Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Retro Christmas - Five on Friday

Hello, Dear Friends, I have always 
loved browsing through vintage 
magazines and thought you would enjoy
seeing some retro Christmas advertisements. 

Pepsi always has beautiful ads
and this is no exception. 

Everything about this ad is lovely, 
from the gorgeous red dress, 
to the pretty wreath.

I enjoy an ice cold Pepsi once in a while!
I prefer it over Coke! 

Here's a wonderful advertisement
for an iconic American brand, 

A stylish gal in a pretty white coat
carries everything needed 
for Christmas dinner. 

I have a few cherished vintage 
JELL-O cookbooks
and have tried some of the recipes. 

Doesn't everyone love the pretty tin molds? 
Here's a vintage recipe for Cranberry Creams
using tin gelatin molds.

Here is another iconic American brand,

Don't you just love how stylish she
looks in her Pendleton wool shirt?

When I was a young newlywed,
I worked at one of
the Pendleton mills, as it was
right next door to our first apartment.
We only had one car, so I was
able to walk to work, which was
very convenient.

I worked an industrial sewing machine,
sewing these beautiful woolen
shirts together.

As a young bride,
I was too poor to buy any of them, though!

Remember the Avon lady?
Every neighborhood had at least
one! She would come to the house
with the latest cosmetics and fragrances
and leave a catalog to browse through.

I had a very favorite fragrance
when I was young, called Iris.

Now the pretty bottles are hot
collector's items.

Does anyone remember the Loretta Young Show?
My Mother used to watch it all the time!
Doesn't she look lovely in her
Christmas ballgown?

You can still buy Avon products.
Browse the latest offerings and
find your local rep Here.

This wonderful advertisement is just as
relevant today as it was in the 1940's.

Everything about this ad is wonderful,
from the beautiful red dress (with shoulder pads)
to the view outside the window.

The handsome and trim soldier
and the sweet little boy
make for a heartwarming scene,


I hope you enjoyed seeing these lovely
retro Christmas ads.
All of these companies are still
in business today!


(I receive no compensation from any
companies mentioned)

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  1. What fun, Karen! I'm feeling very vintage, old fashioned in my Christmas thinking this year too.

    Wishing you a beautiful Friday...

  2. Lovely Retro Christmas images, Karen!
    Everything looks indeed wonderful - except the shoulder pads... :D
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your Christmas preparations! xx

  3. What a fabulous post Loved seeing these, thank you x

  4. Wonderful post of all things vintage, Karen. I love all these vintage advertisements. Love all the red dresses.The Loretta Young concoction is rather gorgeous. Wasn't she a beautiful woman. I have watched many an old black and white movie starring the lovely Loretta Young.

  5. I lovely selection of old adverts. Very enjoyable xx

  6. Hello, a wonderful collection of Vintage Christmas Ads. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. These were all fun to look at. Thanks for sharing, Karen. Love your new header. Deb

  8. I love these old ads! I have collected quite a few old magazines and love looking through them for the pictures like these. They just make me think of a simpler time. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  9. Such a great post, I really enjoyed seeing the old adverts. They really do evoke such cosiness and wondrous feelings of Christmas's past. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. This was truly a wonderful post, my friend, and I thoroughly enjoyed your words and the vintage images.

    How are you, sweet Karen? You have been in my thoughts. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of the's hard to believe Christmas is only weeks away!

    Enjoy the weekend. Love and hugs!

  11. Hi Karee,
    What a fun post! I so enjoyed looking at these vintage Christmas ads!
    Wishing you a nice day and weekend.

  12. You brought back some memories for sure!!! The Avon lady... and cranberry molds... Have a great weekend!

  13. You brought back some memories for sure!!! The Avon lady... and cranberry molds... Have a great weekend!

  14. These are lovely ads! Thank you for sharing. I love everything vintage :-) Have a great weekend!


  15. Interesting trip down memory lane this morning, and yes I remember everthing!

  16. Hello dear Karen. Thank you for this lovely post which took me down memory lane. I remember Loretta Young, the Avon lady, and Pendleton woolen mills. We used to drive past the mill on our way from Idaho to Washington. Pendleton, Oregon was about half way on our journey. I still love those plaid wools to this day. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Pat xx

  17. These are all new advertisements to me.. don't remember seeing this Jello ad either.....even though I love eating jello and I do indeed remember the tin molds! I stopped drinking Pepsi many many years ago - no other soft drink at all as well!
    But for Avon -- I still buy their products once in a while. My aunt sold Avon and that's when I first knew it was around and that would have been around my per-teens. She would give us Christmas gifts from Avon and that's a lovely ad you have here indeed!
    This is a fun post...thanks for sharing!

