Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Hello, Dear Ones, How have you been? 
January is almost over, can you believe it?

Have you noticed that the days are getting longer? 
Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are now 
seeing daylight past 5 p.m.

The mornings are still as dark as ever, but 
there are subtle signs that winter is moving along
in its steady march towards spring. 

I saw this ladybug the other day - 
lured from its hibernation by 
some fleeting, winter sunshine. 

Our snow has melted and we have 
had some warming during the day, 
although the nights are still icy
and cold. 

My Glacier Pansies have started blooming 
in the thin warmth of the January sun, 
a true testament to the resiliency of nature. 

Late afternoon light casting shadows.....

My new 'French' watering can stands ready for service. 

My rusty bear wind-chime frames a sunny view.

As we zoom in we can see bare trees in a sea of evergreen. 

Rising above, Mt. Rainier rests under 
thick clouds and snow. 

An inhospitable environment that 
even the most skilled of mountain climbers 
are reluctant to climb. 

So I stay inside where it is warm and pursue 
the gentler arts. 

I've been having fun creating flowered 
dish cloths and embellished dish towels 
as gifts for loved ones. 

This set went to my sweet Daughter-in-law, 
Jen, for her birthday. 

Here she is at her party with my son, Dustin. 

I've been spending lots of time with family 
the last few weeks :) 

I've been babysitting my new little grandson, 
Gavin, while his parents move into their new home. 

He is already almost 3 months old. 

When you can mark the passing of time 
with a baby, you realize how quickly 
it all goes by. 

I'll be sitting for this little guy once a week
from now on. Mommy and Daddy do need to work
to keep this sweet chub-chub in onesies! 

My Grandson, Ethan is almost 2 now! 

Uncle Dustin holds him still for a moment.... 

He is in constant motion, running and jumping - 
talking and singing.....
Until he is exhausted......
and then he sits in his little chair, 
hugging his 'lovey'. 

Here he is with his little red nose, enjoying his first snow. 

I've also been creating some Valentine's decorations
which I will show you soon. 

And I've been spending time in my sewing room 
with a little help from 'Birdy-Boy', 
my pet cockatiel. 

I'm sewing pillows for my day-bed. 

He loves to pull the pins out of my pin-cushions
and anything I have pinned. 

It definitely slows me down, but he is 
so methodical and determined that 
I just have to laugh. 

When he is not undoing my work, 
he likes to sit in the window and alert
me to anything going on outside. 

He is always on 'Hawk alert'. :)

He comes to me when I whistle and is quite attached 
to me, nibbling and whispering sweet nothings
in my ear. <3

Maggie spends most of her time curled up 
waiting for spring. 

Whitey-Bear is also lazy these days
and looking forward to warmer days.

Kai keeps us all young with his playful 
spirit and happy exuberance. 

I captured this January sunset at the bottom 
of our mountain road as I was returning 
home from the market the other day. 

January can be a difficult month as we cope 
with the darkness and the cold.

Finding solace in small pleasures, cherished family, 
 faith, beloved pets, and favorite past-times help 
as we wait for warmer 
 and happier days, here in the North.



  1. Karen, January is moving too fast for me too! Love all your pictures! Your grandsons are going so quickly. Such gorgeous blue eyes! Have a lovely evening!

  2. You have some sweet grandbabies! We have a parakeet, but isn't as loving as your Birdy Boy!

  3. Just love your Mt. Rainer and your crochet. Enjoy those sweet grand babies!

  4. January really is flying by here, too! Crazy. Look at those boys!!!! How cute are they. I think Spring comes to your area quicker than it does here. We won't be rid of our snow until April and trees won't green up until May most likely.
    Hope you have a good rest of the weekj. xo Diana

  5. Yes, January can have some dreary days. What a wonderful surprise when you saw the lady bug. I think it's a special sign when one sees a lady bug. Mt. Ranier looks beautiful all covered with snow. The dish cloths you made are sweet, and I like the soft color. Your grandsons are precious, Karen. I love the picture of Ethan in his first snow. What pretty red Valentine hearts you made. I just put out my Valentine stuff. And your little bird companion is cute. It sounds like he's a bit protective.

    A wonderful post today filled with all the special things you've been doing this month of January. Glad you took a pic of that sunset, it's beautiful.


  6. I'm so glad I stopped by--your post is chock full of good stuff and I need that in the first three months of the year! I often forget that although you are quite north, you're also west so you get that thaw and an earlier spring than we do. I would love to see something greening up. The view off your deck is gorgeous!

    Looks like you and I are both doing grandma duty. I love it. I have to smile, little Gavin is one of the same 'cradles' that Madelyn has when she's here. I went to Buy Buy Baby and was able to score some older models of a few baby things to keep here, I can't remember the names of these contraptions. This little thing you and I have is nice as you can fold it up. I also bought a little glider type of cradle that goes back and forth or side to side. It was a floor model so I got it at about half off. She really likes that. Amazingly, I can put her in front of Sesame Street and she really responds to the colors and sounds and songs!

