Monday, July 11, 2016

Wash Day

Hello, sweet friends, I hope you are having a 
wonderful summer! 

One sunny day, not too long ago, I 
had a fun day washing some of my kitchen linens.

Of course I had a little help from my friends :)

Kai hid while I had the soapy water
 in the washtubs swishing around,
but once these were emptied,
he came out to investigate.

He thought it was bath time!

Some of my vintage aprons and potholders,
washed and smelling sweet.

Not a cloud in the sky.

Crochet and gingham goodness.

The navy gingham apron was a gift
from my daughter.

The rest I collected over time.

This fun 60's apron is for barbecues!

A favorite pansy potholder used to be my Dear Mom's.

More aprons and linens dry on my vintage
drying rack.

These are good for drying herbs and flowers, too.

This little apron is very sweet,
made from flocked, sheer fabric and lace.

It was a gift from my dear SIL.

I found the blue flowered apron at a local craft fair
a couple of years ago - it is 'new'.

The vintage yellow and blue flowered apron is
reversible to the yellow print shown on the pockets.

It ties on the sides.

I made the heart sachet for my Mom
and now it has come back to me.

This pretty apron is vintage 1930's, edged
with purple binding and decorated with
hand tinted flower embroidery.

The little pockets are perfect for a lovely hankie.

The back is just as charming as the front.

The apron on the bottom rung is also vintage 1930's
with hand-tinted embroidered flowers and bow.

Some little pretties.

After all that work, it's time for tea!

Lovely rays of sunlight....

Some yummy cookies.....

And a fun book to browse.

Vintage aprons.

Sweet inspiration.

Whitey Bear waits for a cookie.

Some pretty flowers from Ramblin' Man.

Now it's time for a nap!

Thank-you for joining me on wash-day, Dear Friends!



  1. Wow that was a very busy washday! You have some beautiful linens though so well worth laundering them and taking good care of them. Lovely to see them all outside drying!

  2. I very much enjoyed your washday. It´s as if Whitey Bear is celebrating a party with garlands of beautiful potholders and aprons as decorations.
    I is not a punishment to have such a washday, the memories coming up washing all these treasures really make a celebration of the day. Lovely!

  3. Que lindas esos pañitos a crochet ,, yo adore esa decoracion de esa terraza ,, espero que tengas un lindo día

  4. I love all your linens and that view to mountains is <3 <3 <3
    I,m having wash day today ;)

  5. I LOVE this - all your vintage treasures drying in the breeze.

  6. You've created such a calm and beautiful setting. Thank you for sharing this very inspiring post. I enjoyed seeing your vintage liens that hold a special place in your heart. Take care dear friend, Pat xx

  7. Oh how pretty your linens look drying on your deck. You have some treasures there, Karen. Too many pretties to choose a favourite....but I do love that 1930's sweet treasure...such lovely embroidery of a southern belle.

  8. Hello, you have a lovely setting for your wash day. I like your pretty vintage kitchen treasures Cute shots of Kai and Whitey bear. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  9. What a delight to see your wonderful collection of linens all hanging out on wash day. A real feast for the eyes.

  10. Oh, dera Karen,
    you have so many wonderful and lovely kitchen-linnons and aprons! I just fall in love with this apron for barbecues :O)
    Thank you for sharing those lovely photos and spending a cup of tea with us!
    Whitey Bear was watching you, so sweet!
    Have a lovely week, my dear friend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  11. Sweet friend, what a charming and delightful post! I was ooohing, and aaahing over the darling aprons and linens :)

    You always bring a smile to my face. Hugs to you!

  12. I don't know how you do it, but you can make even a household chore look charming! :-)

    The vintage linens are cute, cute, cute.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  13. wow!!! you have some beautiful special kitchen linens, worthy of hand washing!!! everything looks especially pretty hanging on the clothes line!!!!

  14. Isn't it nice to get these things out of the cupboard and have a good look at them from time to time, especially when the sun's out - you need to send the sun over here as we're back to rain again! x

  15. Bet you felt good after all that washing and in a perfect setting. I loved all your aprons. I realise I don't have enough. Just one....time to go shopping methinks :)

  16. I can smell the freshness!
    I'll bet you ironed them all nicely after...didn't you??
    I love ironing...
    Linda :o)

  17. You sure do have a lovely collection of kitchen linens that's for sure, I love the pansy doily your mom had, I have one similar that my Mother in law made me but it has roses on it. Looks like it was the perfect day for washing

  18. How lovely, Karen...your linens and the way you hung them is so charming!

  19. I love all your vintage aprons and the doilies! Just delightful! That is great your dog doesn't bother it, mine would be marking their territory, lol! Love tea display as well.


