Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Little Hideaway

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope those who celebrated 
Father's Day had a wonderful day
honoring all the unsung heroes of our lives.....
The hardworking and stoic 'manly' men, 
who can change a tire, but also change a diaper
when necessary :) 

We had a wonderful celebration with the whole family
enjoying a delicious bbq, good music, and lots of laughs. 

My four wonderful children and their significant others, 
gifted Ramblin' Man with this great gas fire-pit. 

They are trying to make up for their rowdy teenage years. 
I could tell you tales, but I will leave that for 
another time! 

Seriously, though, we are truly blessed 
to have such caring and thoughtful 

We call this area 'Our Little Hideaway'. 
It's a place to enjoy hot summer days 
in the shade. 
A place to sit outside, even in the rain. 
And a lovely spot to enjoy long summer 
evenings under lantern light.

I found the 'fair-trade' blankets last year, 
and added the pillows this year. 

I made them out of inexpensive rag rugs last week. 

I wanted something sturdy, but soft
and comfortable. 

I used thin string and a small crochet hook 
to join the seams. 
I tried sewing with a needle and thread, 
but the thickness of the rug made it difficult.
It was easy to crochet the seams using
a simple slip-stitch. 

Folding it over with one end of the fringe 
exposed added an 'ethnic' look to the pillow. 

I joined the side seams and left the middle open
for stuffing. 

It took a whole bag of fiberfill. 

I was pleased with the result - the pillows coordinate 
nicely with the blankets and the fabric of the furniture. 

I found this plant stand at the flea-market 
and gave it a new coat of paint to use as 
a side table. 

Over the years we've added to the ambiance, 
one thing at a time. 
One year it was this faux stone fountain -
bought with a gift card from my son
for my birthday. 

Another year, it was this candle chandelier.

The lantern (one of a pair) was a Mother's Day gift,
complete with battery powered 'candles'.


I love wind-chimes.

And butterflies......

And hummingbirds :)
This little beauty is a male Anna's hummingbird. 

Ramblin' Man works long hours and travels frequently,
so home is our refuge.

Kai and Whitey Bear enjoy it, too!

My daughter gifted her Dad with a tub of
S'mores fixings.....shall we have one?

Mmmmmm - burnt marshmallows!

Sorry, Kai....you can't have chocolate :(

Would you like some graham crackers?
(Silly question.....)

Poor Whitey Bear (in the rear)
 hurt his leg running from the skunk,
but he is feeling better and only limping
a little bit now.

My sweet boy is getting old.

They are still a little 'skunky', (see previous post)
 especially when it rains.
I think it taught them a valuable lesson.

There was a squirrel on the deck today,
and instead of the usual rush to chase it,
Kai just sat in the doorway watching.......

I can imagine his thoughts ......
you never know what surprises a cute
little critter has in store for you!

We've been having continued cool and cloudy
weather, here in the foothills of the Cascade mountains,
but last evening we were treated with this amazing
view of swirling clouds over Mt. Rainier.

The setting sun was reflected in the clouds,
making them look like they were lit from within.

The days are long, here in the Pacific Northwest,
leading up to the summer solstice.
This photo was taken after 9:00 p.m.

We enjoy every blessed moment, here in our little hideaway.

These are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.
Little Hideaway
We got a little hideaway that we go to
When we're alone together
A little place where we can go
And get to know each other
A place to see the sun
When the day is done
Hold on to that feeling
We've been missing
Oh we got a little hideaway
A place we go on special days
Try to get to know each other

I hope that you have a little hideaway somewhere, too,
Dear Friends!


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  1. Karen, you have truly created a beautiful retreat! It is most lovely and certainly cozy! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  2. How wonderful your young ones are making up for those years we all remember very well. The smores look tasty for sure. It's been a long time since I've had one.

  3. Oh what a wonderful little retreat! How cozy and lovely. Nothing like a fire to add some ambiance and warmth. What a great present. You've done such a beautiful job with everything. I love the chandelier and the fountain. And those pillows are perfect!
    Happy first day of Summer. xo Deborah

  4. That's a great hideaway and that gift from your kids to their dad was very thoughtful! Glad you had a great time. That space ship cloud over Rainier is very cool.

  5. Your terrace looks so cosy and inviting. What a great idea making pillows out of old thin rugs! We celebrate Father's day i the autumn...