    I didn't know you had a cockatiel---I used to hand raise them. I had 15 at one time. By hand raising them they become more comfortable with people. I have to say it was a handful of birds and now I just have one lone parrot!

    I love the hand sewing you are doing. I get so inspired when I see you and my blog friends doing something peaceful and relaxing. I need to find that time and it seems so out of reach. Once spring comes it will be harder, as you know, we have to grab that warm weather while we can.

    Enjoy those sweet children and grandchildren, Karen!


  7. What a wonderful post, Karen! I feel like I was invited over for some tea and a chat. It's so nice that we can have friends from across the country and have never met in person, but we have so much in common.
    Your little grandsons are so cute! Couldn't you just eat them up. And those chubby legs! It's so nice that you live close enough to help out your kids and do some sitting. We have really enjoyed that too.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Un Tutto è meraviglioso come lo descrivi tu... Complimenti per la tua famiglia! Un abbraccio Savina

  9. It is always a highlight of my day to visit your happy place. Your grandsons are so very sweet; what a joy they must be to you. I must say I love the view your rusty bear chime frames. Winter is the season for the gentler arts, isn't it. Love your embellished dish cloths and tea towels; the crochet edging is so pretty.

  10. What a beautiful view you have. Mt. Rainier is so majestic. Your little grandsons are adorable - you will have a good time looking after them (or maybe just one of them). Winter is a time for being cozy and doing things indoors. You've begun some lovely projects. Have a great day!

  11. Dear Karen, my sweet friend,
    so lovely to visit you anotehr day in your live!
    Thank you for all the wonderful pictures, it always is so nice to see your home and your sweet family!
    The croching looks beautiful!
    Yes, January almost is gone ... so quick ...
    Have a lovely rest of the week and a wonderful weekend ahead!
    sending Love and Hugs and Blessings,
    Claudia xo

  12. Greetings dear friend. Little Gavin and Ethan are adorable. How nice that you are near to see them grow up. I love all the lovely things you have been creating. I'm happy to hear that maybe spring is making its way. I know you've had a long winter. It was so fun reading about your bird. Take care, Pat xx

  13. I so enjoyed this post!

    and your grands are so stinking adorable. It's funny you call your newest grand "Chub Chubs" because that is a nickname I heard my eldest call her sister's chunky little one the other day. Thought it was so cute - and here you are using it too. How fun is that.

    I know you will really enjoy babysitting once a week. And yes, the time goes SO fast when measured by newborns.

    Hugs. ♥

  14. Karen, thanks for this gorgeous post, reflecting the beauty around you and in this season of your life. I feel that I have had a lovely restorative visit with you. The other day I found a black and gold striped fuzzy caterpillar on our doorstep and helped my oldest granddaughter bring it in for her sisters to admire. I got out my little branch of hearts and put it on my big round table, and I have been knitting some more on a preemie blanket. Mt. Hood has mostly been in hiding lately, so it is especially pleasing to admire your Mt. Rainier. Belated Happy Birthday to Jen! 💞

  15. I love your 'wet and deary' January pictures. You have a comfortable way of sharing your life. Your wee boys are just gorgeous and yes they grow too way quickly. I'm looking forward to seeing your valentine creation, all the crochet work is very pretty.


  16. It's definitely lighter in the evenings which is such a joy. So glad all is well in your neck of the woods with your dear family and Mount Rainier popping in. Keep cosy. x

  17. Such an uplifting post. The pansies were a delight to see with the stunning colours against the drab colours of the season. Loved the cloth and edging on the tea towel, inspirational. I will definitely be adding some embellishment to some that I bought for our new home. Such a joy to see your Grandchildren, they are growing up so fast. I am blessed to be able to meet up with our daughter and granddaughter tomorrow, I am so looking forward to it.

  18. Beautiful pics and I love the crochet is fantastic. I really like what you did. And I had to laugh about the bird. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed my first visit to your blog.

  19. Gorgeous photos Karen! It looks like you're enjoying babysitting. What a cutie. And it's so good to see sunshine in your photos. We haven't seen the sun for days. Your photos make me hopeful of springtime.

  20. Gorgeous photos Karen! It looks like you're enjoying babysitting. What a cutie. And it's so good to see sunshine in your photos. We haven't seen the sun for days. Your photos make me hopeful of springtime.

  21. i truly loved your dish cloth .
    your grand kids are so cute and precious !!!
    i too feel in my forty plus that train of days has been fasten it's speed ruthlessly and has no care that i want to live the day calmly and fully .
    your capturing is AMAZING! beautiful photos dear friend!
    Blessings from Asia.

  22. "Finding solace in small pleasures, cherished family, faith, beloved pets, and favorite past-times help as we wait for warmer and happier days"---
    You've captured the blessings that make for contented day to day living, and especially important during the grey days of winter.
    I think our Kentucky January this year must nearly equal the typical winter weather of the northwest--so little sunshine.
    I enjoyed your photos, taking note of soft flannel plaid sheets and throws.
    Its a good time for sewing, even with my cats and their disruptive 'help.'
    A privilege to have small grandchildren around [in measured doses!] and share with them the things that delight!

