Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ah! December.......

Hello, my friends, can you believe it is already December? 

I am always amazed at how quickly a year can go by! 

It seems like yesterday that I was sharing the beautiful 
blossoms of spring, and now here we are, 
counting the final days of 2016.

Come along with me and we will look for some
winter beauty with five lovely quotes
for the season.

Although some may say December is bleak, 
I find that these shortened days 
have their own fragile beauty. 

As long as I've lived here (35 years), I can
honestly say that no two moments are the same
when watching nature here in the foothills
near Mt. Rainier.

The most fleeting of moments can reveal some
amazing surprises.

Nature is an ever evolving force and there is no 
better proof than when watching weather over 
a mountain range. 

It is only in winter that the snow covered trees
turn this lovely shade of pink as the sun goes down
on the horizon. 

Here you can see the highest point of the tree line
on the flanks of Mt. Rainier. 

It's a fairy-land forest! 
Although......I would not want to be there
when the sun goes down! 


"Melancholy were the sounds on a winter's night."

- Virginia Woolf - 
Jacob's Room

The patterns of bare branches etched across a gray sky
have their own ethereal beauty.


" The lost leaves measure our years;
they are gone as the days are gone."

- Richard Jefferies -
The Life of the Fields (1908)

And when you take a closer look at their feet,
you might find the most delicate of sylvan glades.

Perhaps if you are quick enough,
you might see a gnome or two :)

While lesser trees retreat into dormancy,
in winter our beautiful evergreens
steal the show.

There is no other music quite like
the wind playing the boughs of
a venerable fir when all the forest is
in wintry silence.

The fissures and cracks of a mighty fir's trunk
demand reverence.


"Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance."

- Yoko Ono -

Without the ruffles and frills of leaves
to distract us, we notice the lesser forms
of moss, lichen and ferns.


"What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."

- John Steinbeck -
Travels with Charley

Even in winter we are never alone
in the forest.

Here a Northern Flicker peers from the branches
of a nearly naked Big Leaf Maple.

The neighbor's well-dressed horse browses
on Salal as we return from our walk
in the forest.

Kai waits for Whitey Bear and I, with
the impatience of youth.

The two of us are slowing down a bit
as we head into our own winter years.

Just a bit.......

Holly and Ivy have their own gentle grace in winter.

Who needs flowers when you have such beauty?

Although, Sedum begs to differ.......

There are jewels in winter, too.

Here, the flying jewels of our Anna's Hummingbirds
lift the spirits on a dreary day.

Berries are winter's jewels, more beautiful
than pearls.

Who can deny the richness of Barberry and Winter Berry
on a cold, rainy day?

Gatherings from winter strolls
grace my vintage hand-turned wooden bowl.

I found this bowl on one of my many
antiquing excursions with my Dear Mother.

I still remember the day and the shop
and the fun we used to have.

My Mother had the rare gift of being able
to laugh at herself. Her nickname was
'Muddle Fuddle' and we had many a
laugh over the silly things she would do.

Like the time we went to the mall
at Christmas-time and forgot
where we parked and even what
door we came in!

After flagging down a security guard
in a golf cart to take us around,
(apparently a common
occurrence this time of year)
I looked over at my Mother and
noticed her coat was put on inside out
in her haste.

We laughed and laughed all the way home
thinking of what that poor security guard
must have thought of us.

I miss those wonderful days
and my bowl brings back sweet memories.

Sprinkled with a bit of balsam essential oil,
my gatherings makes a lovely woodland potpourri that
can be added to with each outing.

The days are short this time of year....
Time for tea!

Thank you for coming along, Dear Friends!
I hope you, too, find some winter beauty
wherever you are!


"Surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which
attend a wintry fireside; candles at four o'clock, warm
hearthrugs, tea, a fair tea-maker, shutters closed,
curtains flowing in ample draperies to the floor,
whilst the wind and rain are raging audibly without."

- Thomas de Quincey -


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  1. I have no idea why November was in such a rush. I hope December moves more slowly, there is a lot to be done :-)

  2. Lovely, Karen. Thanks for posting. I especially appreciate the last quote! xx

  3. What a fabulous five! I always enjoy a seasonal trip round your area whilst reading your beautiful words. A real tonic. x

  4. Karen, yes, time flys.
    Wishing you a great December.

  5. Hello, lovely images and quotes. December has arrived quickly. I always enjoy seeing your cute dogs. The bowl of potpourri and that you can add more from your walks. The hummer is a cutie. Great post. Enjoy your day and happy weekend ahead!

  6. Oh yes....remembering the winter days in Colorado when I was growing up and then raising our own family, the scenes and colors were incredible, not drab at all. From the pure white of snow capped mountains to the blue crisp cloudless skies...then by afternoon the weather front would change it all to purple and pink clouds of the chill air ...then, the most wonderful of all, the full bright moon on new fallen snow with stars that dance and sparkle in the ebony abyss. Oh yes...