  6. What a great place to share happy times or just rewind. Your kids are so thoughtful...you will have years of memories around your fire staying warm and making delicious snacks! The pillows and blanket are just amazing, Karen. I can't sew and often admire the works of bloggers, but this was difficult and definitely a labor of love,. Good job!

    Beautiful clouds! I expect nothing but the extraordinary from the PNW!

    Jane x

  7. What a great idea to use a rag rug for the cushions, they look really effective with the tassels. Sounds like you had another wonderful family gathering too.

  8. You have created a beautiful hideaway, along with the rest of the family with such stunning gifts over the years. A wonderful extension to your lovely home. I loved the idea of the rugs for the cushions they will certainly be hardwearing.

  9. Such a beautiful, oozy spot you've created Karen, just perfect for enjoying your lovely views yet out of the rain or sun.

    I think if my daughter tried to make up for her teen years I'd be lounging at a beach front home in Bora Bora with a couple of hunky guys feeding me grapes. ;)

  10. Hello, I love your cute little hideaway. You have rec'd some lovely gifts, I would like to have that gas firepit. the blanket and pillows are pretty too. Love the lantern and wind chimes too. Pretty hummingbird and cute furbabies. You are blessed. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  11. Aah....teenagers. =) Love your deck, Karen and all the trimmings you have added. Fabulous gas fire pit! Such a wonderful place for all your family to gather and enjoy each others' company....oh..and of course, yourself and your Ramblin' Man.

  12. What a wonderful hideaway! You have made it look so comfortable and inviting. So glad you had a great weekend with your family.

  13. Oh my goodness, I love your charming hideaway. It is just perfect. We have our front porch and we love how it is our peaceful and quiet retreat. Enjoy your comfy hideaway. Hugs ♥ Teri

  14. Love your little hideaway! I am looking for a fountain, they are just so peaceful.

    Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

  15. Love your hideaway! The rug pillows are such a great idea! I am wondering what the cover is as is so large. Is it umbrella material or metal or ??

    1. Hi Rose, thanks for your sweet visit! To answer your question - the cover is umbrella material. We have had it for so many years that it is starting to wear and leak in places, so I have to find a replacement soon, or sew one myself - something I would rather avoid! xx

  16. Looks like your Father's Day celebrations were amazing, love the gas fire pit and the s'mores bucket was clever thinking! I feel very fortunate to have been with my Father in the UK for Fathers Day this year.
    Wren x

  17. Kai and Whitey Bear always have those wonderful little smiles, when they aren't getting sprayed by a skunk, that is!

    The hide-away looks wonderful. And, outdoor space that is ready any time you are...I love it! Happy Father's Day to that Rambling man! Your children are quite thoughtful, and they learned it from the both of you.

    Enjoy your summer.

  18. Hi Karen!
    I love your hideaway! I could sit there for hours easily. ;) thanks for the s'more!! They're a favorite for sure. You folks have added such wonderful touches to that space. I love how your pillows turned out!! It all coordinates beautifully and just looks so peaceful there. Kisses to the sweet poochies. xoxo

  19. What a perfect spot! I would love to sit out there on any night!

  20. Karen, what a beautiful haven of rest. I love every bit of it ~ especially the chandelier! Love the puppies enjoying your little hideaway! How is weenie baby doing?

    1. Hi Gina - always nice when you stop by! It's funny that you ask about Weenie Baby - I was going to do a post on her soon! She is doing wonderfully. She is back home with my daughter, but spends most of her time with her new 'boyfriend', Buddy - a black German Shepherd! He is the pet of my daughter's wonderful boyfriend, who has adopted Weenie as his own and takes her everywhere with him when he has time off. He is a firefighter and has blocks of time on and off the job. I will do that post soon.......xx Karen

  21. What a relaxing and inspiring place, Karen!
    I like especially the pillows and how creatively you made them.
    Wind-chimes are enchanting. Once we heard a particularly lovely one in the mountains in Italy. I would have liked to ask where it was from, but probably there wasn't anybody at home. :)
    Have a wonderful Midsummer weekend! xx

  22. I like your hideaway Karen! It's a good place to retreat to for family gatherings whatever the weather and I'm sure your husband also finds it a relaxing place when he comes home. My husband built us a sheltered place in the different homes we've lived in - very useful when we have Summer showers, but our present garden is too small for one. The covered yard has been very hot this past week or two with the sunny weather. At least the tomatoes are ripening there! I love all the items you've collected, made or been gifted over the years to make your outdoor room comfortable.

