Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has remained cool and wet here in Washington State. Tomorrow will be July 1st! We have had precious few Sunny days and things are getting a little, shall we say, mossy. I have been reluctant to venture out to do much, as the grass is always a little too high and wet (Hubby can only mow when it is dry), and the slugs are everywhere, leaving their slimy trails. (I need to slug bait again: I use non-toxic bait to protect the pets and wildlife)

This was the temperature gage last evening after dinner. We are tromping around in boots and jackets!

Ninky is quite bored. He does brave the wet for a few hours every day, but then I will find him curled up on the bench underneath the canopy on the deck and I have to carry him inside, as he won't run through the rain to come to the door.

This is Ling Ling gazing forlornly out the upstairs window in my office.

Pretty soon they curl up in the softest place they can find...The pillows on the futon in my office (a former bedroom for the boys). Ling Ling sleeps in the sewing room across the hall (the girl's former bedroom). She is still treated as an outsider, but slowly that is changing. She has just recently started climbing in my lap for the first time. She still misses my Mom and will try to sleep on the desk that was in her living room. It must smell like home. Poor thing......

There is nothing to do but settle in and work on my crocheting. I am slowly but surely getting this project completed.

Would you like to see what came out of my work basket?

Someday it will be a little sweater. I have the back and one of the front panels completed. It is a sweet little design with a crocheted flower as the fastener and a loose open front. It also has 3/4 length loose sleeves. I am excited to get this far, I have never made myself a sweater before! Now that I have shown you all, I will have to finish it so you can see the end results!

After dinner I went out to snap a few pictures of the clouds turning a faint lavender. You would never know there was a mountain range there! You can see the mist rising from one of the little rivers that meander down from the hills. At the very bottom of the steep valley below, there is a glacial creek that originates from one of Mt. Rainier's many glaciers. When the children were small, we would walk down to it and swim in the little lagoon created by log-jams and debris. I can tell you, it was ice cold, but very refreshing on a hot August day.

And then, this beautiful hawk arrived. I watched as he floated in and landed on the very top of the Cedar tree in the center of the view. I have seen him before. He comes early in the morning and just before dusk. The tree overlooks the whole valley and a small clearing.

I believe he is a Red Tail Hawk. He has a lovely dark face. I think there is a nest nearby because I see him almost every day.

Well, I had better get back to my crocheting. I am hoping for some better weather for the 4th of July Holiday. I hope you are having sunny skies!


  1. The weather is much the same here in Scotland. But my daughter just called me up to see a huge double rainbow, which ended just beyond the end of our street. So that was a treat.
    Your red-tailed hawk is very beautiful - and I am really curious to see your cardigan! I can't really crochet, but keep saving beautiful crochet patterns with the idea that Someday...

  2. I am so happy to hear how things are in Scotland. It is a beautiful place from what I can tell from your lovely pictures and what I have seen in books and movies. I hope to see it someday! Such a treat to see a double rainbow. I guess that is the reward for putting up with cloudy skies. I hope my sweater is actually wearable! I do admire your beautiful knitting in (sigh) such lovely yarns. I don't know how to knit, so I guess we both have something to look forward to learning...


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