  23. What a delightful post dear Karen! Your grands are adorable and growing so fast. Mt. Ranier is so beautiful! Pansies are such happy flowers.

    What a hoot about Birdy-Boy pulling out your pins!

    Your crochet work is lovely and I always enjoy glimpses of your sweet peaceful home.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  24. i love winter for all the reasons you shared here. i like to hibernate indoors and work on inside projects too!!

    your grands are beautiful - lucky you to spend just the right amount of time with them!!!

  25. What a lovely post! While you are looking at snow, we are melting here in the heat of summer! How lovely to spend time with your grandchildren - ours are such a long way away! And I love that flower dishcloth - goes so well with the tea towels

  26. Your home radiates happiness and serenity. No doubt your family gravitates to your home to surround themselves with what you have created. I think we all need a place of refuge when the going gets tough!

    A beautiful and thoughtful post!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  27. You have been making the most of January! Glad you had lots of family time, it looks as though you had lots of fun. The crochet set you made for your daughter in law is delightful!

  28. Hello, your cute new grandson is the star of this post. He is adorable. I am glad the days are getting longer, here in Florida the sunset is a little after 6pm. The crochet set is pretty, and is a lovely gift. Love the view of the sky and Mt Rainier. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  29. Your posts are always so calming and beautiful, Karen.
    You have such a gift for that. Beautiful photos!
    Your grandchildren are so precious and I loved seeing your sweet pets, too...Birdy-Boy made me smile! Life looks good and creative there!

  30. What a lovely post. That view of Mt. Ranier is spectacular! Yes, very inhospitable for climbers, but presents a very beautiful picture from afar. Your little grandchildren are adorable. What a blessing to be able to be on regular babysitting duty! Love seeing your crochet projects. I have been re-learning knitting (learned in childhood) and want to re-learn crocheting. The edging you are making is so pretty. And I hear crocheting goes faster than knitting! I am not even thinking of spring here. I don't even dare until the end of March. Even then, we have to get through a few more weeks until we're "safe!" Lovely to see your pansies, though. xo Deborah

  31. Love the sunset shots. I have been hibernating a lot with my cats as still healing and it is so cold out. Glad our snow is all gone.

  32. All the lovely things you showed here do help to get us through the dreary dark days of winter. We had a beautiful snowfall here and it was why I love the snow, until it warmed up and melted away again to leave everything dreary again. We know Spring is coming but not soon enough!

  33. Such a cheering post Karen. Lovely to see your two grandsons; you must love them so. Keep cosy doing all your lovely crafts :) B x

  34. I've certainly noticed that it is staying lighter in the evenings, too. Your grand babies are growing all too quickly, Karen. How fun to be able to watch your little one (love those chubby cheeks and thighs!) once a week. I was able to do that for my youngest grandchild for quite a few months, and I cherish that time. Your crocheted projects for your DIL are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. xx

  35. Hello Karen, your January looks like our spring! :) We have snow and will have it for at least two more months but the days are definitely getting longer.
    Lovely photos of super cute kids and fascinating critters. Thank you for sharing!
    Wishing you all a happy weekend! xx

  36. So much LOVE here in how you do January Karen:
    *I love how you love your family
    *I love how you care for your home
    *I love how you love your grandkids and the beautiful pics of them
    *I love how you love your furry and feathery babies
    *I love how you love crafting like I do
    *I love how you love nature and where you live like I do too
    *I love how you love cooking & being a homemaker
    *and most of all I love that you're such a special blogging friend to me!!
    Blessings on your weekend ahead. xoxo

  37. So many lovely photos to enjoy. Love your crochet edging, so pretty. Adorable baby pics. I see your life is good, and I'm very glad of it.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

  38. Wow! You are busy with so many things. Love the pics of the baby and the grandson outside with this snow gear on is adorable! LOVE those red hearts you are making too! I've made some in the past....need to figure out how to make them again! Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm! Hugs, Diane

  39. How lovely to have those flowers even in the winter time, and to see all the snow off in the distance on the mountain. That is great you are able to spend time every week with your grandbaby, special times and memories to be made. so enjoying your lovely crocheted goodies you are making, I have been seeing a lot of crocheted hearts lately, look forward to seeing what you are making with yours :) Your sunset pictures are so pretty, hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!

  40. I was saying to my mother just a few minutes ago that this month is flying away so so far, too fast for me, maybe because I love it, it seems so short !

    Your grandsons are the biggest blessing in your life, darling Karen, I'm sure you're treasuring your gems !

    Wishing you the best of weekends,
    I'm sending hugs and love to you,
    precious friend of mine

    XO Dany

  41. Such a lovely post, especially those pictures of your grand-kids, so sweet.

    All the best Jan


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