Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Cheer

Hello, sweet friends, I hope you 
are enjoying this festive season! 

I have been very busy adding some 
Christmas Cheer to my little cottage 
in the woods. 

Won't you come inside? 
I've made some gingerbread scones
and hot cocoa and I would 
love for you to join me! 

Let me take your coat ......

I'll hang it here on the village coat-rack 
that my dear Father made me years ago. 

I created the winter weaving when 
we first moved here. 

We are expecting snow and the skies above 
Mt. Rainier foretell the future. 

Come in and warm up before the fire
while I prepare the cocoa.

It's been so cold! Brrrrrrrrr! 

I just took the scones out of the oven
and they are steaming up the cake dome!

They are so good with butter and marmalade :)

You can find the recipe in the current issue 
of 'Tea Time' magazine. 
I love this magazine! It has 
wonderful recipes and tea table settings
 for every occasion. 

I wish my scones looked as pretty - 
mine look like hockey pucks, 
but they are really good! haha! 

I have added some Christmas Cheer to my kitchen 
since the last time you have come to visit! 

My table runner was a vintage find at the  
flea market I attended with my daughter, Jennie
last month. 

I found quite a few treasures there.......

This sugar and creamer set was a gift 
from a loved one years ago. 

The cookie plate is their companion. 

I won this darling little tree last year 
from a dear blogger friend, Celestina. 

She has the blog, Southern DayDreams
where you can find her Etsy shop,
which has the sweetest treasures. I just found some 
darling things for gifts, which I will show 
you after they are gifted! :)


You can see that I have brought out my winter plaids
for my sitting area. 

I sewed these last year from a set of king-sized flannel sheets. 

I love how plaid makes everything look so cozy! 

I've gathered a thrift store painting, Hudson blanket
I've had for years, a crocheted throw, and sherpa and suede pillows
 to make a comfortable little spot for lounging. 

The little red lantern was another flea market find
this year. I set it into a fluted tart pan with a sprig of holly.
It's been retro-fitted for a slender candle,
which I have yet to find!

My vintage enamel top farm table doubles as a wrapping center.

The drawer holds tape, scissors and tags. 

The 'Christmas Memories' photo album 
was a gift from my sweet Sis. 

Sweet memories inside......

My dear Mother holding my sister, Kim, 
me and my Grandmother, Edith. 
I was 3 years old. 

My Grandmother was already a widow by
then. My Grandfather, Albert, died when 
I was a baby.
Together they raised 8 children
through the great depression and WWII. 

My 'dog' calendar and some hand-stitched cocktail
napkins I found at the flea market. 
You can see an American Eskimo dog on
the bottom left :) 

Yes, Kai, that would be you! 

Whitey Bear could care less......
He's in dream land, a beam of sunlight
warming him up from the sky-light. 

My 'Kitchen Queen' Hoosier cabinet 
gets a bright update for the season, too. 

The little houses are vintage candles :)
I just found the Scotty dog. 
The Christmas card was sent from 
a friend a few years ago.
I save all my cards :)
They are a rare gift these days! 

My spice rack gets a festive update, too. 
I just found the sweet green apron. 
I love holiday aprons!

All ready for some holiday baking. 
The Jelly jars hold cookie sprinkles
and candies. 

My collection of vintage enamelware, spice tins
and potholders make my stove a happy place 
this time of year!

I found some of my enamelware at AnnMarie's blog
Musings of a Vintage Junkie.
She has a wonderful Etsy shop full of
vintage goodies. 

Vintage tins in the appropriate colors make wonderful
holders for winter greens. 

I've been busy crocheting some sweet 
dish-cloths and scrubbies, too.

You can find the pattern books

The pattern booklet for these are Here.

The dishcloth is made with Sugar 'n Cream cotton
and the scrubby is made with Mary Maxim Scrub It yarn. 

 A pretty transfer-ware plate.
I wish I had a whole set of these!

The truck ornament represents wonderful family memories. 

We had a family truck just like it - a 1984 Ford Ranger, 
nick-named, 'The Greenie'. 

Here you can see Ramblin' Man taking a break from 
mowing, leaning against her in front of the holly tree
about 17 years ago. 

Our two beloved dogs back then,
 Little Bear and Twiggy, keep him company. 

All four of my children learned to drive in The Greenie, 
and this little truck was their 'first car'. It became quite a legend 
around our small town :) My children were very close
in age, so they learned to drive, one right after the other,
and The Greenie was a fixture at our local high school
for years, shuttling teenagers on many an adventure. 

When the kids moved on to more reliable vehicles
after getting their own jobs, and eventually left for college,
The Greenie retired with Ramblin' Man and I. 

Our very last ride in her was to get our 
Christmas tree one year. By then, it was too 
risky to shut off the ignition, as she was prone 
to stalling and reluctant to re-start, so we left her running
as we picked out our tree at the local boy-scout stand. 

When we went to load the tree in the back, 
she was surrounded in a cloud of steam,
as her radiator was giving out. 

