Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Enchanting Rose 8th Teacup and Mug Exchange Reveal

I recently participated in Stephanie's
8th Teacup and Mug Exchange 
through her delightful blog, The Enchanting Rose,
for the very first time. 

I was so surprised to receive this 
adorable tea set from Marilyn who
has a lovely blog called Delights Of The Heart.

She included this vintage tea towel, too.

Isn't it darling?

Delicious teas.

A precious card.

Each piece of the tea set has a love quote on the bottom. Something sweet when washing up :)

I've been enjoying my lovely tea set
and so has Kai!

Thank you so much Marilyn for your
generous gift!


Here is what I sent to Michele,
who has the beautiful blog, The Nest at Finch Rest

I had so much fun choosing the gifts.

The best part?

Getting to know two new beautiful friends,
Marilyn and Michele!

I had a lovely experience and hope to participate again.

Take a peek at all the lovely exchanges
on Stephanie's blog, here at :
The Enchanting Rose - 8th Teacup and Mug Exchange Reveal



  1. Oh, Karen, what a lovely gift! I know you will enjoy!

  2. You were certainly blessed with a beautiful gift and best of all met two new bloggers in the process. Take care.

  3. Very generous indeed! I have found that blogging buddies are generous and very sweet! What you sent to out was very pretty. It was a delightful swap.

  4. Karen, your gifts are wonderful - and if you visit me you will know how much I appreciated YOUR treasures sent to me. Thanks again for such a wonderful package of "love!"

    God's blessings to you always. Hugs. ♥

  5. Such a lovely gift ... enjoy it, I just know you will.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a gorgeous tea set! You are a very lucky gal indeed ;) I like the messages on the bottoms of the china, something I've never seen before. Kai looks awfully interested in that scone ... did you share a small crumb? You sent off a beautiful package as well. I joined in this time too, and had lots of fun with putting together the package to send out. Enjoy!

  7. What a gorgeous tea set...oh, I just LOVE the Bible verses on the bottom. I've never seen anything like that. What lovely treasures you received and sent out. :)


  8. Karen,
    I am in love with your beautiful tea set! What a lovely gift! The pale yellow is just so pretty! Love the little towel too! The package you sent out is lovely too! The tea cup is so sweet! Such fun to see everyone's treasures!

  9. Hi Karen,
    that looks like fun, such lovely cups! I am a cup addict :-)

  10. Oh so lovely, both sent and received. Such a great exchange Stephanie hosts for us.

  11. Hola amiga querida ,, no hay nada que me guste más que la hora del té ,, su juego de te es realmente encantador ,,espero que tenga un buen día

  12. Marilyn sent you a lovely tea set and it looks pretty on your tray. (smiles at someone eyeing up your treat, just like my dog would:-)

  13. What a delightful exchange! I too like the Scripture underneath the tea cups! :)

  14. What a pretty set, and a fun way to receive it!

  15. Dear Karen,my friend,
    such a lovely Gift! Wonderful!
    Wishingyoualov e ly and joyful rest of the week!
    Sending Love and hugs and Blessings,
    Claudia xo

  16. Karen,
    Absolutely stunning!! What an amazing treasure to have received!!


  17. I remember seeing your sweet gifts, but I loved checking them out again, Karen! This teacup exchange just warms my heart by the kindest and thoughtfulness put into the the giving and what joy in the receiving! I'm thankful that Stephanie has followed God's calling in this sweet mission in her life.

  18. Gorgeous gift and perfect for your home.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  19. What a lovely tea set! Love the quotes on the bottom too. The tea towel and the teas are very nice too.

    I'm hoping to participate in the next one. :-)

    Happy Spring and lovely tea breaks ~ FlowerLady

  20. I'm glad you joined in Karen! Wasn't it fun? This was my 3rd or 4th one (can't remember), and I have loved each one. Enjoy your goodies! xo Deborah

  21. Karen, what fun! I really must get in on one of these exchanges. How sweet is that "Love is ..." on the bottom of the pieces! Would make the washing-up a pleasure.

  22. Dearest Karen,
    What a sweet gift indeed and also the one that you sent off!
    Love your Kai in that photo.
    Okay, back to photo scanning and I'm proud that I've tackled ⅔ so far!

  23. lovely gifts, both sent and received!! this sounds so fun, i can tell how much you enjoyed participating!!!

  24. What a beautiful and thoughtful exchange of gifts, so much kindness has gone into the giving and the receiving. Now would that be a Little Wren on the precious card?!!
    Wren x

  25. It´s always time for tea...
    Great pictures!
    Have a lovely weekend now.

  26. Karen, I still haven't participated in Stephanie's tea cup exchange, but I hope to someday. :) Now, this is truly one of the prettiest tea cups I've seen so far. The soft yellow color is vintage looking, and I really like the vintage towel too. Your gift to The Nest at Finch Rest is very nice as well. This is a wonderful thing that Stephanie does each year, and she always graces this event with all the goodness and love she has.


  27. You received such a beautiful set and such thoughtfullness in tying it all together. What you sent out is equally lovely, blessings all around. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!


  28. Wow, that is a beautiful set, I love the creamy yellow. This was my first time participating as well, and I also thoroughly enjoyed putting together the package. You did a lovely job on yours!
    Have a great weekend!

  29. Oh Karen, that's not Nel or Jess in the pic. It's a nice young lady at the Egyptian festival who let me take her picture. :) I have to get my coffee this morning, but I'll come back soon and check out your latest post. I always enjoy your blog, Karen. ~Sheri

  30. Hi Karen, Oh my goodness you received such a pretty tea set from Marilyn. She blessed you with beauty for sure. Love it on your pretty tray with your little sweetie looking on. I had Marilyn to send too and like you, so happy to make two new friends. You sure sent Michele a lovely teacup and goodies too. This was my third year to participate and it has been a blessing each
    season. Stephanie is a blessing to us all. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Blessings xo

  31. What a beautiful tea set! Love their pretty yellow hue and the love quotes on the bottom. I'm also admiring that lovely package that you sent to Michele. So glad that you enjoyed your first exchange!


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