    Here in the coast tho, not much changes in weather patterns.

    Loved your views of winter and enjoyed the warmth of the tea in your cozy room after walking in the brisk WA State air with you.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Winter is my least favourite season so sometimes I have trouble seeing beauty in it. Your post reminds me that there is beauty in winter so I will be sure to look around and see it. I love the sun on the mountains - a truly magical view!

    Happy Five on Friday

  8. Thank you so much for this gorgeous tour and such wonderful words...
    It certainly brought my mind back to fond memories that are dear to my heart...
    I too see the beauty of Nature year round...I certainly enjoyed being a part of yours this morning...on this dark dreary windy December day!!
    Enjoy your weekend...and your decorating...I am positive your house will look spectacular Karen...
    Linda :o)

  9. So beautiful! Your post has lifted my spirits on this dreary day here in Indiana. Have a great weekend, my friend!

  10. Beautiful and uplifting post. A real joy to visit.

  11. Beautiful images and quotations. December is such a special month.

  12. It's all about perspective, isn't it? Like you, I see beauty year round.

    A leaf less tree is a sculpture. Leaves and pine needles scattered on the ground provide cover and nourishment for many plants. Winter berries provide color in the garden and food for birds.

    Thank you for show casing winter beauty!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  13. Beautiful post -- filled with lovely images and beautiful words. When I lived in New Mexico, I remember how the mountains seemed to look different every day -- gorgeous! Beautiful image of hummingbird and I love the horse and his blanket. Happy Friday!

  14. Thank you for the lovely walk and quotes. I loved the pink tinged mountain and trees. Really beautiful!

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  15. Wonderful thoughts, quotes and photos! Happy December!

  16. Dearest Karen, Oh I just love this post and the walk around your beautiful outdoors. Your photos are always an inspiration. Love the sweet story you shared with your mother and locating the car. I had so chuckle at the coat on inside out!! I miss my mom this way too and we always laughed at our silly happenings. What special memories.
    I also enjoyed your Thanksgiving post and seeing your beautiful family, the photos and the food. Congrats on the newest member of your family. God Bless you all sweet friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  17. Hello Karen, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! I had a nice time visiting with my husbands family in New Jersey! I just love looking at your pretty mountain and the wooded land. It must be so quiet and beautiful there when it snows.
    Have a wonderful December and a nice weekend. :)
    Hugs, Julie

  18. This is wonderful post, Karen! The photos and quotes make me feel pretty joyous that December has arrived. I don't think there is a month with more anticipation. I love the quote by Steinbeck the most.

    You and your mother sound so much like me and mine before she passed away. We loved to shop together. It was times like those that I felt we were more like best friends than mother and daughter. I can relate to the lost car in the parking lot a little. One time my mom and I came out of a mall and walked to her car. We found she had locked us out. And the icing on the cake was she had left the car running! We were able to find a security guard who used the old hanger trick through a slightly open window. We teased her about that for a long time!

    Thanks for your visit leave such warm and kind comments. I am posting Part 2 of that long post on holiday tips. I need to get moving on some shopping and decorating myself!


    Jane x

  19. it's a matter of perspective - and my perspective loves december and winter!! i love the shorter days and early sunsets to cuddle up on the couch and knit!!

    your images are beautiful - each season is so special, i could not leave in an area without four seasons.

    do you really have hummingbirds in winter?? now that i could get use to!!!

  20. I think I must be a long lost relative... I have the same 'where is my car parked' and 'why did no-one tell me my jacket is on inside out' genes?!!! How lovely to take a little time out from the December madness to visit your oasis of calm.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Wren x

  21. With my physical limitations now I am not able to go for my nature hikes so this winter seems so bleary and gray to me. Liked the photos to remember what it is like...

  22. What a lovely post, and so nice to see the colour in the sedum and the berries. Each season can provide many treasures if only we open our eyes.

    I loved the story about your Mother, I think we all have ocassions like that!

    Happy December and happy weekend wishes too.

    All the best Jan

  23. Winter, along with all the seasons, is so pretty around your area, Karen. Look at those mountains! And the evergreen trees are grand! They stand so strong and tall! The beauty of the day for me was the beloved hummingbirds. They are quite unusual and special. I loved the story about you and dear mom. It's so nice to be able to laugh at yourself. I did the same thing the other day and forgot where I parked. It was Black Friday, what can I say? haha.

    Love the Thomas de Quincey quote, so charming. Have a blessed weekend, Karen.


  24. Hi dear Karen ,,, que lindas fotos ,, me encanta esa cordillera nevada ,, espero que tengas un bendecido comienzo de semana

  25. Your walks are gorgeous in every season! It must be stunning with snowfall!

  26. I love your photos and your beautiful quotes! You live in one of the most enchanting parts of our country in my opinion. That mountain is pure magic.

