Friday, January 2, 2015

Chinese Take-Out

On New Year's Eve, my Ramblin' Man and I 
 treated ourselves to Chinese Take-Out. 

This is one of our favorite treats. 
We like to stay home and get cozy on New Year's Eve, 
and the Mr. simply picked up the order on his way 
home from the office. 

It gave me an excuse to set out my small collection 
of Chinese linens and dishes. 

It all started with this little table cloth a few years ago. 
It was in pristine condition with cross-stitch on 
a stiff flax fabric, pieced together with beautiful stitching. 

I think I paid a whole $3.00 for it! 

From there I started collecting a piece here and there
and stashing it all away. 

Then, over the summer, I found two plates
and a few smaller pieces in this beautiful carp design. 

Finally, I could set a complete table for two! 

I have one really old piece that I acquired in the early 80's
when I had my own antique shop. 

It is this pretty little rice spoon with hand painted dragon
and 14 karat gilding. 

It just sort of kicked around in my collections for many years
before I started finding it some friends. :) 

I am so surprised that it has survived unscathed through all these years
and 4 little children! It was my inspiration to keep going with the collection. 

This little hand painted porcelain box has a pretty Chinese scene....

As does this one. 

I use it to hold the fortune cookies, and the 
oval one holds the fortunes. 

This pretty embroidered cloth was my most recent addition -
 a gift from a dear loved one.
Look at those tiny stitches! 

It is the size of a tea towel - perhaps it was a napkin?

I love how the dragons have 'smoke' coming out of their noses. 

I like their feet, too :) 

I even have a pretty Chinese tunic.....

Don't you love the detail? 

I set up my portable table in the living room, 
so we could get cozy in front of the fire. 

Maggie looks so sweet, doesn't she? 

She turned into a ferocious tiger once the food was set out, though! 

She wanted us to share! 
(Of course we did - sparingly :)

Everything was very cozy as I waited for my Ramblin' Man
to come home. 

The sun set on the last day of 2014, turning Mt. Rainier
a lovely shade of rose. 

I enjoyed these last beautiful rays....

It was a delicious last meal.....

We did some reminiscing of the year that was, 
the trials and the blessings.....

and made some plans for the new. 

And then it was time to read our fortunes....

I know I am blessed because I have you, Dear Friends! 

We made it through another year! 

The good and the bad and the in-between.....

It was all that much better knowing I had 
you to share it with! 

And so as we watched the moon rise above the mountains,
 hand in hand,  
the air was filled with revelry all around, 
echoing through the hills and valleys of our little corner of the world. 

Another year over- 
make way for the new! 


Thank you, Dear Friends, for your friendship and support! 
It has been a blessing getting to know all of you through 
this little world of blogland. 

I have laughed and cried, been inspired and motivated, 
loved and learned from you and with you. 

I am looking forward to another year of wonderful friendship
with all of you! 


P.S. - Daughter Heather is improving, slowly but surely. 
We are blessed. 


  1. I am so glad Heather is improving friend...I have her in my thoughts and prayers. I love how you put care and detail into this meal! What a beautiful table Karen! I think it is such a special tradition that you both have....I need to remember this when my beans are out on New Years and it is just me and the Mr. home. Such a wonderful way to bring it all to a close and to look ahead! Wishing you all the best Karen....And do keep us posted on Heather.....Happy 2015!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Mmmm... I have been craving Chinese food for the last few weeks and now after seeing yours I think I will have to go visit our local Chinese restaurant :) Your table looks so pretty and inviting, my friend; the perfect at-home date.

    I am so glad your daughter is continuing to improve - what a praise! She is in my prayers.

    Also, I was looking at your pillow from the previous post and I just fell in love it! I will have to make me one...or two :) Thank you for the lovely inspiration, dear Karen.

    Hugs to you!

  3. This looks like fun. Cosy and romantic.
    Will you do the same for Chinese New Year?

    1. Hi Louise, thanks for visiting me! I hope my Ramblin' Man is around for the Chinese New Year - if so, yes, we will certainly celebrate! xo Karen

  4. I have missed so much over the past few months. It sounds like your 2014 presented some challenges and I wil have to go back and catch up. In the meantime I wish you and your family all the joy, all the good, all the best of 2015.

  5. What a lovely way to end the year and welcome the new one. Your dishes and linens are really beautiful spread out in front of the cozy fire. I love the photos of the mountain at sunset. Gorgeous! Happy New year to you and yours, Karen. Blessings. Pam

  6. Oh you do put me to shame Karen, it's like a free for all when we order a take out and everyone goes mad. There is no time for setting the table as superbly as yours :-) Enjoy your weekend xx

  7. i love asian art and furnishings. have several pieces inherited or collected ourselves. beautiful carp design and lovely tablecloth!

  8. Dear Karen,

    Happy new year from the snowing Volos!

    You create great moments with your talents.
    Because your life is full of love and your talent is full of the sun of creativity.

    Thank you so much for your comments.
    Warm greetings to your family.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  9. What a sweet tradition with your Ramblin' Man, Karen! Your mixture of Chinese dishes and accesories is so pretty, especially on that gorgeous, thrifted cloth. I had tears of joy thinking of the lovely memories you have made. Happy New Year!

