Friday, July 22, 2016

Vintage Trailers - Five on Friday

Hi Everyone - hope you all are looking forward 
to the weekend!

Maybe some of you are going camping.

On a recent weekend, my daughter, Jennie
and I went to a flea market with
 the sweetest little vintage trailers
parked outside.

Today for Five on Friday
I would like to show you five! 

People could vote for the best one!

A couple of them were for sale, but 
most of them were just for fun. 

There was even a little vintage sports car - 
something that brought back fond memories for me. 

Ramblin' Man and I had a little car like this
when we were newlyweds. 

A 1974 French Blue, British Leyland,
Triumph Spitfire Convertible (with hardtop),
the same color as this. 

(This is a British Leyland, MGB Midget,
about the same year.) 

Oh, the fun we had......
Someday I will tell you about all of our adventures :)

But today, I would like to share Five of these charming 
vintage trailers with you........

Let's start with this little charmer. 
I just love all the sweet accessories! 

Let's go inside, shall we?

Cute crocheted apron, but not a wise place
to hang it! 
]Loving the 'teapot' hanger and
the red dish rack! 

How adorable is this? 
A western theme....

A large 'bumper' affords space for
kitchen essentials.

And then we have blue....
(Sorry about the random people,
everyone was having fun! :)

Can you just picture yourself enjoying 
a bonfire on the beach sitting here? 

Check out the miniature trailer on the crate :)

Inside is just as charming. 
Love the 1950's print curtains. 

All things beachy! 

Even the tiny refrigerator!

This was Jennie's favorite :)

Another blue and white beauty. 
All the comforts of home, 
including a cuddly and colorful bathrobe. 

Love the little radio
and vintage thermos's!
Thermoses? Anyway, love 'em!

Can you just picture yourself falling into 
this heavenly confection after a fun 
day of hiking?

A gal's gotta have her aprons, too! 

Cooking chores never end....
Campfire stew anyone?
Another miniature trailer - this time a wind chime
and a vintage pink flamingo.
This one was my favorite :)

Ironing chores can wait for home, 
but why not bring the ironing board? 

It makes a great buffet table
with a vintage iron to anchor the cloths! 

How cute is this little bug? 
Just the thing for a single gal.....
Love the colorful awning!

Everything you need....
a fridge, stove and tiny sink. 

Completely retro-fitted with bead-board
and galvanized ceiling. 

A tiny lavatory is behind the vintage door. 


An old-fashioned laundry hamper for all those 
dirty camping clothes. 

Matching, of course! 

Some trailers are plain on the outside,
but have colorful accessories.
You could pack for a week with these plentiful plaids!

Inside, more plaids in patchwork
and a cozy eating area.

Vintage ironing boards were very popular accessories!

This little charmer was pretty inside and out.
A cozy spot for tea .....

Inside, a nice eating area.
A clever use of a shutter affords light, but privacy.

Of course you need a jar for
flowers gathered....

A view while you fall asleep out another shuttered window.
And who says you can't have a chandelier
and lace curtains when you camp?

Can you say, 'Glamping'?

My sweet daughter, Jennie checking out a newer model.


I hope you enjoyed coming along to the flea market
with us, Dear Friends!

Next time I will show you my treasures!


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  1. I would love love love to own one of those - they are beyond adorable. My little red Mini Cooper needs to haul one of those cuties, right? : - )

  2. Oh how adorable! I would say my favs are 1,3 and 5 in that order! I love anything red. Great post.

  3. What fun! I think I would love to have #3 parked in my back garden. So cute and cosy and just right for a wee garden house.

  4. What fun! I think I would love to have #3 parked in my back garden. So cute and cosy and just right for a wee garden house.

  5. Oh I just love this post and so many goodies to look at! These campers are awesome and I just love how they are all fixed up. I would have enjoyed seeing these in person. Have a lovely weekend!


  6. these are all so sweet, i wasn't able to pick a favorite, i loved them all!!! this was such a great, fun post!!!!

  7. Oh goodness - love this SO much Karen!! They are all so sweet - how does one pick?? If you force my hand I will say the last one. I love the lighter colors, lace curtains,shutters, and even a little chandelier. I've got to say that one is the most "me" - a perfect she shed of sorts! How fun would it be to have one of these to just be my own fun crafting, scrapbooking, go on little girlie weekends (to flea markets and cute shops and cafes) caravan. ((sigh)) a girl can dream anyway.

    Can't wait to see your treasures! Blessings Sweetie. xoxo

  8. Love those cute little campers. I've always wanted one. Maybe one day. Oh wait, my first car was a brown MGB convertible. It was a '79 model. I loved that car!

  9. I loved them all! Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a fun post, a definite feast for the eyes. They were all amazing and I would have been happy with any of them. If pushed I would opt for 5. Looking forward to seeing your finds.

