Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Country Drive with 'Good Fences'

On this first day of autumn, 
come along with me as we take a country drive 
near my home in Washington State.

Today I am joining Good Fences.
Come on over to see all the wonderful
fences and join in on the fun!

The fields are turning golden, 
the pumpkins are ripe, 
and the trees are just starting to turn. 

Tall grasses and the last of the sunflowers 
border a greenhouse nestled in the trees.

A lovely fence frames the view. 

A wild, unruly tree, laden with berries, bursts
like fireworks over a sturdy wire fence  

Wild, perennial sweet pea blooms in the cooler weather
alongside a decorative board fence.

The first sign of autumn in the woodlands
makes my heart sing.

Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Wild cherry brightens the edge of
a pasture with a rustic wire fence.

Cornfields shimmer beneath the majestic Cascade mountains.

Almost ready for harvest.

Birds flock together before their long flight south.

Sunflowers and hay bales are iconic symbols of fall.

Ponies graze nearby.

A lovely farm at the end of the season.
Brambles take over a section of fence.

A very pretty new horse barn.

A modern farmhouse takes
advantage of lovely views........

The view. 

Beautiful Mt. Rainier. 

Happy cattle enjoy the cool weather.

Teasel frames some pretty farms. 

This ramshackle farm at the base of a hill
glows in the late afternoon sun. 

Vintage barns weather another season.

 Pretty white fencing surrounds a northwest style home.

A small cottage gets a head start on Halloween :)

Tall grasses conceal barbed wire fencing
under pastel skies as daylight fades. 

And as the moon rises at the end of 
a beautiful day, we journey back to our foothills home.

Thank you for joining me, Dear Friends! 


And thank you, Dear Friends for all of your kind comments 
and well-wishes on my last post. 


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  1. Hello, I love seeing the field of pumpkins, the beautiful views of Mt Rainier, the farms and the gorgeous moon captures. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. You certainly took us on another beautiful drive. I loved seeing the pumpkins in the fields, such a wonderful sight.

  3. Hi Karen, I absolutely love your photos. Fall is also my favourite time of the year and I love the countryside even more during this time with all the wonderful barns, fences, hay and horses, etc. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. Hi Karen, I absolutely love your photos. Fall is also my favourite time of the year and I love the countryside even more during this time with all the wonderful barns, fences, hay and horses, etc. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  5. Wonderful images Karen. Loved seeing all the beautifully coloured buildings and fences. Hate barbed wire though not very creature friendly.
    Mount Rainer looks magnificent and the field of pumpkins is a wonderous sight. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous week :)x

  6. What a wonderful drive the views so lovely to see.
    Mt. Rainier looks splendid!

    Are you like me when you come in ... head straight to the kitchen and put the kettle on.
    Tea or coffee?

    Happy Autumn Wishes

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by! I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea! Hugs xo Karen

  7. Wow what a great collection of photos. Beautiful.
    Love the field of pumpkins.

  8. Hello Karen, happy fall. Wow is it gorgeous where you live. I love the mountain, the barns, and of course the sunflowers. We still have very hot weather here and no signs of fall yet. Next week is supposed to be cooler and in the 70's and I'm looking forward to that. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. :) Julie xo

  9. Beautiful photos! I think the mountain over the cornfields might be my favorite.

  10. wow, you're getting some awesome autumn colors and textures already!

  11. This is my first experience for fall :) I love the pictures you shared eye catching for fall season.

  12. Wow, awesome photos. Love the mountains, the pumpkins and everything.

  13. wow!! beautiful country and nice looking farms and barns!! you are way ahead of us, none of our trees are showing any sign of color!! it was 84 degrees today, it is suppose to be 87 tomorrow!!

    i like your new fall header...autumn, my favorite time of year!!!

