Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back From My Break - A Trip To Boston

Hello, Dear Friends - I have missed you! 

I am back from my break feeling rested and renewed. 

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments
and best wishes. 
So, here I am along a beautiful little creek in Raymond, New Hampshire
where we visited my Ramblin' Man's Dear Mother and Sisters. 

We also went to my Niece, Ashley's beautiful wedding in Massachusetts. 

My Ramblin' Man and I grew up in rural Massachusetts
and were high school sweethearts. 

This will always be 'home' to us and it was so good to go back
and be with those we love. 

I have a lot to share, so today I will start at the beginning.......

We flew out of Seattle under lovely blue skies
with 3 of my children and their spouses -  eldest Daughter Heather and Eric,
 Son Gabe and Erica, and youngest Son, Dustin and new wife Jen. 

We left Daughter Jennifer at home, as she could not take time off
and she was needed to care for beloved pets while we were gone. 

You can see the Cascade Mountains with a cloud capped Mt. Rainier
from the window of the plane - the tip of the wing visible in the upper left. 

Here, you can see Mt. Rainier on the right, barely visible under the clouds
and Mt. Adams under the wing on the far left. 

As we zoom in on Mt. Adams, we can also see the very tip of Mt. Hood
all the way down in Oregon. 

Three volcanic peaks right in a row! 

In between lies Mt. St. Helens which is aligned with Mt. Rainier. 

Of course, she is not visible, as she has blown her top!

That makes four volcanoes! 

From this perspective we can see that they are closer than they seem
to each other. 

This is a relatively young geological mountain range and all of these are considered 'active' volcanoes. 

Moving away from the Cascade Mountains, we see the mighty Columbia River
as it flows southwest towards the Pacific Ocean. 

Washington State is divided by the Cascades, with Western Washington very green and lush from the moisture off the Pacific. 

Eastern Washington is considered 'High Desert' and is quite dry and arid, as the Cascade range blocks most of the moisture. 

The Columbia River is very important for irrigation on this side of the mountains. 

It also supplies electricity from the Grand Coulee Dam .

Beautiful, patchwork farmlands alongside the Columbia - green from irrigation. 

As we travel further east, we see the arid topography. 

I am fascinated by the beautiful patterns. 

Soon the skies turn lovely pastel colors as we fly away from the setting sun. 

We take a non-stop flight, landing in Boston near midnight. 

After a long dark flight, we are grateful to see the bright lights of Logan Airport as we land. 

Oh, it is so nice to stretch our legs! 

Boston is known for its many tunnels which are fun to drive through as we head to our hotel. 

Oh, how wonderful it was to finally arrive and get some sleep! 

We had traveled from coast to coast, a total of 3030 miles! 

After a restful sleep, we awaken to a view of Boston from our hotel window. 

Our panoramic view also includes Boston Harbor. 
This was a lovely surprise, as the room was part of a block of rooms reserved for out of town wedding guests. 

We meet our children and their spouses for breakfast and head up to New Hampshire 
to visit Dear Family. 

We pass the harbor on our way. 

Under lingering morning clouds, the beautiful city of Boston comes into view. 

A large old smokestack releases steam into the lightening skies. 

An interesting juxtaposition of old buildings and new. 

The city of Boston dates back to the early 16th century. 

Someday I hope to go back and spend more time exploring my home city. 

My ancestor's date back to these early colonial days and I feel a strong link to this beautiful city. 

But time is short and we must take advantage of every moment, so on we travel. 

We take the Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Tunnel, which was built during the 'Big Dig' in Boston recently. 
This tunnel takes us right under the heart of the city. 

Interestingly, Seattle is undergoing its own 'Big Dig' along the waterfront right now, which is currently on hold due to the tunnel boring machine, 'Big Bertha' being out of commission from running into buried debris dumped during the turn of the century. 

I love tunnels - did I mention that? 

I also love the feeling when the plane takes off and lands. 

You know, that 'rush' you get when you practically leave yourself behind.......:)

or crash back into yourself. 

I also love bridges and this one is a beauty. 

