Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nature's Jewels

Hello, Dear Friends, and happy summer! 

To celebrate the beginning of summer, 
I would like to share with you
some of nature's beautiful jewels. 

Our own 14,411 ft. Mt. Rainier is a jewel in the landscape,
here in the foothills of the Cascade mountains
of western Washington State. 
 When it is finally revealed after seemingly months 
of clouds, it is a spectacular sight, indeed. 

Can you see the bird in the tree-top and the one in flight?
(The tiny black speck to the right of the mountain)

Mt Rainier creates its own weather, 
and you can clearly see the powerful forces 
of wind swirling around to form
a misty mountain necklace . 

I would not want to be caught in this swirl, 
and it is one reason climbers and small planes 
must use extreme caution. 

This tiny bird is another of nature's jewels
in the opposite extreme. Where Mt. Rainier is 
mighty in form, the diminutive Rufous Hummingbird is 
only mighty at heart. 

Here he is keeping watch over 'his' feeder and
 territory during a gentle summer rain. 

You can see the fierceness in his eyes......
He is fearless, and will go after and 'buzz' 
any intruders, no matter how large. 

Tiny raindrops (water jewels) gather 
on his head as he patiently stands guard.

When 'water jewels' are refracted by light, 
we have the beauty of a rainbow. 

No man-made prism can ever compare. 

Forget-me-not and butterflies 
go hand in hand - jewels 
of innocence in nature's garden. 

And what plant is not enhanced by a ladybug brooch?

Or perhaps a butterfly pin?

A bumblebee dangles from the heart charms 
of wild bleeding heart.

Fuchsia blossoms rival even the most delicate of earrings.

Maybe you would prefer a pair of thimble berry blossoms
to grace your ears?
Minus the little black bug?

Or a Salmon-Berry ring?

Nature is full of precious jewels if
we take the time to see......

And at the end of the day, the opalescence of 
mountain snows reflect the dying sun as it slips
silently below the horizon. 


And the sky is filled with the glow of moonstone once more. 


Hello, Dear Friends, I wanted to thank you for
your kind visits and encouraging words for
the Ramblin' Man.

He is recovering nicely and while he rests
I will sit quietly next to him while
visiting all of you.



  1. Karen, these are nature's jewels, indeed. What pretty pictures these are today. The hummingbird fascinates me. He has big eyes and such a small body. But he has perseverance as he is always in motion. His song is among my favorite of the birds. It's so unusual and even hard to describe. This one is a Pinkish color, so lovely. The forget-me-nots are so dainty and pretty. And there is a special story about the lady bug that I love. They are a sweet and a pleasant surprise when they appear. What a gorgeous picture of the butterfly on the orange flowers. The rainbow is perfect. I loved all these pictures, Karen, and nature is a beautiful gift filled with wonder. I took a drive in the country today and saw a bit of nature myself. : )


  2. So glad the surgery went well, and I hope Ramblin' Man heals rapidly! Thank you for the lovely photos and narrative, Karen. You are right, that there is so much beauty around us, if we look. I have never seen a Rufus Hummingbird when I have been out and about, and I greatly admire the one in your wonderful photos. xx

  3. Beautiful pictures esp of the mountain. Be a great view to take in daily. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nature's bounty is truly marvelous, and the same can be said for your photos :)

  5. Karen, nature's jewels are crafted so beautifully by God's loving care. The mountain pictures are magnificent. And I love the little beads of water on the hummingbird's head. Thank you for sharing your view with us!

  6. It's so true that there is beauty everywhere, but truth be told, you live where there is truly an abundance. Mt. Ranier is spectacular Karen, and you are so lucky to have that view as part of your life,

    I can't believe you got those pictures of the hummingbird! They're always moving, and very quickly. I'm impressed!

    Wishing your hubby a rapid recovery. (((Hugs)))

  7. Dear KAren,
    thank you for this wonderful post about the Jewels of the Nature!
    Glad to hear, that your Ramblin' Man is recovering well! All best wishes to him!
    Have a lovely week, sending Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xo

  8. These are truly jewels of the Nature, dear, dearest Karen, I'm so glad you shared them with us today !

    Glad also to read that your Rambling Man is getting better and better,
    I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you

    With sincere gratitude

    XOXO Dany

  9. A beautiful post with wonderful photos. Glad all is going well with Rambling man. B x

  10. SO PRETTY <3 <3 I'm in love with all those jewels. Nature is amazing and your pics are wonderful!
    Lots of love and jewels to your week <3 Satu xox

  11. Thrilled to hear Rambling man is recovering well. A beautiful post, that I found so uplifting.

  12. Happy to hear that your man is recovering nicely. Love all your jewels you showed us and also enjoyed your trip to your daughter's and all the photos you showed. When we drove across the Columbia and up to the Ryegrass rest area the top of Mt. Rainier was visible and if I wasn't driving I would have snapped a shot of it. So pretty. I need to get some hanging baskets for our deck area. Hope recovery continues to go well. What a random comment. I'm still trying to get my footing after returning home. LOL. Doesn't take much to throw me for a loop or to make me loopy.

