Thursday, December 20, 2018

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are filled with
the spirit of Christmas as we prepare to celebrate
this most wonderful day. 

In my own small way, I try to bring this  
happy spirit of Christmas home, as I decorate, 
bake, and wrap those special gifts 
for precious little ones.

Our family has grown and we are blessed,
so we have agreed that only the children
will receive gifts as we go forward.

Our gifts to each other are in spending time together
over a good meal, with a nice bottle of wine,
sharing plenty of love and laughter.

As I have gone about my tasks, 
 I have been thinking about the true spirit of Christmas
and how I might honor this spirit every single day.

I've come up with one simple word to abide by....

Let's go inside for a cup of hot cocoa
and get warmed by the fire!

You can hang your coat and hat here....
My dear Father made the metal coat rack
and his wool jacket, which I often wear, hangs here. 

I really miss him this time of year. 
He had a love of all things Christmas, and delighted
in sharing the magic with his children and grandchildren,
 making wonderful, hand-crafted gifts.

This wooden snowman on the front step 
was hand-crafted by him and painted by my dear Mom. 
I love the sweet, wistful expression.

My rustic living room lends itself to very simple greenery.....

I revamped the wreath, garland and little trees this year by 'tipping'
the branches and cones with 'snow'. This was easily done 
with acrylic craft paint (in warm white), and a small paint brush. 

It took only a few minutes and I was pleased with the results.

I'll light the fire....

And the tree. 

A few favorite ornaments - some were lovely gifts. 

The angel we bought together for our first Christmas. 

I've started collecting glass pine-cones. 

The larger one is from our recent trip to the Christmas tree farm.
The smaller one was from a shopping trip with my daughters 
a couple of years ago.  

Decorating the tree brings me down memory lane.....

I made the pillow from an embroidered tea towel. 

A favorite book - a gift from my parents to my 
children when they were small. Now to be enjoyed 
by my grandchildren. 

The illustrations by Tasha Tudor are so sweetly endearing.  

 Please come into 
the kitchen and I'll heat the kettle.....

 I've added a few holiday touches to my kitchen shelves
as I think of how many Christmas celebrations we've had here.
We built the house in 1982-83 and raised our four children here. 

Hand-sewn elf and mushrooms. 

I made the cookie houses out of graham crackers
a couple of  years ago. 
They keep nicely, wrapped in tissue and stored in a large tin. 

You can see my tutorial on how to make them Here.

I tried to make my kitchen a bright, happy place 
for the grandchildren this year.  
We are hosting the family on Christmas Eve. 

My hand-made Santa. 
He sits on my vintage rolling cart. 

The shelves underneath hold
my candy stash.  

I used red and chartreuse green  
on my daybed this year. 

I made the pillows from tea-towels and linen napkins.
The 'Let it Snow' towel was the inspiration for the color-scheme. 

The plaid tea-towels have lovely embroidery. 

Holiday pillows can be expensive, but if you 
have a basic knowledge of sewing, 
you can whip these up for very little money. 

A cozy place for tea and a chapter or two. 

I decorated a grand-children's tree with a 'candy' garland
that I've had since my own children were small. 

A hand-stitched snow-man angel. 

I was able to unpack a few precious memories from long ago.....

The kettle is done....please have a seat, won't you? 

But first you'll have to pick your favorite cup. 

The tiny bottle holds green glitter and is labeled 'Christmas Magic'. 

The snowmen are a sugar bowl and creamer. 

Cocoa's ready! 

My pantry corner. 

I found the enameled metal sign
at the Christmas tree farm in my last post. 

My collection of vintage potholders
just simply makes me happy. 

I drove a wood panel vehicle
like this one when our children were young :) 

A lovely portrait of Santa and one of his favorite reindeer.
I think it might be Blixen, or maybe Prancer. 
Let's go out and watch the sunset.

The days are short and the sun sets early, 
magically turning gray clouds into cotton candy
for a few splendid moments. 

And if you believe in magic......

This little elf has taken over the care of the fairy garden, 
and built a log cabin! 
(The fairies have flown south for the winter)

He's busily decorating for Christmas, too! 


The world is truly full of magic if we 
keep our hearts and minds open. 

This angel in velvet, holds a rosary with beads made 
from my dear Mother-in-law's flowers. 

My Sis-in-law, sent this amazing angel to us
in commemoration of her sweet memory. 

She had a collection of Christmas tree pins, 
and I have one to remember her by. 

The Nutcracker music box was a gift from my dear Mother.
She took all the 'girls' in the family to see the Nutcracker ballet 
in Seattle one year. There were 10 of us. 

One more beautiful bauble to remember 
a special day....
A recent trip to a lovely tea house with my 
daughter and her Mother-in-law - a dear friend. 

I will share that day with you soon. 

This lovely Fenton angel was a gift from my son.

As you can tell, I love angels, and believe in their 
loving devotion to man-kind. 