  10. Hiya Karen!
    I love dragon feet and carp plates. And I did not know you once owned an antique shop!
    So much to enjoy, see, and learn this year. Happy-happy!
    :) m & jb (who is asleep on our bed after romping like a pony for several hours in the light rain)

  11. I'm so glad Heather is better. I love all of your accessories and the dishes are perfect. Happy New Year!

  12. What a lovely post! I wish you the best for the new year...take care!
    Warm hug from a cold Sweden,

  13. I loved this post, what a cozy way to spend the last evening of the year. Your table with the beautiful embroidered table cloth looked so pretty set with your collection of Chinese porcelain & I'm sure you enjoyed the lovely meal your 'Ramblin Man' brought in for you both. I wish you a very Happy & Healthy New Year .

  14. What a lovely tradition! I just want to cozy up right there and dig in- better than the nicest Asian restaurant. Your pieces are SO beautiful...that spoon and tunic are particularly amazing. I have a couple items my brother brought back from Thailand for me. He's in the military and has done more than his share of traveling everywhere! He's a decorated officer in the special forces... very proud of him. Anyway, I love pieces like that - from exotic far off worlds from our own.

    So happy to hear Heather is doing better. Prayers will be continued for all. Happy 2015 and thanks for taking us on the cozy date with you. You inspire with your wonderful traditions and creative ideas. Love it!

  15. It was lovely reading this post and hearing about how you collected such a beautiful set of dishes. I'm sure each one has a special story and it means so much more to use them. And, the linens you found are beautiful! It was a special treat to see such a lovely picture of my much loved Mt. Rainier! It sounds like your new year if off to a wonderful start.

  16. Hi Karen,
    Your Chinese porcelain makes it even more cozyer that in the real restaurant - having the food as take away is sometimes much more worth than sitting in a restaurant - it looks so nice! You've had a great New Years Eve, and I wish you and your family a Happy New Year! So lovely to hear that Heather is recovering - keeping her in my prayers,
    love from Nina

  17. What a perfect way to spend New Year's Eve. You've collected quite a few beautiful pieces over the years and it's nice that you're able to enjoy them for special occasions like this. Good news about your daughter Heather. Happy New Year to you.

  18. Mmm . . . we love Chinese takeout, and spending New Year's cozy in front of the fire. Your tablecloth find is so beautiful. In pristine condition, and somebody went to a lot of work making it. The dishes are delightful, including the spoon. Didn't know you owned an antique shop, sounds wonderful. And your Mt. Ranier is gorgeous in the sunset. So glad to hear your daughter is improving also.

  19. Dearest Karen,
    That was a surprising Asian setting and you wisely have accumulated very nice elements for such a setting.
    What is the material of that Mandarin-collar tunic? Looks almost like a silk brocade to me. Gorgeous and also its special buttons.
    We went for an authentic Italian dinner by our friend and Lady Chef Maria from Bolzano, Italy. That was delicious too.
    By the way, did you cheat by not using those chop sticks? I love to eat with chop sticks!
    Sending you blessings for the coming year.

    1. Dear Mariette - thank you for stopping by, I always love your sweet visits! To answer your questions - yes, I do believe it is a silk brocade. The tags are gone unfortunately.... it was a vintage find. Your New Years dinner sounds wonderful. Oh, yes, we did cheat....I am not skilled with chop sticks and didn't want more of my dinner ending up on the floor than in my mouth! Looking forward to another lovely year of friendship, my Dear. Hugs xo Karen

  20. I am so glad to hear that your daughter is doing well, I hope that she continues to get much much better very quickly and that all will be well in 2015. I love that you had Chinese for dinner with all of your beautiful dishes and lovely things. What a wonderful idea that is, so romantic too, just the two of you! A great way to see the new year in. I hope that 2015 brings only wonderful things to you and yours! xx

  21. Dear Karen, my friend,
    May your new year be blessed
    with peace, love and joy.
    Sending you my heartfelt wishes
    With joy that never ends.
    Wishing you a very
    Happy New Year
    Love and hugs,
    Claudia xo

  22. I love this amazing table you set! What a lovely collection! My first visit to your blog but not my last! I found you on my friend Lavender Dream's sidebar!

  23. Oh what a delightful way to spend New Year's with your love!! And so glad to hear your daughter is improving!! Hope your year is filled with blessings abound!!

  24. I love how your collecting paid off in such a beautiful set table. Looks like you and your sweetie had a cozy, wonderful New Year's Eve celebration. I am so glad Heather is improving and I know that is such a relief for you....Hugs to you....

  25. This is all so lovely, Karen...must make for a very special meal! I am glad to hear your daughter is doing better...sending prayers!

  26. Hi Karen that was a very pretty table setting for two. I like your tunic too. What a way to spend New Year's Eve snuggled up with your sweet hubby in front of the fire eating your favourite meal. Happy new year to you dear friend. All the best in the new year.


  27. Love your gorgeous chinese linen and dishes. That chinese spoon with the dragon is a real treasure. Hope you enjoyed your take out and are having a great start to 2015!

  28. Karen,
    Chinese food - that's a favorite on mine too! How nice that you spent new year's eve at home eating Chinese food. I really liked what your fortune cookie said. You know, me and husband got the same fortune one time. I was so surprised, and thought that was a good sign. How often does that happen, right? You have quite a collection of Chinese dinnerware. And your tunic is such a pretty color.

    I can't think of a better way to ring in the new year than spending it with your husband and just talking and being together. It makes me smile every time I see your pictures of Mt. Rainier. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  29. What a lovely table you set, and each piece a treasure in its own right. How nice for you both to have time to take stock, looking back and looking ahead. Your fortune is so true! I'm so very glad that Heather is better. Wishing you all a blessed 2015.


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