Click on the link if you want to see some amazing photos of this beautiful bridge. 

As we leave Boston behind we travel north to lovely New Hampshire
with its wonderfully famous motto, Live Free or Die.

This is where we start to see some beautiful autumn color!

Photos just don't do it justice.

We arrive to find a warm welcome at the home of
my Ramblin' Man's Dear Mother.

She is turning 86 this year and is in frail health.
We are so happy to have this time with her.

There have been two new additions to the family since she has seen my children -
my son Gabe's sweet wife, Erica on her right and my son Dustin's darling wife, Jen on the end.

It was such a special visit.

All too soon the day was over.

Thank you for coming along on this special journey, Dear Friends.

Next time I will show you some beautiful New Hampshire sights
before we head back to Boston to celebrate the wedding.

I hope you will join me!


'A happy family is but an earlier heaven'
-George Bernard Shaw-


  1. how awesome that the majority of your family got to go together! and 'home' for you. :) loved the shot of the irrigation circles!

  2. What a beautiful family and how special that so many of you could travel to the East Coast. Love the fall colors out there. I've been out there several times as I have relatives in NH. Looking forward to more pics of your trip.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to my neck of the woods! You cracked me up with your love of the tunnels, though - I know them well, and at rush hour - well, let's just say I don't share your excitement. I do, however, love the Zakim bridge! You got some wonderful photos and what a wonderful time!

  4. Hi Karen,

    Looks like you had a wonderful time away with your lovely family.
    I loved seeing your photographs - the Autumn leaves, and patchwork fields look wonderful and seeing the City of Boston was fun, Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. Great pictures! I love air travel, but I get a little nervous:) It's great that you got to go back "home".

  6. Hi Karen. Welcome back! I enjoyed seeing your photos of your trip to the east coast. The ones of the ground and mountains from the plane are spectacular. I have never seen round crop field before. It's so nice you got to see your dear mother-in-law and most of your family joined you. What a fun vacation you must have had. See you soon. Pam

  7. Family gatherings are so important, and can be a whole lot of fun. So glad you got to spend some time with yours. Lovely family photo, the other photos were great too. Welcome home :)

  8. That was a wonderful treat to go along with you...from one end of the US to the other. I have not been to Boston an many years. I love the East Coast and grew up in PA but have traveled all over the area. I love New Hampshire as well.

    How great to spend the time with family and I am glad your hubby's mother was healthy enough to enjoy the visit. God bless her.

    Great post and nice to see you here! xo Diana

  9. Good evening, Karen. I so enjoyed the pictures of Boston. I've always heard about it and wondered what it would be like to visit. I didn't know you were originally from there. It's nice that you were able to see your mother-in-law. So sorry to hear of her health. I love tunnels also, and this bridge is very interesting. Your mother-in-law's home looks so charming. I'm glad you got a little break from blogging and got to spend time with your family. It was nice to see your comment today on my post. That last picture shows all the colors of this glorious season.

    Happy Autumn days, Karen.


  10. Oh, I also wanted to tell you how wonderful it is that you and your husband were high school sweethearts and still going strong. Me and husband met when I was in high school too. Boy, we sure go way back, don't we? :~)


  11. Glad you're back and had a good time!!!

  12. Hoja Beatrice querida ! Me encanta Boston ! Lindas imágenes de el ! Que tenga un lindo día

  13. The photos from the airplane are amazing. How wonderful that almost your whole family got to visit our east coast relatives.

    Thanks for the tour. Boston is neat to see and the tunnels are cool too.

  14. Dearest Karen,
    That was quite spectacular the way you could photograph those irrigation circles. We have been in the air a lot but to have such a clear view is very rare!
    How lovely indeed for being all together and your Mother-in-law must have been thrilled with the visit!
    Unreal to see the fall colors that far advanced already... it makes a big difference between the north and the south.
    Glad you got to enjoy this trip and wedding all together.

