Friday, July 1, 2016

A Patriotic Garden, A Fairy Garden and Five Winged Friends

Hello, Friends, here in America we are celebrating
Independence Day on July 4th. 

I have planted some red, white and blue
flowers in honor of this patriotic day. 

A few little flags to commemorate the holiday. 

A happy little corner. 

The red petunias are sulking due to 
a cool, wet spell, but these will be 
blooming soon, among the white petunias,
 sweet alyssum, and blue lobelia. 

The fairies have set up housekeeping
here on the old baker's rack.

I had to put up a little sign to keep visitors
wary :)

As soon as I planted this vintage pan full of alpines,
they moved right in!

Shhhhhh! We can see our first Winged Friend....

This is a 'Blue-Winged Orb Gatherer' Fairy,
indigenous to the Pacific Northwest :)

She has collected quite a few.....

Her wheelbarrow is almost full.

She has a helper......

Our second Winged Friend!

We must be very quiet - I think she sees us.

A third Winged Friend, splashes in the bird-bath.

Fairies capture baby birds
to train as 'watchers'.

This one seems to have spied us!

I leave the lid off the green jar at night
so the fairies can add their daily harvest.

I know where to find all those marbles
I have lost :)

I was tending to the flowers above,
when I found this......

A fairy bed!

It seems to be crafted from half of a little pod
to form a hammock.

I've heard that fairies like to sleep under toadstools....

The fairies have put up their own little bird feeder, too.

Two more Winged Friends stop by for a treat.

These are 'Golden-Flecked Pearl Catchers'.

Sugar pearls attract these little beauties.

A bell jar keeps a rare blue-swirled orb.

Thank you for stopping by, Dear Friends!

Wishing you a Happy 4th!


Today I am joining :

Flower Wednesday

Five on Friday

Won't you join the fun?


  1. Wow...I got right into that. That little fairy bed is so charming and cozy-looking. I wonder what it would take to attract a few fairies to the mouse-house. :))) Maybe they would like to live in the woodlot. You have transformed the baker's rack into a beautiful garden. Just adorable.

    1. I think that you could easily attract some fairies to the mouse-house, Deb! You have the perfect environment! Hugs xo Karen

  2. What a sweet fairy garden! I love it. How do you keep your potted flowers looking so good? Mine always look sad after about a month. I don't know if I water too much or not enough:) Also, I love the little planted drawers. So cute. Have a great weekend and 4th!

    1. Hi Cindy, Happy 4th, my friend! I just potted these, so we will see how long they look good :) I have noticed that they like to have constant water - every sunny day....and a little fertilizer once a week, very diluted. Hopefully this works! xx Karen

  3. Beautiful flowers and I love the fairy garden! Have a wonderful 4th of July!


  4. Happy Independence Day! I love your beautiful and neat garden. And the flowers are blooming beautifully and happily.

  5. Your deck looks like a great place to be this weekend, enjoy the celebration. BTW, the sign is a hoot!

  6. What a fun post. Hope you and all your fairy friends have a great 4 th of July! B xx

  7. The fairies look very happy, especially the rare orb gathering one! I love the bird in the bird bath and the frog offering up an orb on a leaf! So many pretty details for the fairies to enjoy. Love their sign too! Happy Fourth! Thank you for joining in with Five On Friday. I hope you have a fun weekend! xx

  8. What fun! Happy 4th July! Don't the clear marbles look effective. Have a great celebration. x

  9. Extraordinary, calming, effect you've created!!!

  10. i love this little corner of your world. i have been wanting to make a fairy garden, you have given me some great ideas and inspired me to do so. have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

  11. Hello, your gardens are just lovely. The fairy garden is so cute! Happy Saturday, enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

  12. Lovely pictures...
    Have a great weekend, take care!

  13. Your fairies are so sweet and I love the wheelbarrow.

  14. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely photos and wishing you also a Happy 4th of July!

  15. All your flowers are beautiful! I love all the fairy touches, really like that warning sign back there. Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!

  16. So cute. I love the little fairy bed. Darling. Your little tiny flowers are just enchanting. Happy Fourth. I found you through The Nest at Finch Rest.
    Let's Add Sprinkles

  17. Everyone should have a fairy garden a good place to make wishes in you never know they may come true.

  18. Your red, white and blue flowers are very festive! I hope you and yours have a safe and Happy July 4th celebration :)

  19. Oh Karen, I am in awe of your gorgeous flowers! Wow! Your deck looks stunning with such a lovely display of blossoms.

    May you and yours have a blessed 4th of July! Love and hugs!

  20. Hi Karen,
    Such a beautiful corner you've made ... I have totally fallen for your fairies and the tiny fairy bed - how sweet is that!
    The colors go so well together - and make just the perfect 4th of July Bouquets... Wishing you a great and joyful 4th of July,
    Love from Nina

  21. Loving all the red white and blue flowers, our white Petunas have taken off, filling the pots that's for sure. The little faries are so sweet, as are the little birdies keeping watch ;)
    Have a fun 4th!

  22. Very sweet! Your happy corner is just so....happy! I would love to sit out on that deck someday and just admire all your pretties!

  23. What a wonderful visit, the perfect place to sit and take in the beautiful surroundings. Loved the fairy garden, a feast for the eyes.

  24. So so charming! Lovely! Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day weekend & get to spend it with family!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Your fairy garden is sweet, Karen. You know, I really want to create one of these myself. Your fairy with the glass ball is magical, love her. There is a place in the next town over that sells fairy furniture and accessories, and I'm tempted to buy stuff every time I go there. :)

    Happy Fourth of July, Karen! Enjoy this creative fairy garden.


  27. Oh you know I just love this so much Karen!! I can't wait to show Annie too. We are kindred spirits with the fairies don't ya know? ;) I love the lovely orbs they've been collecting. If you've a few extra marbles feel free to send them my I've often thought I've lost mine too! Lol!! :P

    Hope you have a very wonderful and fun July 4th dear Friend!!! xoxo

  28. Oh you know I just love this so much Karen!! I can't wait to show Annie too. We are kindred spirits with the fairies don't ya know? ;) I love the lovely orbs they've been collecting. If you've a few extra marbles feel free to send them my I've often thought I've lost mine too! Lol!! :P

    Hope you have a very wonderful and fun July 4th dear Friend!!! xoxo

  29. No garden is complete without a little space for the fairies ...
    Your fairy garden is brilliant, with lots to see, I enjoyed looking at all your photographs, thank you.

    Happy 4th of July

    All the best Jan

  30. I had so much fun visiting your fairy garden and all it's whimsy, Karen! Happy 4th to you and God Bless America!

  31. Hello Karen and Happy 4th of July! :)
    Your flowers and fairy garden look so pretty! I hope you are enjoying today!

  32. You have a sweet oasis of flowers and fairies...a magical combination. It must be heavenly sitting outdoors surrounded by the colors and scents. And to catch a glimpse of a pretty bird or two!

    Enjoy! :)

  33. Karen,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Definitely a happy corner you have there!! LOVE the fairy garden!! So cute!!

  34. Dear Karen, what a sweet and whimsical post! I love it and so does my 4 year old granddaughter! Love, Mimi xxx

  35. Hi Karen...
    Every time I visit, I am always in awe of your beautiful home and gardens...stunning!!
    Love the wee fairy garden..I think I shall start looking for little things on sale, I am sure Miss V would adore to help me build one...
    enjoy the rest of your week...we are HOT here...
    Linda :o)

  36. Lovely photos and so pretty and cute fairies. It is good to play sometimes. I missed the 4th of July but congrats and happy wishes afterwards...


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