Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sew Cozy for Christmas

We have been having stormy weather 
here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Rainy, windy weather keeps me inside
and makes me want to get cozy. 

Over the weekend, I found some plaid 
flannel sheets at a ridiculously low price, 
so I got out my sewing machine
to fashion a cozy corner. 

I bought a queen-sized set so I could have enough
fabric to sew drapes and a couple of pillows. 

The fitted sheet was used to cover the daybed
mattress and the two pillowslips were 
used 'as is'. 

A 'green' smoothie keeps my energy up. 

A blend of one cup yogurt ( I used vanilla),
a banana, a sliced apple (peel and all), a handful of baby
spinach leaves, and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. 

So good! 

I made the pillows by folding one long length in thirds,
over-lapping the back several inches, (after hemming the edges),
to create an envelope to insert the cushion. 

The one on the right is ready to sew the two sides together. 

That's all there is to it!

I also made a 'sherpa' pillow out of
fleece that I had on hand.

The crocheted lace pillows were made out of vintage 
a couple of years ago. 

I've had the wool 'Hudson' style blanket for years,
and I found the rag rug for only $4!

Flea market paintings that I had on hand
were updated by painting ugly brown frames.

I am always on the look-out for
inexpensive paintings.

I like to change them seasonally.

I made these little wreaths
one year.

I simply painted tiny grapevine wreaths
with cream craft paint, then hot-glued
snippets of faux snow-berries and leaves.

I then painted them with glitter glue for sparkle.

My little tree has some woodland friends.

Sweet gifts from loved ones.

My little Angel stands stoically in the rain....

I painted the terra-cotta pots gray.

It looks much better :)

It has been raining steady all day
after high winds last night.

Surprisingly we didn't lose our electricity
this time!

Daybeds in the kitchen
were popular in colonial times
for busy wives and mothers to keep
an eye on sick family members
while running the household.

As a mother of 4, I can tell you
that this came in handy for me!

This piece opens up to make a full sized bed.
It is circa-1920 and I found it in
a local antique shop. It was the first
piece of furniture I purchased for our newly
built home (in 1984) and it has served us well.

I love this little sign over my kitchen queen :)

A gift from my Sis-in-law
from New Hampshire.

A tiny elf has set up residence on top of my shelf.

This little fellow was hand-made by a dear sister.

He has been doing some laundry late at night when no-one is looking......
The sign says 'Sorting out life, one load at a time'.

A flickering sunbeam briefly stops by.

Apples in my dear Mother's compote dish.
It was one of her wedding gifts.
I miss her.....

Whitey Bear is tired of the rain.

Kai says Hello!

Thank you for stopping by, dear friends.

I hope wherever you are, you
are keeping cozy, too!


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  1. Oh how cute and thrifty! There is such a feeling of accomplishment when a space can be decorated so sweetly! Love the plaid and all the cute accessories! Have a beautiful month preparing for the most wonderful time of the year!

  2. Dearest Karen, your lovely space looks so warm ,cozy, welcoming!Just the perfect spot to spend winter holidays...in the middle of the woods, ideal!
    Wishing you and your family a happy countdown to Christmas

  3. Good morning, you are creative. I love the curtains and daybed covering, the plaid is cute. Your place does looks cozy. Kai and Whitey Bear are cuties too. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Beautiful Karen, and so cozy and welcoming! Makes me want to come, sit and enjoy a cup of tea. I admire your sewing talent. Love your woodland tree. This is my first Christmas without my Mom, like you, I am missing her.

  5. What a good idea. The checked fabric looks great in your corner. x

  6. Oh Karen, I love plaid, and the plaid coverings on your couch, pillows, and draperies look wonderful! The little elf is so cute hehehe. I really like those winter paintings. You know, I bought a Thomas Kinkade painting with a wintery theme last year, and it reminds me of Christmas.

    Your home is so cozy, and thank you for sharing it with us from time to time. You did a wonderful job on the plaid accessories. Love it all!


    I miss my dear mother too, but they are in our hearts always. :)

  7. You certainly are a home maker. using those flannel sheets has made that corner look so warm & cozy. Will all your family be joining you for Christmas ? I can just see you all preparing the meal and enjoying all being together some sitting on the day bed. Love it.