  11. Dear Karen,

    Love all the sweet campers - such fun! They are all very nice and great place for a little holiday. Looks like you and your daughter had a lovely day out. I look forward to seeing what you treasures you went home with.
    Happy weekend

  12. I love them all Karen. What an idyllic way of life. All the home from home comforts. I would love to own one. They might even fit on our narrow island roads :). B x

  13. Aren't they just lovely! I would love to have any one of these to tow down to the beach for a long lazy picnic followed by a nap on a cozy little bed. Maybe when I win the Lottery?

  14. Home from Home. Wow aren't they all wonderful! I loved your tour of the stunning vintage caravans.
    Have a glorious weekend Karen :)

  15. I so enjoyed this! Brought back some fond memories for me as my folks loved to go camping [they had a small trailer].

    Loved the 'pin up art' on the appliances, and well...the whole concept.

    Bud had a dark evergreen MG convertible. Wish we had it'd be worth a fortune now. lol

  16. They're so cute!!! I like them all, but I think the 2nd one is my favorite. We had a little Ford Thunderbird Hardtop convertible when we were first married. Have a Miata now.

  17. Oh, they are almost too cute to be true! I can't stop smiling :) Have a nice weekend, Karen xoxo

  18. Tiny trailers so cute and easier to haul, I suppose. Interiors were fun how they were decorated. Thanks for sharing!!
    Becky ××

  19. Those were just so fun, cute & charming.

  20. Homes from home! Aren't they all so colourful and cute. x

  21. Those were sweet. I think #5 was my favorite. :-)

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  22. Wow! Those are so fabulous. Don't know which one is my favorite. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  23. This makes camping almost look like fun. Almost. Maybe I'd just park one in the backyard like a playhouse.

  24. I love these caravans, sitting there enjoying the sun in all their vintage glory.

  25. What a fun post, Karen! They are all adorable, but if I were forced to choose, I'd pick the last one. :)
    Thank you for the inspiring photos. Have a great Sunday! xx

  26. Hi Karen! Very nice tour, I love the blue one hehehe!!!
    thanks for sharing.

    Hugs from Spain


  27. Those are too cool and so neat that you could check out the insides too. My fav has got to be the one with the beautiful quilt on the bed, that just said Awww your home and it is comfy, so welcoming!

  28. Oh my goodness, I soooo enjoyed seeing all these adorable, vintage campers! I don't know how to pick a favorite, for I loved so many aspects of each one. I really liked the use of the shutters turned horizontally for privacy. What fun, Karen, for you and Jennie to enjoy this special time together.

  29. I personally know some of these trailers and their owners! Fun to see some new ones.

  30. Howdy Karen--- i always know when i come to your blog you will have something neat for us! Mercy! Just love all thosr amazing little travel homes!!--- they are so adorable. I love the first blue one the best as i spied mermaids!!

  31. HI Karen,
    thank you for those lovely pictures of Vintage trailers! I could take any one of them, they are georgeous!
    Thank you for sharing, wishing you a lovely and wonderful new week!
    Take care, sending Love and hugs and blessings to you, my dear friend,
    Claudia xo

  32. Now this is the most interesting post. What a fun day. yvonne

  33. Oh my gosh...I just came back from a long weekend get away and I feel so inspired, then I came to your blog!!! Now I'm even more inspired. I have a vintage camper! Have you met Coral Belle? She sits in my woods and has been a work in progress over the last two to three years. Thank you so much for sharing this post. It's very inspirational, and who doesn't love vintage campers. We have an old factory building in our town that sits empty and I told my Shug just yesterday that someone should buy the building and start making vintage campers with modern updates & conveniences!
    I LOVE your pictures!

    Cindy Bee

  34. Oh I love your car, bet you had a blast tooling around! These vintage trailers are so cute. I love looking at them and the clever décor ideas folks use. Thanks so much for this great share.

  35. Colour, Colour ... everywhere.
    Lovely to see and a fun post to read.
    Thank you

    All the best Jan

  36. I would love to see those cute trailers in person, and better yet, have one! When I was a kid it was not cool to have a trailer or live in one, but my Aunt Fran did and she had all the kitschy décor of the 60's in it. Wish I could visit it now!

  37. I want one of those pretty little vintage campers! I loved every one of them! What fun camping would be in one of these!!!! I am going to keep my eye out for one! Loved peeking in these--thank you!

  38. Dearest Karen,
    That was quite an outing! Very vintage indeed.
    We've driven many times behind some cars with a little trailer in tow; swaying often...
    It would not be my thing driving with one and I've never camped in one either.

  39. Oh Karen, these are just wonderful! I loved every one. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. What a sweet, wonderful time I remember those days being! Such nostalgia! :-) Loved the MGB Midget too! had a similar one. I am so jealous! :-) The sportiest we got was a Karmann Ghia! :-) Sometimes I want to buy a little vintage trailer for camping...or even one of those adorable teardrop ones. Hope you have a wonderful week!


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