  15. Hi Karen,
    so nice to have you back here! Thank you for all thos georgous photos! They are wonderful! I am glad to hear, that you had such a wonderful time with your family, teh wedding, specially with your Mother-in-Law! 86 years, a nice age, and I guess, she has been so happy to have you all arround for a wonderful time!
    Wishing you all the best, sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  16. It looks like you had a wonderful time back east! I didn't realize you are a west coast transplant. You seem so at home in Washington state that I would have guessed you have lived there all your life. My parents lived in Boston when they first married and I have always wanted to visit and see where it all began, although the city is so much different now than it was forty years ago. And I know this because my parents went back twenty years ago and said everything was different than they remembered from twenty years before! It is great that a new marriage brought your family back together and back "home". I am sure the fall color was a thrill as well. Take care ~ Stacy

  17. What a beautiful post and fab pictures.
    I love New England and Boston too; I was there few summers ago and I had a great time.
    Have a lovely day

  18. I've never been to Boston, but thanks for taking me along for the ride, Karen! What a lovely visit to be with your dear Mother in Law. The picture is a wonderful treasure and everyone looks so happy.

  19. Boston is a great city. I also like seeing the irrigation circles!

  20. Beautiful pictures as always Karen. Sounds like you all had such an incredible time. Welcome back!

  21. Hello lovely lady! Oh, how you have been missed! But it sounds and looks like you had a delightful time away and with family.

    I enjoyed your pictures and the ones from the sky are simply amazing.

    So happy to have you back, sweet friend. Love and hugs!

  22. How many wondreful photos taken on board!!! I'm so glad you are back and you have joined your lovely family. Wish you a happy week end and looking forwatd to see more from your trip.
    Hugs, Olympia

  23. Welcome back Karen. I feel as though I have started the trip with you and what a beautiful place to see family. You are so lucky to have such a happy and wonderful family. Can't wait to see the wedding xx

  24. Wov! Your photos were a wonderful trip! I enjoy them. Super shots!

    Autumn greetings

  25. Sounds like a wonderful trip, and you got some great shots from the airplane. Beautiful! Both my parents are from New England, and we spent many summers in MA and NH, a beautiful part of the country. But that last pic, I think, is from your own backyard, so beautiful too. Welcome back, and looking forward to seeing the rest of your travel pics.

  26. Perfect timing for a New England visit!

  27. Love number one photo -- your are beautiful..I have never been to Boston - so it was a thrill to see it through your eyes and your children by their grandma -- super special indeed!
    Can't wait for the rest!

  28. Dear Karen,
    fantastic - just had beautiful trip with you. Your pictures and words just brought me right in the middle of your life! And a family gathering is always fun. I've been to Boston years ago - nice town nice area!
    Love to see the rest!
    All my best to you

  29. So wonderful and it was great to see your views of Boston having just visited myself, I can really picture where you were going! Glad that you had such a good time. xx

  30. Beautiful post Karen, your family are so beautiful... Its fabulous to spend precious time together...A gorgeous photo of the your children & wife's with Grandma....Hugs May x x x

  31. I have only visited MA once, and I didn't get to see Boston. Thanks for taking me along, Karen. This is a part of the country I'd love to explore more one day.

    It is so nice that you and your children were able to visit loved ones - this, to me, is the best reason to take a trip. xo

  32. Saw your "taking a break" post and thought you'd be gone a few days at home, or a short trip in Washington...had no idea you were headed to the east coast! I have been missing you! But how wonderful to get to be with family you have not seen in so long (especially for your hubby!) and see your old haunts! I LOVE this post! The patterns on the ground from the plane are wonderful. Appeals to my artistic sense. I loved the info on the Cascades, and how all those volcanoes line up...that always scares me! I've never been to Boston. Russell has. He went on the Constitution of course! I have never been to Massachusetts (since Boston is there, I guess you figured that! :-) ) or New Hampshire, but my sister was married in Bennington, Vermont and that was a wonderful visit to New England! Looking forward to your posts! Well, welcome home! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

  33. What a fantastic trip- I enjoyed seeing the sights from your plane window and also those of Boston, a city I will probably never see. Glad you had a wonderful time and are back safe at home.


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