We were only 2 miles from home, so 
we set off, rolling down our country road
enveloped in steam and laughing all the way home
at our neighbor's startled expressions as we passed by. 

There was so much steam that Ramblin' Man and I had to 
hang our heads out the windows to see where we were going. 

That was the last trip for our trusty old Greenie,
but fond memories remain :) 

Thank you for visiting, dear friends! 
I hope you have some fond Christmas memories, too! 


I am sorry that I have not been keeping up on visiting 
you, my dears! My computer went down and has been upgraded 
by my 'computer genius' son :) Now it is running 
fine once more and I can stop in to visit you again. 


Sending hugs and Christmas blessings. 



  1. Karen, I certainly enjoyed my visit today and having a little tour around your beautiful home. There are so many memories linked to Christmas décor and I was enchanted by your tales. Hot chocolate and gingerbread scones sound delicious right now.

  2. Your home looks so inviting and I can almost smell the baking. Loved the story of Greenie. We had a car a bit like that for our three boys. It was very small and they each tried to break the record of how many people they could squeeze in. Very naughty:). Have a lovely warm weekend. B X

  3. I really enjoyed your festive tour, the scones look delicious, my favourites! I loved the story of your truck but think it should have been called Bluie! I bet you're glad to get your computer fixed, we rely on these things more and more. Have fun x

  4. You are so very charming, as is your home. Scones with jam sounds delightful. A good way to warm up on these Wintry cold days. ♥♥
    xx Beca

  5. Wow- you had me at gingerbread scones. All you festive touches are so charming! The story of you last ride in Greenie made me smile.

  6. The warm and friendly atmosphere you created for the holidays is perfect [my daughter would LOVE the snowmen]. That sky is ominous. But, keep the snow there up north, okay. Even tho, we are sitting at 42 degrees right now, it will warm up later today and be in the mid 70s tomorrow.

    Those scones do NOT look like hockey pucks at all...the look [and I'm sure smell] delicious. Warm butter, yes indeed.

  7. Hi Karen, what a fun post filled with Christmas cheer. Your home is decorated so pretty for Christmas and yes the plaid makes it so cozy. So many favorites in your decor it's hard to pick just one. So glad you are enjoying your little tree win from 2015. It looks great in the bowl of snow. Thank you for the mention and shout out. So sweet of you. Hope you have your newest goodies too.
    Love the Greenie. What a treasure it was to your family. I can see it as part of your outdoor decorating. Loved the story of your last ride.
    Love your pretty crocheted pieces. My mother always loved the MM catalog and ordered many goodies to work on.
    Your scones look so delicious.
    Enjoy the season and the warmth of your beautiful cottage. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas dear friend. xo

  8. I always love visiting your cozy cottage, Karen! Yes please, I'd love a gingerbread scone and some hot cocoa as I warm up on your flannel plaid covered sofa with pillows and matching drapes. All your vintage touches are such fun to look at. I'd love to make some dishcloths like that and will look for the pattern. Thanks for the Christmas-y tour of your lovely home. xx

  9. Dearest Karen, my sweet friend, you are such a lovely and blessed person, and your home is always so filled with your love! I enjoyed all those pictures and I would love to come arround for a christmascoffeebreak ;O)
    Sending much Love and hugs and Christams Blessings,
    Claudia xo

  10. Gingerbread scones, hot cocoa and great decorations - I'm definitely coming.

  11. Dear Karen ~ I just love how you've decorated your sweet home.

    Great story about 'the greenie'.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  12. I love all your decorations and especially the snowman items... I just love snowmen :-) All the baking sounds delicious, Tea time is one of my favorite magazines, they always have good things in there :-) Have a wonderful weekend!!


  13. So many lovely Christmas decorations at your place! Beautiful pictures, full of inspiration...
    Have a great weekend, take care!

  14. awww, everything looks so sweet, warm and inviting!! i think my favorite spot is always the open hoosier cabinet, it always looks so festive!!

    good thing we had those kids, they really come in handy now ;)

  15. Your house should be featured in a magazine! I love the vintage table runner and the pretty tree that Celestina made! And the cozy plaids you've used! Everything is lovely! Happy holidays sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  16. Karen, your fireplace looks so cozy and warm. Your scones look Yummy, and marmalade is a favorite of mine too. That's a sweet tree from Celestina. She's so talented and creative. She was one of my very first blog friends. I just love her. Your winter plaids look very nice on the couches with the pillows. You're right, plaid always looks so cozy. The red lantern is a pop of color for Christmas. How special that you still keep all your cards. The crocheted wash cloths and dish towels are pretty, and they would also make great doilies for your hot coffee. And lastly, I love the transferware plates. They are beautiful, and look like a white Christmas. I can see why you want a set of them.