There is a tender sentimentality to this time of year
that I love. 

It's a magical quality of faith, hope and joy, 
mixed with a child-like sense of wonder and imagination.

So as we celebrate this special day together, Dear Friends, 
I wish you all a Merry Little Christmas, 
filled with love, sweet memories, a little treat or two, 
and plenty of hope and faith to carry you along 
through the new year ahead. 


  1. Your home is perfect. It looks just like Christmas to me, every garland, tree, ornament, flower. All the extremely personal touches. Your dad's jacket -- that is incredibly special. (I miss mine and mom, too, at this time of year.)

    You said it perfectly. It is magic, this season. Magic and memories, and I see both her in glorious abundance. I hope your Christmas is beautiful -- merry and bright and as lovely as your beautiful home.

  2. It all looks so lovely and serene.

    Have a wonderful Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  3. I just love the woodland feel to your pretty Christmas decorations in your home! I am inspired now to decorate my tree next year with neutral ornaments and to paint the tips of my greenery white. I live in a Victorian but I did decorate my front door/porch with a woodland makes everything feel more like Christmas.

  4. Your home is always so pretty. Love all the pictures. The storm knocked the power out for 9 hours which is always a joy.

    Hugs Diane

  5. Wonderful pictures of your adorable home!Love your Christmas decoration!I also love that gorgeous and precious book.Merry Christmas,dear Karen!Blessings to all your family.

  6. So, so much Christmas magic shimmering with beautiful memories swirls around and around your beautiful home, Karen. I always love to stroll through each room of your home rather slowly, drinking in every beautiful keepsake that you hold dear to your heart. At Christmas time is is especially magical. I can in my mind's eye see you snuggled up with your grandchildren reading the story of old, The Night Before Christmas to them. 'Tis all magical! May you enjoy the most beautiful Christmas day surrounded by all your loved ones, beautiful Karen♥

  7. Oh my...I had a tear reading this Karen...such a beautiful story teller you are...🌟
    Thank you for sharing your precious memories...
    I was thinking about you, and there you were leaving a lovely comment over at mine.❤️
    Wishing you the Merriest Christmas Karen., and to your beautiful family...
    Nothing but good things for 2019...
    We are awaiting our first Grandson in May!🥰


  8. Karen, if you dabbed a little snow and strung lights on any of those beautiful trees that surround your lovely home, it would be enough of a Winter Wonderland and what you have done inside is so perfect and beautiful and really does make your fairyland cottage look like Christmas. Everything is so pretty and with all the wonderful memories of your life that go with it you have created magic. We do the same with the kids as far as presents go, but at 22 and 25 when will they become grown-ups? I must admit, I hope never! I know I haven't! Thank you, dear friend, for your visits throughout the year and your kind words. Have a wonderful celebration with your family and a Happy New Year.. Merry Christmas xxoJudy

  9. Your house is well decorated Karen, it looks festive and lovely!! We got a bit of snow here in North Dakota so we may have a white Christmas! Wishing you and your loved one a marvelous Christmas time, peace, laughter and lots of love. P.S. I have changed my profile photo since the old one did not looked like me any more now that I have grey hair! Merry Christmas!!

  10. Beautiful Christmas decorations. Your house is absolutely wonderful.
    Merry Christmas to you and to your family!
    May 2019 will be full of joy, health and love, for you and you loved ones.
    Best wishes
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  11. Hi Karen, oh I love how pretty you decorated your home. It is filled with homemade Christmas decorations that have special memories for you and your family. I love the Christmas trees. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Julie xo

  12. Oh you have decorated your home in a lovely Christmas way! How special to have a tree decorated for the grandkids, how wonderful to have them and to see the joy of Christmas through their eyes. Wishing you a most blessed Christmas as you celebrate the greatest gift of all!

  13. It looks like you are all organised and ready for a very Happy Christmas with all your family, what a wonderful time you'll have. Sending best wishes to you. x

  14. Karen you have decorated your home beautifully! I remember being so happy when our family decided not to exchange gifts for the adults! Being 1 of 10 children it was a huge relief! You have lovely things filled with memories from your family member living and passed! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  15. Karen, thank you for inviting me in for a mug of hot cocoa. I had a lovely time! Your holiday decor has warmed my heart (and the cocoa my tummy!). You are a most gracious hostess. Merry Christmas. xo

  16. Oh Karen, it was such a joy seeing all your Christmas treasures this year. I loved so many of them, but the bauble from the tea house is just gorgeous. I look forward to hearing about your special day there. All the red in your home at Christmas time made me smile, so festive and beautiful. Wishing you so much joy and peace in the new year, and looking forward to more of your very charming posts in 2019. That hot cocoa looks so delicious. ; )


  17. Karen, I just noticed your velvet angel with the Rosary beads and it got to my heart right away, as I say the Rosary every day. It's so beautiful.


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