical, no doubt about that. :)
    Wishing good health and much happiness to all the family! xx

  41. Karen, what a beautiful occasion! AND beautiful family! Wishing you all the very best.

  42. It looks like all of you had a wonderful time together. I absolutely love the pillows and the mobile you made - very cute!

  43. Lovely party! The mom-to-be must have been delighted!

  44. Hi Karen, what a wonderful baby shower. Love the pillows and mobile you designed. Such a talent you are. The decorations are perfect and I just love this theme. Baby Gavin is already truly blessed and loved. Love the photo of you all together. The smiles say it all. Wishing your family special memories with the new little one.
    Have a great first weekend of fall. xo


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