  14. Dear Karen,
    what a beautiful autumn-Country-Drive! You got all the wonderful colours from this wonderful time! Autum is my favorite time of the year, I really love it!
    And I love this field with all the pumpkins :O)
    Thank you for taken us with you for this beautiful drive!
    Have a lovely and joyful weekend, my dear friend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xo

  15. I love these trips with you, I love seeing your country as if I was there.

    thanks for sharing

    Marina from the South of Spain

  16. The field of pumpkins is wonderful!
    Happy Friday

  17. Dearest Karen, I always love to see your beautiful photos! What beauty to behold. You truly live in a great part of this country. I also love your header pic with the peeled apples. That truly speaks HOME to me! Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. You made a wonderful series of photos during your drive around and we were honored to join you virtually. I love those views to the mountains and the field full of orange pumpkins.
    Happy weekend!

  19. Thanks Karen for the great tour, always a treat to have a look round and see Mt Ranier again. What a lot of pumpkins! How many pies will they make! Have fun x

  20. Darling Karen,
    you've caught so perfectly the charm of this period of the year which I love so so much, the sensitiveness of your soul has driven you to catch such stunning details, every shot is a work of art, thank you for sharing this post with us !

    Thanking you for it all and for your heartily welcome words of solace,
    I'm sending blessings of joy on your weekend ahead and on your Fall

    Xx Dany

  21. Karen, Fall is my favorite season, too, and I loved seeing the autumnal scenes around you. Your Mt. Rainier is ready to receive it's winter hooded white cape like our Mt. Hood! Joy to you and yours xx

  22. My favourite time of year...
    Love Titti

  23. I enjoyed the drive as I cannot do so.

  24. Fall hasn't hit here yet so that post really put me in the mood.

  25. Such pretty countryside! A little slice of heaven. I am so looking forward to Fall and hope to see some scenery like yours as we drive downstate NY for a Fall festival in a few weeks. The leaves should be at peak!

  26. Dearest Karen,
    It is amazing at how much Fall Color your area already is showing.
    A lovely season again, apart from the blossoms of spring.
    Lovely photos and thanks for sharing.

  27. First of all, I wanted to say that I like your new blog design and colors. It's very charming. There's so much to see in the country, isn't there? Oh, the orange pumpkins are sweet growing in the fields of neighbors. I love the picture of the woodlands and the trees turning colors of red and orange. White fencing around homes is so nice to look at. And Mt. Rainier is always a beautiful sight.

    Happy Fall days, Karen.


  28. Oh how beautiful! I always enjoy your country road tours around your area. Love the full moon shots...especially the one over the farm and pumpkin field. It has turned quite chilly here and we've had calls for frost the past couple nights although only heavy dew so far. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead.

  29. Karen, what gorgeous pictures! My very favorite is the pumpkin patch! (I love pumpkins!) Our leaves are still green but someday soon the colors will change!

  30. Fun start to Autumn season, love the leaves turning already and the field full of pumpkins. The cornfields with the mountains behind is a great pic too! Love seeing the sun set on the farm buildings too! Happy Fall!

  31. Such wonderful scenery, Karen! There's so much beauty to enjoy and who wouldn't smile happily when seeing those cheerful pumpkins. :)
    Happy Sunday and happy autumn! xx

  32. It is lovely to travel to another country from the comfort of your armchair. Such pretty scenery and lovely autumn colours already. I love Autumn too:) B

  33. Beautiful landscapes with golden, warm tones ... A lovely drive and fences - with the Mt. rainier in the background!
    Wonderful nature around you, Karen!
    Enjoy the September sun,
    Love and hugs from

  34. Just lovely autumn pictures...beautiful!
    Love from Titti

  35. Always love when you do these posts, so much beauty in them! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week ahead!


  36. Oh Karen! What dreamy photographs. Those pumpkins are a feast for the eyes! Mimi xxx

  37. Nice photos! Love the pretty white fences ♥

  38. What a wonderful fall post. Your side of the state is just gorgeous right now. Loving the pumpkins in the fields and the sunflowers. Great fences for sure.


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