    Thanks for showing us some Christmas cheer around your home, and your Header has Christmas cheer as well. :)


  17. Karen you are a star, your house is ready for Christmas and looks pretty as a picture, I loved hearing all the tales and family memories. I'm impressed with your plaids... and the fact that you change the look according to the season. I did smile at the priceless photo of Whitey Bear in the sunbeam - of course here in Australia we're permanently snoozing in the sunbeams - Christmas, what Christmas?!
    Have a lovely week
    Wren x

  18. Everything looks so warm and welcoming ... I'd be on my way if I lived nearer!
    I do like that plaid, perfect for this season.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

    All the best Jan

  19. Such a warm and inviting home!

  20. what a lovely visit into your nicely decorated home. Thanks for sharing your life and memories. My hot tea is awaiting a scone or two! Glad your computer is up and running again! Blessings my friend!

  21. What a wonderful tour of Christmas at your home! It is all decorated so beautifully and thoughtfully. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time this Christmas!

  22. Oh Karen what a lovely cozy home you have decorated for the Holidays, love that you have all these great home made goodies surrounding you, I too have many things that were made by my parents out at every season and those from friends also, it just makes you smile when you look around :) Love your story about your truck, we had a similar thing happen to us when we were stationed in England.
    Such great finds you have found at these flea markets too, I haven't been to one in so long I am going through withdrawls, LOL!
    Glad you were able to get your computer back up and running!

  23. I, like you, have been having computer frustrations but am back online and hope that it remains. Lol!

    Well my Karen - you have been busier than a Christmas elf over there! And everything looks absolutely beautiful!! And your scones sound amazing! I can just smell the spices from here. Aaaahhh!

    Your kitchen is so cozy and charming and I love anything plaid - so I'm obsessed with what you created from sheets! You talented Lady you! YOU should have an Etsy store. PS: isn't etsy the best?? I've ordered several gifts off of there too.

    I love the memories and photos you share. They go right to my heart. And I was literally laughing out loud at the greenie truck story with you and your hubby! Love it!

    You're such a Gal after my own heart. I adore vintage things too. I'm working on a post I'll share later today that involves some crafts I made using vintage materials. Just FYI. ;)

    Blessings on your weekend my dear Friend. xoxo

  24. Love your plaid! And the story about your old faithful truck...
    Have a wonderful Christmas Karen!!🎄🎁🎄
    Linda :o)

  25. The first picture of your front door just made me want to go in to your sweet home. Your whole house must have smelled wonderful while you were baking the gingerbread. I still have to make my gingerbread men cookies. Your kitchen has such a cozy Christmas feel with all the pops of red and I just LOVE the plaid couch and curtains. So comfy cozy looking. Thanks so much for the link to my blog! I just love reading your sweet posts!

  26. Dearest Karen,
    yours is the most wonderful Christmas atmosphere I've ever seen, thank you for sharing all this with us !

    Hope you're enjoying the best of weekends,
    I'm sending blessings to you,
    with utmost gratitude for the wonderful, precious lady you are

    Xx Dany

  27. I was very pleased to read your memory in the Christmas season.

  28. Hello, I just love your place. It looks so warm and cozy, the decor is lovely. Pretty Christmas touches. The truck ornament is cute, you have wonderful memories. I always enjoy seeing your sweet furbabies. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  29. Hello Karen, your home looks wonderful and ready for Christmas! The snowman porcelain is perhaps my favourite of all the pretty things you have shown us. :)
    Thank you for your interesting comment on my post. I needed to google the Fisher. Hmm, I must say I wouldn't be especially happy to have that kind of animals introduced. I wonder why they do it, when the it's not a threatened species at all.
    Have a happy Sunday and a great new week! xx

  30. You stimulated fond memories of my grandmother's home, down to the enamelware, her preserves and my grandfather's can of Prince Albert tobacco.

  31. What a delightful post, Karen. Enjoyed your photos. The little tree in the bowl really is sweet. And your puppies are adorable. What a lovely glimpse of your home in Christmas regalia.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead...

  32. Thanks for a lovely visit, Karen. I feel right at home and enjoyed learning the stories about some of the treasures you have collected around you that reflect the loving relationships that are important to you. I especially admire your weaving and have yet to try to make anything similar. The snow and ice here caused our electric service to repeatedly glitch which then meant resetting different contraptions, including our internet settings, but now rain has washed most of the ice away and just left us with many downed limbs from our
    trees to clean up as soon as the rain stops. It will be fun to see Mt. Hood in her snowy glory when the clouds lift! Wishing you more merry days as Christmas gets closer. xx

  33. che meravigliosa atmosfera natalizia!!! complimenti...

  34. I loved reading about the "Greenie". My grandfather had a yellow truck similar to yours and I remember him riving me to the swimming pool with me and my friends at the back!

  35. Karen, your cottage always looks so cozy and welcoming. I love all your vintage decor! Love the old truck you called Greenie. It must have been sweet to ride around in back in the day. Thanks for inviting us in for a snack and tour. Have a wonderful week. xx Pam

  36. What a cozy place!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!


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