    1. Hello, Barbara - thank you for your sweet visit! Yes, my whole family will be here on Christmas - I am so blessed. xoxo

  8. I love your place and what you did with those flannel sheets is just great and very holiday, homey and cozy looking.

    You inspire me ~ FlowerLady

  9. You are so talented and clever Karen! I love that cozy corner and I just have a "thing" for plaid anyway. Absolutely love it!! As well as all of your other sweet and homey touches. It's been gray and rainy here more than snow too. We still have green grass. Feels so weird, but then I think to myself 'well this is kind of like Karen's winter weather' . Lol And something about it still makes me feel nice and cozy inside and enjoying my lights, decorations and warm winter meals.
    Blessings to you dear Friend and stay nice and cozy. xoox

  10. I love the addition of the plaid drapes and pillows! What a great way to add more cozy to your already sweet home!

  11. What a wonderful idea, Karen...I love this so much...and with your paintings and Christmas decor, I think it is all just perfect! I need some plaid sheets!

  12. The flannel sure adds a a nice of wintry coziness, Karen. I also love the lace peeking behind the drapes and of course, the lacey pillows on the day bed with the flannel pillows. Oh, would I ever love a day bed like yours. I really admire it! XO

  13. Your home is so lovely. We are having such heavy rain here in Oregon City and surrounding towns! And wind! Whooee! I love the pillows made from filet crochet pieces. I have an old filet crocheted table cloth with damage and this is an idea of how to save it and use its beauty! I am thinking of using back color of turquoise cloth.

  14. What a different view the flannel made. About flannel to me reminds me of bed sheets -- so this is a nice idea to remember and indeed cozy and comfortable... Love the pillows (all of them)..
    HUgs -- Raining here too!

  15. It looks so cozy and warm. And, I love the plaid!

  16. Hi dear friend ,, que bonita casa ,adore cada detalle , espero que tenga un buen día

  17. I love the cozy flannel plaid, and it is the perfect touch for Christmas. The pillows look so cozy on that daybed. I can see that it is strategically placed near the kitchen where you could be near a sick loved one. So much nicer than running up and down the stairs to a bedroom.
    The red dishes in your hutch look very holiday-ish, too. Hope you're having a wonderful December, and that Whitey can get outside soon!! xo Deborah

  18. I just love the touch of red plaid flannel and it sure makes your kitchen corner very dreamy and cozy!!!
    Your kitchen hutch is to die for...you have made your house a very welcoming home! Hugs to Whitey and I hope the rain stops long enough for him to go out!

  19. Your kitchen does look very cozy with the plaid flannel. And with all of the other sweet touches:) I have heard about all the rain you're having. Do you want snow for Christmas? We have been having such warm weather for December so I don't know if we will get any.
    Have a great Wednesday - I'll be wrapping some gifts!

  20. The weather has been stormy and rainy here in Finland too and it really makes you want to get cozy. Love your cozy corner!

  21. I wouldn't want to spend time anywhere else in the house with that delightfully cozy kitchen! What a wonderful way you have warmed up that corner. The plaid just looks like old timey winter :) Thanks for sharing your special home and all the decorative Christmas touches you have placed around with such care. And "hello & tummy rubs" to little Kai and Whitey!

  22. I love how you decorate your home and admire your creative thinking.

  23. Hello Karen,
    Wow that flannel plaid curtains and pillow covers are so beautiful! You did a great job sewing everything and looks perfect for Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J! Julie xo

  24. Hi Karen, what a lovely room adding the plaid. You created a cozy Christmas home and every touch is so special. I love the day bed there close by and how they were used years ago and still a great idea today. Love the coordinating pillows too. Thanks for the inspiration. You have me thinking of some ways to create with sheets. xo

  25. Wow that looks fantastic and all from sheets, I love the other pillows that you have with them, it does look very cozy on a cool rainy day, we have finally had a break for a few days from all the rain, and even have some good sunshine, so welcomed, especially by my little dachshund she is 15 years old now and she does not like to go out in the rain, so it makes extra work for me to remember to make her go out. Your little wreaths hanging on the chairs are too cute, and love your woodland tree with the owls so sweet! That elf is too cute and love his laundry hanging there to dry, so fun!!