    And the story about your Mom touches my heart. I too find myself reminiscing and missing my MIL so much during the holidays. I have 2 beautiful vintage angels that she found for me that I put out each year among my teacups. She always made me feel so special and so loved. I miss that the most. I try to keep loving on her right now and making her feel special...even when she doesn't know who I am. ;)

    Blessings my dear Karen! xoxo

  27. What a lovely post. I enjoyed every photo, every quote, every remembrance.

    On a walk with my grandmother, years ago, we came upon a short tree stump with a hollow center. It filled with rain which froze, and my grandmother said that it was a skating rink for the fairies.

    I think your pot pourri collection is the best idea I've seen for saving the bits and pieces of nature we find. How I long for a woods for walks. Concrete sidwalks just don't work as well as bare paths.

  28. Oh my - what wonderful wildlife pics and poetry.

    Love your pot pourri too.

    Have a happy and wonderful December. Hugs! ♥

  29. A beautiful winter montage and so serene.


  30. Winter is beautiful in your area! I'm actually one of those strange people who enjoy the colder weather. Thanks for sharing yours!

  31. Always enjoy your Five on Friday posts. Your memories of your Mother are just beautiful. Your photos of the mountains are always stunning.

  32. I agree the days just pay by so quickly and the years just slip on by, so enjoyed your beautiful scenes of winter, so dramatic, we have been enjoying some lovely pinks and aqua's in our sunsets here lately too, so special! Love your bird pictures too!
    Such a wonderful and fun memory you have of you and your mother shopping, I understand the missing your mom. When I start getting sad about missing my mom, I think how thankful I am that we had such a wonderful relationship, so neat to have a great reminder of her

  33. Karen, I'm up too late but I wanted to drop by and say hello. I will comment again on your gorgeous pictures when I am truly awake. I've been out of sorts but am almost good as new and writing again. xo

  34. Oh, what loveliness in words and photos, my friend. How I love this time of year and often I wish time would simply slow down so that I could enjoy it more. Maybe it is I whoe needs to simply slow down... :)

    Thinking of you, dear one, and wishing you a blessed Sunday. Hugs!

  35. Beautiful post, Karen. How fun to spot a Northern Flicker. I have only seen one here. I loved the wooden bowl that is filled with fond memories of your mom. How we miss them at Christmas time. It is bitter-sweet. Deb

  36. The fun you had with your mother sounds like the fun I have had with mine. I left her town about 11 years ago, and I miss spending goofy times together with her. We'll see her in the spring and reminisce. She is in the early stages of dementia, but her health and stamina are excellent. We'll probably run some errands with her and act like goofballs...the only way we know how to act while we're together. We hope we demonstrate to others that anyone can have fun at any age. We laugh and carry on and don't have a care in the world. Best wishes. Fonda

  37. Dear Karen, what a calming and soothing post from you today! I love hearing about Winters in the Northern Hemisphere. We attended a Carols service in one of our city's larger Cathedrals last week. It was so beautiful and stirring, and I thought that if I'd been able to walk outside into snowfall, my life would be complete. Alas that is unlikely in the Tropics, so I'll have to content myself with your lovely shots instead. Wishing you a peaceful December dear lady. Mimi xxx

  38. Spectacular photos! Enjoyed the quotes that accompanied each one, but the story about you and your mom at the mall was priceless. If I don't make a point of checking where I entered a large mall, I'm lost too. :-)
    Mary Alice

  39. What stunning images you present us as a Gift today, darling Karen, your late Autumn is truly precious !
    And then, to welcome us, there's finally your so cozy home, blessed be !

    Hope your week is off to a good start,
    I'm sending my dearest love to you,
    with utmost gratitude

    Xx Dany

  40. Those pics of mountain is stunning <3 I would never leave from view like that! Love that simple and that's why it's so pretty <3
    And yes days are short and dark, but spring is just around the corner...
    Have a lovely week <3
    Love, Satu xx

  41. So very beautiful, Karen! This post is a treat to us lovers of mountains and trees. :) Thank you for sharing such fun and heart-warming family memories as well.
    Wishing you happy moments enjoying the cosiness of your home and preparing Christmas! xx

  42. Dear Karen,

    I too can't believe how fast the year has gone.
    Lovely to see your beautiful captures of nature, and the quotes you shared with them.
    Hope you are staying warm and enjoy the week

  43. Each year does seem to go quicker...your photos are beautiful and what beautiful views you must have everyday....

  44. Taking a walk with you in the woods surrounding your home has been such a joy. You are blessed to be living in such a beautiful environment. Thank you for sharing your observations and little details along the way, your thoughtful words, quotes and remembrances. Wishing you a lovely day whatever you are doing today in your cozy home.

  45. WOW! that mountain is really big. Loved this post, great sayings and photo's
    you have shared with us. Life is Beautiful.

  46. The snow in the first pictures makes such a beautiful light! We so rarely have snow here!


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