  20. Karen, it's so nice to see all your vintage doilies and aprons. I just bought some of these lemon cookies today. I wonder if they are the same - mine are Archway frosty lemon cookies. I smiled when I saw the purple potholder that belonged to your mom. It's so pretty and such a treasure. I only have one crocheted doily that my grandmother made, but it's very special to me. The yellow sheer apron is also sweet. You have so many vintage lovelies, and I enjoyed seeing them all. Now, they are all clean and ready to go.


    1. Hi Sheri, so glad you stopped by! Yes, the cookies are the yummy! xx K

  21. What a great wash day for you....I have a vintage drying rack down in the cellar and never thought to use it for drying my flowers? I love vintage linens so and also have a nice collection of aprons and pot holders and so much more. What a great spot to have some tea in!

  22. Oh my, Karen dear, I just loved seeing all your pretty vintage pieces all cleaned and drying on your deck. They have such a wonderful charm to them and I can just picture you in those lovely aprons and using the pot holders. Yes, you deserved a nice tea to yourself after all that labor of love.
    P.S. Loved the verse from Proverbs on your sidebar!

  23. Karen, I love to see the hanging clothes.
    All the colors are wonderful.

  24. Hello Karen, I loved seeing all of your pretty aprons and crocheted pot holders. Everything looks so pretty hanging to dry outside. Just like the old times!!
    Have a wonderful day. :)

  25. You certainly have been busy and what wonderful treasures to wash.
    Kai is enjoying the scent of frehly laundered linen :)
    Have a great week Karen :)

  26. Hi Karen, Oh how I love seeing linens drying in the fresh air. I know it made for a busy time, but the reward for the sweet scent of freshly washed goods is so worth it. Your fur baby got tired out from all the fun. Love the aprons and the fabrics are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and also for stopping by and your sweet comment on my new blog look. Blessings for a great rest of the week.xo

  27. Seeing all these reminds me of my Mamma, lovely memories. What is this Pokiemon stuff on TV ? People walking into traffic with the phone games?
    What next.??? yvonne

  28. Lovely day for lovely washing - your treasures are awesome!

    Many of them very special memories. Hugs. ♥

  29. Dearest Karen,
    Haha, when I was growing up in The Netherlands, Monday officially was Wash Day! You could see laundry on the lines everywhere and all women were busy.
    Now we launder when we want to and it goes fast and than into the dryer and ready to iron or not.
    You really had a very nice vintage Wash Day and on your roomy deck you could use that vintage drying rack.
    Can't blame Kai for staying away as he thought he was being put into the tub...
    Lovely pieces you collected and that for sure brings lots of joy!

  30. Wish my wash day looked as charming as yours xxx

  31. What a fabulous post, Karen! Already the first photo carried us back to the good old days and in fact you have shown us so many wonderful vintage items.
    Yes, you can make even a wash day look absolutely charming! :)
    Thank you for sharing! xx

  32. How pretty your wash day is! If only you could leave them all out for décor all summer. You have quite the vintage collection. I am drawn to aprons lately and found a pretty poinsettia one that I have to now keep! Lovely post to start my day!

  33. I don't think I've ever seen such a pretty display of laundry! Picture perfect!

  34. What a perfect wash day! I love doing all my linens just as Autumn starts to set in and the fresh 'ozone' type smell fills the house as they are bought back in. It's so pretty seeing everything blowing in the breeze and the different linens all fresh. Your linens are absolutely stunning, especially the 60's BBQ pinny - fantastic! Have a lovely Sunday xx

  35. Wow, when you have laundry as lovely as this, I'm sure wash day is a lot of fun. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy. It really takes me back to those days when my mother used to hang out the clothes to dry. What innocent days these were, and the laundry smelled so wonderfully fresh.

  36. Dear Karen,
    what beautiful linen treasures!!! Thanks for showing. I like the pansy potholder best. The mountain view is awesome!!!

    Wish you a happy Summer!!!
    Greatings from Germany


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