Friday, November 8, 2013

Nolte State Park

Recently The Mr. and I took a drive to Nolte State Park. 

This small lake is where I spent nearly every summer day when my children were young. 

In the summer it is crowded with picnickers, swimmers and walkers, but on this day it was deserted. 

We were hoping to see some Autumn color, but we were a little too late. A few trees still had some leaves where they were protected from the relentless wind. 

This small lake is 115 ft. deep and is appropriately called 'Deep Lake'. 

There is a 1.5 mile walking loop around the lake, but we chose not to take it as it was getting late in the day and there have been cougar sightings here. 

There are lovely picnic grounds with covered areas for large groups. 

We had many celebrations here in years gone by. 

Picnics, birthdays, Memorial and Labor Days. 

Echos of happy times whisper through the trees. 

And more happy times to come.....

I stand beside one tree to show you perspective of how incredible they are. 

This Douglas Fir has stood watch over the lake for over 300 years. 

The stories it could tell! 

I am bundled up in a thick sweater under my vintage Levi's jacket and can still feel the chill of the wind blowing off the lake. 

This tree hosts many guests. 

If only we could peek inside! 

Tiny flowers still bloom at the base. 

 A mushroom tries to break through the moss, already serving as a meal to some unseen forest creatures. 

We run through the thick leaves like a couple of kids. 

A lonely Western Grebe floats at the far end of the lake. 

These are usually gregarious water birds who rarely fly during the breeding season and nest in large colonies in lakes with tall vegetation. 

They have legs positioned far back on the body, making it difficult to walk on the ground. 

Why he was all alone is a mystery, but maybe he has a mate hiding somewhere - I hope. 

With the sun sinking lower in the sky, we prepare to leave. 

We would not want to spend the night in these lonely woods! 

Can you see one of the covered picnic areas dwarfed by the forest? 

As we say goodbye to this special place, the setting sun lights the trees on fire. 

And fills our hearts with golden memories. 


Youth is the gift of nature, 
but age is a work of art. 
- Garson Kanin -


  1. Those trees are amazing! So big! They've been there for ages no doubt. This looks like the perfect place to have a picnic :)

  2. I love little lakes like this. There are several lake/ parks not too far from our cabin, and it is amazing how deserted they look in the late fall. Love this big and noble tree and can imagine that it has sheltered many a child in their summer play. Great shots and looks as if you had a great afternoon excursion here.

  3. Such a pretty place - the trees are amazing and I love the name of the lake - very descriptive. Wonderful photos on such a pretty day.

  4. Dearest Karen,
    Wow, this 117-acre Nolte State Park is quite a beautiful area for enjoying year round. Glad you posed next to one of those 300 year old trees as one loses any dimension without a person beside it! Like the dwarfed covered picnic area; wow what a giants those trees are! Indeed, if they could tell their stories.
    But your day ended perfectly with that golden sunset, framing all those fond memories of years past. Glad you got to go back together and that you share it with us!
    The wind blowing over such an open area for sure will make you chilly.
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  5. i can almost feel the cool weather. i LOVE that huge tree!!! thanks for showing us how magnificent it is!

  6. You always motivate me to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, dear Karen. Taking drives is so relaxing and the beauty you get to see is always a blessing. Thank you for sharing your sweet times with us - happy weekend, friend! Hugs to you!

  7. Yes I believe age is a work of art too! Those trees are absolutely outstanding Karen! I love that shot of you by the tree! What a perfect spot to have celebrated with your family! I hope that you and the Mr. have a great weekend!

  8. This looks like a perfect fall day, Karen...lovely photos!

  9. Great pictures you show Karen. Thank you for taking us on this wonderful trip. Wishing you and your a good weekend :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  10. The Nature paints beautiful pictures. Yes, your forest can sure tell a lot. So many memories are stored there. How nice that you entertain yourself with the trees could.
    Greetings Rita

  11. Looks like a perfect fall day, the trees are amazing!Great photos!

  12. What a beautiful place! Mom also embraces trees, she says that trees give you energy. Great tree to embrace!

  13. Oh Golden Memories indeed I love this. Deep Lake is a place I would have spent all my time with my children too it is truly beautiful. The Douglas Fir are incredible to think about something that has stood through all the tests of time for over 300 years and still has the ability to stand strong and keep its beauty is to be admired. Could you hug one of those trees for me next time you go and tell it hello and thank you for me.
    Beautiful memories and that is what will keep us strong like the very tree you can wrap your arms around. Hug B

  14. Everyone needs a special place like this to make memories year after year and I know you cherish the many times your family has joined here to laugh and play...It looks like you and hubby had a special day just being together and enjoying nature....You set a very good example for all to make time to just "be"....Have a great weekend....

  15. That tree is so beautiful and majestic. Simply amazing how some trees have been here before the Constitution was even written. Isn't that amazing???

  16. Love the pines surrounding the lake! The big Douglas Fir is amazing. How fun to remembering all the good times you have had there

  17. what a pretty place. It looks sort of like a west coast Maine

  18. What beautiful trees! I love them! I have never been to the northwest before, but that is on my vacation list. Take care and have a great weekend.Cindy

  19. I like this series Karen. But I really like your portrait with the tree. t looks you had a lot of fun! :-)

    Many greetings from the Netherlands,

  20. I've been wondering many times where do you live? hehe :D
    I love this place so much! :) it's so peacefully with everything there, and about your memory with the children when they were young just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures here.
    Have a great weekend,

  21. Even if you missed the peak colors, it is still very beautiful! Thank you for taking me for a stroll by the lake! The firs are magnificent - love that you hugged a tree to give it scale for your photo ~ I wouldn't have guessed they were that big!

  22. Wow, those are some mighty big pine trees....great captures of a day well spent!!

  23. Despite the lateness of the season I thought it was looking very beautiful.

  24. Such a beautiful park Karen. Love the autumn colours. You look really happy on the photo!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  25. What a beautiful way to spend the day - I am in love with that old tree! <3

  26. Hi Karen, thanks for letting me tag along on your outing. These photos are wonderful. My favorite is the last one with the foreground so dark and shadowy and the other side of the lake brilliant with color :) It's great to get outside and enjoy the nice weather before winter sets in.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  27. Thanks for taking us along with you on your lovely day.
    The color may have been gone for the most part: but the colored reflection in the third photo is lovely!
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Karen!

  28. So very, very beautiful! I love the photo of you next to the tree. Think of how many changes that tree has seen...

  29. Totally Beautiful park... Your photos are wonderful......A wonderful day out... that tree is magnificent... Have a happy week... Hugs May x x

  30. Karen incredible place and centenaria the trees that hug yummy!
    His photos are a trip to my eyes.
    A big kiss and a beautiful week friend!

  31. G'day Karen
    So lovely to get to know you as I am a first time visitor to your Blog. Loved your autumn adventures which are even more special as we are heading into Summer, although today is more like autumn than Spring here in Melbourne, Australia!! I will enjoy following your next adventures.
    Wren x

  32. Lovely day trip to one of our local state parks... now you can officially call yourself a 'tree hugger!' :-) Your last photo is so rich in color and form, the light is magical!

  33. Oh my gosh, the memories that came flooding back as I read this!! Insisting that the 'floaties' were blown up and piled into the car with all of us before leaving the house, the Super Sip treats from Roses' IGA (I always got the green one), swimming to the dock without asking permission :), playing frisbee in the field and most of all the pure excitement when Dad surprised us after work and showed up in his Spitfire just in time for the BBQ. Remember when he was the first one to leave the park after our big family get together and he got pulled over right on the main road because the cop thought it was his daughter? You were so mad! Ha!!


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