  23. Darling Karen, you gave life to such a wonderful, relaxing corner, filled with so many delightsome details which make it look so comfortable and cozy, and your 'children' have added the final touch :) !

    Thanking you for sharing such wonders,
    I'm sending blessings across the many miles

    XOXO Dany

  24. Looks lovely and cozy. So relaxing. Great place to unwind with a book.

  25. Your little hideaway is wonderful, Karen! I would love spending evenings out there with a fire and s'mores!

  26. What nice gifts and the fire pit is a perfect addition to this beautiful place to spend time. Love the pillows you made too. This is a great idea! Enjoy your afternoon sweet lady!

  27. What a beautiful and creative hideaway ~ love your pillow and gifts from your children ~ lots to be grateful for each day ~ enjoy ~ ^_^

  28. I love your hideaway ...
    What lovely gifts from your children, and it is so nice to get a place just how you like it, those pillows look good.

    I think that cloud formation over Mt Rainier in your last few photographs is amazing, I'd not seen anything like that. Just nature at its best.

    All the best Jan

  29. Hi Karen, what a wonderful hideaway. It's so welcoming. It's so nice that everyone was together for Father's Day and they purchased a wonderful gift for their dad. Your cloud looks like a spaceship lol. I love the formations that clouds can make. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  30. WoW Karen, what a beautiful spot to relax and regroup. A special spot for family gatherings or for spending time alone! You have done a wonderful job "creating " the space, making it warm and cozy. Happy belated Father's Day to that special man of yours!!

  31. I would LOVE the fountain! Such a perfect 'hideaway'. In EVERY way!!

  32. What a great hideaway spot! I don't think most folks eat s'mores, but the idea of them and then toasting them wins out! Gorgeous photos. Your hummingbird looks much larger than ours, different breeds I guess. :)

  33. Oh, I thought I commented on this post. Maybe I got distracted and had to come back. What a great fire pit this is for your deck, Karen. I've always wanted one, they seem so cozy. The S'mores look incredible. And the S'mores bucket is really a nice gift from your daughter. The new pillows that you made are nice, and I love that candle chandelier. What a grand picture of the clouds over Mt. Rainier, so beautiful.

    This will be a nice little hideaway that you can enjoy during these hot summer months coming up.


    ps your story was so funny about the lady with the cell phone. Thanks for sharing it, Karen.

  34. Hello Karen, oh I love the way everything looks for your little hideaway. I how pretty it looks and the pillows you made are just great. I know you both have fun relaxing there. The dogs are just so cute too.
    Thanks for sharing this also at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Julie xo

  35. Wow! That looks like a fantastic little hideaway. What a wonderful gift from the kids. Hopefully the smell will wear off the dogs soon. They look so cute and lovable sitting there so nicely!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  36. Over time you have certainly made your little hideaway just fantastic, it looks so cozy and something out of a magazine, just beautiful, love the pillows you made to match everything else. Love the pic of the hummingbirds, it is so sad that I have not seen ours at all this year.

  37. What a great area to sit & relax. Loving the new fire pit. The dogs seem very content and oh my gosh those clouds of Mt. Rainier, amazing & beautiful.

  38. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely hideaway you created over time!
    Love this genius idea of making matching pillows and by crocheting them together you solved a lot of problems.
    Sending you hugs,

  39. Oh I love your hideaway! So comfortable and inviting looking. And view of the mt. is beautiful. I have a Mt. Rainier where I live also, it is the street up from me. I like on Catskill, we have Cascade and so many other mt. names. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy that hideaway.

  40. Skunky dogs rain dogs, haha. I'm glad they're airing out. A marvelous space you've got there!

  41. If I show this post to my hubby he is going to want a gas fire pit!! What a great gift. I just love your rag rug pillows. I have seen those for a $1 at Dollar Tree. What a great idea! They look so good in your special hideaway.

  42. Hola Karen,, que linda tu terraza , con esos adorables perritos ,,, me encantan tus bellas fotos del colorido del cielo

  43. I just loved your cozy corner of peace and serenity!

    It looks inviting and beautiful!

    How wise of you to make such comfy pillows,they and blanket go well with sofas.
    Your precious children are ideal kids to take such great care of you guys.
    Beautiful gifts and I adore the plant stand it is gorgeous.
    Kai and whitey are sooo... cute and adorable. Hope whitey feels better soon.
    I can imagine the beauty and serenity of moments you spend in this special hideaway. Lovely poetry to explain your love for it Dear Karen!


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