  26. I spy Christmas in every corner ... it's all so lovely and inviting. I love plaid and your sewing project has created such a cozy ambiance. I long to sit on that daybed and just be.

    Wishing you a beautiful evening...

  27. Oh Karen, you have created such a warm and inviting holiday room. I love the new window coverings and match couch and pillows. I admire your sewing skills; I used my sewing machine this week and it was not a fun experience. I hope you're staying warm and dry with all the winter weather. Hugs to you, Pat xx

  28. Dearest Karen,
    Oh, you are so clever for snatching up a good bargain and sewing your own flannel pillows and shams. Looks so cozy and it is funny, we have warm weather right now but I was contemplating on putting the flannel bedding on for next change... Nothing feels like the cozy warm feeling of it.
    What a fantastic piece of furniture that is, also for taking naps when you have to and for kids no doubt a very practical thing to have around.
    Got updated on Dad, he didn't need surgery but is on 11 different Meds and he also needs to go to rehab. It is CHF and he will never go back to his fitness from before his heart attacks. My youngest, very close brother, has gifted him with an Apple album with 73 huge photos of Mom & Dad with his daughter Caro. That caused of course tears and he will look at it over and over again; no doubt. Reliving some 14 years, the life-span of their youngest grand child and my brother is an artist in taking photos. With a lot of feeling and emotion put right behind the lens. He did also send them to me and I have enjoyed them on my Mac, full size and it meant so much for going back to the home where I'm born and raised. Dad's property is now changed into a little village. There is nothing left from the once gorgeous garden he kept, where so many wedding photos got made... But these photos will bring back lots of fond memories and that's what life is all about.
    You are an excellent NEST creator and that's a compliment!
    Enjoy it together with your loyal fur babies.

  29. Wonderful post, Karen, and indeed so cosy! Your home looks lovely and inviting and the view from your terrace is gorgeous in all the seasons and weather.
    Enjoy the rest of the week! xx

  30. Everything looks so lovely, warm and cozy! The green smoothie sounds delicious. Having a bed in the kitchen area does make a lot of sense for moms. Love how you decorated and everything comes together so nicely! Have a wonderful day.


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Karen, it all looks so wonderful. You did a great job with the material and the corner really does looks cosy. As I've said before, love your red bowls. What a great idea to look out for paintings and change them seasonally too

  33. Your new curtains and cushions etc look so pretty and are absolutely perfect for this time of year!! Everything that you do looks so homely and comforting and welcoming. I am sure that this room was a great place for your children to be when they were small and for your family now! xx

  34. Now aren't you smart to make up curtains and dressings for your daybed from sheets! It does look very cozy. I hope the rain ends soon there. I hear some areas got 400 mm in one day! Have a great weekend Karen.

  35. Dear Karen, how wonderful that you can sow and create things by yourself for your home. Homemade items add such a lovely personal touch to a home, which makes such a difference I especially like the crocheted lace pillows and would love to do something similar for my own home.
    I can imagine that painting the terracotta pots gray made a big difference. Now they fit perfectly into the color scheme of your decorated outdoor bird cage.
    Wishing a lovely advent time!

  36. Hi Karen, missing his home, his job and his ideas .... I was in trouble and did not return to the blog, but I felt and always remembered fondly from your room here.
    Good ideas, that beautiful Christmas fabric. I come back more often and I enjoy my free time now to reread the old post. Fondly of his Brazilian friend Silvia.

  37. A lovely cozy corner, Karen. I like the combination of plaid flannel and lace, so pretty and Christmassy :)

  38. I love plaid for my living room. I have 2 red sofas! I'm getting so many decorating ideas from your post! Holiday hugs, Diane

  39. Everything looks so great and festive!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  40. Your house so looks so cozy and festive. We have a nice sofa sleeper my sis slept on last night. So glad I have it. A freebie from right after Christmas last year for us! I need another set of sheets tho. It's been raining here but looks like Tues is going to be dry. Never know what the temps gonna be....always a guessing game here for now. Have a good week!

  41. The plaid pattern instantly makes the room look warmer. It's rainy and windy today here as well and though it's not cold, I feel like staying in!


Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are important to me and are very much appreciated. xx Karen

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