  18. I like the vintage ads, that is neat you worked in that factory, they should let all workers just have at least one shirt :) I had an Avon lady when I first moved her 10 years ago, she lived a couple houses down, but she quit selling a few years back.

  19. I had never seen those ads before. My family was too poor to buy magazines, and with the cost of them nowadays, I rarely do, too.

  20. Yes to the Avon lady and yes to Pendleton. Old ads seem wholesome. I wish ads were like that today, don't you? Great post!

  21. The pictures are so pretty and the ladies all look so elegant don't they! I love the one for Pendleton, you could hang that as a picture I think - and the Jello one! Adverts were definitely better in the old days! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  22. There's an Avon lady living across the road from me! They sell all sorts of things now. Your adverts look so different from today's. Look at all the red dresses, they catch our eyes and make us want to buy. :-)

  23. Ah, love those vintage pictures - so fab! have a happy week!

  24. Oh Yes, I did enjoy these vintage Christmas ads very much, Karen. And they brought back a memory or two. I love love the red and black plaid shirt and have looking for one for myself this year. I remember my Avon lady well. She used to visit with all kinds of goodies, and one time she gave me a music box that was in my birthstone, emerald. I still have it today. I think my favorite was the Pepsi ad. Who doesn't love Pepsi once in awhile?

    What a delightful post this is, Karen, and a creative one as well.


  25. Love your vintage ads. My husband had a Pendleton shirt he wore for years!

  26. What wonderful vintage ads! Takes me right back to when I was young :)

  27. Thinking back to the old ads the Coca Cola Santa comes to mind. I still buy from Avon but they sure have branched out with what they sell now.

  28. Wonderful pics!!! Great memories!!


  29. Karen,
    I LOVED seeing all these amazing vintage adds!! I think the style in the 40's were so chic!! And I would love to have a plaid shirt like that now!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    And thanks so much for visiting and for your very kind words!!


  30. Hi Karen, I love the vintage ads. These are extra special. I remember the Avon lady. Yes every neighborhood had one. Love the plaid shirt ad and the I'll be Home for Christmas. Sweet memories for sure. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. xo

  31. It is amusing to me that the retro things my daughters love are the things that were common around our house when I was growing up. I think they are reminders of better times we all long for. Of course we still like our modern stuff! :D
    Most of these companies are still successful today, but their advertising won't leave a mark like it used to. Great post!

  32. What a great look back! I would have loved to live during the era of some of these ads....maybe for a day or two!

  33. The Pendleton model looks like Betty Draper from Mad Men! Thanks so much for dropping by my new writing blog. I hope to keep seeing you around the blogger water cooler.

  34. Dearest Karen,
    That were all lovely, all American, retro vintage advertisements.
    Love the Greyhound ad!

  35. OOh! I love these. My favourite is the Pendelton one. The whole family looks so cosy in their plaid robes!

  36. Hola amiga querida ,, adoro esas imágenes retiros ,, espero que tenga un bendecido domingo

  37. Fun to see the retro ads. I've got a jello cook book as well.

  38. What a lovely post! Loved seeing these! I have made a lot of christmas preparations here in northern Finland. Welcome to visit Villa Kardemumma again!

  39. I do have a soft spot for vintage ads, thanks for sharing those, I enjoyed them

  40. Love it Karen! I love seeing the different vintage ads & signs. My hubby & I often explore antique stores & I love looking at old ads, signs & books. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a lovely weekend & have a great week ahead! Xoxo

  41. I think that this ad are really cool looking even now. I like the Avon ad with the very pretty lady in red. My friend from says that they can be actual now just with a little redesigning. Interesting to try.

  42. I loved taking a glimpse of those nostalgic ads, Karen! How nice that you could walk to work and made some of those Pendleton shirts. Thanks for sharing some retro Christmas with us. I remember The Loretta Young Show!

  43. These are really cool old ads. I haven't thought of many of them in years. I do remember Loretta Young and how beautiful I thought she was in all her many beautiful gowns.....Great post....

  44. Love these vintage ads! So much fun. What I notice most is how dressed up everyone is. Wish we could go back to those days of heels and dresses and pearls for every day. Love it. (I prefer Coke over Pepsi, and love their vintage Santa ads!)

  45. Beautiful old advertisement! I love seeing them.

  46. Karen I love these old Pepsi adds and am amazed that these were probably from my childhood. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and staying cozy with the rainy weather outside


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