  13. What a beautiful post in photos and your thoughts.

    What good news about Ramblin' Man, may his recovery be swift and complete.

    Love, hugs & prayers for the both of you ~ FlowerLady

  14. All such beautiful jewels, Karen! I love your views of Mt. Rainier...we can't see Mt. Jefferson from the house, except it's very smallest tip of the peak, but as we drive in we have some gorgeous views of it and the rim of mountains in the Cascades, here, including the Three Sisters. I can see the Deschutes Canyon from my house (posted about it and our visit to the river several posts back). Flowers are few and far between, because we are in the high desert (just south of us, not so) and also because of the deer. I would love to see more bees and butterflies but we do see a few. I'm grateful for my two hummingbirds and all the other bird visitors I am getting! Hope you are having a wonderful week. It was a lovely post, as always!

  15. The mountain, the flowers, butterflies, ladybugs and rainbow are all jewels indeed, but the one for me [naturally] would be the hummingbird! It truly steals the show.

  16. Beautiful photography! Lovely post.

  17. So glad all is well, just a glance at Mt Ranier will spur you on. x

  18. So pleased to read that all went well with the surgery, may Ramblin Man heal well, and have a speedy recovery.

    Your post was a delight to look at from beginning to end, beautiful photographs.
    Mt Ranier is majestic.

    All the best Jan

  19. that lady bug, the butterfly and those views, magnificent!! a great post filled with good news and gorgeous pictures!!!

  20. You know how much I envy where you live. So much to enjoy and you really are superb at capturing the beauty with your camera!

    So happy to hear your husband is improving. It really takes a toll on us when our loved ones are suffering.

    Jane x

  21. Beautiful photographs Karen - Mt Rainier is spectacular - and the hummingbird - I've only seen one once - they are such gorgeous wee birds. Glad to hear your husband is doing well. Fil

  22. Such stunning photos Karen, I loved all of them. It looks like a truly magical place to live. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  23. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could go outside each day after getting dressed and choose which jewels we would adorn ourselves with for the day? Lovely post!

  24. What a lovely post, Karen! Your photo skills are the best. The shots of that hummingbird are perfect. We only have ruby-throated, which I love but it is nice to see other varieties. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Karen,you live in an amazingly beautiful and lush environment. Thank you so much for sharing with us....
    Lovely photos!

    Happy Summer!

  26. What a wonderful nature photos! I like these mountains the most! I would like to come there one day. I really enjoy mountains trip, this year I'm going to visit our polish mountains twice :)

  27. Beautiful pics, I love all the insects and flying things with the flowers and you captured the hummingbird so well! the rainbows are just gorgeous but that sunset on the mountain turning it pink is just amazing!!
    Good to hear your hubby is doing well and resting!

  28. Gorgeous photos, love the rainbow too and the butterfly one...they hold a special place for me... lot of meaning. Hope he is feeling much better! Have a wonderful evening!


  29. Beautiful photos, especially those of the hummingbird. He sat so still for you! Glad to hear that your husband is doing well.

    Your comment about fuschias being like earrings reminded me that the Spanish word for the flower is aretes - earrings!

  30. Dear Karen,

    Nature is so beautiful and the pictures of Mt Rainier, the hummingbird and the forget-me-nots are so wonderful.
    Best wishes to the Rambling Man and hope he is doing well.
    Sending hugs and wishing you a happy weekend

  31. Glad surgery went well!

    The photos are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful place to live! Love the bird photos - so very clear.

  32. I love the photos! I have been told that hummingbirds are very territorial. I need to hang out feeders. We get a view of Mt. Hood form several spots here in Oregon City. Wish I had it from my home!

  33. Dearest Karen,
    Thank you for this lovely dose of BEAUTY from your neck of the woods!
    Wow, what a beauty for summer joy.
    Love your poetic wording about lady bug brooch!
    We just had a bad thunderstorm and more rain in the making so our usual bike ride is impossible, also yesterday and for the coming days. Even for the 4th of July 60% thunderstorms...
    Wishing you some more tranquility for a lovely 4th of July and enjoy your little paradise!

  34. Glad to hear that Ramblin Man is doing well

  35. Mt. Rainer looks very awesome - Think that the clouds and winds do create a weather swirling around the mountain!
    Your garden blooms and looks so pretty - And I'm happy to hear the your sweetest Rumbling Man is getting better!


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